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The real Hunger Games: the Capitalist recipe to maximise profits while ‘having fun’

Introduce a political economy upon the arbitrary axiom that Capitalism is the one and only economic system for mankind, and introduce a narcissistic moral philosophy that you as a Capitalist represent unsurpassable objective moral virtues.

You as a Capitalist hire politicians to implement policy as per your moral and economic philosophy, meanwhile redefine ‘democracy’ as the political system to sustain Capitalism. Then from such position of self-established authority, abolish unions and all labour-representation, thus force your employees into a race-to-the-bottom contest to compete for jobs by accepting lower and lower wages.

the real hunger gamesGive decent jobs, salaries and benefits to only those who belong to your noble circles. For everyone else reintroduce slavery in the form of “workfare”. The goal is that you pay the lowest wages for jobs done by the fittest slaves, who will “win” (=survive) the contest. If you wish, you can call this race the “real Hunger Games”.

To speed up the process, extend the race-to-the-bottom into global scope so that you will have access to the cheapest and fittest labour everywhere on the planet. Never mind that your slaves will have to live out of a suitcase and every time when you lay them off and labour demand calls them elsewhere, they will have to relocate to yet another continent.


To further accelerate the process, make good use of your 3rd-world colonies, your Mideast colonising wars and your secretly sponsored mercenaries (ISIS). Via your “leftist” assistants, organise a massive refugee crisis to import the cheapest possible workforce via your war-refugees and economic migrants. These migrants are the fittest contestants who – glad just to escape your bombs – will worship you as their saviours and will work for you for literally zero payment. The migrants will boost your profits to sky-high levels not only by their zero wages but by rapidly pulling down the overall wages of your domestic employees.

the real face of capitalism2Meanwhile keep increasing the prices so your slaves can’t pay for food, energy, heating and shelter from their next-to-zero incomes. If some of them attempt to survive by taking bank-loans to acquire a home, education and meet other basic needs, but they can’t repay the loans from their low incomes, you can just evict them from their homes via your banks.

When you made them homeless this way, make sure their ugly presence won’t spoil the beauty of your city. Install pretty anti-homeless spikes, so when they crush onto the pavement, they will die, so all you need to do is to collect their bodies. To project your capitalist moral virtues into eternity, incorporate the beauty of your anti-homeless spikes into the modern concept of art and beauty.

Meanwhile dismantle public healthcare, so those of your slaves who are still alive but get sick, will die without treatment. Eliminate (privatise) all affordable public services, destroy the public sphere, abolish all public spaces and welfare benefits. To have a dandy excuse for such policy at all times, make sure to keep the country in ever increasing debt by taking countless £ billions of government loans, and transfer the responsibility of these odious debts onto your slaves. Refer to these debts as the reason for the crisis, then refer to the crisis as the reason for these debts, then refer to the debts and the crisis as the reason for austerity and spending cuts. Then you can increase the public debt again and continue the same loop ad infinitum.

Introduce private banking to enable yourself to create new money whenever you wish and in any quantity you wish. This way you can easily indebt the entire society, soon you can even purchase the whole planet.

Make sure your very own mainstream media and academia would never reveal the truth that the crisis and mass-unemployment are due to your private banking and debt- and profit-mongering dysfunctional capitalist system, and keep the real disastrous economic indicators in secret.

Instead of admitting the truth, use the divide et impera strategy to make your victims blame themselves and one another. To increase the fun, you might consider producing reality shows where the still active part of your slaves will blame the disabled and the unemployed, meanwhile make the local poor blame the immigrant poor for the overall misery that you inflicted. Then establish offices where the local poor dressed as fancy clerks will evict the immigrant poor, meanwhile watch how all of them are begging for their lives until they give up and commit suicide.


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About Sky Wanderer

Global Political Analysis, Research & Commentary. Multidisciplinary research and analysis revealing the big picture of the global status quo versus the mainstream myths. Searching the way out of the global financial tyranny and slavery, before the system ends up in a full-blown version of global fascism.


7 thoughts on “The real Hunger Games: the Capitalist recipe to maximise profits while ‘having fun’

  1. And all in the name of “democracy”

    Posted by avvo | January 21, 2016, 10:11 am
  2. Absolutely fantastic! In my next book I have thoughts on those lines. I will refer to this link! Well done!

