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Refugee crisis Europe

Pt2 – The truth behind the #refugeescrisis: a crisis by design

The European Union showed no mercy towards its own state: Greece – could allocate no funds to save the people of Greece; instead EU pushed its very own state into unrecoverable debt [5] – yet EU has all the ‘mercy’ and all the funds to allocate for the purpose to invite and accommodate millions of Mideast migrants to Europe.

The real concerns buried under a dead Syrian boy

Following the previous post, in this part a detailed analysis is added to demonstrate the intent behind the so-called “refugee crisis”; more aptly termed as “inter-continental displacement of the Middle East population”.

The constant distortion in the ‘official’ narrative regarding the crisis-related events, along with the absence of the relevant facts and implications in their reports and analyses, are so strikingly evident that these factors alone serve as proof-value pointers at the presence of ulterior motives behind the crisis. The elites’ very own mass-media [1] attempt to distract the public via emotional blackmails, victim-blaming projections, evasions, fallacies, meanwhile shifting the responsibility of the colonising, warmongering political lobbies to the innocent population of those countries who have nothing to do whatsoever either with Syria or any of the West-led wars against Middle East.

Some of the facts and implications the mass-media left unmentioned:

syrian-migrant-boy-turkey2If there are any refugees from Syria – or from other war-zones of Middle East – it is the sole responsibility of those who are waging these wars, who kill and bomb them out of their homes: Israel [2], the United States of America, and their allies in the Middle East (eg Saudi Arabia) – as well as the entire West, including the EU.

As far as the West’s role is concerned, the death of any war-victim boy (or girl) is the sole responsibility of those “leaders” of the West who are in the position to decide on starting, continuing or ending wars, such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama, or Angela Merkel, the head of all leaders (!) within the Nobel Peace Prize winner EU [3]. Or David Cameron, a prominent member of the European Council, who has the right to authorise military strikes whenever he sees fit. [4]

Yet, none of the heads of United Snakes, who initiate and perform the continuous mass-murder of civilians in the Middle East – leaving behind millions of war-victims and refugees – take responsibility for the consequences of their wars. Angela Merkel – while pretending to take responsibility – cunningly transfers the burden to the very population of Europe; to those who have nothing to do with their leaders’ wars and who are rapidly impoverishing under Merkel’s dictates. [5]

Obama, the main responsible “leader” in the process of inflicting the refugee-crisis, promises – on behalf of the largest country and potentials – to accept a laughable 10,000 [6] of the many million victims his bombs haven’t killed yet.  Obama’s promise, as always, is likely to be reduced to zero realisation after flushed down in the sink of media-lies, mass-amnesia and collective cognitive dissonance. Cameron projected to accept 15,000 of the entire displaced Mideast population [4] ‘on behalf’ of the wildly disagreeing UK citizens.

Meanwhile Merkel’s Germany, after ‘cordially inviting’ the refugee-influx into Europe and promising to take in 800,000, is already announcing a far-right response, right after the arrival of merely 500 refugees [7]. The referenced article demonstrates how the media tears Europe apart along the line of two impossible extremes, by a media-propaganda pretending to embrace the unacceptable, which is immediately associated with the extreme rejection of the unacceptable. The truth, as always, is between these extremes and far beyond the domain of the media propaganda packed with generalisations, pretenses and package-deal fallacies. In reality there are genuine desperate, threatened refugees in the wandering crowd, who need to be taken care of, and there is a crowd in which they are mixed: those violent groups from whom they are fleeing.

An extra factor indicates a sinister manipulation behind the scenes: while Merkel is posing as the ‘guardian angel of refugees’ on the cover pages, Austria and Germany are already closing borders and Merkel suspends Schengen to protect Germany from the refugee-influx [8]. Yet another shocking new element adds to the colorful palette of EU’s insanity – Merkel’s Germany evicts German citizens from their homes, in order to create space for the “welcomed” illegal Mideast refugees. [23]

Israel, the strongest ally of US – to the degree we can call Israel the Mideast extension of the US – is the main instigator of the war-mongering activities against its neighbors [9] with its well-known intent to extend Israeli territories into “Greater Israel” [10]. Yet, or rather therefore, Israel shall receive exactly zero refugees [11] from the displaced Arab population. Meanwhile the top colonisers of the world continue looting Syria’s resources [12].

