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#ParisAttacks, ‘911 of Europe’: the catalytic event to boost Western colonising wars and police terror

Among the numerous witnesses, expert opinions and other evidences on the actual events behind the memorable 911-attack in New York 2001 (*) Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s testimony stands out as particularly relevant. He exposed the scenario how Mossad (Israel) executed the attack and explained the reason why this inside job was ‘needed’ by the US administration:
“To get the US involved in a war in the Middle East, with a powerful enraged anti-Islamic strain with the American public. They needed a catalytic event.” [1]


Once we identified the actual purpose and agents behind ISIS (**) we can see how the many contradictions around the European refugee-crisis and the ISIS-claimed terrorist attack in Paris reveal a perfect “method in the madness”.

The details in the political and media-narrative following the Paris attacks indicate that this act was to serve as a pretext for the Western-allies, as per the overall war-script:

– to make the French – and the European – public, via a catalytic event, a motivated stakeholder in the Western colonising wars and obtain European mass-support for these wars [24]
– to remove the Assad government and establish a pro-US Syrian regime
– to seize strategic resources, facilities (oil, pipelines) and lands in Syria to enable Israel to access these resources [6]
(note: Russia’s blissful intervention keeps hindering above goals within the overall Western-Israeli agenda)
– to continue the defamation of Syria by blaming Syrian refugees for the terrorist attack in Paris
– to intensify xenophobia and racism between native Europeans and Muslim immigrants, then use these conflicts as pretext to tighten domestic security and police terror [23]
– to intensify the refugee-crisis by increasing anti-Islam hatred, in order to distract, divide, confuse and control all countries, regions and ethnic groups [14, 25].

The purpose behind the 2001 New York 911 attack, as expressed by Dr. Sabrosky: “to get the US involved in a war in the Middle East, with a powerful enraged anti-Islamic strain with the American public. They needed a catalytic event” – is strikingly applicable to Europe’s Paris attacks as well.

The grotesque, undiplomatic and hasty response to Paris attacks with an immediate emphasis on a pro-war propaganda [28] invariably invoked the memory of the 911 terror attacks and its subsequent events. As this analysis will reveal, the striking parallelism between the two is far from coincidence. The primary clue is the notion of ‘war on terror’ itself: the fundamentally flawed logic in the response of both the US and current French authorities, according to which whenever a crime can be classified as “terrorist attack”, such crime can be used as a ‘reason’ to launch military strikes against a country. This error is so grave that the repetition thereof signifies foul play and premeditated arrangement.

Since Russia’s intervention in the Syrian war and Russia’s successful military strikes wiping out ISIS bases [4], the Western official claims on the ‘impossibility’ to defeat ISIS without “total war on terror” could not stand any longer. Then, after the Paris attacks, for the reasons explained in this post, the Western narrative has been disproved on all counts.

Crafted wars as pretext for more crafted wars: a review

Several weeks ago, at the time when the EU-leaders and their media stirred a hurricane around the European refugee-crisis, it was evident that the narrative was to establish a war-like climate, a sort of prelude to a ‘911 of Europe’.

The Western world-leaders and their subservient media kept repeating ad nauseam that Syria’s Assad is to be blamed for the refugee-flood into Europe, conveniently disregarding the fact that only a fragment of the uprooted refugees/migrants are from Syria. The defamation-war on Syria – as part of the overall script of the Western colonising wars – is clearly recognisable: in order to keep the false accusations against Assad in focus, the Western political and media rhetoric re-branded the overall Middle Eastern mass-exodus as “Syrian refugees”.

Right after the EU-leaders had successfully inflicted a historically unprecedented refugee-crisis in Europe, they “concluded” that the “solution” to the crisis is to intensify the NATO-wars against Syria. At present, after the Paris attacks, the same EU-leaders – this time represented by the French authorities – responded again the same way:

  • War against Syria – plus introducing domestic terror in Europe – as per the scenario predicted here.

The Western-Israeli coalition has been so eager to exploit the artificial tension and chaos they generated in order to trigger the desired chain of events, that their every move and utterance in the context of the migration crisis and Mideast wars exposes them to the degree of self-incrimination. Inter alia, the fallacious (circular) reasoning through which they attempt to “justify” these crises and wars, expose them:

  • The Middle East wars are pretext for generating mass-migration into Europe
    The mass-migration into Europe generated by wars, is pretext for continuing the Middle East wars.

But the refugee-crisis alone proved to be insufficient for the purpose to generate a war-like climate in Europe.
Thus the Western cartel needed a more catalytic event to achieve that: the Paris attacks.

The parallel signs of foul play

  • One of the most striking similarities between the 911 and Paris terrorist attacks is the curious fact that in both cases there have been signs of foreknowledge of these crimes [30, 31, 35, 36], yet no attempts were made by the respective authorities to prevent the crimes.

Another similarity: the “investigations” following the attacks immediately led to certain ‘hints’ upon the passports found on the crime scenes [26, 27, 30]. These ‘miracolous’ passports managed to survive fire, series of explosions and all forms of annihilation. The only actual hint we can obtain from the absurd proposition that passports are indestructible, and that terrorists – either suicide-bombers or not – take their passports to the very scenes of the crime, is that these attacks are staged, they are outcomes of manipulation crafted for a specific purpose, and those who commit these crimes are trying to frame someone else with an ulterior motive.

