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Israel and Palestine in the context of the emerging global empire

IS checkpoints

Lies, damn lies, damn media-lies and Zionism

Let’s imagine the case that the official history books of the world would describe Nazi Germany of the 1930-40’s as the “only democracy during World War II”. Let’s imagine that such history books would claim that the Nazi Empire, after invading and occupying the countries of Europe, had the right to defend itself against the “terrorists” whose lands the Nazis occupied, and the only way the Nazis could defend themselves against these “terrorist nations” was to eliminate their entire population.

Imagine a historical narrative that the victims of WW2 were responsible for their own suffering and death because they resisted and fought back against the occupying Nazi forces.

Imagine an official rhetoric that would present the invasion, occupation, oppression carried out by Hitler’s army and the resistance against the invasion as mere “conflict”.  Imagine that those innocent civilians who were deported, tortured and killed in the WW2 concentration camps, and those who rebelled against such status quo, would be blamed as the causes for the “conflict”.

It is safe to assume that all of us would call above hypothetical account of World War II the biggest lie ever uttered in human history.

  • Yet the same enormous lie is being presented in ALL official accounts on Israel and Palestine. In reality Israel displays all features of an overt full-blown fascist dictatorship; it is in fact a unique mix of mega-apartheid and a modern, intensified and prolonged version of the genocidal Nazi regimes of WW2.
  • If we consider that young Jewish children in Israel are systematically taught to hate every person of non-Jewish origin as a major life-threat [4], we can conclude: the overall mindset of present Israel and its Western support is a ticking time-bomb in the emerging global fascist empire.

A never-ending Holocaust under an unnoticed Nazi Empire

In the official narrative the tension between Israel and Palestine is explained as a two-sided “conflict” between clashing ethnic tribes, assuming “equal” responsibilities on both sides, or presented via a picture diametrically opposing the actual reality. The dominant view upheld by most influential mass-media outlets condemns Palestine as a “terrorist” country and praises Israel as the “only democracy in the Middle East” that has the right to defend itself [26].

The actual reality is however grossly different; in fact the exact opposite. Israel displays all features of the past Nazi Empire, both as to its motives and methods. The state of Israel was created as a result of invasion and on territories that this artificial state has no right to own and control. The motives of the Israel-project are equivalent with those of the past Nazi Empire:

  • To create and enlarge the living space for only one race that is viewed as the race superior to all others and as such the only acceptable ethnicity in the region.

Such illegally created regime, on illegally occupied lands with openly racist motives, keeps the occupied and unarmed Palestinian people under constant military terror and oppression. Large masses of innocent people – solely due to their non-Jewish ethnic origin  – are subject to ad hoc evictions, deportations, harassments, imprisonments, torture and murder – either individually, or en masse via Israeli military air-strikes – meanwhile a large number of them are forced to leave the very land that rightfully belongs to them.

  • In other words, Palestine has been subjected to the same Holocaust – for six decades thus far – as the nations under the World War II Nazi occupation were subjected to for several years. In addition, other ethnicities such as the immigrants and refugees from Africa, suffer the same inhuman treatments by the Israeli authorities [8, 9].

For those who are still unaware or misinformed regarding these facts  – as so many of us have been – at the end of this post I offer a list of selected references, with special emphasis on the testimonies of those Israelis who eventually took the side of Palestinians and now speak out in support of them. [1-4] These honest, honorable Israeli Jews reveal the facts, some of them in full details, regarding the actual reality of the Israeli oppression and the almost incomprehensible suffering of the Palestinian people.

Although those who are better informed than the majority, often describe the status quo of occupied Palestine as a colonial apartheid comparable to the one in South Africa, the concept only partially covers the reality.

The entire region that once used to belong to Palestine is occupied and controlled by the Israeli state. The areas allocated for the “inferior” non-Jewish ethnicities, such as Gaza, are under blockade raised by Israel. These areas are de facto open-air prisons, concentration-camps enclosed within tall, thick, heavily wired walls, with threatening Israeli military presence at all checkpoints. There is no entry or exit from these cage-lands. Those millions who are forced to live among the fences are left at the mercy of cruel Israeli soldiers who regularly kidnap, “arrest”, imprison and torture them, specifically small children (!) [21]. Israel deliberately keeps all Palestinians  – and other non-Jewish ethnic groups – in unlivable circumstances that are equivalent with constant torture and slow death during “peace time”. During the frequently relaunched hot wars the Israeli army expressly targets these areas under siege, specifically shelling houses, playgrounds, hospitals, schools, churches, mosques and shelters. [25]

The ace of all evidence exposing the above status quo has been provided by Jewish Israeli authors and activists. One of these witnesses is the son of an ex-general of the Israeli military forces (!), Miko Peled [1,2] whose biography reveals not only the actual account of the Israel-Palestine history and present, but also exposes Israel’s methods of keeping the Jewish ethnic group under total mind-control. His testimony, inter alia reveals the shocking fact that the Israeli leaders only pretend to seek peace with Palestine; in reality the Zionist goal is to persistently continue the ethnic-cleansing process until the occupied land is populated only by Jewish settlers.

