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The World Debt Crisis, as it is happening now: a system too rigged to fail

The Greek Debt Crisis and the end of European democracy

Many of those who followed the events around the Greek Debt Crisis, have identified it as a coup – even several mass-media outlets went as far as acknowledging this fact – however, under the surface of the media-smokescreen that displayed the Greek Debt Crisis as a mere finance-economic issue inevitably and exclusively arising from a “lazy, irresponsible country in the South”, the actual nature, causes and motives behind the related events are essentially different.

  • The day of 13 of July 2015, when the ‘deal’ between the Syriza government and agents of Troika was concluded, is the day when Greece as a country was annexed by the global financial oligarchy [1, 14], and as such it is the day when democracy in Europe – as we know it – ceased to exist.  Even the remnants of its superficial façade and eroded pillars collapsed into dust. The signed deal amounts to official declaration of war by Troika and capitulation by Greece. An act comparable to the Anschluss of the 2nd world war. This post is to substantiate this statement via comprehensive analysis and extensive references to credible sources.

The coup that has led to the annexation of Greece is mere snapshot of a much larger motion-picture, the continuation of a series of past coups [2, 21]. At present, the invaders swallowing Greece in fact are reaping what they sawed via the Lisbon Treaty coup back in 2007. Then the EU as a federal state was erected above the countries of Europe [2, 21] by the European Parliament when its members accepted a disguised federal Constitution on behalf of the EU countries’ uninformed citizens. The circumstances of drafting the Lisbon Treaty clearly signify a gigantic foul play behind the scenes. A group of bureaucrats and politicians – led by Angela Merkel – decided to secretly reinstate the very same EU Constitution that had been formerly rejected via referenda by several EU-countries. They redrafted the original text of the Constitution as a seemingly harmless bundle of amendments to prior treaties [2,21], and by doing so they unnoticeably converted EU, a meant-to-be “free-trade area” zone, into a USSR-type political structure with unelected (self-appointed), non-transparent and unaccountable federal powers on the top of the legislative and decision-making hierarchy [2, 21].

The Machiavellian merciless attitude the Eurogroup [23] displayed in the process of annexing Greece is retrospectively added evidence regarding the hostile motives of the instigators Lisbon Treaty and of the entire EU-project. The purpose of the Eurocrats crafting an integrated federal political unit is evidently to force as many countries as possible under the Troika-hegemony, and keep the EU-countries as captives by bank-bailouts, by the artificially induced vicious-cycle of economic crisis, debt and austerity.  This war is being waged by cutting-edge warfare-techniques such as complex financial fraud and embezzlement in the magnitude of monetary trillions. The fraud that is too big to fathom by most of us, is covered up by false pretenses, media-smokescreen, false flags, pseudo-blackmails, victim-blaming narratives and spectacular “debates” to imitate a pluralism-based “democracy” both on federal EU- and national-levels.

Since the inception of EU as federal state, founded without the approval and knowledge of the affected 500 million citizens, “democracy” in Europe has been no more than a hollow term, without the substance of its definitional content. But on the day when Troika proceeded with the final step of actually annexing Greece as a whole [1, 14],  even the empty shell of the term was crushed into pieces. A private group of elegantly dressed nobodies – an unelected, unaccountable and non-transparent private lobby – has concluded the annexation of Greece and the Greek Government capitulated.

While the Lisbon-coup remains a largely unknown event never exposed by mainstream media – for some oddly curious reason even the blogsphere and social media managed to dodge the topic – the coup of annexing Greece is already an infamous milestone in the historical EU-meltdown. From now on only those will trust the EU – and the system they keep in place – who are delusional or deliberately deny the truth. The annexation of Greece will go down in history as a memorable incident: EU and Troika revealed their true fascist colours; at the same time the event is one of the most tragic betrayals of the trust of a people vested in its government.

The Syriza government, which several months ago was voted into power with the mandate to bring political independence and economic recovery to their country, betrayed and abandoned both tasks. The Syriza government signed a capitulation whereby Greece as a whole is given away as “collateral” of further fraudulent government loans and bank-bailouts. Instead of rejecting Austerity to undo the decades-long social-economic destruction of Greece, they signed a deal to proceed with even more severe Austerity measures than before. Instead of lawfully rejecting repayment of Greece’s odious national debt – which has been illegally accumulated by a series of corrupt prior governments [3, 9, 12] – Syriza multiplied extant odious debts in exchange for Greece’s most valuable assets as collateral. [14] The act of accepting the Government-accumulated corruption-based Debts as a “liability” towards unelected foreign powers, which liability is not only corruption-based but impossible to fulfil, creates a permanent bondage and servitude for the country of Greece, which effectively comes down to the annexation of the country. Even IMF admits that “Greece’s debt can now only be made sustainable through debt relief measures that go far beyond what Europe has been willing to consider so far.” [4]

The anatomy of the fraud that is too big to believe

This section is to review again, step by step, the very essence of the operational methods via which Troika completed the annexation of Greece, relying on a former analysis [3] and on the official references listed under the post, as well as on the facts exposed by recently produced extraordinary documentaries “The Trail of the Troika” [9] and “The Secret Bank Bailout (HD 1080p) | German TV Award 2013″ [9/a]. The makers of these films do an excellent job uncovering the most relevant aspects and actual elements of the complex international network of mega-corruption among banks and governments.

1) The Bank, represented by an agent of Troika, allegedly extends a loan to a national government. The “creditor” Bank however does NOT give away any money. It issues a digital IOU-note (‘I owe you’) by increasing the borrower Government’s (Greece) bank account with the amount of the “loan” [3]. In turn, the borrower government (Greece) issues an IOU-note as well (‘I owe you’) to the creditor Bank.

No actual transfer of pre-existing funds occurred. This transaction is nothing but mere exchange of two notes: one payment-promise against another payment-promise (!) – which then unlawfully creates a “legal” liability for the citizens of said country to ‘repay’ the € billions their government allegedly borrowed. The same Euro billions that now are recorded as “debt” could have been simply invested in the economy without any liability attached to the transaction.

