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Pt4 – The truth behind the #refugeescrisis: mass-migration as part of a ‘greater’ agenda

The Syrian war is not what it seems – not a fuzzy religious or civil war-saga – but a milestone in the long line of wars waged by the global cartel against those countries who are unwilling to surrender to the NWO-coercion in any other way. To achieve the goal that eventually all national Governments surrender to the diktats of the global cartel and all adopt an NWO-compliant Orwellian social-economic and political policy, the cartel deploys the following “recipe”.

The truth about the Middle East wars (versus the media-myths)

By entering the Syrian war-scenes – with a resounding success-series against ISIS – Russia gave a check-mate to the global cartel and delivered a spectacular blow to the misleading mainstream narrative.  Since then each move and utterance by the US leaders reveals more of the lies about NATO’s assumed “humanitarian role” and “war on terror”, while the truth about the actual reasons for the never-ending conflicts in the Middle East is reaching the realm of common knowledge:

  • The enemy of mankind is not Syria’s Assad but USA’s Obama and the actual war-mongers are the global cartel, US/NATO, more precisely the US-Israel-EU triangle [1, 2, 3, 6].
    There are no such things as “moderate rebels” [4]. ISIS and its related multiple-named terrorist groups are all financed, trained and armed by US and Israel and are deployed for the intended purpose to execute a coup against Syria’s Assad.
    The real freedom-fighters and anti-terrorist forces, who actually hit and eliminate ISIS units, are Syria’s Assad and his allies: Russia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran.

The Syrian war is not what it seems – not a fuzzy religious or civil war-saga – but a milestone in the long line of wars waged by the global cartel against those countries who are unwilling to surrender to the NWO-coercion in any other way. ISIS is not a religious group but a West-developed secret weapon, an international sect recruiting members from all over the world – even from EU itself (!) [5] – to maintain an unprecedented level of terror wherever it is “needed” [6].

In essence, the two opposing sides in Syria – and in the Mideast conflict-zones:
1) The NWO global cartel, ie, the US-EU-Israeli forces moved by the unelected global lobby of bankers, giant business owners, tycoons, NGOs, bureaucrats and treacherous political elites.
2) A group of anti-NWO countries, marked by super-powers like Russia, China, Iran, and this group includes Syria as well.

However, the NWO-masterplan to bring countries to their knees is not restricted to Middle East, and Syria is evidently merely one of the many countries in the long line to have been taken over by the global cartel.
While Syria still resists, countless other nations have already been conquered, in one way or another.

The general masterplan (‘recipe’) of NWO power-grab

Resistance to the NWO-powers is absolute must for mankind’s actual survival, but it is far from easy to spot such struggle, as it will be demonstrated in this section. Whenever a country is under NWO-attack, in most cases it is impossible to decipher what is going on. The stages of a country’s destabilisation process come in many different sizes, versions and facades. The masses all over the world are obviously unaware of the actual purpose of these wars, simply because we are constantly lied to by the very media through which we attempt to acquire facts about those countries and regions we can’t relate to via direct experience. World-politics and world-history is nothing but one long propaganda-series flowing from the warmongering cartel’s mass-deceiving outlets.

To achieve the goal that eventually all national Governments surrender to the diktats of the cartel and finally all adopt an NWO-compliant Orwellian social-economic and political policy, the global cartel deploys the following “recipe”:

1. Financial wars:
Eliminate a country’s financial viability and independence via overtaking its national bank, devaluating its currency, and/or forcing its Government into unrecoverable IMF-debts. By now almost all countries are affected [8], but especially Greece, South- and East Europe, Africa, South-and Central America.

2. Economic wars:
Inflict economic crisis in a country by imposing austerity on its population [8] and/or issuing economic sanctions and boycotts against the country. Force governments to give away their country’s most valuable lands, natural resources and companies, meanwhile force the country to accept global corporations in the country and impose the necessary conditions (tax relief, GMO products, etc) to bring these corporations into monopoly position in each country.

3. Ideological/media wars:
Destroy the ideological basis of the country’s national sovereignty by calling it “racism” when the country opposes NWO policies, meanwhile impose the globalist “liberal” ideology to mask the cartel’s imperialistic and colonising goals. Discredit the resisting country’s democratically elected national government [6] – either as “right-wing nationalist” or “left-wing Marxist” – via defamatory campaigns through international media, declarations of influential tycoons, NGOs and “humanitarian” organisations.

