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Divide et impera: the truth about Zionist global cartel and the real reason behind contemporary racism

“The Balfour Declaration took the form of a letter, dated Nov. 2, 1917, from Arthur Balfour, foreign secretary of the British government, to Lord Walter Rothschild, head of the organization of British Zionists. This letter promised that the British government would work to bring about “a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine … in a British-Zionist trade whereby the Zionists assisted in bringing America into the war and, in return, the British promised them Palestine.” [1]


Due to its special relevance, the topic of the global cartel’s plan for Israel – and for Greater Israel – is discussed again, this time from its largely unknown yet most relevant historical perspective, in the hopes that this catastrophic cycle can be broken and the truth can set all of us free. Since the Zionist project itself gained mass-basis by a century-long propaganda that has been distorting the respective world-religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam, a significant step in eliminating mass-support of Zionism is to reveal the truth that Zionism is not a religious doctrine, but a political, control-seeking, colonialist world-redistributing agenda pursued by the Capitalist power-elites of the West.

History repeats itself always in different variations on the surface, but the generic pattern underlying all specific manifestations remains the same. The 2nd World War was centred around Hitler’s anti-Jewish fascism, in the name of a distorted, militant “Christianity”. The 3rd World War is apparently evolving around a combination anti-Muslim and anti-Christian fascism, in the name of a distorted, militant “Islam” (aka ISIS), further combined with anti-Muslim fascism in the name of a militant, racist “Christianity” aka “white nationalism”. In reality, the instigators behind all variants of the same pattern of fascism are the moving forces of Zionism.

Hijacked religion, deceived and conquered masses

The truth we can’t emphasize enough: Islam is a peaceful religion, so are Christianity and Judaism, but all of them have been turned around by a group of high-profile manipulators: those who are behind the Zionist project itself.  The one single source of all divisions, conflicts and wars – both in the past and present as well as in the unfolding near future – is the colonialist greed and world-dominating power-crave of the Western-Israeli “elites”, which we may refer to as the Zionist global cartel. Once this cartel and their historical lies are removed from the very equation that is shaping mankind’s fate, our future can be saved from a potential 3rd world war and from a global form of Zionist terror.

The Zionist religion-hijacking project started in the beginning of the last century, by a particularly shrewd act of the Western power-cartel: they arranged for publishing a new, forged version of the Judeo-Christian Old Testament, in which they introduced a set of false prophecies about God allegedly promising the territories of historical Israel to a group of modern colonists, who shall call themselves “Israel” [24, 25]. Numerous new churches within the “Christian” religion emerged and multiplied, led by heavily bribed “priests” and even “prophets” who served and still serve, the one non-religious purpose to convert the Christian believers into believers of modern “Israel”.

The same cartel later hijacked Islam as well via crafting a fake, violent (“radical”) version of the Qur’an texts, in order to destabilise, divide and conquer the world upon the expected effects of fear, confusion and despair [18]. To make the circle full, the Zionist cartel also misrepresents Judaism via the claims that Zionism as such is a religious endeavour pursued by the global Jewish community. Both the otherwise respectable Jewish religion Judaism and Jewish racial identity, are being subverted into the Zio-fascist non-religious ideology.

  • The lesson we can learn from the revealed actual motives and forces behind history: history repeats itself, but not because it is a broken record, but because we allow the same evil forces to repeat the same crimes against humanity, all over again.

The brief history of Israel and ‘Greater Israel’

1) Long before the 2nd World War – in 1917 (!) – the global cartel, led by the Rothschild dynasty, seizes the area of Palestine via the Balfour declaration [1] in order to establish the Western elites’ presence in the Middle East. This step is the first geographically relevant milestone in the cartel’s imperial strategies to extend their Mideast presence into world-dominance [2]. The cartel arranges for publishing a “special” version of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, the Scofield ‘Bible’ [24, 25], which introduces and focusses on a profoundly distorted interpretation of certain Old Testament passages, in order to convince the deceived Christian masses that God’s expressed intent has been to give modern “Israel” to a few European colonisers who claim to be “Jewish”.