2) The allegedly loaned funds, which came into existence upon the very act of lending/borrowing, nevertheless are NOT invested in the economy of borrower country. These funds exist only as computer bits on bank servers and never leave the Bank-system. Largest part of the loan ends up on private bank-accounts of the country’s business and political elites and channeled back to individuals who actually own the creditor Banks. [3, 9]

3) The Crisis in given country sets in and deepens. Economy continues shrinking because it remains permanently unfinanced. [3, 7]

4) Then the false claim is made – and is being widely spread by the bank-bribed politicians and media – that the poor performance of any given economy is due to its public sector and to its government’s spending on welfare and public services. On one hand, this false claim is based on the fallacy that all governments are bad managers and corrupt, simply because they are governments. (One counter-example is Iceland’s government or another: Switzerland’s.)
But the disastrous reality Troika creates feeds their circular reasoning: All governments in general are corrupt thus prone to overspending because the specific governments surrendering to Troika’s blackmails are corrupt and overspend for their corrupt purposes. Since the governments under Troika’s jurisdiction are obliged to assist in embezzling the borrowed funds rather than properly investing them in the economy, these collaborating governments’ mismanaging their economy is fallaciously generalised as the grand failure of governments and of the public sector as such. From this blatantly false premise then another false claim is formulated according to which the public sector as such is responsible for the poor economic performance of borrower country, “therefore” less welfare, more cuts and privatisations should be imposed on the country. On the other hand, under normal circumstances (when a country is not attacked via the Troika’s crimes); both data and theory prove the efficiency of the public sector and of “big government”; as well as the economy-destroying character of the opposite, the so-called “trickle-down” pro-austerity neoliberal “economics”. [7, 8, 9]

5) Then the established fraud is taken to the next level by the false claim that the debt crisis is a “conflict” between two countries; between the so called “creditor country” (in this case Germany) and the “borrower country” (Greece). On such false basis the Troika and its bribed media continue the defamatory campaign against Greece via the deceiving rhetorics that large masses of poor pensioners in Germany suffer grave financial losses due to the “overspending and laziness” of the Greek people.

6) Then follows the equally false claim, an absolutely grotesque blatant lie, that the creditor Banks – or even the entire Eurozone – is at the verge of total collapse due to the poor performance of Greece. The possibility of Greece’s unwillingness to repay the loan that it never received, is projected by the Eurogroup and mass-media as a catastrophe equivalent with Armageddon. The possibility of Greece exiting the Eurozone is declared as an option one degree worse than Armageddon. [18]

The truth is shockingly different, in fact the very opposite. On the one hand, the borrower country’s (Greece’s) poor performance is caused by the ongoing fraud described in this post and by the consequent lack of actual financing its economy. The Crisis that the borrower country is locked into by Troika, is further intensified by the destructive austerity “reforms” and fire-sale privatisations imposed by Troika [9]. On the other hand, since NO real money-transfer are involved in issuing these loans and no deposits are touched, and these loans are phony, evidently no taxpayer or any flesh-and-blood investor suffers any financial damage, either in Germany or elsewhere [9/a]. At least not because of Greece or any of the countries declared “weak” within the Eurozone. If the citizens of Germany – or any country – incur massive financial losses, it is simply because their Banks pull the same trick on them too. [9]
The example of the 2013 bank-crisis in Cyprus comes to mind. Then same banks who are looting Greece – and all countries – performed the usual bailout-fraud against Cyprus and blamed the losses of Cyprian taxpayers  on the Greek taxpayers. [9]

7) Then the fraud continues with the false pretense that the creditor Banks are suffering severe “liquidity or insolvency problems”, therefore they need to be “bailed out” by taxpayer money. The claim is blatantly false, since it is up to each bank how much money it actually circulates, since, as we know, the bank creates money out of thin air: via a keystroke enters an amount on its client’s bank account as a deposit.

At this point of the fraud, the taxpayers and the audience of the bribed mass media are stupefied by a wide plethora of meaningless sequence of jargons, which are to sustain the appearance that esoteric knowledge is required to comprehend what exactly is going on. What actually happens: the Bank demands to be “bailed out” under the false pretense that it used to have any money to begin with. As noted many times here and elsewhere on this blog, private banks create new money without touching any deposits anywhere. [3]

  • Contrary to the widely spread myths, the actual purpose of these bank-bailouts is not to help out any banks, but to channel the billions earned by taxpayers to parasite bankers and to their lobbies and political stooges. These extra billions raked in from those who added actual value to economy are used by the parasite elites to purchase lands and resources of given country via the corrupt Troika-dictated privatisation process. [9, 14] Since these bank-bailouts withdraw large funds from the production sphere, from the taxpayers who added and could add value to economy, these bailouts further shrink economy.

Due to the 1) artificially inflicted but genuine economic crisis, 2) the artificially inflicted phony Debt-crises, and the 3) artificially inflicted phony Bank-crises, the borrower country’s government turns again to Troika for more “loans” to finance all three Crises. Only those Governments do so who are willing to participate in this ugly game. (One notable exception is Iceland [11].)

8) The next layer of the fraud is the step whereby the creditor Banks (via Troika) specify the obligation of borrower country to implement further austerity-measures and privatisations, as the condition of the further fraudulent loans foisted on the country. On one hand this begs the question: how can any requirement be attached to a deal as the condition of accepting the deal, the acceptance of which is forced? [25] If the deal is forced, as the participants claim it is, then the deal is evidently void as per law and there is no obligation to implement it. On the other hand, Troika attempts to “justify” the requirement of austerity and privatisations via a yet another false claim that such economic policy will boost the economy. [9] It is evidenced by both theory [7] and practice [8] and by sheer common sense, that the exact opposite is the case. The policy of Austerity and Privatisation shrinks and suffocates any economy, let alone the one that has been already pushed into recession by such policy. Since most of the “blood” of any economy is via spending, spending cuts are evidently to achieve nothing else than the fatal withdrawal of the very blood of the economy, thus literally killing the economy.

Privatisation in all countries comes down to mass-scale theft [9] and deprivation of the respective country’s citizens of their strategic resources, companies and living space. Since the rich classes to whom the lands and resources are sold out, do not pay taxes and do not create jobs, the results of Privatisation further shrink the economy. But the most essential consequence of Privatisations is loss of sovereignty, loss of social rights and of the citizens’ access to their own country.  Under such circumstances large masses are deprived of their very land and resources, deprived of jobs and opportunities thereof, meanwhile losing welfare and pensions, thus losing their right and actual means to survive in their own country. Both research and actual data have revealed that the net effect of austerity and privatisations is genocide [8].

In summary: Due to the lack of actual financing (due to phony loans), and due to the imposed Austerity & Privatisations, the economy keeps shrinking, and above loop repeats all over again [7], pushing the country into an exponentially accelerating downward spiral of poverty and mass-scale emigration. The entire process leads to the status leaving the whole country open to be freely looted by bankers and the collaborating elites [9].

  • Via this colossal con, the Banks “reclaim” the funds – and do so multiple times – that they never gave away, not even once. First of all, the money that Banks “give away” as loans, they themselves create out of thin air. Second, they never give away the newly created money either; they channel it back to themselves and to their lobbies. Third, Banks demand the billions they created and never gave away, to be “paid back” by taxpayers via bank-bailouts. Fourth, Banks demand all valuable and strategic assets: all lands, companies and resources, even all cities and countries, as collateral of the loans they never gave or give to begin with.

