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#Brexit #Lexit – The media-suppressed shocking story of how the EU/USE supranational state was founded

A historical fact, yet hardly anyone is aware of it: the EU has been one political-economic unit, that is, one country, since the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty at the end of year 2007. (Legally since October 2009, after Ireland was forced into a second referendum to ratify the treaty.)

When the national leaders of the 27 EU-countries signed the unreadable, disguised EU-constitution, these countries merged into one country controlled by the unelected bodies of a supranational state that might be called “USE”. This USE state – in contrast with the federal USA – is not even a federal union, but a superstate secretly placed above the countries of Europe:

This is not federalist, not democratic at all. This model puts the power in the hands of the executives: the governments of the member states and the European Commission. (Source: The sovereign state of Europe: burying democracyhttps://www.opendemocracy.net/democracy-europefuture/article_1062.jsp)

In essence, the democratic will and right of the European citizens to retain their national self-governance has been abolished by a small group of unelected individuals, whose Machiavellian method in reintroducing the formerly rejected EU-Constitution in a disguised format has been revealed by a most honourable whistle-blower and former EU Parliament member, Jens-Peter Bonde:  The revised EU Constitution analysed by a Danish member of the two constitutional Conventions” http://www.eudemocrats.org/eud/uploads/downloads/e-Lissabon_til_nettet.pdf

Important Update/Note 11/2018: It becomes more evident each day, that a central motive behind the agenda of EU to subjugate whole of Europe under a secretly founded dictatorial supranational state USE is to arrange for Islamising Europe as one unit, that is, to minimise the risk and scope of national resistance against the EU-Islam alliance-waged covert war on the European civilisation.

“Alain Wagner: The reasons why Europe is being colonised by Muslims”

“Islamization of Europe – What You Didn’t Know”

See recent post for more evidence and detailed analysis on topic:
The truth behind the #multiculturalism myth: the ongoing Islamic war on the West

The old – rejected – EU Constitution in a new, misleading format

The content of the Lisbon Treaty is the very same as of the former EU Constitution that had been rejected by referenda in France and Netherlands, which brought the ratification process of the EU Constitution to an end in 2005. Yet, shockingly enough, the exact same EU Constitution eventually entered into force behind the back of those who rejected it, and behind the back of all the 500 million citizens of Europe, who were not even notified of the actual essence of the Lisbon Treaty, let alone being asked in referenda to accept it.

“The Treaty of Lisbon was created to replace the Constitutional Treaty. This contained many of the changes that were originally placed in the Constitutional Treaty but was formulated as amendments to the existing treaties. Signed on 13 December 2007, the Lisbon Treaty entered into force on 1 December 2009.  (“Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_establishing_a_Constitution_for_Europe )

The Lisbon Treaty – both its anti-democratic content and the anti-democratic corrupt process of its implementation – marks the end of democracy in Europe. In fact not only many, but ALL elements of the EU Constitution are taken over in the Treaty of Lisbon. Only the presentation of the Constitution is different: it is to hide the treaty’s essential constitutional elements for the sole purpose to avoid the otherwise due referendum in each affected country.

They [EU leaders] decided that the document should be unreadable. If it is unreadable, it is not constitutional, that was the sort of perception. Should you succeed in understanding it at first sight there might be some reason for a referendum, because it would mean that there is something new.
Speech at the Centre for European Reform in London on 12 July 2007. (Source: euobserver.com – 16 July 2007)

The proposed treaty on how Europe will be run is essentially the same as the rejected EU Constitution.
The term ‘constitution’ had been dropped simply to “make a few people happy.
EU leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel have lined up to boast that the new ‘amending treaty’ is the old constitution in a new form.
“The substance of the constitution is preserved,” Mrs Merkel told MEPs last month. “That is a fact.
Appearing at the EU Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee, Mr d’Estaing warned that a referendum in Britain must be avoided because the outcome would be “uncertain to say the least”.
Giscard’s comments today simply reinforce what every other European leader has said about this new treaty – the constitution is back.
(Source: “EU treaty is simply the old constitution reborn, says creator Giscard d’Estaing”:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-469118/EU-treaty-simply-old-constitution-reborn-says-creator-Giscard-dEstaing.html)

[The new Treaty] is essentially the same proposal as the old Constitution.” – Margot Wallström, Commissioner for Communications and Institutional Affairs, in the, Sunday Telegraph, 2 July 2007