    Posted by kiitossakidila | January 21, 2016, 5:05 pm
  3. You are confusing CRONY capitalism with REAL capitalism. Crony capitalists (banksters), the people who created and run socialism ARE bringing in a hunger games society and destroying real capitalism even as they blame it for all the evils of that the crony capitalists/ socialists are bringing in.

    Posted by Roger | January 23, 2016, 5:10 pm
    • Hello Roger,

      What you call “crony capitalism” is in fact real capitalism: it is the inevitable result of the dynamics of an economy that is governed by big money/capital. I am aware of the widespread myth proposing a distinction between capitalism and crony capitalism.
      Such phony distinction is made upon the fallacy to reduce society only to a system of economy and on the Randian utopia assuming perfect competition
      among capitalists. Then there is the widespread myth regarding the dandy SAD curves proposed by Smith, combined with the lack of knowledge regarding game theory as the actual guiding principle on free markets. And there is the general lack of understanding how human psychology shapes the complex interplay among economic, social and human factors.

      In fact, crony capitalism – and/or corporatism – are the essence of capitalism, not the opposite of it.

      Countless real life examples could be listed to demonstrate above. According to the utopia advocated by Ayn Rand and other market fundamentalists, Capitalism equals the conditions in which only those Capitalists can prevail who offer products at the lowest price, and who employ the the best, and these best – most diligent and talented – people will come from the unprivileged masses of society.

      In reality Capitalists are in a position to select partners and employees from among themselves. Those in their circles can afford the best education without the burden of student debt, they can start a business without taking a loan, and they already own the capital to bring into the business. Even as employee-candidates they enjoy advantages the others can’t compete with. The rich have time, energy and pre-existing money, background and support system to apply for the best jobs, to create a business without debt, to acquire the best education without debt – you name it. If someone from the rich choose to be employees, they are in bargaining position, they can select a highest paid job without the anxiety to fall under the bridge if they don’t get an income by next Wednesday . In short, Capitalists can employ the very best among themselves; their unprivileged peers are simply not needed, especially not in a contracting economy and under sky-high unemployment conditions.

      On another point: crony capitalism has nothing to do with Socialism. Socialism as Marx envisioned it, never existed yet. It has been my observation that many of those who are arguing for a fair and free economic system, which they imagine to be realised under a fully free market but capitalistic conditions, do not understand the ultimate principles of capitalism and what they propose is in fact what Marx argued for. But both the contemporary peers of Marx and those “revolutionists” who implemented stalinist systems under his name, profoundly misunderstood the Marxian thought. Instead, what was implemented as “socialist/Marxist/communist” system was state capitalism ( a poor version thereof due to the fact that it was under constant economic sanctions by the West). Since a form of state-capitalism is what we have now in the Western sphere, we recognise the resemblance between the stalinist systems and the current stage of capitalism. But again stalinism is a version of capitalism -state capitalism – and is essentially different from socialism.

      In fact the very essence of capitalism is not competition, but cronyism, in either overt or covert forms. Competition among capitalists is a myth. The members of the capitalist class – by acting as per the game theory – conspire against the 99%, they keep prices and wages in a range that will keep the capitalist class as a whole in monopoly position.

      The banking sector is not a patch but integral part of capitalism. Bankers are merely assistants to perform what Capitalists tell them to do. In a Capitalist system the same is true about Governments. In any society there has to be a form of government that passes laws, and a constitution on which citizens agree. But on free markets sooner or later the largest participants merge and create monopolies via the economies of scale. And when capital is concentrated, Governments are owned by the wealthiest capitalists, and under such conditions government officials have to respond to the demands of capitalists rather than those of the voters.

      To prevent capitalism to evolve into state-capitalism would require a genuinely democratic government, established on democratic constitutions that would prevent power-concentration by capital-concentration. But capitalism, by its own mechanisms, always leads back to capital concentration, the capitalist class always subverts any a priori democratic conditions and rewrites constitutions to accommodate their own interests.

      For more details on this subject, check back at a later time. For now I recommend to former posts, in which you will find related topics:

      From Crisis to Recovery: tax the rich, cancel the debts, raise wages, extend the benefits

      A recent post:
      Rethinking the future beyond Left and Right: “We are in trouble, we all need to pull together on this”

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | January 24, 2016, 12:28 pm


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