A summer of massacre – another chapter in the long line

Soon after the referenced speech delivered by the Israeli Miko Peled in Geneva [1] – adding his repeated plea towards the Western leaders for sanctions to end the Israeli war-crimes – during this summer Israel launched another episode of bloodshed against Palestine. Yet another chapter in the long line that has left behind countless deaths of Palestinian civilians, infants with their skulls torn apart, countless of mutilated and burnt survivors, orphans, widows, mourning parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Another flash of the Holocaust endorsed by the “free” West and by the world’s leading peace- and human right-protecting international authority such as the UN.

Most of us who have a basic sense of justice and humanity – and have witnessed or been informed of the actual events of this summer – participated in pro-Gaza demonstrations all over the world. If these demonstrations remained among the peripheral news, it is merely due to the pro-Israel biased commentary or lack of coverage of these demonstrations.

After the embarrassingly long media-silence, the BBC eventually took notice of the earth-shattering pro-Gaza marches in London and released another bundle of Zionist justifications for the unjustifiable crimes of Israel, adding a novel sequence to the multitude of contradictory, shifty media reports of this “conflict”. Among the BBC commentaries on the subject only this speech of a pro-Gaza demonstrator [18] gives a truthful account.

In summary, whatever the mainstream media have recently released on the subject is just another twist on the endlessly distorted facts; rationalizations, euphemisms and flat-out lies and another attempt to shift the blame onto the victims for the crimes committed against them.

A racist dictatorial ethnic-cleansing regime praised as “democracy”
– the globally relevant implications that concern all of us

The Zionist media-propaganda echoing the pro-Israel narrative blaming Hamas – the Palestinian resistance – for the Israeli offensive, is major part of the typical victim blaming strategy of Zionism and as such, ironically, sheds further light on the similarity between the traits of present Israel and the aggressors of WW2.

It is one of the defining features of the past Nazi regimes that they responded with “collective punishment” [29] – both as a revenge and preventative intimidation – to all attempts of resistance against the tyrannical regime. Generally speaking, the so-called “punitive” measures in response to any form of uprising, rebellion, resistance are typical of all sorts of dictatorial regimes. The dictators’ revenge often takes form as mass-murder of entire group of civilians, particularly of those who do not and can not take active part of the resistance. Whenever those in resistance manage to kill some of the oppressors, the punishments and the oppression itself are intensifying and the number of further victims is multiplied. These are exactly the terms upon which present Israel operates, yet such establishment is called “democracy”.

In addition to the obvious points made in this post, there is a more general, endlessly alarming, yet rarely mentioned implication underlying this topic: there exists a regime which illegally occupies other nation’s lands  leads a genocidal ethnic-cleansing war against the invaded nation, yet such regime evidently stands above international law and stands beyond all criticism. Thus the Western elites, who have endorsed the never-ending Holocaust of Palestine, and via elected governments of the Western “liberal democracies” heavily armed and financed the horrendous war-crimes carried out by “liberal democracy” Israel, managed to redefine democracy into its exact opposite meaning.

Another certain proof of extant tyranny is the fact that those who criticize Israel and speak out in defense of Palestine are attacked via blatantly false labels and red herrings such as “anti-semitic”, “terrorist”, “hater”, “communist”, etc. (Even Jewish opponents of Israel are accused of antisemitism!) The goal behind these slanderous false accusations is intimidation and elimination of the pro-democracy resistance and stabilization of an uncontrollable above-law dictatorial power that can afford committing even the ghastliest crimes without any consequence.

The fact that Zionism is presented to a vast number of “Christians” by the evangelical churches as a Biblically predicted and ordered “heaven on earth” on the holy land “promised” by God to the Jewish race [13, 14], adds an extra dimension to the unique historical lie Israel is based upon. Christian Zionism is a hate-filled, deceitful doctrine, devised to gain the mass-support of Christians for the Israeli war-monger ambitions on a pseudo-religious basis, it is based upon ideas that are diametrically opposing the Biblical text and on assumptions that misrepresent God as some sort of racist entity. The false claims upheld by the Christian Zionist sect from the viewpoint of Christian faith is blasphemy and heresy par excellence.