Among the elements of the story directly proving that the refugee-crisis is designed and geared against Europe, we find the curious case of Saudi Arabia, which has over 100,000 empty, air-conditioned tents that could house up to 3 million refugees, yet the country is refusing to take in any of the millions of Syrians fleeing their homeland [13]. Instead, the displaced Arab world, is directed towards Europe, simultaneously and in a suspiciously organised manner [14, 15].

The most hard-hitting direct evidence is given by the testimonies of the the occasional real Syrian refugees [16] who are actually against the entire mass-migration project. They reveal the actual scenario that despite the fact their country has been under war for four years, all of a sudden, for no reason, they are “helped” to relocate into Europe. In fact, they were forced into migration to Europe by the same authorities who are bombing their country. As they explain, the finances necessary for them to move into another continent are much higher than what would be necessary to rebuild their homes. They condemn the US who destroyed their homeland – as we might expect – and they would prefer to live as proud citizens in their own country. They despise the EU for “helping” Syrians in what they don’t desire – to live on a foreign continent – and they rightfully claim to be helped and financed to return to Syria and have their country rebuilt.

  • Yet the US-leaders decided to choose the exact opposite route: they announced to continue these wars [4] and according to unelected “world-leader” George Soros, Europe must continue to absorb the imposed migrant-influx [26].

Above is already 1000% evidence that EU – and the unelected global cartel as a whole – act with ill intent; that this crisis is designed, it is being inflicted on purpose and it is geared against Europe just as much as against Middle East.

Europe strangled by United Snakes

  • The European Union showed no mercy towards its own state: Greece – could allocate no funds to save the people of Greece; instead EU pushed its very own state into unrecoverable debt [5] – yet the EU has all the ‘mercy’ and all the funds to allocate for the purpose to invite and accommodate millions of Mideast migrants to Europe.

COVc4mPWEAA0DdEThe European Union, misrepresenting the European countries in every aspect of the term [17], is forcing its member states to accommodate the entire displaced Mideast population, despite the fact that Europe is already bleeding on its own. Europe is struggling with the grave consequences of the EU-imposed genocidal neoliberal policy [18]: permanent crisis, unprecedented level of unemployment, [5] bank-bailouts (mass-scale theft), privatisations, spending cuts, poverty, hunger, lack of welfare and living wages, and – as it recently happened – delivering whole countries into the hands of bankers.

The economic crisis-stricken Europe is further burdened by the extant large number of migrants from the 3rd world – who arrived in Europe throughout the past decades-long colonising wars the West has been waging – and who are stranded in the land of false hopes and no opportunities. [19]

Evidently, the EU is well aware of the catastrophic consequences of its economic and migration policies: Europe’s overall social-economic meltdown under the EU’s dictates. Therefore it takes a huge doze of malevolent intent to force both Europeans and the Arab population into a torturous situation whereby neither of the two will have a chance to survive. Under EU’s neoliberal, genocidal economic dictates over Europe, Europe will stay in the cycle poverty, unemployment, crisis, austerity and debt, let alone the conditions after adding several millions more to the current masses of unemployed millions. One can ask, what twisted mind envisions such future for Europe – where even at extant level of austerity large crowds are committing suicide in lack of opportunities to survive – after an entire displaced continent from an entirely different culture is added to such conditions?

While the world-leaders are denying accommodation of the displaced Arab population in their own culture and continent, the same “leaders” are forcing – for no rationally justifiable reason – the crisis-stricken Europe to absorb an entire continent-ful migration-flood. [25]

As far as the EU’s “mercifulness” is concerned in such decision, luring the Arab population to relocate to Europe – which is rightfully unwilling and unprepared to receive a simultaneous influx of millions from another continent and culture – equals forcing the war-victims into being washed ashore dead. It equals forcing the war-victims into yet another hellish circumstances whereby they will have to walk thousands of miles to the non-existing “promise land”.

