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Pt1 – Rethinking the future beyond Left and Right: “We are in trouble, we all need to pull together on this”

Then why don’t we?
agenda 21 ownWe are in trouble. We all need to pull together on this”, tells us a politician in her speech [1], addressing the gravest global issues and warning us of the dystopian future mankind is facing under the status quo. Her concerns are all valid and true. Those who understand the actual objectives underlying UN’s seemingly benevolent Agenda 21, are enraged and alarmed to no end. (The speech in pdf format: Agenda 21 Ann Bressington’s speech)

Beyond the fundamental riddle of how to convince the sceptics that focussing on these issues is not a scaremongering exercise of self-important bored alarmists and paranoid theorists, the one greatest single problem is how to change mankind’s path in order to avoid ending up in such a disastrous future the referenced speech depicts? What we don’t know, and what we should know before all else, HOW to pull together and on what basis? Unable and unwilling to even touch the surface of these questions, society remains paralysed and scattered.

Those few who heard about UN’s Agenda 21 are unaware of its significance or mislabel it as a “communist / Marxist / socialist global takeover.

“You are not a millionaire, stop voting for people who only care about them”

Fortunately, this blog is but one of the many million projects with the mission to reveal the inconvenient truths against the mainstream-media propaganda. Probably all of us who learned to read between the media-lines, and learned to acquire actual information on our political-social-economic reality, would agree that “we are in big trouble and need to pull together”. We would all agree that the extant global system is inhuman, dysfunctional and destructive on all counts, and it is long overdue to face these issues, get together and fix them.

However, we are light-years away from anything like a consensus, when it comes to the questions:
– what are the actual causes of the disastrous societal dysfunctions
– how to fix them
– what is the essence of the current paradigm
– what are the possible alternatives
– which of them to subscribe to, ie, what sort of system to envision in place of the current one

As someone who has been on social media for several years now, I have witnessed how the prevalent mainstream myths keep our societies divided via the widespread miscomprehension of society-defining concepts such as freedom, individualism, democracy, free markets, capitalism and the set of concepts within the assumed anti-thesis: serfdom, captivity, government, collectivism, Marxism, statism and socialism. Based on the misconceptions attached to these, there is the phony “Left-Right” dichotomy, a permanent ideological friction inflicted by the Capitalist/Imperialist “elites”.

Bd4pMImIQAIJW4yEvidenced by countless expressions in the blogsphere and social media, we would all agree that we are the 99%, and the only genuine social-economic division is between the richest 1% and the vast majority, yet, we the 99% remain divided along the Left and Right dichotomy. There are a significant number of those who belong – and always will belong – to the 99%, yet would “vote for” those who represent the 1%.

The main responsible factor for such self-defeating division and for the lack of attempts to unite the constituencies of Left and Right (and any position in between), is the misinformation maintained by the pro-establishment mass-media, the internet-army of phony opinion-moulders dominating society’s aggregate think-tank and the army of useful idiots – both on Left and Right – buying into the divisive propaganda.

As a result of the bogus paradigm and the consequent idle dispute between Left and Right, the Capitalist class managed to keep society in a deadlock, meanwhile they divide and rule the otherwise one big camp of the masses they exploit and oppress.

  • The solution to the global issues is neither the racist-nationalist Right, nor the globalist Left. This post is an introductory attempt to expose the conceptual deadlock underlying above division and to point at a possible direction towards resolving it.

Why seeing is not (always) believing

The primary reason why there are still so many of us in denial regarding the statement that we – as the human society on this planet – are in grave trouble, is the misnomer calling white “black” – and vice versa. When the Bard of Avon posed the rhetorical question: “what’s in a name” [2], his poetic genius blew the philosopher-hat off his head.