2) During the following years the cartel fuels division between the European Jews and non-Jews by convincing non-Jews that Jews pose a lethal threat to the existence of non-Jews and vice versa, that is, convincing Jews that non-Jews are menace to their existence. These well-known imperial tactics belong to the ancient strategy “divide et impera” [3].

3) Exploiting the inflicted inequity as per above, the global cartel helps Hitler to power [4] and sparks the 2nd World War, directing world-wide attention to the war-crimes against the unprivileged masses of Jewish people, which then goes down in history as the Jewish Holocaust. What remains hidden from all history books is the fact that it was the US-led Western elites who organised the Jewish Holocaust in Europe (only the privileged classes of Jewry were rescued and transferred to Switzerland or to the US) in order to establish a historical narrative and to acquire world-wide mass-support for their plan:
– to transfer the European Jewish population to Israel as the designated ‘safe home’ of Jews
– to justify and expand the cartel’s control, presence and expansion in the Middle East
– to justify and “legalise” the Israeli illegal occupation of Palestine
– to obtain impunity for Israel whenever it commits war-crimes, violates human rights and international laws (and it constantly does).

4) The Zionist cartel intimidates/bribes the UN, all major world-organisations and mainstream media [5], thus eventually they achieve that the entire “free world” turns a blind eye
– to the continuing Israeli expansion [6]
– Israel’s war-crimes and the many decades long Holocaust of Palestine [7]
– the cartel’s wars against Mideast [8, 9].

5) With the approval of UN, the cartel continues the illegal territorial expansion of Israel. Meanwhile the cartel drafts a plan for “Greater Israel” [10] in order to further extend Israel’s illegally occupied lands into all the strategic areas around Israel. The global cartel-controlled alliance between US and Israel becomes so strong that Israel might be called the Mideast extension of US, or even the ’51st state’ of America.

6) The cartel – via the agencies of CIA and Mossad – stages the 911 terrorist attack in New York, 2001 [11] and uses the attack as pretext for starting wars in the ‘Greater Israel’ area (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc). The governments of all Arab countries within and surrounding ‘Greater Israel’ are under media-defamation as ‘dictators’, ‘terrorists’, ‘warmongers’, ‘aggressors’ etc [8]. These false claims are made to sustain mass-support for the US “war on terror” and to cover up the fact that the actual dictators, terrorists, warmongers and aggressors are the Zionist global cartel.

7) The cartel – via the agencies of CIA and Mossad – creates, arms, trains, organises and finances terrorist forces in the Middle East (al-Qaeda,  ISIS/ISIL, “rebels”, etc) and uses the proxy ‘war on terror’ as pretext for occupying the areas of ‘Greater Israel’ [8].

8) While the whole Middle East is destabilised by the cartel’s proxy wars, the cartel continues the colonisation of ‘Greater Israel’ area and takes control over the area’s strategic natural resources and facilities [12, 13]. Due to Syria’s rich resources that are essential for Israel’s survival and Syria’s position as a potential corridor opening access to oil-pipelines and other logistical assistance from Israel’s Mideast allies, to occupy Syria is the next milestone in the Greater Israel project. To make Syria a number-one target for NATO air-strikes within the region, the Zionist cartel organises – via their allies-backed rebels – the infamous Sarin gas-attack against Syrian civilians and the cartel-owned mainstream news-outlets start a world-wide campaign to pin this attack onto Assad [22].

9) In addition to fuelling anti-Semitism under the principle of divide et impera, the cartel establishes a world-wide Islamophobia through many decades long anti-Islam campaigns and by operating terrorist groups under the fake “Islamic” title. Such artificially induced anti-Islam and anti-Arab sentiments all over the West are used as basis for public mass-support for the Israeli aggression against Palestine and for the US-aggression against the Arab world.