  • Even without considering the referenced Syrian refugees’ expressly stated request [16] it is evident that the solution is NOT to relocate the population of a war-stricken continent into another continent, but to end the wars, rebuild their countries and finance them to return to their homeland.  Yet, the “solution” offered by the world-authorities remains the exact opposite: to keep bombing Middle East, meanwhile keep ‘bombing’ Europe with the disastrous effects of the Middle East wars.

Despite witnessing the unprecedented social-economic meltdown this crisis has already caused while the first half million of the influx has been hitting the edge of Europe  (Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia), the EU insists continuing to pull Europe into ever deeper turmoil. The EU so far refused to help its most affected states hit by the crisis – East Europe – either financially or by offering oversight and organisational assistance in the process. The EU demands from Hungary – a main transit area – to manage an unmanageable situation. The US, the EU and their media go as far as continuously shaming and scrutinizing Hungary for handling an unhandable migration-chaos and for keeping this chaos from escalation.

In every country illegal border-crossing  is a crime (such act is nowhere a human right, especially not when it is committed in a violent way) yet Hungary is viciously attacked for what is normal everywhere else in the world: to protect its borders, especially when it is violently attacked. [24] During this crisis Hungary has been forced into a situation to face the worst and largest waves of the entire migrant-influx. As per the typical victim-blaming script, the EU and its media have been blaming Hungary and falsely accusing the country as “racist”, “fascist” and “xenophobic”, merely for trying to cope with the chaos inflicted by EU and Germany. It is the top of all absurdity that EU sanctions Hungary for obeying EU-laws and for doing what every other country does: protecting its laws and its borders, if necessary, by fences. Like Israel [11].

Germany and Austria, and other East European countries, are also reinforcing control over their borders, they are equally struggling with the unmanageable crowd, they are also trying to register the migrants, yet these countries are not put into a defamatory spot-light by media, by blatant false accusations, manipulated, altered footages. And they are not scrutinized by the EU. [8]

What the mass-media fail to mention in this context: while Hungary is protecting its borders, it is protecting the outside EU-borders as well, in compliance with extant EU laws [20, 25]. It is necessary, because the EU is USE by now, one country with one common outside borders – it has been so since 2007. (Another fact the mass-media are still hiding [17].) The Hungarian authorities are trying to organise, accommodate and feed an unorganisable and unfeedable and continuously replenished mega-crowd; meanwhile trying to prevent illegal immigrants and criminals – potentially ISIS fighters – from entering the EU and reaching other EU-countries.

Contrary to the EU’s and media’s defamatory lies, the clash between the migrants and the Police on Hungary’s borders was initiated by the militant segment of the mixed crowd of migrants and refugees. The fighters pulled children and women into the battle, which then was widely misrepresented by the mass-media. The police’s rightful self-defence was distorted via staged and distorted photos and upon such deceitful basis the  mass-media have pulled Hungary under a constant smear campaign. Similar fights between Police and migrants – including tear gassing children – have been reported from Slovenia, yet no defamation-campaign followed the event. [21]

  • In summary, the EU – whose task would be to protect Europe’s citizens – is doing the exact opposite. By promoting the Mideast mass-migration into EU, the EU is pushing Europe into deeper social-economic and political crisis than ever, opening up an immense chaos and threat for Europe’s citizens, including the threat of mass-criminality and terrorist attacks. Meanwhile EU chooses to sanction Hungary, in response to Hungary’s efforts to obey EU-laws and to reduce the chaos and threat posed by EU.

Above altogether is 2000% evidence that EU – and its united allies – act with ill intent; that this “refugee-crisis” is designed and deliberately targeted against Europe.

The hidden goals behind inflicting this crisis are outlined in former post [22].

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