The anatomy of the betrayal – cutting the Trojan Horse(shit)

On July 13, 2015 by signing the historical deal, the Syriza government delivered the final cut on their citizens, who elected them to liberate them from those who deliver these cuts. The Syriza Government signed a deal that in the case the country would not beat the above-demonstrated unbeatable fraud, the whole country of Greece – as collateral – is transferred into the property of the same foreign banks, who have been and are committing the fraud against Greece to begin with.

The Syriza government is known to be made up of experts, who are fully aware of all components of this con. They are also aware that their country has been oppressed and impoverished via austerity and illegal (odious) debt, throughout many years [3, 9, 12] and they are aware that they could have legally contested the obligation of repayment these debts under international law. They are also aware that they could have quit the Eurozone by letting the foreign banks “fail”, by rejecting the odious debt – just like Iceland did [11] – and by returning to drachma and nationalising the central bank of Greece.

They were also aware that the blackmails of Troika were mere bluffing, as part of the grand theater to confuse the citizens of Greece and Europe. The chaos around the Greek banking system was caused by the very banks who started and continue this con to begin with. With an expert and responsible government the process of exiting the Eurozone could have been completed. The transition would have certainly triggered a temporary chaos, but now, upon signing the country’s death-warrant, both the chaos and the crisis will remain permanent.

The officials of Syriza were also aware that in a genuine negotiation-process they would have been in absolute winning position against Troika. It is the Troika whose agents would lose monetary trillions in the case of any EU-countries exiting the Eurozone. As mentioned earlier, it has been the Eurogroup who worked so hard [2] to pull all European countries into the financial war to be plundered, so it is the Eurocrats utmost interest to keep them within.

Both the Troika and Syriza are fully aware that Eurozone and Euro as such were not endangered either by Greece defaulting on the previous loans or by exiting the Eurozone. The actual fear of the Eurogroup is not the collapse of Euro or any of the “dangers” upheld by the mass-media scaremongering rhetorics. Their actual fear is that any EU-member state would establish a mass media-covered precedence of rejecting repayment of the odious debt [3] and/or exiting the EU/EZ, which precedence then could be followed by other EU-member states as well. The actual fear of Troika and the Eurogroup is that the formerly established but media-suppressed precedence of Ecuador and Iceland [3, 11] would become widely known, and following their example, other countries would also escape from the grip of Euro and Troika.

Yet, the Syriza Government, rather than using their winning position and lawfully rejecting repayment of extant odious debt of Greece, unlawfully multiplied the debt. Rather than exiting EU and Eurozone, and liberating Greece from the claws of this ongoing fraud, they staged a referendum to legitimise the fraud. They drafted the referendum as a package-deal fallacy by which the NO-vote to Austerity was tied to YES-vote to Eurozone, which vote evidently implied a YES-vote to Troika and to Greece being subjected to the Troika-imposed fraud, which evidently implies more intensifying Austerity, more robbery of the country, further destruction of economy and full loss of national sovereignty.

Rather than walking away from the EU and from Eurozone, and following the route of Iceland [11] – which would have saved Greece and would have moved all Europe towards the revival of democracy – Syriza continued the spectacular phony negotiations with Troika, in order to lose its winning status and to humiliate the principles of democracy in the show. The very act of capitulation actually started when “legendary” Yanis Varoufakis resigned from his finance minister position just because the unelected nobodies of Troika declared him inapt for the role and ordered him to step down. By obeying such demand Varoufakis openly demonstrated his country’s loss of sovereignty and his own treacherous character. Rather than remaining in office and protesting against Troika’s absurd demand, he surrendered his own mandate as an elected leader to unelected hostile foreign powers.

The resignation of Varoufakis was part of the capitulation. Even he admits [4, 10] that by resigning he paved the path for the “deal” – which deal was the very act of capitulation that sentenced millions of his fellow-citizens to suffering, poverty, migration, homelessness, joblessness, and death upon being deprived of pension and benefits. Nevertheless, he feels to be “on the top of the world”, so he tells us. [10]. Shocking. No responsible leader or any individual; only a sociopath [17] would ever pass such statement of blatant malignant indifference while witnessing his country being overtaken by a group of merciless predators effectively subjecting his fellow-citizens to suffering and death under such status quo.

Then the act of capitulation was concluded by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and by the vast majority of the Greek parliament who voted to pass the treacherous treaty.

The entire theater-play by the Syriza government – and by the Greek parliament – comes down to historically unprecedented shrewdness, deceit and betrayal.

The betrayal on global level: the good-cop / bad-cop game

The scenario of the events around the Greek debt crisis fits well in the big picture we can observe on the global political landscape. On the one hand, the bad-cop Troika bullies good-cop Tsipras into signing a suicidal treaty. On the other hand, bad-cop Tsipras signs the treaty, meanwhile good-cop Varoufakis resigns and rejects the deal in the Parliament, where the power of his veto amounts to zero. Democracy lost again, but the pretence of democracy won big.

In the misrepresentational undemocracy that characterizes almost all countries of the world at present, the same or similar good-cop, bad-cop acts are played all over again as the most typical way of imitating democracy and rationalising “democracy’s inaptness” to work for the majority. One participant shifts the responsibility to some other parties, individuals, party-members, present or past MPs, PMs, presidents. National governments are blaming the EU, meanwhile EU and Troika’s agents are blaming national governments, and both groups are blaming the actual victims: the hard working citizens of the country from whom both groups are looting massive funds – daily. Retired officials are admitting past “mistakes” or corruption and/or pointing at someone else’s mistakes and/or corruptions, with reference to someone’s being “leftist” or “rightist”. The extant case of Greece kills many birds with one stone. The far-right Troika – via the fake-left Syriza as a failing national government – can demonise both the Government as such and the left values, and can demonise democracy as such, thus neutralise the only option that can save the 99%.

Some others in the game claim, with amazing shrewdness, that it is the “market” as such to blame: the faceless, identity-less, unaccountable, mysterious machinery [9]. What an utter arrogance and fallacy par excellence. The same elites who make sure that the dysfunctional free market-based system that allow for the elite’s mega-corruption, remains in place, have the nerve to blame the system for the mega-corruption that they keep this system in place for. They have the nerve to cite that their corruption and our poverty is the price we pay for our “freedom” [9] Their definition of “freedom” is their freedom to loot society in more and more innovative ways. “Freedom” is their freedom from regulations by democratic national governments who would stop and prevent their free looting. And it is the elites who make sure that no such democratic national government would be elected into the way of their freedom. To neutralise all efforts to reclaim our national democracies, elites constantly demonise these efforts either as “leftist” “statist” or Marxist, or, other times as “far-right nationalist”. For pathological liars and sociopath manipulators not even such blatant contradictions pose any obstacle.