Yet another striking resemblance between the two cases: the lifestyle of the “jihadist” suspects in both cases signifies the exact opposite extreme of the sort of “moral” lifestyle they claim to represent, namely the Western decadence characterised by drug-use, visiting bars and prostitutes, etc [27, 30].

  • The main parallel feature between the New York 911 attack and the attack in Paris, is that both indicate the same ulterior motives: they were both followed up on by the respective authorities as a sort of ‘justification’ to project these crimes onto entire countries – after 911, Iraq, and after Paris, Syria – disregarding the fact that terrorist forces such as ISIS, just like their predecessor Al-Qaeda, are illegitimate, criminal entities and none of them are affiliates of any internationally recognised government.

ISIS has no connection whatsoever with the Syrian Assad-government, on the contrary. ISIS is the primary enemy of Assad, and Assad’s army, in alliance with Russia, is fighting and winning the war against ISIS. Hence Syria would be the last internationally recognised country/state to be associated with any terrorist attack claimed by the illegitimate “state” ISIS.

  • Before all, regardless of the citizenship of any ISIS-members, ISIS is officially not affiliated with any government or country in particular. It is a global construct, it was created by the US, operated by Israel [37, 38, 39] and France! [24] and in fact organised, recruited and financed by 40 countries [34].

The “war on terror” actually means War AND Terror

The ulterior motive behind these attacks – as the respective authorities revealed in both cases – is to start/restart/intensify the “war on terror” after these attacks. The logical fallacy – and diplomatic anomaly – known as ‘war on terror’ – with the de facto meaning War AND Terror – was introduced by George W. Bush after the 911 attack (one and a half decades ago) with an unforgettable grin on his face, which practise then was followed by his “opponent” Obama as well, and at present the same wheel is reinvented by the French. The rhetoric of both the US and French authorities in response to these attacks is not only a grave logical mistake but an even more sinister error in the domain of diplomatic affairs and international law.

An example to demonstrate the absurdity of ‘war on terror’: following such principle, every time when the Italian Mafia commits a crime against the citizens of another country, such “invaded” country would have a “reason” to start military strikes against Italy.

  • The fallacy – and legal/diplomatic blunder – to perceive an act of an individual or organisation – or of an illegitimate ‘state’ such as ISIS – as a reason to declare/launch war against a country’s legitimate state, establishes a most dangerous precedence: it is in essence a blank check for any warmongering regime to launch wars and introduce domestic terror. It indicates that the world has entered an advanced stage of domestic and international anarchy, whereby the political elites no longer bother observing international law and diplomacy, not even superficially. Under circumstances when a crime can be used as ‘justification’ for violating international law and as a basis of incriminating innocent citizens, we can see the end of democratic rule of law and the beginning of global wars and chaos.

The fact that both the US and French officials follow the same stupefyingly equal script of “war on terror” showing the same gigantic error, is an evidential sign of foul play by the US and EU authorities. They are like two classmates cheating on a test, who are being caught upon copying each other’s mistakes, which are so uniquely stupid that the law of probability excludes the chance of mere chance.

Whose motive, benefit and habit?

When facing a crime, one of the first questions investigators raise: cui bono? – who benefits from the crime and/or certain outcomes/implications of the crime, hence who could be motivated to commit/instigate it?

Answering the cui bono question, this and several earlier posts – as well as the numerous sources they rely on – invariably point at the US-EU-Israeli coalition. The benefits of the Mideast colonising wars are endless, with special regard to the continuous massive-scale profits in the Western military industry [6] and with view of the ultimate purpose of these wars, seizing and delivering all lands and strategic resources to the Western cartel and to their Mideast extension, Israel. (Note: modern Israel is not a historical Middle Eastern country, but a group of colonisers and soldiers originally recruited from Europe.)

Answering another central question of whose habit it is to induce “self-attacks” as false-flag pretexts for colonising wars, and who incites inequities among opposition-groups to obtain official narratives to “explain” these false-flag events, also points at the Western elites, and in this case, the French in particular:

  • It was France who historically pursued the habit of colonising countries in the Middle East.
    It was France who colonised Syria in the past.
    It was a particular habit of France to incite tension and inequity among the Syrian religious groups, in order to divide, conquer and colonise Syria [3, 14].
    It is actually France at present to be in the front line invading and colonising Syria [24].

Numerous wars in history were started upon artificially induced events, even “self-attacks”, which then the warmongering country/countries “interpreted” as reason for invading other countries. In modern history, one of the main examples in this line is Pearl Harbour and the “consequent” US nuclear war on Japan – a topic beyond the scope of this discussion. The out-of-proportion “counter-attack” as “response” to Pearl Harbour – targeting large masses of innocent Japanese civilians via nuclear mass-destruction – marks a unique track-record of war-crime and aggression.

