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Mankind has arrived at a crossroads: what to expect from the present global system and how to resist it


Mankind has arrived at a crossroads; a fact many of us have recognised by now. We can no longer afford focusing only on our own country, region, minority, party-politics, religion, race or on any factor that divides us. Our attempts to resolve our locally or thematically specific issues in isolation from the generic global trend will remain futile symptom-treatments. In order to set feasible goals and effective methods towards a better future, we need to investigate and eliminate the globally relevant root-causes behind all local issues.

Following Martin Luther King’s famous quote:
Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war
this post is to summarise – from all perspectives and with supporting references – our prospects in the very near future in the case we fail to live up to such ultimate moral demand of our times.

Under current global system established by the financial global cartel, what we can expect are the following scenarios:

  • The centrally imposed extreme form of capitalism – neoliberalism – and its associated global financial scheme resulting in constant increase of illegitimate public Debt, Deficit, Privatisations, Cuts and Austerity [1, 30] – in consequence of which the majority will be forced into the circumstances of inevitably deepening Crisis, unlivable conditions due to global-scale constant migration, deportation, eviction; abject poverty due to zero/near-zero wages (workfare) at sky-high prices, lack of affordable food, healthcare, energy/utilities, high unemployment and lack of welfare. Neoliberalism, the political-economic system that has been made mandatory within the West-imposed New World Order, is de facto genocide, as research confirms [23].
  • Staged ‘revolution’ and regime-change orchestrated by Western elites in order to overthrow elected, democratically legitimate governments and to establish the rule of the global elites’ banks and corporations. Such anti-democratic, pro-oligarchy regime-change is what the Western allies carried out against numerous countries in the past few decades [18], this is what they have plotted and recently executed against Ukraine [3, 25] and such coup-attempt of overthrowing a country’s democracy can be expected in any country where the government severs the ties with the West-ruled financial oligarchy (World Bank, IMF), gets rid of the odious (illegitimate) public debt imposed by this oligarchy [1, 30], refuses to join the EU, resists the EU-dictated sanctions and burdens,  lowers the taxes of the working majority, increases taxation of the rich minority: individuals, banks and corporations, and implements overall recovery-inducing fiscal and monetary policies [33] – as achieved by the current democratic government of Iceland [27] and Hungary [2, 31, 32].
    Note: Almost no one is aware that the process known as “EU enlargement” or “Lisbon process” is an invisible form of regime change and colonisation. The very act of EU-elites bullying its member states into ratifying the fraudulent Lisbon Treaty – the disguised version of the formerly EU-initiated and by-referenda rejected EU-Constitution – was itself a coup against the EU-countries [22].
  • Extremists / militants (ISIS, fascists) inserted into a country after organised, bribed, financed, armed by the leaders of the very liberal West (US/EU/NATO/CIA) – as recently done in Ukraine [3] and in countries of the Middle East [18].  As we speak, Hungary’s current government led by the democratic Fidesz party is facing this grave danger as well [31, 32].
  • Hot wars after a country/region is destabilised and turned into a crisis zone. The NATO-initiated  hot wars masked as “humanitarian” efforts “to save” a country from the very enemy they inserted into the given country and to “liberate” it under their control (=colonise it).  The hot-war option has been a tragic ‘privilege’ of countries like Palestine [9] – the Middle East and Third World in general – but apparently a new war is being crafted against the citizens of Europe as well, upon the Russia-threat false-flag [4, 15]. The economic-financial warfare led by the West and their defamatory false accusations against Russia is behind the current tension [25].
  • Staged “terrorist attack” such as 911, which served as a false-flag-trigger to get the US involved in the West+Israel-led colonising wars in the Middle East, under the pretense of self-defense [12, 13, 26]
  • Police violence and political imprisonment without due process, eg. Palestine [9], Greece, Spain, Ferguson, etc.
  • Civil war provoked by the Western elites and executed by their very army against their very own citizens. It is alarming to no end that the current US army is recruiting troops under the condition that they would be willing to fire on Americans [5].
  • The globally imposed geoengineering / chemtrails project [6, 7, 24] and a wide plethora of diseases [20, 38] caused by toxin metals inhaled or consumed with water and food; to die upon lack of food and lack of water as the result of the cascade effect of the agriculture-destroying chemicals, or upon being wiped out of existence by one of the artificial (un)natural disasters induced by these projects.
  • Global monopolies producing and distributing GMO foods without our knowledge and consent. “Since the introduction of GMO foods, many cancers and other diseases have skyrocketed in humans. Can this really be a coincidence?” [37]
  • In general, the elites planet-depopulation Agenda 21 [8], a seemingly non-binding and benevolent global plan initiated by the UN to “save the climate”, the actual goals and motives of which have been kept from us – obviously. The global plan of the self-appointed decision-makers to “resolve” the climate-related issues is one clearly against the majority; to get rid of the 95% of Earth’s population, dismantle the existing infrastructure, eliminate our living space, and force the inhabitants of rural areas and suburbs to move into strictly controlled mega-cities where all of us shall be left at the mercy of the food- and energy-supply provided by the local corporations at the monopoly price they will quote.  UN’s depopulation Agenda 21 has been and is being implemented in each location all over the world, under various slogans and project-names. The most often used phrases that in fact cover a project under the agenda are “more power to the cities”, “smart-growth”, “sustainable development“, “devolution”, “more direct democracy” etc.  The local authorities secretly implementing the Agenda 21 are pretending to act as per “enhanced democracy” or more direct democracy, while in fact they manufacture the consent of the unsuspecting local voters and shift the remaining democratic decision-making powers to unelected NGOs, tycoons and corporations of the given location.