Others, the whiny sort of good cops, refer to the threats and blackmails upon which they were forced to participate in the scheme [25]. Just like Tsipras and Varoufakis did. They are all washing hands, saving faces – that’s all they care about. They point at the allegation that they acted under duress, and they merely obeyed threats and blackmails. Just like in the era of Hitler, when some only follow orders of some others, and that allegedly exempted them from responsibility. To that pseudo-argument, a hard-hitting real response has been given [20]: “It is very possible that Tsipras and his team were threatened – a process so well described in John Perkins’s “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. These Washington cum troika bandits know no scruples. But – if there were threats – why did Alexis Tsipras not come out in the open and tell the world about them? That’s what Chavez did, that’s what Correa of Ecuador just did and many others before him.”

The UK-version of the rigged game

In the UK, a strikingly similar version of the Greece/Syriza scenario is looming. Promises to bring UK out of the valley of EU-misery via a dandy EU-referendum, which shall “liberate” UK several years from now. Just hang in there and keep calm. The UKIP-Farage trick clearly resonates with the one Syriza-Tsipras pulled on the Greek.

illusion of choiceNever mind how blindingly obvious it is: all EU-referenda are rigged – one way or another – to convert a NO to EU into a YES to EU. Not only the recent rigged Greferendum is sheer evidence, but the entire history of EU. EU as an integrated political unit has evolved upon rigged, overruled and ignored referendum-results [2].

But the game does not end here. While the far-right UKIP keeps the masses in the waiting room to be butchered, fake left Labour leads the other half of the camp down the Primrose path. The champaign socialists, celebrity-revolutionists, elitist “opposition” economists, and other subgroups added to the choir, are only icing on the drug-cake. (How deeply the British system is rigged, is exposed in outstanding post by Neil Clarke, reflecting on the last election-results in the UK [15].)

  • Both Left and Right are buying time for the establishment to proceed with the Greece-like debt-deal in all countries.

But we won’t notice. The bad cops and good cops are playing the game in one team, but the charmers wearing the velvet-gloves, and making the grand promises, are winning the deceived hearts of the masses. [17] Bad-cops Cameron and Osbourne are tying UK to Troika, pushing the UK into harsher and harsher Austerity [21] which will – as per the script – “necessitate” more loans and debt [21]. Meanwhile good-cop Farage blames the Austerity-triggered poverty on the migrant-segment of the victims. Bad-cops Osbourne and Cameron keep destroying UK via Austerity and keep looting the country via privatisations thus serving the Troika, meanwhile good-cop Farage keeps spitting fire at Troika. The roles are distributed cleverly and played very convincingly. But if Farage and UKIP would ever obtain government position sometime in the future, we would immediately hear the laments “we are sorry but there is no alternative but staying in the EU”. Because, we shall hear from Farage, staying in the EU is still the “very best” for the country. Even better, he might say, if we would enter the Eurozone, forgetting how wildly he argued against it not too long ago.

Equally, if UK Labour would ever be elected into government, they would also continue the same GOP-led Debt-Austerity game just like Greece’s “Left” Syriza does. Because that’s the best for the country, will cite the “Left” as well. And the masses will keep forgiving and forgetting, because the good cops are just so ‘lovable’. Yeah, narcissists typically are. [17]

The choir of the bribed mass-media adds to the hypnosis by echoing the grand illusions – the “let’s forgive and forget” sentiments – so that the financial world-war waged by the elites against us, could continue forever swallowing the hypnotised masses.

The hypnotised masses divided and conquered
“Unfortunately the psychopath’s attributes of control are uniquely successful in divisive competitive environments like politics and economics” (Duncan MacMartin [17])

Under such hypnosis, for many it is easier to believe the grotesque lie that those “lazy Greek pensioners” and the damned Greek public sector as such, almost crashed the German economy and the Eurozone – for which ‘crime’ they deserve to pay with their whole country – than to believe the truth that the whole of Europe, their very own country included, is being overtaken by a merciless group of fascist dictators. Under such hypnosis many tend to forget that pensions – in any country – are not free lunch, not even in the remote sense of the expression, since pensions are well-deserved payments earned by those who worked throughout a lifetime. Pensions belong to those who earned them as per democratic rule of law, yet their payment is robbed from them by the ultimate free-lunchers, the Bankers, who never earned a cent in their lives, but keep robbing all countries in the volume of monetary trillions.

Apparently for many it is also easy to believe that the Greek debt crisis is about “Germany invading Greece”; a fallacy conveniently associated with another one: “Germany’s fascist historical legacy”. But whenever asked, no one can answer the question: who exactly is Germany? The citizens of Germany are not Germany, not in the misrepresentational un-democracy as this global system is. The citizens of Germany are protesting against the Greece-deal [13] and the author/director of the documentary exposing Troika [9] and arguing in defence of Greece, and of all other target-countries, such as Ireland, is a German individual as well.

Though Troika, via the Greek crisis, is indeed revealing its true fascist colours – not only by its merciless dictates of the genocidal austerity policies but also via their focus on cutting the weakest groups of society: the poor, the young, the sick and the older generations (typical fascist endeavors known as social cleansing, eugenics or Social Darwinism) – and despite the fact that the main characters on the front advocating the austerity-debt genocide – Merkel and Schäuble – are German individuals, the inhuman ambitions they represent have nothing to do with Germany as a country per se. As we could expect, the mainstream media gladly and diligently support the myth that the Greek Debt Crisis is a conflict between two countries – Germany as such is scolded and humiliated on hundreds of front-pages – so that the citizens of other countries would lay back, safe and cozy, assuming that it is not their problem.

But they are all proven wrong. Since all countries – both within and outside EU – are heavily indebted to IMF [6] the claim that this debt-war is waged by one country against another, proves immediately false. The war is waged against all countries all over the world by a group of unelected individuals with pseudo-elected politicians placed onto the front stage, in order to make the project appear “legitimate” as one pursued by an “official body”. This body is an international group of private individuals hiding behind private agencies and private banks: IMF is a private agency located in the US, it has a French president, private banks in Switzerland and Luxembourg are involved in closing the deal, and the unelected European Commission, whose job is to make sure that the financial world-war continues against its member states, are located in Brussels.  Furthermore, both the central and commercial banks, who are the behind-the-scenes initiators and main beneficiaries of this scheme, are present all over the world, and they are all in private hands. [9, 9/a]

The central banks do play a central part in the scheme. To make sure that money-creation is exclusive privilege of the elites, is at the very center of Troika’s project. Commercial banks are granted equal powers as central banks via their right to create virtually endless amounts of money [3]. This is why Troika’s priority is to make it mandatory for all countries – in the first place – that all central banks are privatised [9]; the aim is to remove democratic control from the banking sphere and to secure the commercial banks’ freedom to create money in endless volumes, which is at the very core of the scheme.

