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Refugee crisis Europe

Pt1 – The truth behind the #refugeescrisis: the war-monger empire strikes again

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Summary of the US-EU-Israeli strategy threatening Europe

1) There is no way out of the global cartel’s EU-membership. EU is a dictatorial federal state – USE – which has evolved via the process of ignored, rigged, overridden and never-to-be-held EU-referenda [1]. The peoples of Europe stuck under EU’s centralised control have no voice in decision making in the most relevant matters, such as withdrawing support from the war-monger global cartel or deciding on EU’s immigration policies.

2) At present the EU is making it mandatory for all EU-countries to virtually absorb millions of migrants arriving from the Middle East [2] apparently upon the diktats of George Soros [14], a tycoon-icon and main figure of the unelected global cartel. The EU is effectively using the power of a ‘USE’ – though without legitimacy – to impose these laws and regulations on Europe.

3) Secret agents (shills) of the US-EU-Israel controlled global cartel organise, train, arm and finance nationalist/racist/fascist rebels in Mideast (ISIS) [3, 15, 16, 28] who violently decimate the innocent civil Mideast population, meanwhile the NATO violently bombs same civil population upon the false-flag war on ISIS – in fact colonising [26, 27, 28], military-profit-boosting [17, 29] regime-changing [12, 18] wars and for emptying Mideast for the Israeli project ‘Greater Israel’ [30]. According to testimony of US ex-general Wesley Clark, the US/NATO wars were to deliberately destabilise entire Middle East and were planned as far back as the 90’s [29].

4) Secret agents (shills) of the global cartel organise, train, arm and finance nationalist/racist/fascist groups in each country of Europe, who violently rebel against the Mideast refugees and migrants imposed on Europe by the EU. The Ukraine scenario [4, 7]

5) The conflict inflicted by above strategy will be used by EU to destabalise all countries of Europe and convert them into war-zones. [5, 11]

How does the global cartel benefit from the European refugee crisis?

The current mass-migration into Europe is a par-excellence example of the classic divide et impera strategy frequently deployed by emperors, monarchs and oligarchs throughout history. And the EU is an empire, as its former emperor admitted [19] in the same year when the empire was united under the disguised EU Constitution, aka Lisbon Treaty [1].

This ‘refugee-crisis’ is not about refugees; it is an organised project, which achieves, inter alia, annihilating the living space of the unprivileged segments of Europeans, which plan is evidently part of UN’s Agenda 21 – explained in detail in other posts [8, 31]. Refugees seek asylum and settle in the nearest war-free country, preferably within their own culture. They do not spend a fortune on predatory human traffickers, do not endanger their and their family’s lives on a journey of 3000 miles on foot and rubber boats, do not trash an entire continent during seeking asylum, do not pick and choose their dream-country to settle, do not throw away food and drinks they receive during their journey [23], do not attack police and do not make demands as per their “needs”, either in a transit-location or in the host country [11, 23, 24].

Refugees do not move in masses of millions. This mass-exodus is deliberately manufactured to remove the Arab population from the area of “Greater Israel” [30] and cram the population of two continents within Europe to trigger one chaotic mass [11] – a pro-NWO-move by the same US-Israel-EU cartel who is waging their never-ending false-flag wars against Syria and whole Middle East. The division, turmoil and chaos resulting from the mass-immigration is used as pretext for the cartel’s attaining total control over all countries in Europe; to introduce martial law and police terror, which armed forces will collaborate with the fascist, racist rebels of given country – as per the Ukraine scenario.

The EU leaders’ goal via this crisis is evidently tightening centralised control, as indicated by their recent statements pointing at the refugee crisis as the ‘reason’ why “we need more Europe, more unity” – still pretending as if EU wasn’t already United States of Europe [1].
In the refugee crisis, we must not succumb to the temptation of falling back into national action. Quite the contrary, now we need more Europe,Mrs Merkel said … We need not less Europe but more Europe. Europe must affirm itself otherwise we will see the end of Europe, our demise” [20].

Both in the context of this crisis and in general, every single move or utterance the EU leaders make is directed against the peoples of Europe, against our attempts to preserve the remnants of our national sovereignty and democratic self-governance. We can detect all over again EU’s threatening, power-flashing, narcissistic and blackmailing tone just like during the debt crisis “negotiations” when they literally held the financial gun against Greece [9]. Note: Angela Merkel has been a central figure in all main projects signifying EU’s systematical destruction of Europe [1, 22].