10) At present, the global cartel arranges for a historically unprecedented mass-migratory movement to transfer millions of the Middle East population into Europe, in order to accelerate the process of vacating the ‘Greater Israel’ area [8]. To mix the Muslim and European ethnic groups – especially under the condition of well-established Islamophobia in the West – can fuel more racial, cultural conflicts in Europe, and the resulting war-zone can be exploited by the cartel as pretext for a 3rd world war [14] and/or an Orwellian police-state all over the Western world [15].

11) The cartel’s literally ‘dumping’ millions of Arabs onto the poverty-stricken Europe, poses an unmanageable financial and social burden for the Austerity-stricken impoverished European population, thus this move intensifies the effects of the financial war the cartel wages against all countries, including those of the 1st world [17].

12) The global cartel arranges for the Paris terrorist attack [18] for the same purpose and with the same motives as the ones behind New York 911 attack in 2001.

Divide et impera – and how to reverse its effects

The actual world-history and world-politics reveal a consistent pattern of the identified ancient technique known as “divide et impera”. Once we understand this method, its purpose and usage in actual history, and once we recognise the actual casual chain behind those events of the past and present that are shaping our future, we have the chance to answer these questions:

  • What exactly is going on in the background?
    Why is Germany used again to provide the possible pretext for a next world war?
    Why don’t we recognise how the patterns of the past emerged again in a new variant at present?
    Why don’t we shoot at the root-cause and fight against the common enemy, rather than subscribing to any of the cartel’s warmongering and division-inflicting agendas?
  • Why do we allow ourselves to be limited to the false dilemma allowing only these two options to choose from:
    1) to be exterminated as a race or
    2) or to exterminate other races?
  • Why do we fall, all over again, for the same racist trap set by the global cartel all over again?
    Why do we assist the cartel to propel us into a 3rd world war?
    Why don’t we stop this trend before we end up in a new era of concentration camps, where the unprivileged classes, from all races and all religions, shall be sent to death-camps for crafted reasons, meanwhile the rich will be rescued, will prosper as the “victorious” and shall gain total control over the world?

To expose the fallacious conceptual basis of the many-folded inequities inflicted by the cartel, we need to identify the methods via which the cartel triggers and maintains all forms of division, both at present and in history. We can’t overemphasize the relevance of the divide et impera strategy [3]. Throughout history all rulers, especially emperors, who obtained control over whole continents, have applied this powerful psychological and social warfare, and apparently the technique has been perfected in the modern times by the Zionist cartel [16].

It has been the Zionists who throughout modern history divided and ruled the world. They spread the myth about an alleged a priori anti-Semitism and they have waged world-wars both against Europe and Mideast upon the anti-Semitism false flag. Ever since the cartel committed the illegal act of annexing Palestine, the continuing Zionist war-crimes committed in the name of the world’s Jewish community have been fuelling actual anti-Semitism. The Zionist cartel eagerly converts every drop of rightful anti-Zionist sentiments into a racial-based anti-Semitism.

Via the above division, the Zionists pushed the world into a viscous cycle:

  • The more fear of anti-Semitism, the more Zionist crimes; the more Zionist crimes, the more anti-Semitism; the more anti-Semitism, the more fear of anti-Semitism. And so on.

Why is this topic so relevant?

The most dangerous effect of the Mideast-European mass-migration manoeuvre – and of the fake ‘Islamic’ attack in Paris – is to bring Israel again in the front-line of Western sympathy, meanwhile gearing the hatred against Israel’s enemies such as Palestine and Syria itself.  The expected result is what divide-et-impera is about: to fuel racism and hatred against the main victims of the Israeli expansion, meanwhile to divide the liberal, pro-peace and pro-democracy forces in the West, and to cool off the rapidly evolving pro-Palestine sentiments and voices. Again: the goal is to reinforce the Western anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia and restore Western mass-support for the Israeli dominance in the Middle East.