If we call a weed ‘rose’ – or a poison ‘medicine’ – such misnomer triggers ontological destruction by the very lack of truth-value-binding epistemological foundations. We can’t overestimate the devastating power of misnomer. Despite the eloquence, truthfulness and logical coherence of Ann Bressington’s presentation, despite the numerous accounts and warnings addressing the same issues, and despite our own experience confirming all over again that her warnings are in one-to-one correlation with the empirically testable reality, the incorrect name of the game – calling our societies “democracies” – keeps many of us from believing what we see: that the “elites” of the so-called “civilised” and “democratic” first world would resort to the foul play:
– to deceive and conquer all nations via all forms of wars [3]
– to sponsor savage terrorist groups in order to frame elected country-leaders and craft reasons for colonising wars and staged coups [4, 5]
– to kill “their own”, ie, to arrange for/endorse inside jobs – like WTC 911 and the Paris attacks – to craft pretexts for domestic police terror [5]
– to deliberately invent a fraudulent financial system to destroy all country’s economies, and to accumulate unprecedented capital in their hands [6, 10].

Another reason why we hesitate to believe the inconvenient truth that we are deceived, framed and let down by those whom we call our “leaders” – whom we are supposed to trust the most – is our lack of knowledge in related fields of psychology, which would allow us to spot a charming and smart nevertheless infinitely callus socio-path.

In this context we can list several other factors:
– the phenomenon known as “cognitive dissonance”, a sort of screen pulled over our eyes lest we see an inconvenient, hurtful truth
– because these immensely clever covert aggressors confuse the masses in ways impossible to predict and detect
– these phony leaders are millions of miles ahead of us in strategic planning, which often implies their warnings of the ‘critical circumstances’, threats, dangers and downturns, even though they intentionally triggered or are triggering them; they penalise and blame society when the disastrous fruit of their work surfaces in a form of crisis
– by their trick of pointing out the issues they cause and by always blaming others, society fails to spot them as the source/cause of the issues
– because not all of us reached the stage (not yet) to personally experience the consequence of the society-leaders’ betrayal
– because we are media- and peer-conditioned to avoid the “paranoid conspiracy theorist” label
– because we lack the sufficient knowledge to comprehend that Capitalism is a tacitly conspirational and inherently treacherous system, whereby even the bona-fide leaders and their apprentices, by virtue of the very essence of capitalism, act like little magnets helplessly being pulled to the centre from where the primary driver of the system, the capital originates, thus they tend to abandon the moral considerations in their acts, which then often lead to betrayal of their peers, voters, fellow-humans, fellow-citizens, colleagues, friends, even family-members.

Some of us shy away from facing the earth-shattering global issues upon the false belief that we, as insignificant drops in the society-ocean, can’t make a difference. Others evade facing their own responsibility in running this murderous machine. Some others are scared off the subject by the fear-mongering fictitious stories spread by misguided useful idiots or by the agenda-driven establishment-stooges posing as “conspiracy theorists” and voices of “resistance”.

This is not to say that there are no serious, genuine attempts by alternative journalists, experts, activists, etc – or even politicians to offer society a way out of this trap. UK’s Labour-leader Jeremy Corbyn is definitely one of these notable exceptions. His program is beyond the Left-Right framed false dichotomy, but the Capitalist establishment’s overwhelming campaign against him, the many decades long demonisation of the Left values, the widespread misconception attached to the Left ideology, and the consequent lack of understanding that a leader like Corbyn could serve the interest of the working masses, including those who see themselves as “proud Libertarians” – all these factors hinder many to line up behind a leader like Corbyn.

  • UPDATE (1/17/2016): I have just learned that UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, whose voice is being heard and followed by a significant number of people in UK, supports the idea of UK staying within the EU. At present UK is approaching the date of an EU-referendum. So here we go again, back to square one, right into the capitalist empire, under the leadership of so-called “Left”.