Conclusion and Notes

As also pointed out in documentary [30], in the final analysis the current global system leads to destruction and genocide in one way or another. If a country’s leader or government refuses to collaborate with the world’s money-printing Fed and its affiliated stakeholders – IMF, World Bank, giant banks and corporations – and refuses collaboration with the global cartel – whose aim is occupy its lands and resources via financial war, the given country will be targeted by covert forms of war and direct colonisation by the Western allies (eg, Panama, Iraq).

Due to the ongoing mass-media deception [15] the public is not aware of all this. In our so-called liberal democracies the elites liberated themselves into a position whereby they destroyed democracies. They
liberated themselves to freely issue funds – in fact mere promises to pay (IOUs) – in endless quantities [1, 21, 30] which funds they use for buying all countries. Meanwhile they freely decide what information will be shared with or kept from us via their bought politicians, mass media and academia.

It is certainly a valid question to ask: who are these people who deliberately inflict this much suffering and death in the world? The answer is: these individuals are psychopaths [10, 11, 14] driven by the very motivations inherent in a flawed, anti-human, anti-democratic system: capitalism, which requires constant expansion, grabbing more available resources via colonising wars [35, 36]; it thrives on the poverty of masses and scarcity of goods as the basis for maintaining predatory profits as high as possible [30]. These self-appointed rulers of the planet are intelligent but evil, shrewed and greedy, control-seeking mega-capitalists, war-monger merciless sociopaths, who deceive, manipulate and charm large masses, meanwhile exploit and betray all of us, working towards their common goal to seal their world-controlling position by all means and at all human costs. They form a grand coalition against the unsuspecting majority, who are unaware that capitalism is a closed system that is built upon debt-slavery, monetarism [30], elitism and conspiracy – mergers, cartels, etc [34]. Capitalism is a system ruled by a minority that have grabbed all financial capital and natural resources;  it is not a system of competition and of opportunities for the majority.

At the extreme end of capitalism we therefore find an oligarchy with the capitalistic intent to occupy the lands and resources of the entire planet and to control every aspect of our lives.  These individuals are pathological narcissists [11] whose grandiose self-view as ‘above-human’ beings in their self-centered universe drives them into actions of unique hubris and recklessness. The global cartel keeps it in secret that their poisoning the Earth’s biosphere with chemtrails is the “solution” to treat the ecological disaster their colonising wars caused via the weather-warfare techniques [6, 24] and worsened by their industries’ ecologically destructive activities [7]. Rather than changing direction towards ecology-friendly albeit financially more costly solutions, the elites’  “solution” to the major planetary issues they have triggered is to continue sealing their planet-controlling position even at the cost of deepening the ecological disaster to the degree of irreversibility.

Upon the delusional basis of their unique self-importance they claim to have the knowledge and the right to be the ultimate controllers of the Earth, including controlling the weather itself and modifying the climate for the purpose of waging invisible colonising wars [24]. Their Agenda 21 is proof that they preserve the right to be the ones to “decide” on above-human questions such as who and how many of us are “allowed” to live on this planet [8].

For those who are still skeptical regarding above, a piece of circumstantial evidence:

  • It is an irrefutable, objective fact that those who have implemented extant New World Order are pathological liars.

They keep lying about Israel and Palestine [9], they keep lying about the reasons of the Middle East wars [12, 18, 35, 36], they keep lying about the economy, keep maintaining the “trickle-down” myth and keep hiding the fact that in order to induce economic Recovery a country needs the exact opposite policies [1], they keep lying about the actual causes of Crisis, Debt and Austerity – the global fraudulent financial system underlying their imposed very liberal economics [1, 21, 30], they keep lying about the real reason of the climate-change and about their agendas to “resolve” the issue [6, 7, 24], they keep hiding the actual goals behind UN’s Agenda 21 [8]; they keep lying about the goals, inception and actual nature of EU [22], they keep lying about the actual motives and enemy behind the 911 attack [12, 13, 35]; they keep lying about all countries outside the Western oligarchy-controlled areas, like Russia, Iran and Hungary – in fact they keep lying about every essential aspect of our existence as a human society.