Via the influx of a staggering number of Muslim migrants – large percentage of them unidentifiable illegal migrants – ISIS can import its violent activities into the European continent virtually without obstacles. Exploiting the chaos [21] established by the migration-influx and open borders of Europe, ISIS is likely to establish new bases in Europe and to unite forces with the European racist, populist far-right [6] in order to wage war both against the innocent Muslim population – against those who are truly escaping ISIS and seeking asylum in Europe – as well as the poorest segments in Europe who are in actual and physical contact with the Mideast militants. This staged, escalating and expanding ‘war on terror’ – in fact war against the innocent – would then decimate the overall civil population, from all races and countries, including a large number of those who were born in Europe. And, as mentioned, this crisis will remain a continuous pretext for increasing “security”, that is for centralising EU-control, introducing martial law and military oppression on the European continent.

Syria and Hungary both ‘scheduled’ for pro-NWO regime change – why?

Evidently, the recent main victim of above-described process is Syria and the next main European target-country seems to be Hungary. The idea to turn one victim country, Syria against another target-country, Hungary is EU’s astonishing divide et impera maneuver.

Syria and Hungary have much in common. Both are targeted by the US-Israel-EU cartel, with identical reasons behind the ongoing media-campaign both against Hungary’s Orban and Syria’s Assad: planned regime change – for reasons revealed in this exceptional RT article [12]. Both countries consistently resist the global cartels’ diktats, both insist protecting their own people, preserving their sovereignty and cultural values.

The reason behind the ongoing political and media-campaign against Hungary is the fact that present Hungary is a too stubborn democracy, Orban’s Government is incorruptible, hence unwilling to collaborate with the global cartel in their imposition of corrupt, anti-democratic policies on the EU-states.  Hungary seems to be the very last pillar of democracy within the EU: its central bank is nationalised, it is outside the ECB-dictated Eurozone, it rejects GMO-products and refuses to participate in Troika’s debt-austerity-crisis-bailouts scam [9]. Hence the cartel behind EU resorts to other crisis-inflicting methods and attempts to destabilise Hungary via the enormous financial and social-economic burden of continuous migration-influx projected to be around 30-35 million migrants [13], and since Hungary’s Government rightfully resists this verdict, it has been continuously attacked by EU, UN, Amnesty International and their mass-media-affiliates.

Shaming a country for the reason that it keeps sovereign control over its territory while protecting EU’s borders, signifies sheer clinical insanity to the degree of self-revealing and self-defeating. The ludicrous smear-campaign is apparently combined with the project of indoctrinating  Western European children [24] so they learn deep and fast, to welcome the annihilation of their own living space otherwise they will face similar smear-campaign.

  • These developments seem to confirm the earlier predictions [8] that the global cartel – the US-Israel-EU triangle – is trying to gain international mass-support for their quest to demonise all anti-NWO countries and to provide an ideological basis for planned regime-changes to replace democratic governments with obedient pro-cartel puppets. To ‘legitimise’ such illegitimate regime-changes, to make an offensive appear self-defense, the cartel planted ISIS to destablise Syria, Iraq and whole Mideast [12, 29] and planted fascist shills to destabilise Ukraine [4, 7].

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  2. Three – 3 – countries have a pipeline project with .. Russia.
    It is called the ‘Balkan Stream’
    Macedonia – who was under ‘attack’ early this year in an attempt of mixed Albanian terrorism and ‘coloured revolution’ – failed-, Serbia.. and Hungary.

    All over Europe, as a result of post 2WW, the socialists have reconstructed under close control of the United States (for example, each party foundation – that all parties have for ideology designing – were also used, like in Austria, to recycle and whitewash nazis, like in other parties, Operation Paperclip on one hand helped them to fly away to good brave USA and Canada and exercice their renouned skills in Latin America, as good USA employees, and the rest as thruthfull servants for USA geopolitics ) we have fake “socialists” (in fact fascists).
    Plus the ‘usual’ traditionnal ones desguised under ‘conservatives’ or ‘liberals’.


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