However, let us imagine if the whole world would be aware of the following:

  • MYTH: Jews needed Israel because there is anti-Semitism, because there was the 2nd World War and there was a Jewish Holocaust.
  • TRUTH:  The Zionist global cartel ‘needed’ and invented anti-Semitism, sparked the 2nd World War, arranged for a Jewish Holocaust, in order to ‘justify’ Israel. The cartel committed the 911 attack and planted terrorist forces (ISIS) in the Middle East, in order to “justify” the cartel’s Mideast wars and to continue the Israeli expansion into ‘Greater Israel’.

Let us imagine if all the above and the implications thereof would become common knowledge. The knowledge of the actual history of Israel and its future expansion-plans provides the clue to opening the eyes of any potentially humane members of the Israeli Jewry; to make them understand that they are deceived, manipulated by the global cartel so that their evil deeds would fuel and maintain world-wide anti-Semitism, to let them know that the Jews are respected members in all communities all over the world, and whenever there is occurrence of anti-Semitic groups or voices, these are all originating from the Zionist cartel itself. The Israeli Jews – both as settlers or soldiers – are used as puppets by this cartel, who misrepresent the Jews of the world, who invented and fuels anti-Semitism, and who incite all forms of racism for the purpose of continuing their colonising, expansionist wars and world-domination plans.

  • And most of all, what if the whole world would become aware that it is actually Israel who operates the ISIS forces in Syria [19, 20] and related terrorist groups, and since ISIS is organised and financed all over the world, this West-created/sponsored and Israel-operated terror-threat against mankind is present not only in the Mideast but far beyond [21]?

Exposing the truth about Israel can make the Israelis understand that they are used for a purpose that is endangering whole mankind, including the Jewry, rather than ‘saving’ them. Knowing the truth can encourage the Israelis to denounce Zionism, to denounce their government and liberate the Jewish community from carrying the collective burden of the Zionist cartel’s crimes.

This cartel, which includes, but is not restricted to members from the Jewish race, were behind the Jewish Holocaust. They needed it as the pretext to establish their world-domination tour in the Middle East. This cartel would again arrange for a next Jewish genocide, and/or genocide of any race,  in order to acquire a new pretext for yet another war, for the reasons explained in the blog series on the European migration crisis.

The knowledge of the facts presented in this post can open the eyes of those Americans who are still in the position of supporting Israel, still under the deceit of the false historical narratives and mass-media lies. It can open the eyes of everyone all around the world, which then can trigger a global movement in order to end the many decades long Holocaust of the Palestine [7].

In addition, the very truth regarding the actual aggressor in the Middle East wars – the US-Israel-EU alliance – can lead to actually ending all Middle East wars, and can prevent a next world-war that is being planned by this alliance.

The knowledge of the truth presented here can reverse the trend of emerging new versions of racism, hatred, division and eugenics, which are rapidly gaining mass-support in the West. The global cartel’s latest manoeuvre is to fuel division between the Arab world and the so called “white” Europeans via the European “refugee crisis” – to build military drill for a next world war and the US sort of “war on terror”. Being aware of this truth can help us to find a way to avoid racism and a next war, yet enabling ourselves to reclaim our national identity, sovereignty and democracy from the unfolding fascist one-world government.

  • There has to be a way to resist the globalist trend, ie, to protect all nations’ borders, sovereignty, democratic self-governance, independence, peace and own culture, without adopting the opposite extreme, the other side of the same coin of global fascism: the far-right nationalist racist stance. The knowledge of the roots of all wars can move us to be reunited and to withstand both the globalist and the racist frenzy, and refuse to join the re-emerging European far-right “white nationalism” and intolerance.

What the cartel intends to achieve via this latest crisis [8, 15] is that large masses would blindly follow the newest frenzy of racial division, exactly as they did during the pre-WW2 era. That alone is ample reason to resist this frenzy by all means.