Above facts of course remain suppressed by all mainstream media outlets. As usual, they keep deceiving, distracting and dividing the unsuspecting masses – by turning either the left and right and/or countries against one another – in order to enable the financial and political elites to cut the easy way out of the mess, meanwhile the mess “accidentally” always yields massive profits for the fraudsters, in the volume of billions and trillions. The global oligarchy fully exploits the smokescreen they erected around themselves to freely proceed with the global project. In lack of democratic oversight of the big chaotic scheme and due to the complex non-transparent power-structure of the agencies involved, some of the participants can even afford to confess their own “mistakes” or just utter the plain truth. For example the agency of IMF, which is actually the prominent front-line instigator of the financial world-war, even admits [5] that the Greek debt is unrecoverable, yet the entire Troika-camp as a whole persistently demands that the unrecoverable debt needs to be recovered, upon the false claim that otherwise the whole Eurozone would collapse. The fallacies, lies, half-truths, technocratic jungle of pseudo-jargons and responsibilities shifting among the seemingly divided camps, are bombarding the spectators, meanwhile the chaotic events and the allegedly “honest” colossal mistakes, coincidentally always end up allowing the elites to pocket more and more monetary billions. Meanwhile – “coincidentally” as well – the vast majority of the world are sinking into 3rd world-level abject poverty.

The lessons learned from the tragedy of Greece

The system is rigged, it is a fact. It can’t be anything else than that, in any country, given the global status quo whereby private owners of banks own all governments. As long as private agencies are allowed to create money out of thin air, without oversight and supervision by elected accountable officials, the system remains fixed and both economy and democracy will stay ruined. It is a dictatorship because we have no choice and no power in shaping any decision over our countries’ fate. The dictatorship is global, since at present almost no countries are exception to their rule. Unelected, unaccountable private bank-lobbies decide – in a non-transparent manner – over the future of whole countries and continents, over many millions of lives and deaths. And our so-called elected politicians surrender to these unelected officials, in one way or another, in almost every country.

The example of Syriza clearly demonstrates that liberating a country from the Tory-sort of Austerity-policies by a vote for a “left-wing” party, is not possible. It does not matter either whatever promise or projected agenda takes a party to obtain government position. Once in power, all parties – both on left and right – turn out to be subservient to the same far-right financial oligarchy. The system is too rigged to be changed by our votes. The system as a whole needs to be fundamentally changed. In other words, to be replaced with a democratic one.

Many argue that it is against the elites’ interest to keep the world in crisis. No, it isn’t. The Crisis of the 99% is Canaan for the 1%. The global crisis caused and sustained by the very fraud of private banking, and via the series of blackmails and further scams enabled by private banking, is the only way via which the global neo-aristocracy can make sure that the electorate of their respective countries will not vote them out of their wealth. In such regard, private banking and the Crisis it generates, is nothing but the aristocracy of the pre-modern times carrying over their feudalistic system into the post-modern era.

How do the elites keep the Crisis rolling?

In summary, via this chicken-or-egg infinite loop, or vicious cycle [7]:

  • The elites force all countries into debt, crisis, bailouts and austerity in order to “justify” the need for further government loans, bailouts and austerity, which will push the given country into deeper debt, crisis and austerity. Which then will “justify” the “need” for further loans, which are never actually invested in the country’s economy, but are pocketed by the elites, and the “need” for bailouts, which are nothing else than sheer mass-scale robbery.

The 21st century Enclosures have begun, and we are next

Those who rest on their laurels assuming that the sharks of Troika will be content after swallowing Greece via the above described scheme, are fatally mistaken. While the mass-media work hard on sustaining the deceit that EU and/or Eurozone is at the verge of a final collapse, the actual truth of the matter is the exact opposite. EU and Troika are gaining more and more power, and via annexing Greece they are setting a new precedence: “the 21st century Enclosures have begun“. [19] The tragedy of Greece does not mark the end of the EU-project, on the contrary; the beginning of it.  The way referenced article [20] puts it: “Make no mistake and let it be said again – we are next. The onslaught has already begun.

As mentioned earlier, the IMF-record of the national debts [6] indicates that countries all over the world are on the waiting list of undergoing similar foreclosure. The UK is no exception to the rule. [15, 26]. Ironically enough, the country leading the list [6] is Japan (!). The very Japanese people who is known to be one of the most talented, efficient, diligent, innovative, hard-working, knowledgeable and ambitious, equipped with the highest skills, creator of top know-hows and cutting-edge technology. Yet, they allegedly lead the list of the unskilled, brainless, inefficient, lazy and retrograde.

The said IMF-list alone is enough evidence, in plain black-and-white, that the financial war is not waged by certain countries against others but by he global elites against all countries. It is also evidence therefore, that all national debts are odious, and all accusations against the Greek or against any other country, as a country of the lazy and overspending, are blatantly false. Another tragicomic irony is Belgium’s skyrocketing mass-poverty [21] severe austerity-programs [24] and its high position on the IMF debt-list. This indicates that the supranational EU/Troika project targets even the very country that took upon the role of being the host-country of the supranational EU/Troika project.

  • The central message the referred waiting list [6] conveys is this: rather than waiting for the covert financial world war to further escalate and explode, converting whole Europe into Greece, what needs to be done: democracy in Europe resurrected, all odious debts of all countries canceled, the issue to be taken to International Criminal Court [22], all institutions of Troika banned and audited, the EU dissolved, and all countries returning to nationalised, transparent and democratic central banking [16], preferably returning to direct democracy as in Iceland and Switzerland, Greece to be given back to the Greeks, along with a generous compensation for the astronomical human, social, financial, economic and defamatory damage the citizens of the country have suffered due to this fraud.