The burning global questions arising from burning Palestine

What kind of world is this where the public is subjected to misinformation of such vast scope and magnitude as the consistent and continuous propaganda in support of a racist dictatorial regime and endorsement of the Palestinian Holocaust?

What kind of world is this in which a regime like Israel is praised as an exemplary democracy – the “only democracy in the Middle East” – and as such is backed by the UN and NATO, enjoys the full moral and financial support of the Western business and political elites, media and academia?

  • The only answer to these questions is this: what is happening at present in Gaza signifies a future projected for all of us.

Under a diversified, decentralized, transparent, accountable political leadership – which would be the fundamental criterion of any factual democracy – it would be impossible to maintain such uniform deceit-propaganda – especially when the propaganda fosters a most brutally anti-democratic regime. Such level of uniformity in deceit is possible ONLY via an extremely well-organized global conspiracy among individuals of the same immoral kind as those who have been carrying out the six decades long war crimes against Palestine.

The Zionist-minded Western regimes that have supported and financed Israel’s six-decades long extension of the WW2 Nazi war crimes, have locked the third world into a trend of ever worsening poverty, intensified the hot wars in the Middle East, as we speak are spreading fascism in several countries of Europe [24]; in the meantime they enforce a global financial-economic system in the West that is effectively genocide, as research indicates. [15]

In the global empire we are all Gaza

The ongoing genocide in the West is triggered by the neoliberal economic policies that are implemented in a growing number of countries upon the demand of the global financial elites via the EU, IMF and World Bank. The neoliberal economic measures: government spending cuts (except for purposes of war, of course) austerity and privatization, masked as ‘benevolent efforts to bring our economies to recovery’ in fact achieve the exact opposite: they keep our economies in a vicious cycle [25].

This process progressively forces out of economy and kills large masses of people in all countries of the West until it will eventually reach everyone via the elimination of the middle class. The neoliberal vicious cycle is reinforced by all the effects it causes: the abolition of unions and workers’ rights results in ever-decreasing wages, the natural monopolies and oligopolies maintain ever increasing prices, the disappearing jobs and welfare benefits in our fatally disorganized economies lead to worsening poverty. The privatized hence unaccessible natural resources, low-quality yet expensive education, unaffordable healthcare, food and housing further intensify this vicious cycle.

The global financial elites who artificially keep our economies on above downward track use public debt and deficit as “justification” for the neoliberal policies – an astonishing scam of unique magnitude and effect [23]. Just like 9/11 has been used by the elites as pretext to waging wars in the Middle East under the pretense of self-defense, the elites create and use the odious (fictitious) public debts as pretext to waging economic wars in the West under the pretense of “implementing economy-recovering policies”.

The political elites all over the West constantly lie to their voters – in fact ‘lie’ is a too mild term. Mind-control and society-wide virtual reality are more apt terms. Due to the 9/11 false-flag that the US administration washed into the American brains, repeating ad nauseam that the attack was carried our by some folk from the Arab race, whenever the American people see Arab children dying and a mother and father crying out in pain – in Palestine, Iraq, Syria or elsewhere – all we need to do is close our eyes and invoke the collapsing WTC towers. In our fully controlled minds the 9/11 terrorist attack is to be pinned onto the dying civilians in the Middle East.

It is hard to imagine more profound mass-deception than the one maintained by extant global establishment. Their enormous lies – in economics, politics, media, “entertainment” and all areas of our lives – generate and foster uniformly antisocial-minded, chaotic, immoral, dehumanized, polarized, uncivilized societies. The citizens of the divided, impoverished, scattered, weakened, deceived and bewildered West lack the oversight and stamina to pay sufficient attention to those areas of the globe – like Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, etc – that already suffer in the dimension still unknown to the West, hence they are unable to realize that such dimension of war and suffering is what the global elites keep in store for all of us.

It is a fatal mistake to assume that a country is democratic and free merely because its leaders portray it as such. Even biggest mistake to believe that the elite-controlled hence inherently anti-democratic economic system, capitalism, equals political democracy – the exact opposite is the case. The reason why politics and media are filled with an amount and variety of lies unprecedented in history: the system-keepers desperately need to hide the fact that this system is a de facto dictatorship, merely masked as democracy.
“If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier… as long as I’m the dictator. Hehehe,” said George W. Bush famously. What he meant to say: for an open dictatorship it is a heck of a lot easier for the dictators, because then they can kill without constantly producing reasons and justifications for the killing.