For many decades now our collective cognitive dissonance has prevented us from noticing this huge elephant in the room. While the US keeps accusing other countries of threatening the world with mass-destruction (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Russia), it is the US that actually deployed weapons of mass-destruction in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ironically, the very country claiming an exclusive, above-the-law” sense of entitlement to protect civilians from “dictators”, is the very dictator-country that murdered millions of Japanese civilians in a blink of an eye, as an alleged revenge for an alleged military attack. Those who are capable of this monstrosity, are capable of lesser crimes as well, such as maintaining cover-up stories to rationalise the crime. Those who don’t take at face-value what the mass-media of these warmongers assert, can put together the actual history from its fragments:

  • The US authorities, after discovering Einstein’s theory of relativity, applied the new science to developing then cutting-edge nuclear weapons as a power-demonstration to the world, to Europe and Soviet Russia, that the US is the invincible, top super-power on the planet. Thus, the unforgettable tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was nothing but a staged “show” put on planetary display to paralyse and intimidate the world, and the Pearl Harbour “self-attack” was but a crafted pretext to achieve that goal. (Note: the expression “self-attack” is a misnomer, as it will be explained later in this post.)

Still regarding the question of who has the habit to kill civilians on mass-basis – we can see that both the Western-Israeli cartel and ISIS have displayed largely similar tendencies in such regard: both are determined to achieve world-domination, and both deploy similar murder-, intimidation- and torture-techniques to achieve their goals. In addition, both ISIS and Israel, who play a pioneer role in the Western colonising ambitions, are infamously known for educating children to harbour racial-religious hatred, cruelty against the infidels/non-Jews. It is Israel’s habit to brainwash its settlers to hate all Palestinians, and they do so on phony religious claims, just like ISIS does. And it is Israel to practise ISIS-featuring extreme forms of cruelty, including burning people alive, for “fun” [5].

Whose capacity?

The question of who has the capacity to carry out highly sophisticated mega-crimes like the 911 or Paris attack – as well as the ISIS-claimed Russian plane-crash – is yet another indicator as to the actual agents behind these attacks. According to the official story, ISIS is invincible. This group is allegedly winning a global World War 3 against the rest of the world. Their achievements include, inter alia:

  • “More than 250,000 people have been killed in the Syrian war. Eleven million have been uprooted from their homes. The conflict has allowed Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant [ISIL] fighters to carve out significant parts of Syria and Iraq for their would-be caliphate. Europe and Syria’s neighbors, meanwhile, are struggling to cope with the worst migrant crisis since World War II.”  [2]

Hence the question who has the capacity to accomplish such mission impossible is especially revealing:

  • How come that the scattered, impoverished, depraved, violent Mideast tribes, who are – as the narrative goes – unable to organize themselves into functioning societies, are capable, powerful, well-fed, well-financed and organised enough to subject the entire highly developed, prosperous and well-organised Western world to constant terror and threat?
  • How come that these radical grassroots emerging from the war-stricken Mideast, can afford to operate a highly organised recruiting network; they are empowered, skilled and focussed enough to perform all forms of military attacks at the highest precision, they can defy the Western top-tech mass-surveillance and security checks, they can co-ordinate a network of many sub-networks without any communications and acts intercepted by the CIA, DIA, NSA or European equivalents. They can afford to continuously have access to all the necessary logistic and military supplies, and they could sustain themselves and multiply their membership since 2006.
  • How come that the Western military forces and agencies, at their world-leading status of technical readiness and human expertise, are proven helpless against several under-skilled ‘shepherds’ roaming the Mideast wilderness in ‘religious’ anger and revengeful hatred?

Above official story stand in sharp contradiction with the other half of the official mantra, according to which the Middle Eastern sort of “inferior” breed are inherently ‘warmongers’ due to their inability to organise themselves like the “superior” Western white race. The gigantic contradiction rendering the Muslim society inferior to the Western society, at the same time assuming the superiority of a small minority of “Muslims” over the entire West, has been the rationalising narrative underlying the endless “failures” in NATO’s attempts to defeat ISIS.

It is evident that several hundreds or thousands of allegedly “mindless fanatics” are incapable of above “achievement” without vast continuous support and organisation by financially apt, technically and logistically skilled agents – of the West. It is impossible to carry out the sophisticated operations without the support of top stakeholder agencies of the world, such as the CIA, FBI, Mossad or DIA.

Whose “self” it is anyway? – not their own

In discussions tackling the assumption that terrorist attacks like 911 and the one in Paris were “self-attacks”, many still stay reluctant to acknowledge that organising and executing a self-attack can benefit those who organise and execute them.

The trick of “self-attack”, as a technique to provoke wars and fuel division among marginalised and victim groups, is nothing new; in fact it is as ancient as mankind itself. In politics and history such tactics have often been deployed as part of the infamous divide et impera strategy [14], but it can also be observed in everyday life in the behaviours of manipulative individuals. When manipulative children secretly inflict wounds on themselves in order to stay out of school, or to pretend “self-defence” when they actually attack their peers, belongs to this pathology.

