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Fundamentals Of Democracy 1.0

“I use the term Democracy 1.0 to differentiate it from the sham of present systems described as being democratic, and also to have a DEFINED set of minimum conditions, regulations and political processes as part of that term, so that using the term Democracy 1.0 automatically includes these.”

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The Fundamentals Of A Democratic Political System

created: February 2014
updated: – (sometime!)

The most insidious obstacle to a true democracy ever taking root is the irrational passive and unquestioning acceptance of the propaganda that the present political system in place in most countries is democratic. This attitude is brought about because people don’t know any better and are unable to see beyond their blinkered political prison cell they were born into – they believe they are free, because the propaganda says so, while at the same time they are actually being subjugated more and more by a political system which has at its core a set of processes designed to prevent citizens from ever escaping this political straightjacket.

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