As for the financial compensation, no need to raise eyebrows. To give a country, or anyone, an aid of billions of Euros, all it takes is another keystroke on a computer, without the unjustified liability attached to the keystroke. To give back the citizens of Greece the lands, companies and resources stolen from them, is a much harder project. Nevertheless it will be inevitable, not only in Greece but in all countries, anyway. In several countries the process of rolling back privatisations is already in progress. [9]

Summary and conclusions
– Note to the “negative” end-gamers and “positive” wishful-thinkers –

On this blog it has been pointed out before, that the ongoing global Crisis pulling the world into a downward spiral [7] does not imply that the “end is near”. This is not an “endgame”, at least not the sort many might expect it to be; a simultaneous spectacular global financial crash. What is near, or even imminent, is everyone’s personal crash, ie, bankruptcy, joblessness, homelessness, sickness without healthcare, migration to another impoverished and jobless country, then again poverty, homelessness, starvation, hopelessness and suicide. The invisible, individual Armageddon, without anyone noticing it anywhere else.

The ongoing mega-corruption of the financial sector will not lead to a cathartic world-event, a final financial collapse, either within or outside the Eurozone. The establishment is fully motivated to keep this financial war rolling and they keep the process as gradual and invisible as possible, so that we won’t notice that it is a war; only when it reaches us one by one: one country, one city, one business, one job, one household, one person at a time. Elites wage the war by financial weapons and commit war-crimes via austerity [8], so they can keep shifting the blame onto their victims; meanwhile they can flatter themselves as the morally virtuous and financially victorious. Typical maneuver of covert aggression and main manipulation-technique used by narcissistic sociopaths [17].

In the media – including the social media – the way of rationalising passivity, even apathy, when weighing one’s country’s chance to resist and beat the Troika-ruled system, often reaches the level of the outright ridiculous. When the oft-mentioned case of Iceland [3, 11] is cited as a country that resisted and survived Troika’s attacks similar to those Greece is subjected to, yet Iceland as a truly independent country standing alone outside EU and Eurozone recovered from the worst financial and economic crisis inflicted by Troika, whereas the entire Eurozone is sinking deeper into recession, the typical counter-argument as for UK: “UK is too big of a country to do as Iceland did”. When the same argument is made regarding the option of Greece rejecting Troika, the typical response points out that “Greece is too small of a country to achieve that”.

Others argue that this system nicknamed “EUSSR” (EU and Eurozone) will collapse, just like the former USSR did. They fail to realise that those who made the USSR collapse – the global financial oligarchy, who simply stopped financing the Soviet regime – are the same who designed EUSSR and keep it in place. Who will then make the present version of USSR – the EU – collapse?

As mentioned before, the EU and the Eurozone per se, are not in crisis. Rather, we the citizens of Europe are in crisis, because we have lost our national democracies to the individuals maintaining EU and Eurozone, who are pushing the first world into abject poverty and are literally killing us via Austerity. While elites are still busy spreading their lies and rationalisations regarding the crimes they commit at EU-level, they are already crafting their global-level partnerships (TTIP) to keep the whole world within their reach to be freely robbed and privatised.

  • The system is too rigged to “fail”. Loaned Money is just IOU, Debt is a phantom, Bank-Crisis is false pretence, Bank-bailouts are blackmails and mass-scale theft, Privatisations are mass-scale theft and violations against basic human rights, Austerity is designed Crisis, deliberate social cleansing and Genocide. Troika refers to the financial crimes they commit against all countries – and to the damages their crimes inflict – as the “reason” to dismantle the public sector in all countries. Meanwhile they use the £ / € / $ trillions they gain via their crimes, for privatising (buying) all countries.
  • Economics and finance – as fields of study – have nothing to do with these crimes. All party-politics and arguments to reduce this global war to a matter of class-war between left and right and/or a matter of mere economics and finance, are either out of ignorance or attempts to cover up the truth revealed in this post. Economy and finance are mere weapons that the elites use to achieve their goals.
  • The so called Greek Debt Crisis is World Debt Crisis, and the World Debt Crisis is financial world-war waged by Troika against all countries. The events around Greece we witness at present are only the tip of the global iceberg that extends into the future. Those who designed this vicious cycle [7] are ambitious enough to keep it spinning as long as we allow it.

We, the 99% need to end it.

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About Sky Wanderer

Global Political Analysis, Research & Commentary. Multidisciplinary research and analysis revealing the big picture of the global status quo versus the mainstream myths. Searching the way out of the global financial tyranny and slavery, before the system ends up in a full-blown version of global fascism.


7 thoughts on “The World Debt Crisis, as it is happening now: a system too rigged to fail

  1. Read your blog with despair but no surprise as clearly the world is not being guided the way normal folk would want it to be. Many realise this conspiracy is true but the challenges is to present it in a way that most people around the world could understand. Interestingly and challengingly this can not be achieved by a Human as clearly that person would be removed or discredited.
    So it’s not “who will change things?”

    But “what?”

    And “when?”


    Posted by Steve | July 27, 2015, 10:44 am
    • Whenever someone asks this question I am not sure regarding the person’s motive – since many establishment shills are out there raising similar questions for the purpose to divide and demoralise the opposition. Democracy is a self-contradictory hence meaningless term if the vast majority are merely waiting for someone else to participate in the opposition and resolve issues. Democracy is for humans and all other systems are for inhuman psychos, who love to either rule or to be ruled – both groups are unfit for democracy and form the basis of a lethal system known as fascism. Number one step is to change the way of thinking and educate the misinformed masses regarding what democracy is really about and to make people understand that it takes the effort of all of us and all the time to implement it. Otherwise we will be stuck in a global fascist system.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | July 27, 2015, 12:32 pm
  2. The Debt, an old story about banks and bankers that finance States and profits as a bank’s business is only about creating money from nothing at the beginning. Credit is : you have NO money, you go to the bank for a ‘credit’ and the bank has NO money either.
    So, the bank’s business is about c r e a t i n g this money that nobody has.
    You go, you ask, they write
    – on left column Mr X got 100.000€ or $ or whatever currency
    – on the same column Mr X agrees to pay back each month … the interests + the capital
    – on the right column, the bank’s column, they write : 100,000€ -.$ or whatever
    – on the right column, the bank’s column, each month, a sum is added each time Mr X pays back his interests
    – on the right column, the bank’s column, each month, the interest sum are REAL money (as it comes from a real source, payed by productive activity)

    As each State is financed by ‘his’ – private – banks, when it comes to repaying – not the debt, as no State ever clears debt – the i n t e r e s t s created upon it, the battle rages between Banks who see business opportunity on every State. The bank business n e e d s clients and credits (otherwise does not exist as business at all) like you need air to breathe.

    They also apply same rules to private clients. As the more credit (not real money), the more interests(real money).