The reason why many are unwilling/unable to perceive “self-attack” as a potential self-interest, is due to the misnomer “self-attack” and “suicide” in these contexts. This misnomer is based on the fallacy of using country-names in ambiguous ways or specifically equating the political leadership of a country with the country. The media- and political narrative often refers to ‘EU’ when mentioning ‘Europe’, even though the actual meaning of EU is an assembly of bureaucrats mismanaging Europe in order to serve the interests of global banks and corporations [23]. Fallacious assertions such as “EU commits suicide via the refugee crisis” or “EU hurts itself via the Greek debt crisis” do a great job leaving the masses in the dark by hiding the fact that none of these crises imply either suicide or self-hurt; on the contrary.

  • It is essential to keep in mind that the leaders of Europe personally do not make any sacrifices and do not suffer in any way whatsoever from the consequences of any of the wars, conflicts, or the financial/economic crises they generate in Europe or elsewhere. On the contrary, they greatly benefit from all these [8, 25]. The elites are not concerned regarding the consequences of the “mistakes” they make, since they are not competing for position and power. They together share the position in which they enable themselves to accumulate a historically unprecedented amount of power and wealth.

The EU is a circle of privileged high-society members, who gradually established their authoritarian control over the entire European continent, without the Europeans’ knowledge and consent of the affected 500 million citizens [9]. When EU recently organised the Mideast mass-migration into Europe, many called it ‘suicide by EU’. No. It was/is homicide, both against the Mideast population and against the unprivileged majority of Europe, who gravely suffer under the consequent logistically, financially, socially and humanly unmanageable conditions.

Even in the narrow context of a terrorist crime, the term “self-attack” is inapplicable. Those fanatics who actually carry out these suicide-attacks are used as weapons by those who benefit from these attacks. They are suicidal psychopaths – driven into despair by this dysfunctional global society under the effects of the many-layered wars waged by the Western coalition – and these marginalised, victimised, radicalised, suicidal borderline minds are manipulated by narcissistic homicidal psychopaths [33]. Even though these brainwashed humanoid weapons put religious phrases on public display to associate religion with their crimes and they declare themselves as “religious”, religion has nothing to do with it. By the same token, these extremist groups could have invented their own “gods” and “religion” – like many evil sects do – and could execute their acts while yelling their own “god’s” name, rather than Allah’s. But since the main side-benefits of this evil show is to induce world-wide Islamophobia and discredit all religions as such, the show is run under Islamic slogans. As a mere sect out of the domain of a world-religion observed by many millions, the criminality of ISIS would not serve the desired divide-et-impera purposes.

  • In the case of New York’s 911, the “self-attack” delivered a generous fringe benefit to the instigators [30]:“On 9/11, Israelis were forewarned over an Israeli instant messaging service called Odigo of a looming terrorist attack in New York. Conspicuously, the World Trade Center was bought by a Jewish-Zionist billionaire, Larry Silverstein, six weeks before the attacks. Silverstein, who is personal friends with Benjamin Netanyahu and a lavish contributor to pro-Israel causes, attributed his absence from a routine business meeting at the top of the North Tower on 9/11 to a “miracle.” He then collected billions in terrorism insurance money and his destroyed buildings gave birth to the Israeli-devised “War on Terror.”

Rather than “self-attack”, the more appropriate term “staged attack” can be used when referring to these pre-meditated, organised crimes, which then are used by the instigators of the crimes to frame others, or even blame the victims.

  • This is exactly how the infamous poisonous gas-attack, a crime originated by Washington [41], was shifted onto Syria’s Assad, as a media-propaganda pretext for invading Syria in the first place.

Capitalists, the unknown enemy of “their own”

To explain the phenomenon that the dignified Western elites and the highly productive corporate powers – who flatter themselves on highest social pedestals – resort to waging wars, organising evil sects as ISIS and execute “self-attacks” to maintain their noble position, we need to refer to certain less-known features of Capitalism (obviously left uncovered my the Capitalist media). Capitalism is a system, especially its unfettered/unregulated version, that drives its players into an accelerating need for profits, which  implies the necessity of virtually endless expansion, which requires endless needs to grab more and more resources. This process inherently leads towards monopolies, cartels, colonisations, scarcity, poverty, wars, ecological destruction and other globally detrimental phenomena. The world several years ago entered a stage when the largest players of global capitalism needed a secret weapon – ISIS – to execute their agenda to grab all resources of the planet, to reduce the world-population and world-markets to a controllable size, which they as a cartel can fully dominate and control. (See more details on this in a later post.)

  • Those individuals whom the Capitalist elites force to make the actual sacrifices in the course of any crisis or war – the masses (the ‘mob’ as the elites call them) – do/did not matter anyway, either at present or in any era of history.

The fact that the global circle of the wealthiest Capitalist elites are in fact the enemy of the rest of the world, is evident from their widely applied genocidal neoliberal policy [7], which keeps executing large masses of “their own” by the invisible weapons of austerity, privatizations, spending cuts, by dismantled public services, leaving large masses of people without opportunity, jobs, shelter, healthcare, and welfare. Given the financial-economic wars the Capitalist elites have been waging on “their own” all over the West, to allow some of “their own” to be killed in noisy and visible ways by terrorist attacks, is a no-issue.