The recipe of “democratic” dictatorships: war, fear, intimidation, deceit

By now the number of those all over the world who recognized the obvious pattern underlying the chaotic world-politics are so vast that we are approaching the pivotal point beyond which the truth will enter the mainstream sphere [22].

Just like at a court of justice where the jury or judge is presented only with circumstantial evidence, yet the very logic underlying the events points at one and only conclusion, after connecting more and more of the dots, more and more of us arrive at the truth. And an essential element of the general truth is indeed the conclusion we derive from the question cui bono? Those who thought out and carried out the 9/11 attack are the ones who benefited from it [32, 33]. For a seemingly “democratic” dictatorship the recipe to oppress its own citizens: to start as many wars as possible and pretend these wars are waged as “self-defense” or for a benevolent purpose. Then the war begets more wars, fear begets more fear, fear requires control, and more fear requires total control.

What kind of future is ahead of mankind in a world controlled by such individuals? As in all dictatorships, a world divided into three groups: 1. prison-guards (few) 2. prisoners (more) 3. dead (many). The actual content of the first two groups ultimately depends on the individuals’ ability and willingness to lie, cheat and rat the others out. Hence this ghastly competition is a dynamic process of reshuffling the members of the first two groups that results in a rapidly growing camp of the third. The atmosphere of all dictatorships is therefore constant fear, threat, terror on ALL sides. Let’s not forget, dictators – and other murderers – kill their accomplices too, forever haunted by the knowledge of how evil their helpers are and by the constant threat that they pose. (“Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind” ~ Shakespeare)

The task to pull mankind out of fear and out of the thick layers of deception the present dictators maintain remains a most relevant task as a precondition of enabling our societies as sovereign and democratic law-driven nations to reverse the tragic global trend.

Whose “nationalism” is it anyway?

The same global elites who implemented policies to globalize their control over our economy and politics, whose secretly planned and gradually executed imperial expansion over Europe under EU is still an undisclosed massive scandal [28], whose unelected global corporation- and bank-pawns deny our right to preserve our sovereignty as nation states in the very lands that we rightfully own, who misrepresent our resistance as “racism, nationalism and xenophobia” when we reclaim our  democracies against the unfolding global empire – find no reasons whatsoever to condemn the ACTUAL racist, nationalistic and xenophobic Israel.

Where is this striking double-standard coming from?

From the fact that the motives and nature of the emerging global establishment are the same as of Israel. Both are extreme right-wing minded, elitist, racist, dictatorial, as –  for example – the recent murder in Ferguson indicates.

The Palestinian heroic resistance against the Israeli oppression – their persistent fight for their freedom and for the land they rightfully own – has become the icon of our universal struggle against the global business-political cartel who progressively and invisibly are invading and occupying all countries on the planet.  The significance of Palestine’s – and our – resistance is therefore overwhelming and globally relevant. It is our persistent fight for our right to live on this planet under the protecting umbrella of democratically controlled economic-political units: self-governed national states.

The goal to reclaim our democratic rule of law under independent, peace-oriented, democratically controlled constitutional national governments is the same kind of “nationalism” that Palestine’s rightful self-defense represents against the nationalist, war-monger, dictatorial regime called Israel. It is our right to reclaim our  self-governance and constitution-based legislative and policy-making powers from the unelected global oligarchy [22] who control and allocate all monetary resources into their personal riches and wars, meanwhile keep our economies in a downward spiral. They are progressively occupying our lands and resources upon the illegitimate claim that all resources of the earth and all values we produce are theirs. We are yet to free our countries from the global political-financial-economic system that is ruled by this oligarchy, who  – as they revealed all over again – fully support, finance and militarize Israel and praise Israel  as a “democracy”, despite the fact that:

  • Israel displays all features of an overt fascist dictatorship; it is a unique mix of a mega-apartheid and a modern, intensified and prolonged version of the genocidal Nazi regimes of WW2. If we consider that young Jewish children in Israel are systematically taught to hate every person of non-Jewish origin as a major life-threat [4], we can conclude: the overall mindset of present Israel and its Zionist support world-wide is a ticking time-bomb in the emerging global fascist empire.

We are yet to organize and vote into leadership new, real democratic parties that will mark a new era of responsible, transparent and accountable national governments, who will reject the odious public debts [27] and will separate our economies from the imperialist global financial system. Then, as independent political-economic entities, we can start nation-wide public banking, implement economy-recovering policies and will restore the principles of genuine democratic rule of law in all national and international courts.

Only via such achievement can we save our very own future and assure freedom, peace and justice for Palestine – as well as for all the oppressed, colonized, impoverished and war-stricken nations of the world.

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