Update: #ParisAttacks

  • “History” again repeated itself in Paris, and as we could observe, all events since then are indeed building towards a possible pre-WW3 scenario, with more and more extreme racist, radical Right-Wing dominance in Europe [23].

But what if in the following scenarios would reveal a pattern different from the past? What is “history” won’t repeat itself in the form of a World War 3 because we won’t allow it?

What if – defying all difficulties – we would stop blaming the victims, start resisting racism and all division, start seeing through the smoke and mirrors, then unite all pro-peace forces against the enemies of mankind?

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In summary:

divide et impera


About Sky Wanderer

Global Political Analysis, Research & Commentary. Multidisciplinary research and analysis revealing the big picture of the global status quo versus the mainstream myths. Searching the way out of the global financial tyranny and slavery, before the system ends up in a full-blown version of global fascism.


7 thoughts on “Divide et impera: the truth about Zionist global cartel and the real reason behind contemporary racism

  1. I am not Jewish and I am not Muslim.
    I am a Canadian attending the University of Waterloo.
    I will tell you now that this paper is complete crap. There is not a single shred of truth in it. The sole purpose of this paper is to convince the weak-minded to hate Israel based off of someones dirty imagination.
    Jews do 911. Jews do WW2. Jews kill 6 million of their own. Jews want to do WW3.
    I have never heard of such ludicrous claims.
    Don’t spread hate.

    Posted by Joe | December 15, 2015, 11:59 pm
    • Joe,
      Your attempt to equate Zionists with Jews – by referring to Zionists as Jews – is a very unsophisticated, ancient old logical fallacy, committed by Zionists all over the world, and used as a basis to claim impunity for the ongoing war-crimes underlying the Zionist colonialist ambitions. Committing this fallacy immediately reveals your ill intent and disqualifies you from a meaningful discourse. In case you are unaware: you are actually insulting – discrediting – yourself when you resort to manipulation and deceit rather than engaging in a constructive discussion. More importantly, you are insulting the entire Jewish community, since you are committing the crime of anti-Semitism by the generalisation via which you project the Zionist crimes onto the whole Jewish race.

      Your overall below-par “evaluation” of the article, in which you don’t even attempt to put forward any analytical and rational counter-argument, reflects your inability to address this topic. In the article, as well as in those related to the subject matter I thoroughly substantiated my claims, both via logical inferences and via references to credible sources, whereas you haven’t even made such attempt.

      It is evident that you are a blind/ed Zionist yourself, either Jewish or non-Jewish, otherwise you would not bother coming here to post your manipulative comment and hate-filled ad hominems.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | December 16, 2015, 12:09 pm
      • The propagandists have worked long and hard to gas-light people into equating Judaism with zionism.
        Knowledge is power. I do have one question. How can these genocidal maniacs be stopped?

        Posted by G.P. | July 14, 2016, 3:57 am
    • Joe,

      In addition to my former comment: let me point at one of the main sources of highest credibility I relied on in a referenced earlier post: a presentation by Miko Peled Israeli Jewish author/activist on the actual reality vs the myths regarding the Israel-Palestine “conflict”.
      His extraordinary origin and background puts him in a special position to reveal these facts: he is the son of a former general of the Israeli military (IDF), and he himself – as he testifies – went through the process of being brainwashed from childhood by the Israeli system. Later as a young adult he learned to think for himself and was shocked to realise the actual reality versus the virtual one he had been forced to believe.

      Another source of high relevance and credibility I recommend:
      Israeli Soldiers Breaking The Silence on the Occupation of Palestine

      It is possible that cognitive dissonance keeps you from facing the inconvenient truth – in that case these sources might help you to unlearn the myths. In the case the obstacle is fear, intimidation or your hopes to achieve a special status via posing as a loyal Zionist, then there is no help. Then you, as an accomplice to this system, will be responsible for the global version of the Zionist fascism, and for the consequent death and suffering of many millions.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | December 16, 2015, 1:20 pm
    • “The sole purpose of this paper is to convince the weak-minded to hate Israel”

      Believe me, NO ONE needs to convince ANYONE to “hate Israel”; They manage it SO WELL all by themselves. As for “weak minded” -look in the mirror. It takes GUTS to publish TRUTH. But what would you know about that?