Thus, compared to the ‘sanctified’ goal to enrich and glorify a country as “great and victorious liberator” (in fact coloniser and occupier of “inferior” regions), for the Capitalist elites to sacrifice some of “their own” is insignificant. Their elite circles are never hit by any of these staged attacks, and those who die, do not matter anyway.

Whenever the effects of the elites’ wars hit one of “their own” countries, when the refugee-flood reached Europe and triggered a monstrous chaos, or when the CIA/Mossad-installed explosives hit the WTC twin-towers, when the West-financed ISIS launched the gunfire in Paris, the capitalist elites were watching these ‘live’ events from their ivory tower, drinking champaign, very content that their Agenda21 proceeds according to plans.

Timing, another revealing sign of design

The terrorist attack was carried out right at the time when the migrant-crisis and its immediate detrimental effects peaked in Western Europe, not before and not after.

It was carried out now, not later when somehow the events around the crisis would run their course, when the gigantic crowd of migrants would no longer stand out as a sore thumb, when they are no longer in the ‘waiting room’, when they are placed and absorbed by society, or when the majority of migrants are already returned home without jobs, without welfare and without the promised ‘promise land’. Or when they themselves return to their liberated homes to rebuild them.

The attack did not happen earlier either, when the migrants were still stranded somewhere in the Eastern bloc.
Then the role of these displaced crowds was to provide the Western cartel a reason to leash out on another West-stricken victim-regions:  Eastern Europe. (This indicates how the Western lead crunches every single drop of blood out of this crisis, in order to blame victims and inflict division and chaos.)

  • The Paris attack took place now, when the turmoil in Europe has reached the maximum Fahrenheit, when the wounds of all involved parties are fresh and burning, when both the Middle East migrants and native citizens of Europe are too enraged to realise the actual enemy, hence they turn against each other, when a crime like the Paris attack could trigger an unprecedented catalytic event to be ridden by the warmongering populist leaders of Europe. Hence we can plug the European equivalent into the US/911 scenario:
    “To get the EU involved in a war in the Middle East, with a powerful enraged anti-Islamic strain with the European public. They needed a catalytic event.” [1]

The Paris attack allows us to arrive at an additional conclusion retrospectively: one of the main reasons behind EU’s hypocrite “refugees welcome” propaganda was to launch a most anti-humanitarian and anti-Muslim campaign in Europe, masked as a most pro-Muslim humanitarian campaign.

The European refugee-crisis is an incredibly sophisticated device to induce a social-political and economic tension in Europe – unprecedented since WW2 – meanwhile preserving the EU-leaders’ legitimate status in power.

A masterpiece within a Machiavellian masterplan

Further to the formerly identified benefits of the EU-induced migrant crisis [23, 25], it appears that EU reaps yet another profit: to obtain the necessary scapegoats for the Paris massacre.

This becomes particularly obvious when we consider this less-known fact: the Paris terrorist act could have been executed without the prior migrant-influx into Europe. ISIS is an international (global) organisation, with established presence in EU, funded by 40 countries [34] and recruited from all over the world, especially from EU countries.

  • It is actually the EU to export ISIS-fighters into Mideast; not the way around! Moreover, According to a recent Washingtonblog post [15], the Paris attack was reportedly carried out by European citizens:
    “Specifically, many of the Paris terrorists were European nationals who went to fight for ISIS in Syria, and then they slipped in with the refugees coming from Syria to get back into Europe.”

What we could conclude earlier has been proven again by the Paris attack: the “refugees welcome” hypocrite EU-slogan is not to help the war-stricken Mideast population, but to wage yet another version of war on them. The migrants are simply lured onto the European scenery to be subjected to other forms of abuses. Their presence in Europe is “needed” to frighten the native masses of Europe, and their fear is needed by EU to obtain European mass-support for an unprecedented high level of islamophobia and anti-Arab racism in Europe.

The citizens of Europe are bewildered enough to be prone to associating this and all possible future terrorist attacks with the crowd of Muslim migrants, who are now exposed to the unfathomable anger of those Europeans who see the Muslim migrants not only as the ones to take their homes and jobs, but as their “attackers”. And those Westerners who are attacked, strike back, without thinking, questioning, hesitating, discerning – pretty much like their “leaders” do. And those who are counter-attacked, also counter-attack. Then both sides attacking each other can be attacked by the Police. With this refugee crisis culminating in the Paris terrorist crime, the EU has triggered an endless chain of criminality, chaos, as a pretext to destabilise Europe.

A Zionist (non-religious) sect masked as “Islamic State”

Throughout many decades, the Western authorities and media-propaganda have been fuelling islamophobia all over the West. The brainwashed Western masses, subjected to the continuous anti-Islamic propaganda, failed to do the necessary research to uncover the actual truth about Islam: Islam is a peaceful religion, just like the other two related world-religions, Judaism and Christianity: “Do not toss the action of a few people and organisations into the lap of Islam and call it Islam” [13].

