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A scream from beyond the Matrix: the truth-challenge of our era that won’t go away

The curse of information-overload and the need to get the big picture

On social media, particularly in the dynamic environment of Twitter, we are literally bombarded with thousands of news, stories, ideas, thoughts, memes, per minute. One might think, the more we read, watch, absorb and pass on, the more knowledge we as a society shall gather. But is it really so?

There are moments for each of us when one needs to regroup – this is how I feel now.

We are all at a different stage of learning, and the information-overload can be damaging to the very process of learning. When we devote our time and attention to a certain subject and whenever we decide to share it, the question is always, why? Why should we know about this? Why is it relevant? Why should we be interested? How does it affect us? What can we do about it?

For some reason it seems meaningless to rehash the same subject(s) all over again. Why to run the same laps a million times without stopping at a point of conclusion, and say it clear and loud: no more. We get the idea, made the point, burnt the T-shirt – the repetition of the same thing will only ruin it. An extra piece of information is just deadwood added to the clutter if one can’t place it within a meaningful framework, or when it doesn’t add incremental value to the formerly established realm of the known.

  • So I often wonder: doesn’t it dilute our knowledge if we reiterate its expression all over again without making the very point as to what to make of it and where to go from here?

Does it really make a difference if we are aware how many more children are detained in Palestine, how many more were killed today in the Middle East and how many of us starved to death today all over the world? Do we really have to be presented with every gruesome detail of the activities of Israel and ISIS? Do we need more proof of how the Western-Israeli alliance let Palestine down and how the global elites are trying to take total control of the world by using ISIS – and terrorism in general – as their secret decoy for war and terror? How much more evidence is needed?

  • Sometimes I find myself – in attempt to spare others from the long route to the essential hidden truth – trying to compose that one single tweet ( or blog ) – that might cover all we need to know in our attempt to make informed decisions as responsible citizens. But that is a mission impossible.

So, how much knowledge is too much and how much is just not enough?

If – after all the proof posted on social media and all over the net – some still refuse to see that the source of all the troubles in the world is not Islam, not Iran, not Syria’s Assad, not North Korea, etc, and especially not Russia – but Israel, US and their allies – and the lethal capitalist system they violently foist onto the world, then they will remain hopelessly misguided until the end of their lives.

Yes, we need to say what needs to be said, we need to get informed of the facts and need to inform others. Then we need to analyse the facts and integrate all essential elements into the one big picture of reality. Then once we reached the state of knowing, we need to move on.

The day of a truther “out there”

For many of us, “move on” means to withdraw: to leave behind the stomach-turning, time-consuming, scary and undecipherable mass of guffs we gather from the field of “politics”, and restart a meaningful and carefree life unbothered amidst the tsunamis of nightmarish reality.

Then sometimes the most memorable scenes from the movie Matrix return in batches of vivid flashbacks, and you ask yourself how in the world the producers of that sh*t knew so bloody well WTF is going on.

To preserve your sanity (the remnants of it) you switch channel each time when the news-presenter appears on screen.

orwell political languageIf you fail to navigate away in time, you will hear the anchor reminding you – from his/her personal perspective heavily financed by the US-empire itself  – why our superbly functioning NHS ‘needs’ to be destroyed and how great it shall be when we end up with a non-functional (non-existing) nevertheless super-expensive service in its place. You know – because you are a living and thinking human being, rather than a wax-sheep dressed in an ape’s costume  – that the jumbo mambo-jambo about austerity, savings, debt, privatisation, blah-blah, is one giant scam. You are aware that you and society are robbed blind on astronomical scale and the day is nigh when those razor-wheels of the spending cuts will reach us all. No exception.

Then all hell breaks loose when the anchor gets into the topic of Syria, refugees, ISIS, Paris Attacks and the sort.

no measure of healthIf your wife – or husband – hasn’t yet rescued the glass from your hands, you will have the opportunity to experience the visual joy of how a quantized glass of wine shall enter unholy matrimony with your TV-screen. Your teeth are grinding one another and your fist is one tense of a knot, ready to pull the trigger for the truth. Sometimes you start screaming at the newscaster, other times you fantasise about radical ways to smear the slimy-smiley face off that well-adjusted, over-accomplished, self-celebratory, fascist-subservient brat, whose super-paid profession is to spit out fluently those jolly, nevertheless murderous and monstrous media-lies into your taken-for-a-fool face.

Then things get a lot worse when you invite your friends and relatives over, and they attempt to enlighten you how Europe is falling apart because ‘we are not saving enough’. For a while your provoked-to-the-edge brain manages to remain in one blob, but all your efforts fail when you hear them engaging in the discussion how desperately we need a fully integrated “Europa” in order to end terrorism and make our continent great again. Then you feel another heat-blizzard storming in your head, meanwhile the film of your whole life is spinning in front of you. In attempt to survive the evening, you grab a bottle of wine, run downstairs into the cellar and spend the rest of the night with your dearest friends: the vino and the veritas.

The task that won’t go away

orangeMaybe, as of now what we need is a new form of ‘move on’. Not by ‘moving back’ into the world, pretending that everything is okay when we know that it isn’t.

Maybe, once we reached the state of knowing, we need to act upon it; not only the occasional truther here and there, but all of us. The very task of our generation won’t go away, no matter how far and how fast we run from it. It is like a persistent rash, a giant chewing-gum we stepped into, the glue stuck in our hair.

A cliché, nevertheless truer than ever: we the 99% have nothing to lose. To dissent, to resist, to confront all lies with the truth in one’s online and physical environments, and before all, to start cracking the single greatest question: how exactly – in the strict practical sense of the word – we should organise in order to end the unfolding global disaster.

It is not a ‘task’ per se; only if we wish to survive as mankind.

In short:


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