This alarming news does confirm the oft-mentioned proposition of a rigged/fixed bipartisan game among party-politics. How can any party claim to represent the 99%, and hold a position against Austerity, yet lead a campaign to make the UK stay within Austerity-EU? Is the Corbyn-led Labour a mere decoy of the Tory establishment to buy time for the plot of austerity, debt and crisis until it reaches the “desired” end-game? What springs to mind is the infamous case of betraying Greece via the Tsipras/Syriza scenario.

Falsified present and past, hijacked concepts and a society in deadlock

The deadlock generated by the bogus framing of the Left-Right dilemma makes it impossible for the well-meaning majority to unite on a shared ideological ground, although such unity would be necessary for going beyond the paradigm, formulate the blueprint of a profound constitutional reform towards a functional human society. Since the so-called “New World Order” projected in Agenda 21, is falsely defined as a Leftist threat, the bogus Right-wing “resistance”, as noted in above, managed to hijack society’s struggle against the Orwellian future.

In fact the blueprint of the planned future outlined by the global elites as per UN’s Agenda 21 is a Right-wing agenda, inherent in the Imperialist and Colonialist essence of Capitalism. But the loudest warnings about Agenda 21 are always addressed in the context of “Right-wing activism” by advocates like Alex Jones and his disciples, who either out of ignorance or deliberately misrepresent the nature of the problem as a “Leftist/Marxist” threat. Consequently, many of those who are Left-leaning and would agree that the world-occupying UN agenda is indeed a threat, end up in a deadlock when they are told that the Orwellian New World Order is a “leftist” curse. Meanwhile those who are self-confessed Rightists, proudly and loudly oppose the Agenda, and praise the notion of pure Capitalism free from threats like this “Red Agenda”. But the right-wing opposition to the agenda end up in a deadlock as well, since the Establishment and their plans for the future could not be any more Rightist.

In lack of understanding the essence of the status quo, it is impossible to identify the actual nature of the future it holds. The idea that a Capitalist society holds an imminent threat of a New World Order that is being seen as a Leftist/Communist threat entails a paradox that makes many dismiss the topic as incomprehensible and unresolvable.

It is therefore unfathomable to many, how Capitalism, the system assumed to be a liberal-democratic hence flexible one, can lead to a malevolent rigid system of tyranny and captivity.

Truths versus myths about Capitalism and Socialism

The Right-wing “opposition” to the status quo often mentions “crony capitalism” as an assumed anti-thesis to genuine Capitalism, with the attached claim that the current system, “crony capitalism” is a sort of socialism. Such allegations reflect a profound misunderstanding about both capitalism and socialism. In fact, what they call “crony capitalism” is the exact opposite of socialism, it is actually the ultimate essence and inevitable outcome of the social-economic dynamics of capitalism, of a system that is governed and ruled by big money/capital. Crony capitalism is the result of deregulated markets via giving rise to such capital-concentration that allows capitalists to effectively buy and control all governments. To prevent capitalism to run into its ultimate form of cronyism would require pro-socialist regulations and laws. The often proposed libertarian solution “to get rid of all governments” is exactly what the capitalists want to hear: in lack of elected governments the capitalists remain free without the very laws and regulations that would limit or prevent them to concentrate all  capital, power and control.

The main obstacle to the process of society-wide “awakening” and unity is obviously the Capitalist-sponsored mass-media, which have been praising Capitalism and demonising Socialism without pause for many decades now, with the attached claim that there is no alternative to the status quo. The mass-media generated myths about both Capitalism and Socialism are inflated via peer-pressure and self-censorship of the mindless disciples of political dogmas and by countless agents on social media. In their minds Capitalism is a democratic economic system made in Heaven, whereas Socialism is one-way ticket to Hell. They are unaware of – or intentionally hide – the objective fact that free-market Capitalism is a profoundly undemocratic system, an outgrowth of free-market feudalism [13], with features that inherently lead to scenarios like the 30’s Great Depression or the current global Crisis. The only time when “Capitalism” was a system to offer opportunity for the masses was the post-WW2 era – in the US it is referred to as Roosevelt’s New Deal [7].