      Posted by Miss Castello | December 29, 2015, 6:57 pm
  2. I don’t dispute your idea that current conflicts in Syria and Iraq are helping to achieve a “clearing” or “nakba” of unwanted-by-zionists’ indigenous people – just as happened in 1947/8 Palestine.
    However, I do not think you fully grasp the way in which the zionists are manipulating the Saud, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordanian so-called and self-styled “royal” “elite” families in setting-up – with overt US and covert zionist assistance – terrorist groups like the mujahideen in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and ISIS and their derivatives in Syria and Iraq.
    Just yesterday, the Syrian Army intercepted zionist military supplies being sent across the Golan Heights to terror groups in Syria by the illegal zionist military. We also know that Neyanyahu personally met terrorists inside zionist military hospital facilities in the Golan, from where the terrorists were being patched-up and sent back to fight.
    But the principal factor I believe you are completely overlooking is the extent to which the zionists are cleverly and slyly manipulating the Turks in all of this, especially Erdogan who has now apparently persuaded himself that he will be the next Caliph of the Muslim World and that it is his destiny to humble an over-mighty Russia and to drag NATO and the US into the Third World War you are predicting. If the situation in Syria and Iraq remains largely the same as it is now then the war between Russia, Iran and Syria with the NATO-member countries will almost certainly come about but the zionists will be sitting slyly on the side of the conflict, benefiting but not contributing directly towards it.
    How to stop it? Well, one possibility is to publicise widely what is going in order to alert people in the west and east as to what the zionists and their neo-traitor operatives in the US are up to. On its own, will that alone stop the zionists pushing the world into another world war? I doubt it. What is really needed is for the victims of zionism to come together in order to wage a vigorous anti-zionist campaign which will end up with the wholesale destruction of zionism as an ideology and as a practice. Who is there to organise and co-ordinate such a campaign? Any ideas?

    Posted by John | February 16, 2016, 1:05 pm
    • Hello again John :)

      Thank you for your more comprehensive reply raising interesting points and questions.

      Let me straighten this out: I am not overlooking the facts you cite, I just don’t find it necessary to incorporate every element in the analysis. You probably heard of Occam’s Razor – so you understand why. This blog is focussing on delivering the big picture rather than doing what many other sources do very well – to deliver the real news in daily politics. But I do rely on many of these in the reference lists of my posts. This article you respond to is one of those that paint with a wide brush and in a historical context, hence there is no need and no room for including all details of politics in the discussion, only those that are necessary to substantiate my analysis. And these are mentioned in the reference-list of the post. Besides, the facts that you cite in above do not contradict my thesis, in fact they support it.

      But if we keep focussing on the big picture it becomes clear: the fact that the Mideast elites subscribe to Zionism is irrelevant to the Middle East conflicts per se, since this is not a Middle-East specific phenomenon but a global one. The entire West elites subscribed to Zionism as well, hence their inside job organising the Paris Attacks. The reason why the Arabs have traitors among themselves like the Saudis and the dictator Erdogan, has nothing to do with these countries – ie their leaders – being Arabs. All countries have traitor Royal Houses, and/or traitor, globalist, Zionist dictatorial Governments – like the current US, UK, French and German governments and many more – and in countries where these are “necessary”, pro-Capitalist opposition or rebels. For the latter a prime case in point is the fascist coup in Ukraine – also sponsored by the West.