    For this, they have established after 2WW a series of tools that nobody may defy.
    As the Western part of the world is concerned, after the 2WW, USA+UK have logically won the battle on this side.
    As extremely clever and efficient power (Empire), with excellent strategy made of very sophisticaded civil tools and tactics (medias, journalists, american standards everywhere, mass illiteracy and mass belief,CREATING A PETTY BOURGEOIS class – as this class is known by capitalists as by marxists – to be the ‘best’ social class that defends through hope and identification the real powerful class and if necessary fascism revived when business needs it) they took everything under control.

    – Economy
    First, reconstruct through Marshall Plan what had been destroyed by their o w n oligarchy (known as well as, the European one to have financed and helped rise of Nazism and fascism as their were extremely business friendly and anti-social, thus garanty of low salaries, low production costs and huge benefits).
    Of course, Marshall Plan is not ‘for free’. A lot of economic activities in Europe have been submitted to USA’s interests (industry, energy, and now even Education, Health, etc… as Empire is in jeopardy and challenged by fragmentation and people’s hostility)
    – Army
    The control had to be military garanteed (NATO) as a ‘protector’ and also a ‘watchdog’ or ‘civil control’ if unrest.
    Nothing new as all Empires in history used that basic tool.
    As Europe is concerned, the USA do not trust the p e o p l e as they have long lasting social fights for their rights.
    So when they were massively anti-NATO, they had Gladio terrorism – alliance w nazi individuals+groups always kept alive and wealthy by the USA in USA a n d Europe at ALL levels, from top to bottom – as nazis are ‘excellent’ repression tools.

    – Political parties
    In all Europe, after 2WW, the control was also on all political parties ‘recreated’ after mass destruction.

    As the people in Europe saw in the 30’s the massive turn-out of their own pol.parties which ALL abandonned democracy to turn up pro-fascist or pro-nazi everywhere, as well as aristocracy and bourgeoisie, there might be a memory-problem.
    You do not sell dream to a non amnesic people as the events are too close to forget.

    Time is on my side…

    Next post

    Posted by Mysterious | August 2, 2015, 11:44 am
  3. January 2013 – TWO Years before …Selling Greece to the USA and taking instructions on how to ‘manage’ the debt
    William Antholis is a nonresident fellow in Governance Studies. He is a former managing director of the Brookings Institution. His academic background is in how democracies conduct foreign policy, and he has served in the U.S. government at the White House and State Department. He is the co-author with Strobe Talbott of Fast Forward: Ethics and Politics in the Age of Global Warming.
    Brookings, the American ruling establishment. (The full transcript can be found here)

    Social strikes – … is not Democracy…
    When I asked Mr. Tsipras if SYRIZA would avoid strikes — which have been so damaging to Greece’s image in the world — he said that each society had its own way of dealing with politics. “Politics is not tea and crumpets.” There is certainly a place for expressing dissent. But allowing a minority of Greeks to regularly shut down the economy is not democracy as Aristotle envisioned: the art of ruling and being ruled in turn.

    what would make Greece’s economy more competitive.
    Whether Greece stays inside the Euro or reverts to the Drachma, it will still need to make major changes in its economy to attract foreign investment
    Good news here is that Mr. Tsipras regularly referred to the need to attract foreign investment, and he was keen to meet with investors.

    Greek pseudo-left leader Tsipras auditions for State Department, IMF
    Alexis Tsipras, leader of the SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) opposition party, came to the US this week to hold closed-door meetings with State Department and IMF officials and make a series of public appearances.

    On Wednesday, Tsipras held talks at the State Department with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Eric Rubin, who is responsible for issues related to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and the Caucasus, as well as Christopher Smart, the Treasury Department’s deputy assistant secretary for Europe and Eurasia.
    And on Thursday, the SYRIZA leader paid a visit to the International Monetary Fund headquarters, meeting there with its number two man, David Lipton, the agency’s first deputy managing director.

    The party said that Tsipras assured US officials that he believed Greece had “an important role” to play in assuring international stability and would pursue a foreign policy based on “persistence and consistency.” In other remarks, Tsipras upheld Greece’s commitment to NATO.
    Tsipras’ remarks made it clear that SYRIZA has no intention of repudiating Greek debt or ripping up the memorandum of understanding on austerity measures between Athens and the so-called troika
    His principal proposal, which he referred to repeatedly in his remarks, was a so-called “haircut” for Greece’s public creditors, principally the European Central Bank (ECB) and euro zone countries, …..

    Mr. Tsipras came across as genial, courteous, pragmatic and eager to hear American views

    He said ….”America avoided misery after 2008.”

    Syriza, Tsipras, Varoufakis … read this …who are they

    Syriza helping the rich and wealthy to win all the time.
    In the Euro or in the drachma, they win (no capital control established, no repudiation of the debt, and long-lasting negociations in order to give time to the wealthy to hide their money abroad and if come back, buy for nothing everything)
    Billions of euros, held by wealthy Greeks, as well as corporate and financial interests, have already left the country and are now safely parked in Europe and elsewhere. The owners of this cash pile have prepared for a situation where Greece exits from the euro zone and returns to the drachma. If that eventuates, the money can be returned and used to buy up land, companies and financial assets for a song, because a major devaluation against the euro would follow any return to a national currency.

    The bailout program had nothing to do with alleviating the Greek economic crisis. Rather, it was a carefully contrived operation in which debts owed by Greece to private financial institutions were transferred to the IMF and the European Union. Of the more than €200 billion provided, an estimated 11 cents in every euro actually went to finance the operations of the Greek government. The rest was used in round-robin operations to pay off the privately-owned banks and financial institutions.

    Posted by Mysterious | August 2, 2015, 2:48 pm
  4. Story goes on…

    Syriza an INSIDE USA civil coup

    As posted above, the travel-visits to USA in 2013 of Syriza future (predictable) Prime Minister Tsipras (that nobody knew in Europe before he was launched by USA friends.. like others in his old-new party) is only a Mediterranean USA Geopolitics tactics.

    As all coups are prepared l o n g before you see them in reality (see ‘colored revolutions’ in East Europe called beautiful names like ‘Orange’ ‘ Rose’ ‘Violet’ as ‘revolutions’ in North Africa in 2010, as Tunisia change of heads, as in Wikileaks you saw the American Ambassador write in.. 2004 that Ben Ali and friends were corrupted, useless, inefficient, etc.. you can predict a ‘change’ will soon come.. under the form of ‘revolution’ – mainly a coup – or ‘demonstrations by activists’ through usual NGOs or whatever organizations paid to prepare and activate it, to end in a coup…)


    An important region for the USA as Sea-Ocean control means world control.
    Any Empire is like that.Expansion, through whatever tools are necessary to strengthen it.

    North Africa Tunisia-Lybia-Egypt, etc..
    1.Revolutions – through real poor people that died for it, but mainly through ‘activists’ well-formed throughout different Western countries (USA proxies) and the USA themselves.