The Western Zionist mass-media had – and still has – a very good reason to stir anti-Muslim/anti-Islam sentiments all over the West: in order to obtain and maintain Western mass-support for Israel – and Greater Israel’s [14] – colonising project. They need a strong pretext to justify financing, supporting and “praising” the Israeli regime.

  • In order to justify the unjustifiable and to cover up the illegal existence and expansion of war-criminal Israel, the Zionist Western elites resorted to a world-wide islamophobe campaign. Why? Applying Dr. Sabrosky’s words: To get the Western masses involved in the Zionist wars in the Middle East, with a powerful enraged anti-Islamic strain with the Western public.

One of the milestones in the long process of the anti-Islam propaganda has been the memorable media-hysteria over Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” in the 90’s. The Western mass-media crafted a huge cover-page story of this misleading anti-Islam book, presenting the book to the smallest detail, thereafter the media diligently ‘covered’ the story of the “declared jihad” against the “brave” author. A while later, after the West elites had invented Al-Qaeda and ISIS, seemingly “Muslim” extremist/terrorist groups, and the media have been dwelling on this subject 24/7, the pre-established islamophobia and Muslim-hatred in the West went crescendo. The process reached a tipping point after 911, when the CIA/Mossad-committed terrorist attack was pinned onto the allegedly “extremist Islamic group” Al-Qaeda.

  • A question to ponder about: if Islam is such a violent, revenge- and hatred-filled religion, as the mainstream narrative claims, and if these “jihadist Islamic” forces like ISIS are unstoppable forces,  how come that Rashdie, the infamous author of the “Satanic Verses”, is still alive and well?

Divide, conquer and confuse: the grand contradiction

Following from the artificially induced islamophobia the Zionist West established all over the world, we can raise these questions as well:

  • If Islam is such a violent, extremist, dangerous, savage, revenge-full religion, as the Western elites claim, how come that the EU is now forcing Europe to accept, embrace and welcome millions of migrants who observe such a violent and dangerous religion?
  • From the opposite perspective we can ask: if Islam is a peaceful religion, and Muslims are peaceful, kind, civilised and worthy of our trust – as the so called “liberal” EU leaders admit – how come that they keep supporting Israel’s “self-defence”, which is “justified” mass-murder of peaceful Muslims, including children, upon the claim that all Muslims are inherently intolerant, violent and dangerous, and as such all of them pose a constant threat to “peaceful” Israel and to the highly developed, tolerant West?
  • How come that the “liberal” representation of the global cartel – Obama, Clinton, Merkel, etc – and “humanitarian” organisations and tycoons like UN, Amnesty and Soros, who are so loud to “defend” the Muslims’ interests in Europe, are absolutely content when the same Muslims are bombed in their very own countries by Israel and NATO?

The contradiction we can capture underlying above questions is tremendous.

Another curious element can be added to above to demonstrate how the lying establishment occasionally resorts to telling the truth, in order to keep the masses under permanent contradiction and confusion: “President Obama says that the terrorist group, the Islamic State, ISIS, or ISIL, is “not Islamic [16]. This peculiar admission implies yet another central question: if ISIS is not an Islamic establishment (they aren’t indeed) then what are they and who are they? And why are these extremist ‘religious’ groups referred to as the basis of Western wars against the allegedly underdeveloped, savage, threatening Islamic nations?

Thus the same elites – specifically Merkel and Clinton – now preach against the anti-Muslim fear they had inflicted, and they even issue laws to punish anti-Muslim fear as “xenophobia and racism”. The many-layered contradictions around Islam the Western-lead has established, are there to reap the expected extraordinary Divide Et Impera effects via the historically unprecedented magnitude of Muslim migration into Europe. The European refugee-crisis triggers a peculiarly torturous moral-psychological dilemma, which keeps the European masses in ever deepening turmoil. Now the Europeans – and Westerners in general – who had been deeply conditioned to fear and hate Muslims, are physically mixed with them, meanwhile they are obliged, by both their inner moral and outer authoritative commands, to overcome their islamophobia. Now they are supposed to love their Muslim neighbours, right in their very own neighbourhood. They are ordered to do so by the EU-elites and by self-made ‘neros’ like Soros, who practice “philanthropy and humanitarianism” from their ivory towers at the expense of the impoverished and angered masses. Since the requirement to love those who they were taught to hate is evidently an impossible task, the elites’ goal is evidently to incite racism on both sides, then penalise racism on both sides.

This contradiction underlying the cruel and shrewd manoeuvre of the West elites is evidence that their mission is Divide and Rule – plus confuse – both the poverty-stricken citizens of Europe and the long-suffering Muslim victims of the Western wars. The chaotic circumstances and climate the Western leaders generated via the refugee-crisis, now enable the EU-authorities to harass innocent Muslims all over Europe while they are allegedly chasing ISIS, meanwhile they can play the “merciful” and penalise those Europeans who, upon feeling threatened by ISIS, project their justified fear onto all Muslims in Europe. The tension this contradiction generates is simply unspeakable. The invariable outcome is an ever deepening chaos, uprising, violence, vandalism, criminality and constant police terror against these clashing groups. The level of sophistication of evil the Western establishment is deploying both against their own citizens and the migrants they have “invited” is also unfathomable.