Ironically enough, the era that many still think of as the ‘golden age of the American dream’ and as such an assumed triumph of Capitalism, was the era when a version of Socialism was implemented. Then the Governments, under the pressure of unions and country-wide mass-movements, responded to the needs of the masses and accordingly regulated the markets via Keynesian economics, taxed and regulated the banks, the corporations and the rich, introduced the welfare state and free education, this way enabled economy to expand and provide opportunity of prosperity for the unprivileged masses. Ironically enough, what made America “great” and Capitalism “glorious” is the exact opposite of Capitalism: what has made America “great” was the Socialist brakes built into the system by the Government, which then provided a relative balance to the predatory vicious cycle generated by the naked profit- and greed-driven free markets. [7, 8, 9, 10]

Since the so-called neoliberal transformation of the 70’s – marked by Reaganomics and Thatcherism [7,8,9, 10] – the stunning achievements of the New Deal era have been reversed via a process of market- and bank-deregulations. We need no far-fetched conspiracy theories to understand the Capitalist motivation in launching their neoliberal global project to undo the effects of the New Deal. All we need is to follow the trail of the capital owners’ interests: it leads towards a tacit or explicit agreement among them to re-establish the pre-New Deal raw Capitalist conditions, when they were unrestrained in realising their Capital-driven agendas, that is, to concentrate all capital and re-establish their monopoly position. Such tacit agreement among the Capitalist classes to pursue their shared goal is behind the phenomenon that all political parties are de facto neoliberal parties – or turn out to be so after being voted into power – and they merely pretend to operate under different colours in order to mimic democratic pluralism [11].

This is why the Capitalist-controlled media – with the diligent assistance of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Tea-party sort of libertarian entities – keep demonising the concept of Government. For the Capitalists the main institution of democracy – a genuinely democratic, elected Government accountable to the people – proved to be indeed a ‘red flag’. Whatever makes an economy prosper and expand hinders the capitalist power-concentration and monopoly-formation. Hence the Capitalist elites’ neoliberal agenda to remove from the system all social-democratic regulations and laws that were to protect the economy from the elites’ destructive activities.

  • The myths about Socialism are just as strong as the widespread misconceptions about Capitalism. This part of the peer-reviewed research article sheds light onto the reality versus the myths [13]:
    However, none of the 20th century’s state interventions achieved a change in the class, i.e. surplus, organization of production to communism. No society has yet reorganized most or even many of its enterprises such that the productive laborers within them are also the collective appropriators and distributors of the surpluses they produce.
    What the Soviet revolution did achieve was a transition from the prevalence of private capitalism to that of state capitalism instead.

These facts might sound astonishing and hardly believable to many, understandably, as most facts on this topic are largely suppressed by the Capitalist establishment-controlled mass-media and college-curricula. Due to the Capitalist-propaganda presenting not only false accounts on the status quo but a falsified history, many still believe that Socialism (Marxism) has been tested during the so-called “communist era”. From the failure of the phony versions of Socialism (Stalinism) many falsely conclude that the only option we are left with is the current system, regardless of its tragic dysfunctions [10]. See comprehensive analysis on the topic in second part of the post.

  • The one single conclusion we can derive from a status quo when political parties formed a grand coalition beyond Left and Right is the necessity that we the 99% would do the same: to form a grand coalition against the ruling classes and to do so beyond Left and Right. In other words, we indeed need to pull together on this, beyond all divisions and disagreements.

It remains the task of future research to explore all details of the myths associated with the Left-Right division and the misconceptions arising from the falsely framed alternatives we are presented with. This seems to be the minimal requirement to free the minds of those who would care about mankind’s fate and would prefer to make an informed decision on the question where to go from here.


  • There is indeed an alternative beyond the system sustained by the false dichotomy of Left and Right: the way how Iceland reclaimed democracy via establishing country-wide unity against the oppression of capitalist elites [12].

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