    Can be identified,recognized easily.
    First, you get images of mass demonstrations, then mixed with urban petty-bourgeois rising, like actors, doctors, teachers, lawyers … who start mobilizing and at the end being the only ones you see on TV or Internet images in MSMedias – then they make the story, get prizes for ‘best blogger during revolution,and so on…’

    At the same time, the workers that y e a r s before started rising up … completely disappear of medias…
    That’s the objective. Erradicate workers’ rising.

    Just like in usual business… you start a small business – with own sweat and tears – then when solid, comes a big business to rig it, buy it, and own it…
    Little fish eaten by big shark

    In a word,this is too spontaneous – unknown suddenly being know throughout all the Western medias, invited to make conferences everywhere, and so on…- to be true.

    It happened in Tunisia. Now of course, ‘our’ interests keep on being safe.
    Ex Tunisian Ben Ali ist just alive and well… in a friend country of ours.. Do you hear anything about him? No. End of the story. Which means we just don’t mind about dictators or dictatorship.
    We just want servants that serve best. If Dictator cannot contain workers’ strikes, or workers’ protests, if we get to know anger is rising and spreading…then time has come to ‘change’ it.

    This way or another

    ‘Revolution’ and then after … what a surprise …. another military coup
    Suez Canal is too important for our interests…Geography near Middle East and Mediterranean Sea too…

    Fake ‘revolution’ turned into a war (geography, my friends) where well-trained crazy rebels end up like we need them to. Then well-trained, can be used in other region – we are reshuffling ALL the Middle East as we decided to destroy e v e r y country there – to destabilize who we want to.

    It is called a proxy war.

    They are just employees.

    We abandonned Africa and so, China came… business
    Now we need and want the business again
    We use the usual mercenaries proxies as in the Middle East (since decades we stage war guerrilla corruption in Congo for ex. this extremely raw-material rich country)

    Russia-Ukraine – Lybia … and so on.. they include everything as it is indeed a strategy
    Chicago Council on Global Affairs – I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS CONFERENCE. Says ‘we organized colored revolutions, Ukraine, Europe, Russia, and so on’
    George Friedman, “Europe: Destined for Conflict?”
    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Stratfor founder and CEO George Friedman present a discussion on the emerging crisis in Europe.

    George Friedman is the founder of Stratfor, an ‘intelligence’ private business (said to be a mask of real State intelligence of course..)

    He says it all about USA vision and expectations on Europe. OPENLY. FRANKLY.
    Very interesting to listen and watch. That’s where they tell things AS THEY ARE, the past, and predict our future..
    IMPORTANT around min 10 he says all the despise they have for EUROPE.
    NOW they have decided to REACTIVATE nationalism inside Europe (all countries against all countries).
    That is why now we are full of anti-German propaganda.
    One of the best agents is Varoufakis the DECLARED ATLANTIST. Spreading full articles now in French MEDIAS about the fear they should have about Germans’intentions… on them

    USA don’t trust Germany and keep a high level control on this country. SEE AND LISTEN a l l the conference. Speaks about EU and Greece and Germany too..

    So now they use it as a deviding tool among Europeans

    Unfortunately, all references are of c. in FRENCH -not in English – as he adresses the French people, this is logical Articles in FRENCH press La Tribune, les Echos and through all sorts of blogs LesCrises.fr, Sapir, Ecomomists Lordon, Jorion, Ecomistes Atterrés…Mélenchon,ex Socialist atlantist party and founder of ‘new’ Left Front.. bashing Germany too

    Today more articles in FRENCH press to tell Germany took advantage and money of Greece, etc…
    Germany’s bashing goes on
    Avoid all telling the name of …. c a p i t a l i s m

    Apart from the deep State US Economists like Krugman, Stigiltz… of course.

    Mediterranean Sea
    Middle East
    Oil – gas – gold – etc.
    As mentionned in previous comments, they FIRST went to the USA and repeatedly said ‘we advocate for no change and stability of NATO in this area’

    In 2015 Syriza started extending negociations with the USA on oil-gas (and lots of gold, raw materials they have) with USA energy multinationals that happen to comprehend also Israeli companies.

    Also in Aegean SEA (which is very important to control Mediterranean Sea-Turkey-Middle East- etc) and has large oil-gas resources to be exploited by…guess who..

    Also with Israel…how come
    Now Israelian Army is training in Greece

    January 2015
    “Keeping Greece in the euro is about far more than money,” the Financial Times of London pointed to these concerns. “When European leaders talk about Greece, they speak the language of economics, no matter what their mother tongue,” the FT wrote, adding however that, “Geopolitics, far more than economics, is what is at stake. The cost of a blunder would be incalculable.”
    Greece occupies a highly strategic location in the eastern Mediterranean. It controls the Aegean Sea, thus controlling transit between the Mediterranean and Black Seas, as well as islands close to Syria and to shipping lanes coming out of Egypt’s Suez Canal. The Aegean Sea is estimated to hold over four billion barrels of oil, fuelling the historic tensions between Greece and neighbouring Turkey.
    Greece plays a central role in the military planning of the major NATO powers. Its proximity to the Black Sea and Ukraine make it integral to NATO’s intervention in the Ukraine crisis, which has involved frequent US naval deployments to the Black Sea and a major build-up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe.

    “These geostrategic interests are fuelling inter-imperialist tensions inside the NATO alliance, as well as between NATO and Russia. While there is agreement among Western powers that the burden of Greece’s debt to the banks must be borne by the working class, there are divisions on how this should be implemented.
    Washington reportedly considers that Berlin’s intransigence against Greece underestimates the geopolitical fallout that could result from a Greek default. According to the Economist, “America has often put discreet pressure on its European allies to avoid a rift with Greece, as much because of geopolitics as economics.”

    So basing Germany is a USA strategy.
    And Syriza is the perfect agent for it.
    And Podemos in Spain also.
    And New Left in France.

    Posted by Mysterious | August 11, 2015, 12:00 pm
  5. This article is spot on. Everyone needs to read it and more importantly UNDERSTAND it.

    Posted by Paul fear | August 15, 2015, 12:26 pm
  6. This is a very well written. And explained article covering all the critical points and highlighting the massive problem of the mass media. The media that has polluted the masses minds taking away the ability of independent thought. Media outlets like this i have read (and blogging with free talk) must increase if we are to take back our freedoms and in turn planet, we must come together as one and not fall victim to the media insighted hatred that we are bombarded with. The 99% has the power but we must assist in waking them all up first. Thank you :)

    Posted by Equality 333 | August 30, 2015, 1:19 pm

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