The neoliberal, fascist global cartel – via privately owned central banks, commercial banks and corporations [30] – effectively own most national governments and local authorities, and they are occupying all decision-making powers on every level [19]. They keep us under deception because that is the ultimate way to control our perception of reality, and that is the way to manufacture our “consent” to promote their goal of exterminating all of us who are outside their closed society. They force us to act upon the false knowledge we derive from the virtual reality they maintain. It is therefore no surprise that whenever we confront these notorious liars with the truth and challenge the narrative of their very own mainstream media, the only “argument” they can respond with is the “tin-foil hat” fallacy [19].

Regardless of the establishment’s continuous attempt to ridicule all whistle-blowers [19], it remains our task to expose the facts, far and wide, regarding the increasingly destructive, distracting and deceitful nature of extant West-dominated global system. Our other ‘option’ is to keep trusting these pathological liars – who have shown NO mercy towards the many million civilians they sentence to death in one way or another – is no longer an option. We are running out of time. At present the Western elites are directly destroying the ecological system via geoengineering and are eliminating the living space via Agenda 21 on the only planet where we and our children may live [6, 7, 8, 24]. Even if someone is spared at the moment under the rule of this oligarchy, the momentary “bliss” will not last. The global trend steered by these Machiavellian profit-centered, anti-human and anti-social minds, will exponentially worsen, deepen in effect and extend in scope. Even those who will survive for a while, can be absolutely certain that their children will not.

It is essential to keep in mind: UN’s Earth-downsizing Agenda 21 [8] or, in general terms, the global elites’ neoliberal project [19] is a bipartisan (or non-partisan) enterprise pursued above all party-politics by all collaborating parties and governments on the political left and right spectrum. This anti-democratic agenda to seal the power of tycoons, banks and corporations on a global scale, converts all political representatives into de facto right-wing neoliberal pro-oligarchy entities, who then are forced to exclusively serve the interests of the global financial and business cartel. Failing to realise this fact and continuing to think and act in terms of the illusory party-politics this global grand coalition maintains as a facade-democracy, only prevents us from finding effective resolution. Since these pro-war and pro-destruction forces are globally united against us, we the pro-peace and pro-democracy majority should globally unite against them.

Our only option of self-defence – however impossible it might seem – against the West-imposed global fascism, is to resist it in every way and on every level; to question all mass-media reports on a country and event, to pay attention to the mentioned still democratic Iceland and Hungary [2, 27, 31], to support them in their resistance, to study their case and spread the word, and in our respective countries to start to establish as per definition, genuine democratic governments [28] in order to achieve what they have achieved.

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[32] The recent events in Hungary that the mass-media covered under the “Internet Tax” false-flag indicate a potential prelude to a tragic “Second Ukraine” scenario. The mass-media propaganda misrepresenting the behind-the-scene facts regarding this event is a shining example of how the bribed international media are manipulating masses in a country against its own democratic government, how such “activists” (rebels, shills, stooges) are financed and managed by the Western elites to craft a “civil democratic movement” when the aim is to carry out the exact opposite of the one as stated a plot against a democratic leadership. It is a prime example of how the bribed international media [15] keep lying about the actual status quo in a country by reversing the sides of the democratic and anti-democratic forces. Another point that needs to be emphasised: the bribed mass-media report the recent manufactured “Internet Tax” related events in Hungary as an “inspiring democratic mass-movement” had nothing to say when under the former regime – the West-financed EU-puppets under “socialist” colours (MSZP) – pushed Hungary into the worst era of crisis since the end of its communist era. The same international mass-media left it without coverage when the people of Hungary formed a mass-resistance against the fascist coalition formed by fake-left “Socialists” and the neoliberal, that is fascist SZDSZ. That de-facto fascist coalition seized power in Hungary upon populism, rigged elections, and false pretenses, and while in power in full obediance served the fascist EU and the global cartel, and introduced the exact same neoliberal austerity-policy that is taking toll in the present West. That government granted generous tax-cuts to the rich, the banks and corporations, increased all tax-burden for the majority, kept energy and utility-prices at sky-high level, abolished affordable healthcare, closed well-functional schools and hospitals, left millions without medicine and treatment, fire-sold all valuable resources and companies of the country, induced an unprecedented level of unemployment and abject poverty in the country.
Those measure triggered country-wide resistance in Hungary, all of which the mass-media failed to report.
Then hundreds of thousands in Hungary were in the streets to protest against the pro-EU tyrannic and merciless neoliberal regime.


Crisis vs Recovery charts

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