      The decimated, destroyed, uprooted Arabs who are “dumped” onto Europe en masse, are all victims of this cruel Zionist-led global fascist system playing all nations, races and social segments against one another. Anyone in the place of Middle Easterners, who are the front-line victims of this strategy, would be bewildered and enraged to no end, just like they are. Yet, the behaviour of the white nationalist racist Islamophobic masses in Europe, whose governments are organising ISIS and dropping bombs on Mideast, are not any more civilised than that of the Arab migrants dumped onto them – to the contrary.

      To judge the Arab race as such for reacting as they do to this mass-scale unfathomable abuse is not only morally wrong but puts us on the wrong track as to how to approach this issue and how to end this trend. The question is how to change the Western Zionist thinking, how to convince the Western masses of what’s going on in Syria and Palestine, Yemen and Iraq. How to tell them that Zionism is the Trojan horse planted by the West in the Mideast by the Israeli occupiers and Israel is not seeking to get an “ancient Biblical land” in and around Jerusalem but to maintain a basis for the unholy reason of the Western elites to colonise, control, exploit the entire continent. How to tell the world that such is the one single purpose of Israel, and that Zionism has nothing to do with religion and with any of the other sorts of mambo jumbo associated with the Mideast “conflicts”? All wars and conflicts are there for the one single purpose to establish and maintain Western Capitalist control of all lands, markets and natural resources and to depopulate the area via wars and crises. Everything else is distraction. Even the daily torture of Palestinians by the Israeli occupiers (as tragic as these practices are) are nothing but one large red herring to distract from the global capitalist takeover. Such takeover may or may not include a full-blown version of hot war escalating over to the West, but the signs are there that it does and/or will.

      The current migrant crisis in Europe signifies the elites’ intent to extend the hot-war into Europe, and Soros expressed his personal will to do so. The utterly rabid dimension of this migrant-crisis, the acts of manipulators like Soros deliberately displacing millions in Mideast and transferring them to Europe – meanwhile zeroing in on the long-suffering austerity-stricken Greece as a country to be obliged to be a main host of the crisis – are all signs of a well-orchestrated pathology for a particular goal, which explains why the same manipulators who pose as saviours of refugees are gearing the justified anger of the Muslim migrant-masses against the innocent masses of Europe. All these do signify a deliberate start of WW3 in the West as well, and there is no reason to believe that this war won’t extend to the US and to other parts of the world as well. Just one hint of the many: how come that the EU ‘had no funds’ to rescue Greece from bankruptcy but has all funds to invite and accommodate the largest migrant influx of the millennium? Because both are profitable and both serve the world-colonising purposes of the Western capitalist elites. Greece, just like Mideast is a colony, and a bankrupted country can be easily taken over as a colony by a few individuals. Meanwhile the Western elites are vacating the Greater Israel area and are importing the cheapest possible labour for the largest Western corporations.

      My prediction is that Clinton will act the exact same way in the US. Am certain that Clinton will win the US elections (via a rigged game) and she will act as “Merkel of the US”, will open the US borders to get several million Arabs into US. Not because she is so nice but because that influx will serve as pretext of civil war in the US. Why? I think this post highlights the ultimate reasons.

      You raise excellent and burning questions. How to stop this trend? You are exactly correct, we need to publicise these facts far and wide. Our very existence depends on it. I am trying to do just that but that alone is far from enough. What else can we do?
      In my view the only way is to organise local communities to spread the truth on these questions (and on many others my blog highlights) and through these local grassroots find a way to unite everyone from the non-racist camp, all anti-Zionist Jews, non-racist whites, and all Muslims who can calm down and listen to us. To enlighten them, it is not us who are causing these conflicts, wars and divisions but our shared enemy, an evil minority. To give public presentations of the videos (for example) included in the references on posts written in related topics either on this blog or elsewhere. To bring them the message that we are all victims of the same deadly trend.

      Later I may add some more links as an extension to this comment.

      Thank you again for your insights and questions. In case you wish to add more comments or ask more questions, please do so.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | February 16, 2016, 3:55 pm

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The mission of this blog

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations." ~ George Orwell

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