4. Weather warfare (geoengineering):
Bring the country to its knees via artificially inflicted natural disasters, and/or by destroying its climate and agriculture [13].

5. Hot wars and military coups:
Launch airstrikes and/or ground fights targeting the country’s civilians, destroy their homes and infrastructure upon false-flag-based proxy wars: fake civil wars via planted terrorism (ISIS). Exploiting the resulting terror and chaos, organise a coup against its government (“orange revolution”) [6, 12].

6. Psychological-moral warfare:

6.1 Punish or reward:
If the country’s government still resists, blame all the detrimental social-economic-political effects of the NWO-wars on the targeted government, upon the claim that given government is “leftist” “rightist” “corrupt”, “dictatorial”, “anti-humanitarian” “anti- prosperity,” etc, then intensify the defamation-campaign against the country as per 3. Meanwhile, praise all NWO-compliant authorities as “democratic”, “humanitarian”, “prosperous” etc.

6.2 Bribe, intimidate, organise:
If the targeted country’s democratically elected government can’t be bribed or forced to surrender to the global cartel, then bribe their most influential characters, media representatives, politicians and/or ethnic/religious groups in opposition, then seduce the most deprived and desperate groups – especially the young – to assist in overthrowing their democratic elected and supported national government. If possible, start organising, financing, training and arming civil groups as ‘rebels’ to perform a coup against the government. (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, etc.)

An extra dimension with a strategic benefit: ‘Greater Israel’

greater israel 2

The actual purpose of the Syrian hot wars is to get rid of the anti-NWO Assad government [1] – with the help of ISIS, a secret US-tool – for a very unholy reason as explained in this and referenced earlier post [6].

However, the NWO-goal behind targeting Syria has an extra dimension. Due to Syria’s special geographic position of being a strategically crucial neighbor of Israel, a pro-US regime change would allow the cartel to perform the long-desired political, economic and territorial power-grab over Syria, which would be a significant step in the agenda to extend Israel into the ‘Greater Israel’ area [7].

The very knowledge of the facts revealed in this post helps us to see the actual truth about the European migrant crisis as well:

  • Just as much as the lies about NATO’s “humanitarian” role in the Middle East fall apart, the cartel’s other main lie about their “humanitarian” refugees welcome campaign  – advocated by EU, UN, Amnesty, and tycoons like George Soros [9, 10. 11] – is being shred into pieces, too. Meanwhile this essential truth becomes apparent:The same global cartel who maintains the war and terror in the Middle East, are those who arrange for a historically unprecedented mass-migratory movement from Middle East into Europe.

With view of above, we can identify yet another method within the NWO-“recipe”:

8. Social-political-economic engineering / mass-migration aka “refugee crisis”:
If none of the generic war-methods delivers the expected result, and a country’s government still resists – even fights back in hot wars (Syria) – then go ahead and lure the war-stricken population – especially their brainwashed and brainwashable youth – into the first world (Germany, Austria, Sweden, etc) by generous promises of a “luxurious” lifestyle on the “rich” (= relatively less poor and less conflict-stricken) European continent. Once the Mideast target-country and region is liberated from its indigenous population via emigration, it will lose much of the mass-basis of resistance, hence the cartel can simply send over their US-Israeli settlers to the vacated area to finish the regime-change, occupation and colonisation.

This explains – in addition to the reasons presented in former parts [6] – why George Soros, a prominent figure behind the NWO wars, is so outspoken about the “demand” that Europe should be involved in a 3rd world war scenario to satisfy the cartel’s NWO needs [12] and for the same reason Europe should take in at least 1 million Mideast “refugees” per year [9, 10, 11]. Since the accommodation of many millions of migrants is to be financed at the expense of the austerity-stricken citizens of Europe, this manoeuvre can serve as part of the financial-economic wars against the first world [8] and as such it is a multiple step within the NWO master-plan.

Meanwhile the cartel can continue with extending Israel into its “greater” version.


The actual greater agenda behind the Greater Israel plan and behind the comprehensive NWO master-plan described here, is known as Agenda 21 (recently renamed to Agenda 30). This agenda is UN’s seemingly non-binding and harmless “ecology-saver” global plan – in fact a global Orwellian agenda to impoverish and depopulate the Earth and manufacture our consent to agree to its steps on local/regional levels [14, 15].

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