Only several days passed since the Paris attack, but we can already see how Europe is subjected to the same consequences as the US was after 911. The European scenery now is the exact copy of the post-911 period. Following the US ‘war on terror’ script, the European authorities already introduced martial law based upon false-flag terror alerts in Belgium [17], increased the presence of military police and enhanced mass-surveillance in Europe [18]. On the basis of the former 911 US scenario, what we can expect: ad hoc arrests of innocent citizens in large number, detention without discernment and due course of law. After the 911 attack in the US, countless “suspects” have been detained and tortured by the CIA – quite analogously to the practices of medieval Inquisition – in order to obtain confession of the terrorist attack these “suspects” never committed. They could not, since it was the CIA itself and Mossad who committed them.

The practices of “war on terror” – war on ‘their own’ – eventually led to circumstances in the US whereby all genuine democratic institutions have been abolished. If such anti-democratic meltdown was possible in the very country whose constitution the world used to think of as the very foundation of modern democracy, we can imagine how easy it is for the EU to remove the remnants of democracy in a federal union (EU/USE) which was downright founded upon anti-democracy [9]. Despite of all constitutional rights and protection the US citizens enjoy in theory, 911 has triggered an anti-constitutional avalanche and ever since the justice / legal system in the United States has been free falling, ending up in circumstances comparable to raw form of fascism and absolute absence of law. At present the American system allows the Police to kill innocent, no-suspect Americans on the street (just for fun) [11] and the American prison system has been subverted into a place of torture and slavery for countless innocent US citizens [12].

The good-cop/bad-cop game revisited

As it was demonstrated via the Greek Debt crisis (as one of the many examples) the global system is a rigged game and the show sold as “democracy” is only the façade of the game.

Parts from above post:

In the misrepresentational undemocracy that characterizes almost all countries of the world at present, the same or similar good-cop, bad-cop acts are played all over again, as the most typical way of mimicking democracy/pluralism. One participant shifts the responsibility to some other parties, individuals, party-members, present or past MPs, PMs, presidents. National governments are blaming the EU, meanwhile EU and Troika’s agents are blaming national governments, and both groups are blaming the actual victims: the hard working citizens of the country from whom both groups are looting massive funds – daily. Retired officials are admitting past “mistakes” or corruption and/or pointing at someone else’s mistakes and/or corruption, with reference to someone’s being “leftist” or “rightist”. Since the elites’ objectives include discrediting the values of democracies down the road, they interpret their own corrupt practices as the inaptness of democracy, in order to make the majority give up on democracy as the ideal.  … “To neutralise all efforts to reclaim our national democracies, elites constantly demonise these efforts either as “leftist” “statist” or Marxist, or, other times as “far-right nationalist”. For pathological liars and socio-path manipulators not even such blatant contradictions pose any obstacle.”

There is ample evidence upon which we can realise that this system is designed to fail for the large masses [8], while delivering the benefits of the “failure” for the elites. The decades-long “failure” of the endless US wars waged against numerous 3rd world countries falls into this category. The US wars are designed to “fail” in order to enable the Western colonisers to progress with seizing more and more territories and resources, meanwhile accumulating gigantic profits in the military industry [6.1].

The political leaders of the Western world very shrewdly allocate the different roles among them – analogously with the infamous good-cop/bad-cop trick – some equipped with blunt sticks and stones, others with hypocrite rhetoric and velvet gloves. This is how they hide the fact that they are one camp working towards one common goal. In almost every main political event it is observable how the elites alternate these roles and how they mix the overt and covert aggression techniques, how they set up fake opposition groups, how they pretend friction, competition, debates and fights among themselves. Even the great divide, the left-right or liberal-conservative division, is there only to blur the victims’ eyesight [32]. EU’s mainstream globalist-liberal policy and the so called conservative-nationalist opposition are just two sides of the same coin. They both lead to EU-wide crises, terror, poverty and wars, hence both feed into the same common agenda.

The global political scenery of party-politics is a perfect stage to play this rigged game. The system itself is never identified as the source of the “failure”, but certain forefront personalities, who do not actually fail but hugely succeed in carrying out a specific task in the overall agenda. Whenever the rigged Western system “fails”, the suffering party is always the citizenry. When a prominent figure is occasionally singled out to be blamed, he/she is always someone from the past, typically from the opposition camp. The recent hysteria beating the drum around Bush and Blair is a perfect case in point. While the media are dwelling on their past, the public pays significantly less attention to the present carbon copies of Bush and Blair: Obama and Cameron.

This widely applied good-cop/bad-cop script is now followed again by characters like the German Angela Merkel and French Francois Hollande. When they play this game, they often rely on our collective amnesia. It was only a few weeks ago, when Merkel and Hollande made a splash in the EU – as a quasi “royal couple” – in order to together emphasise the utmost necessity to import several million Mideast refugees into Europe. Now, upon the Paris attack, Hollande makes a U-turn and pretends to stand up to Merkel, with the claim it is time for French dominance in Europe.