We have achieved the same, but we have sold out on openness and clarity.” – Enrique Barón Crespo, MEP (PSE) , on the same occasion ”It is unbelievable what they have managed to sweep under the carpet.” – Gérard Onesta, MEP (Greens)”

The main constitutional elements of the disguised EU Constitution

Provisions in effect founding a new legal entity in the form of a supranational state

Abolishes the borders among the EU-states
Establishes one common outside border for EU
Introduces the governmental/state functions, responsibilities and powers of the EU supranational state
Provides for a gradual transfer of the legislative powers of the members states to the supranational EU
Establish precedence of the EU-law over state-law in case of conflict between the two
Provides for EU-military, EU-tax and a secret agency to protect the EU-authorities

The fiscal consolidation according to which EU has been imposing austerity, cuts and privatisations all over the EU, is due to the fact that EU/USE is a fiscal and monetary union. The list of USE’s functions that all member states share on EU level:

EU Legislative authority
EU Executive authority
EU President
EU Foreign Ministry
EU Diplomatic Corps, Foreign and Defence Ministry
EU Tax
EU Fiscal and monetary union (shared economic and financial policy)
EU Common international agreements. The Union is a legal person and have its own distinct corporate existence as an international actor.
EU Military
EU Intelligence Service (The common Intelligence Section can be expanded in ways that could make it look like the CIA.)

(Note: above lists are based on the formerly quoted book written by Jens-Peter Bonde: “From EU Constitution to Lisbon Treaty)

In general, the Lisbon Treaty is a fundamentally anti-democratic constitution protecting the EU supranational state from its citizens (!) and placing the unelected European Commission on the top of the decision-making hierarchy. The European Parliament is there to take over the legislative function of all elected national parliaments, meanwhile the actual legislative power on EU-level is not exercised by the European Parliament, but by the unelected European Commission. The most essential state-function of all in any genuine democracy, legislation, is de facto privilege of the unelected European Commission, due to the fact that only the European Commission can propose any EU-laws, and these EU-laws passed by foreign unelected individuals are enforced in each EU-state.

The elected members of the European Parliament have say only in minor issues and even in these issues the proportional weight of each EU-state is of an insignificant percentage in the overall decision-making apparatus. The EU constitution’s content is designed to protect the rights to private property against human rights, it forecasts to abolish all welfare benefits and to transfer via privatisation all values and resources of Europe into the ownership of the protected richest elites.

EU regarded as ‘bad deal’ by those who have read the Lisbon Treaty

Later in this post we look at more details of the curious case of Ireland and EU. Here in the context of evaluating the Lisbon Treaty, the Irish Sinn Féin position on the Treaty is highlighted as particularly relevant regarding UK’s EU Referendum as well.

Following parts from a statement of the Irish Sinn Féin (http://www.sinnfein.ie/contents/17351) – who were the strongest opponents of the Lisbon Treaty in 2008-09 – reveal how the EU Constitution favours the military-minded and economy-monopolising power elites:

“Lisbon equals more military spending: Article 25 and 28 contain four separate obligations on military spending. Article 28(c)(3) states ‘Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy.’ The same article also states ‘member states shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities”.
“In addition Article 25b(d)(3) states ‘The Council shall adopt a decision establishing the specific procedures for guaranteeing rapid access to appropriations in the Union budget for urgent financing of initiatives in the framework of the common foreign and security policy.’
“Lisbon equals crushing family farms: The European Commission has for many years been pursuing an agenda of aggressively promoting free trade over fair trade.”

Taken together articles 6, 28, and 188 along with the Protocol on the Internal Market and Competition will equal lower wages, less power, increased military spending and crushing family farms. These are just four of the many articles that make the Lisbon Treaty a bad deal for Ireland and the EU.”

The process of manufacturing the original Irish NO-vote into a YES-vote in 2008-09 is very similar to what we can witness in the course of UK’s current EU Referendum campaign:

1) Those who are backing Brexit have actually read and rely on the text of the Lisbon Treaty when formulating a stance against EU – or at least researched the treaty’s relevance and implications.
2) Those on the side of EU/Remain campaign are either direct beneficiaries of EU’s dictatorial Lisbon process (the top 1%) or those who never read the Treaty, never learned about EU’s essence and all they do is blindly relying on the EU-financed pro-EU media propaganda.

