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ACT! Urgent call from Gaza civil society – act now!

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We [Palestinians] call for a final end to the crimes and oppression against us. We call for:

– Arms embargos on Israel, sanctions that would cut off the supply of weapons and military aid from Europe and the United States on which Israel depends to commit such war crimes;

– Suspension of all free trade and bilateral agreements with Israel such as the EU-Israel Association agreement.

– Boycott, divestment and sanctions, as called for by the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Civil Society in 20

Algérie Résistance

gaza attack rafah presstv

Israel attacks Gaza’s Rafah/Photo: PressTV.D.R.

We Palestinians, trapped inside the bloodied and besieged Gaza Strip, call on conscientious people all over the world, to act, protest, and intensify the boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel until it ends this murderous attack on our people and is held to account.

With the world turning their backs on us once again, for the last four days we have in Gaza been left to face massacre after massacre. As you read these words, over 120 Palestinians are dead now, including 25 children. Over 1000 have been injured, including countless horrifying injuries that will limit lives forever – more than two thirds of the injured are women and children. We know for a fact that many more will not make it through the next day. Which of us will be next, as we lie awake from the sound of the carnage in our beds…

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