After the deed is done, the globalist “refugee-saviour” Merkel [10] might even leave the political arena, might even be accused, attacked or shamed for messing up Europe; it does not matter. Now when the refugee crisis is there, the Muslim migrants could be used as pretext for the Paris Attacks, and the Paris Attacks can be used as reason for war and terror, the formerly ‘refuge-lover’ Hollande can turn into a refugee-hater nationalist, and the pre-written EU-script to destabilise Europe can continue.

While the “liberal” West is preaching tolerance, individual rights, freedom, and other mass-luring slogans, they altogether play the ‘good cops’, as their role is to keep up a façade and to maintain the “democratic” mass-support for their de facto hard core fascist endeavours. However the actual purpose and agenda of the world-colonising Western elites, the infamous global Agenda 21, is now being accomplished via their ‘bad cop’ assistants, ISIS et al.

If their theatre play was not as tragic as hell, we could have a good laugh at the amateur performance.

Only Russia gets it right

CUOdvMuXIAAmVZxWhen Russia recently suffered an ISIS-claimed plane-crash killing hundreds of Russian civilians, the Russian government responded in a way alien to the Western sort of “war on terror”. The Russian war on terror is a genuine war on terror; Russia actually fights and successfully eliminates ISIS forces [29].

Russia did not even take the claim of ISIS at face-value; instead they conducted painstakingly thorough investigations. And since Russia does eliminate countless ISIS-bases in the Middle East, after the terrorist attack against the Russian plane, Russia simply continues ‘business as usual” when continues assisting Syria in fighting ISIS and other terrorist forces. Russia’s actions stand in sharp contrast with the Western response, for whom the target to eliminate is evidently not ISIS, but Syria’s elected, legitimate government.

  • Thus, the Western-Israeli coalition – now joined by the French – remains jammed under the Russian-led highly effective military operations eliminating strategic ISIS-bases in Syria. The West remains unable to resolve the big dilemma: How to fight ISIS while not fighting ISIS at all, actually sponsoring and supporting them?
  • Another contrast between the West/NATO strikes in Syria and the Russian role: NATO is violating international law every time when their aircraft or troops enter Syria, whereas the Russian military joined the Syrian army upon Syria’s official invitation. And as mentioned before, while NATO is de facto affiliated with ISIS, the Syrian-Russian coalition effectively fights and successfully eliminates terrorist forces in Syria and Iraq [29].


Following the events around the European refugee-crisis, we can see it proven all over again, that the a priori premise for the Western elites is their fundamental ‘necessity’ to wage wars, to overthrow governments that resist the US/Israeli world-hegemony, and to enable themselves to introduce/tighten domestic totalitarian control. For these objectives the Western elites invent and deploy all Machiavellian devices.

What is happening at present: the Western elites are importing the chaos, conflicts and wars they sustain in Mideast into Europe. The elites apply the sort of chaos, division and all war-triggering scenarios in the 1st world that they have applied throughout history all over the 3rd world colonies. This is not the first time the colonising global cartel targeted Europe. Before the 2nd world war the elites used Jews as scapegoats to trigger the 2nd world war; in the present they perform an anti-Muslim version of the same artificially ignited hatred and racism, in order to trigger 3rd world war. And even George Soros, a central figure in the process of arranging for the refugee-crisis [19], confessed that he expressly wants a 3rd world war in Europe [20, 21].

The global agenda building towards a next world war, has a name: UN’s Agenda 21  (Agenda 30) [22].

We can see the “riddle” formerly put forth in this post solved: the reason why Muslims are not protected and not welcome in their own homeland, only in Europe: because their homeland is ‘needed’ for the Greater Israel project and the migrants fleeing from the Mideast war-zones into Europe are ‘needed’ as the scapegoats of the next Far-Right regimes in Europe and possibly a next world war.

  • The biggest danger is this: even if both the crisis-stricken European masses and the war-stricken Mideast migrants stayed calm and refrained from violence and racism, the Western cartel, who operates both the fake “Islamic” violent groups and the European “white nationalist” far-right forces, will make sure that the racist provocative shills placed into both camps will dominate the scenery [23], and will continue the violence on both sides, in order build up the tension into a WW3.

In the final analysis, it is meaningless to pinpoint any country’s or individual’s specific role in the shared plan – they all play their respective parts in the overall game. As close as we can get in naming the game: ISIS is the Mideast secret weapon of Israel, and Israel is de facto one of the states of America. The US-led global cartel controls all Western governments, hosts and controls the UN and all relevant world-organisations and via ISIS they attempt to effectively control the 1st world as well. Thus, for whatever crimes the ISIS commits or threatens the world with, the extant US-led Western establishment is to be held responsible.

It is now the task of the citizens of Europe – and of Russia – to learn from the lessons of the New York 911 ‘self-attack’ and its French equivalent, the Paris attack, and to accomplish the historical task that the American citizens should have fulfilled long ago.

The only way to avoid a World War 3 in Europe is via democratising the Western establishment as soon as possible,  ending the Western colonising wars – all versions thereof [25] – and ending Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East. Our failure to achieve that goal will mark the end of Europe, end of Middle East and of the entire 1st world as well.

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