Sinn Féin’s poster campaign is aimed at highlighting the content of the Lisbon Treaty and its implications for Ireland and the EU. We want to provoke a debate on and public knowledge about what the Treaty says and does. Unlike many on the Yes side, our posters reference the articles of the Treaty on which we are basing our claims.”
On October 2 Sinn Féin is urging people to reject this bad deal and vote for a better Europe and a fairer Ireland.” (ibid)

The end of European democracy under the façade of “democracy”
– A dictatorial supranational Constitution implemented via mass-deception –

After taking a closer look at the EU Constitution, it becomes clear why the EU needed a secretive, misleading process to make the EU-states ratify and implement this constitution. No one in his right mind, who actually read and understood the text, would subjugate himself and his fellow-citizens under such a suicidal “social contract” as the EU Constitution is.

“Our democracies can be overruled by officials acting behind closed doors in Brussels, whose decisions take precedence over national law. Under EU law, even the National Constitutions must give way to an implementing regulation adopted by Commission officials, not even requiring the presence of a representative from the country affected.”
“The problem with the Lisbon Treaty is that it moves much more power away from voters and the elected representatives in the Member States than it gives to us as European voters and to our elected representatives in the European Parliament.”
“A new democratic deficit therefore arises. Voters lose the opportunity to hold elections, achieve a new majority and then amend the laws that bind them at national level.”
(Parts from Jens-Peter Bonde’s book)

As some of the current and former EU-officials who witnessed or steered the Lisbon process, admitted – see the introductory quotes and the respective sources under References – the secret scheme of redrafting the EU Constitution in a disguised form as a bundle of scattered amendments of existing EU-treaties, had the sole purpose to avoid referenda on the EU Constitution. Learning from the preceding negative referendum-results on the question if Europe’s countries wished to join as a federal union, the EU elites found it ‘necessary’ to repeat the same unification process in secret, without informing the EU-countries that they have lost their national sovereignty upon entering this treaty, and that the former EU has been transformed into USE without the knowledge and consent of their citizens.

According to the formerly referenced book by Jens-Peeter Bonde, the idea of ‘resurrecting’ the formerly rejected EU Constitution originated from a core group of EC officials and politicians (Merkel and Sarkozy), who then went as far as executed their plan to put together a so-called treaty, the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, which would bury all the constitutional elements of the former EU Constitution among thousands of scattered amendments of existing EU-treaties.

Again, the constitutional elements of the Lisbon Treaty were kept hidden from the citizens of Europe precisely for the very purpose to avoid the otherwise due EU-referenda in all EU-countries and to make sure that the affected 500 million people in Europe would NOT notice that the international treaty their leaders signed then ratified, is actually the EU Constitution to create a new supranational state above their countries and to abolish their national sovereignty.

Even though the façade-elements of the Constitution – the word “constitution”, the flag and the anthem – are omitted from the text, the essential constitutional elements of the EU Constitution are retained and have been implemented in each state of the EU/USE. In addition, the EU-flag, even though omitted in theory, has been in use in practice, and the EU-anthem is played on a regular basis.

The curious case of Ireland and EU – how a NO becomes YES

In 1994, Ahern was elected sixth leader of Fianna Fáil. Under Ahern’s leadership Fianna Fáil led three coalition governments. After Éamon de Valera, Bertie Ahern’s term as Taoiseach is the longest. Ahern resigned as Taoiseach on 6 May 2008, in the wake of revelations made in Mahon Tribunal, and was succeeded by Minister for Finance Brian Cowen.
(Bertie Ahern, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertie_Ahern)

For those who understand how the Western financial elites are controlling (and grabbing) all regions of the world, including the Western sphere, it comes as a no surprise that Ahern’s resignation, after his serving as the most successful and popular Taoiseach ever in Irish history, took place around the date of the Irish EU Referendum. It is equally unsurprising that the Irish PM following Ahern “happened” to be the former finance minister.

After all other EU-countries had been denied the otherwise due referendum on Lisbon Treaty and had been forced into this despicable federal union, the consent on behalf of Ireland was still outstanding: the democratic Irish constitution and democratic PM Bertie Ahern posed an annoying obstacle to the EU-imposed unification process. In June 2008, Ireland’s people was called to vote in a referendum for or against ratifying the Lisbon Treaty and Bertie Ahern PM was a loud and strong advocate of rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. (Ahern was pro-EU but was against ratifying the Lisbon treaty.)

During this time, the prominent figures of EU performed a silent coup in Ireland, to replace the anti-Lisbon Bertie Ahern with EU puppet finance minister Cowen. Upon crafted false charges the EU-lead removed Ahern from office (forced him to resign), and installed a new EU-puppet government for Ireland. (It is astonishing that since 2008 all online documents to show how Ahern argued against the Lisbon Treaty back then, and how the EU-leaders initiated the accusation-series against Ahern, have disappeared.)

Yet, by the time of the EU referendum, the Irish voters were uniquely well-informed on EU, this is why they voted a resounding NO to EU/Lisbon Treaty. The people of Ireland was enlightened not only under the lasting benevolent influence of Bertie Ahern, but for other reasons as well. As mentioned earlier, the Lisbon Treaty was openly declared a “Bad Deal” by the forerunners of the highly influential Sinn Féin party in Ireland.

In addition, before the Irish referendum in 2008, several genuine democrats from the EU parliament under the leadership of Jens-Peter Bonde, presented the Irish public all the details on the fraudulent Lisbon process and the anti-democratic content of the Constitution itself. For details on the information delivered to the Irish public, see Bonde’s book and this presentation material in 12 parts: Referendum Meeting (1/12) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFg3G00uwlQ

  • After the Irish referendum, the EU revealed its true colours. The will of the Irish voters was simply annulled by the European Commission, and a second referendum was foisted on Ireland, with the admitted purpose to make the Irish people get it “right” – that is, to vote YES to surrendering to the diktats of this new federal state.

The new EU-puppet Irish government under Brian Cowen PM (formerly the finance minister) then went as far as arranged for rewriting Ireland’s national constitution (!) to enable the country to give up its national sovereignty for the sake of accommodating the EU-diktats. Cowen was a strong advocate of a second Irish EU-referendum with a Yes vote to EU, to reverse the 1st referendum result, which referendum then took place in October 2009: “In a dramatic political U-turn, Ireland has voted decisively in favour of the Lisbon treaty just 17 months after rejecting the European Union’s package of reforms.” (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/oct/04/ireland-votes-yes-lisbon-treaty)

The “politically correct” (evasive) version of the Lisbon story:
After a “period of reflection”, Member States agreed instead to maintain the existing treaties, but to amend them, salvaging a number of the reforms that had been envisaged in the constitution. An amending “reform” treaty was drawn up and signed in Lisbon in 2007. It was originally intended to have been ratified by all member states by the end of 2008. This timetable failed, primarily due to the initial rejection of the Treaty in 2008 by the Irish electorate, a decision which was reversed in a second referendum in 2009 after Ireland secured a number of concessions related to the treaty. (Wikipedia: Treaty of Lisbon)

When we replace the expression “period of reflection” with a semantically correct alternative, we arrive at: ‘a period of crafting and executing a secret plan to enable the financial and corporate oligarchy to perform the power-grab over Europe’ – a process controlled by the US elites.

The ‘EU-tree’ by its fruit

The warnings of former MEP Jens-Peter Bonde and his associates regarding the pernicious nature of both EU and of the constitution they foist on Europe, were proven correct on all counts. The very fact that the EU is a group of unelected corporate servants who rendered the most fundamental democratic institution, the referendum itself, void on a matter where the question is to give up national independence, is so staggeringly shocking that it takes an unfathomable degree of deception and ignorance to keep ignoring the vastly devastating implications of this fact.

But if the outrageous scandal of EU’s omitting and overriding referenda alone is insufficient to provoke the due resistance to the EU federal state, it should be evident from EU’s works – the political, social, economic outcomes of the system foisted by EU – that the real purpose of EU is NOT to represent its member states but to serve as an umbrella-organisation to legally force all countries under its hegemony into the global Smash And Grab scheme.

EU can not be reformed either from outside or from within. This power-group, controlled by the US-elites, has proven to be dictatorial in every sense of the term, and the devastating fruit of EU’s works genuinely reflect the nature of their intent and methods. Ever since the EU-countries are forced to surrender to the diktats of EU, Europe’s social -economic status has been in a constant downturn. Under the sinister authoritarian imperialist-serving EU, all EU-states – the UK included – experience the same social-political-economic meltdown.

The most striking example of how the EU mismanages its states is provided by the case of Greece: the entire country has been crushed by banks and corporations, the US-affiliated IMF, the ECB and their country-level collaborators.

Another recent example to reveal the openly dictatorial face of EU has been the devastating migrant-crisis in each EU-country. The EU’s attitude regarding Europe’s migrant crisis is a direct proof of EU’s hostility towards all countries that they grabbed via the dictatorial EU Constitution / Lisbon Treaty.

A historical milestone and historical international crime

The historical relevance and weight of violating international and constitutional law by the Lisbon Treaty is breathtaking: when the leaders of the EU-countries signed the Lisbon Treaty – either willingly or upon deceit and intimidation – they gave up the national sovereignty of their countries. And even at present, this historical fact remains hidden from the public, or whenever they are communicated, it is always in a context of promoting another pro-elite political power, such as the UKIP in UK, which represents the same Capitalist-globalist interests without admitting it.

Even though this event appears to be a concern of Europe only, the case of the EU is an apt demonstration of how our future is being shaped by the global political engineering that is gradually creating one global dictatorial empire under the façade of being the crusaders of “liberal democracy”.

The story of EU/USE is also a grave lesson for those who disregard the facts of the ongoing state above-the-states conspiracy.  This historical step is a milestone in the respective global process whereby the national democracies in the West, and of the world, are being abolished by the global cartel of the super-rich.

It is also monumental in the sense that it offers a glimpse into the unfathomable depth of deception the vast majority of the West are being kept by the mainstream politics and their subservient mass media.

Brexit – where to go from here?

The facts exposed in this post do imply bleak expectations as to the prospects of the upcoming EU referendum in the UK.

  • When the people of Greece attempted to break free from the chains of EU/USE, the Greek EU-referendum NO (OXI) was overturned within a second. In 2008, after the Irish attempt to regain freedom from EU was similarly ignored and a 2nd referendum was demanded by the EU as a sort of “moral obligation“.

Like Robert Mugabe, the EU oligarchs seriously believe that a referendum is simply a public relations exercise, the results of which don’t have to be taken very seriously. The main difference between Mugabe and someone like Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, is one of style: Mugabe doesn’t mince his words; Barroso speaks from a script written by an Orwellian ghost-writer.
(Source: After the Irish ‘No’ vote: pathologising populism http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/5373)

It is evident from the above pattern of the past that under current circumstances – as explained here and in related articles – an EU-referendum in the UK or in any other EU-state, is far from enough to break free from EU-membership.

EU is a dictatorial supranational state that has evolved via the process of ignored, rigged, overturned and/or omitted EU-referenda. Despite their best efforts, the peoples of Europe have remained stuck under EU’s centralised control, hence have no voice in decision making in the most relevant matters concerning their lives and future. Even though the author of this post promotes Brexit, remains sceptical as to the practical usefulness to vest hope in any election or voting process in such a profoundly rigged system as the status quo is.

The only way to regain our democratic sovereignty from the EU-monstrosity and its stakeholder would require a profound change in the entire political-economic structure. It would require a new national constitutional process, new national and international courts observing the objective principles of genuinely democratic rule of law, whereby the dictatorial annexation of UK and of all EU-countries should be considered what is under democratic rule of law: VOID.

Addendum: 20, Jun, 2016

Even in the unlikely case that EU would let the UK off the hook and the country would enter a new political status outside the EU, we the 99% should stay alert and alarmed. In addition to EU, TTIP and related global trade-deals, there are other neoliberal agendas in an advanced stage to abolish the UK’s – and all countries’ – national sovereignty and democracy. The less-known pernicious global power-grab strategy UN’s Agenda 21 (and its more recent versions) is one of them. Furthermore, the global smash-and-grab financial scheme is a threat to all countries of the world where a Bank-puppet government is in power, regardless of any geopolitical, regional, economic factors of a country. This is why the whole world is indebted to a few individuals who are behind this silent financial world-war.

  • The timely recognition of the existential relevance of these topics is essential for all generations and segments of the 99%:
    1) for the young who would be deprived of all opportunities under a neoliberal global future
    2) the old and sick, who would receive no pensions, welfare healthcare and social care,
    3) and for everyone who care about their own and their parents’ and children’s future.

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