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Pt2 – Rethinking the future beyond Left and Right: #Capitalism, the inimical idol

“Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.” ~ James Connolly

Capitalism itself is the Crisis

Contrary to the widespread myths about Capitalism, in reality the essence of Capitalism is all of the following:
globalism, colonisation, corporatism, centralisation, cronyism, psychopathy, greed, fascism, aggression, theft, scarcity, austerity, poverty, health-deprivation, servitude, inequality, mass-migration, unemployment, homelessness, power-grab, mass-surveillance, chaos, crisis, Agenda 21, Orwellian control, war and terror.

To put it bluntly, the ‘IS’ in Capitalism may as well be spelled as ‘ISIS’.

Whenever Capitalism is criticized, the typical argument is that Capitalism is a system of contradictions, and from time to time these contradictions manifest in the phenomenon of economic Crisis, Recession and/or Depression. Such ‘necessary evil’ of the otherwise beloved system is something the majority of us learned to live with during the past decades, especially after we had been told (lied to) by the Capitalist power-elites that there is no alternative to the status quo.

andrew mellon quotesHowever, the relatively unknown and rarely recognised essential truth about Capitalism is far more shocking: in fact Crisis is not only a periodical outcome of the contradictions of Capitalism, but Crisis is the very essence of Capitalism. Crisis is not only not an enemy of the Capitalist class, but Crisis is one of the primary, albeit secret goals Capitalists pursue for their own benefit.
Crisis is enormously PROFITABLE for the Capitalist class.

This post – second part of an earlier article – is to prove above statements by presenting the main untold features of Capitalism, which the Right-wing stakeholders of establishment – politicians, economists and the Capitalists themselves – hide from the public, and what most experts and authors on the Left-wing opposition fail to reveal as well.

One of the hidden truths that we need to highlight right at the start: Capitalism by its own devices alone – even in its assumed pure form, and without its extant corporatist version, would lead to the disastrous outcomes we experience today. Corporatism is the very essence of Capitalism:

“Market forces are not a “natural” phenomenon, they are the aggregate interests of the most powerful capitalists. The concentration of production in most industries into a handful of giant corporations — an oligopoly — is also the result of capitalist competition. Expand or die is the inexorable law a capitalist lives by: If you don’t get bigger and stronger, your competitor will and put you out of business. As the winners from this ruthless competition grow bigger and more powerful, they have more weight to throw around the political arena, and can (and do) exert decisive influence over the political process. It is in their interest for them to do so — and we shouldn’t expect them to act otherwise.”
(The formation of cooperatives doesn’t by itself eliminate competition by Pete Dolack)

Capitalism, the secret Road to Serfdom

We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” ~ Louis Brandeis U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1856-1941)

Our public discussions are filled with myths about Capitalism – these are mostly spread by Capitalists themselves and echoed by those who remain captives of the ongoing mass-deception. One of the prevalent beliefs about Capitalism is the notion that it is a system operated by the markets. The opposite is the case: markets, in a free-market economic system (‘free’ from Government-interventions), are operated, controlled and ruled by Capitalists.

Capitalism does not equal democracy – to the contrary. Capitalism is an anti-democratic, anti-social, dysfunctional, crisis-inflicting, inequality-generating, unstable and exploitative system – a modern, post-modern form of the master-slave paradigm mankind ‘inherited’ from the former systems. Capitalism is the system through which the feudal aristocracy recreated itself and through the technological developments and by controlling mass-media, maintains oppression in a disguised way, whereby the oppressed are brainwashed to assist in their own oppression. Capitalism is the modern version of slavery and dictatorship: a system owned, controlled and dictated by a few billionaires. And if we removed Government from the variables, it would be even more so.

Capitalism does not equal human rights – to the contrary. Capitalism is a particular social-economic system that uses its very own legal system to elevate the rights of the Capitalist class above human rights. Since the interests of the Capitalist class are in antagonistic contradiction with the rights of the non-Capitalist 99%, such conflict of interest in a Capitalist system comes down to lack of human rights for the 99%.

Capitalism does not equal freedom – to the contrary. Capitalism is a particular social-economic system that uses its very own legal system to elevate the freedom of the Capitalist class above the freedom of the non-Capitalist 99%, which yields servitude for the 99%. The actual blueprint of how the Servitude of the 99% (those of the 99% who will survive the ongoing hot wars, financial and migrant-crises, austerity, etc) is to be maximised, is laid out in UN’s Agenda 21.

A social-economic system that allows sixty-some individuals to own more than the poorer half of the world – while the vast majority is under poverty-line or heading that direction – is NOT a system of freedom, democracy and human rights.

As we know from history, in the former systems those individuals exercised actual power over a tribe and/or a certain area, who owned the army and who owned the gold to finance the army.

  • In the current system those few exercise power over the vast majority who own the largest Capital and via Capital own most lands, resources, means of production and governments of the world.
    And that group has a name: Capitalists, or the Capitalist class.

After the 70’s this particular power-group of our era, the Capitalist class launched a global project (conspiracy) that is still in progress, to achieve an unprecedented capital-concentration and accumulation. The details of the story how they execute the project are told by internationally renowned scholar David Harvey in his outstanding book and podcast.

When we take a closer look at UN’s Orwellian Agenda 21 that prescribes Mankind’s future as an unprecedented scale and form of global Servitude, we find that agenda is the very blueprint of the Capitalist global cartel’s collusion against the 99%, masked as an ecology-safeguarding global project. On the surface that agenda is associated with the UN, with the world-organisation of assumed public representation, but in fact the agenda is sponsored and executed by the largest PRIVATELY owned/operated Banks, Corporations and powerful Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s).

The Libertarian myth: “No Government, No Cry”

After posting several other articles on this and similar topics (listed under Related Posts), I received a large number of anxious comments stating that it is not Capitalism per se, but the ‘plague’ known as Government, and the greed of the so called “neocon cronies” are responsible. They attribute all negative outcomes of this system to non-Capitalist outside forces – such as State/Government, greed, cronyism, psychopathy. Although greed, cronyism and psychopathy are major factors causing the global crisis, these are traits arising from a purely profit-driven Capitalist system, hence these tendencies have nothing to do with Government or the Left.

In close association with Government, several other beyond-Capitalism elements are said to be responsible for the unfolding Armageddon. Most likely the reader has been unfortunate enough to encounter certain “alternative news” on how the Jews, Jewish bankers, City of London, Muslims, Islam, hostile extraterrestrials, demons, Russia’s Putin, the Chinese, the black pope, the communist pope, Vatican, the Illuminati – or all of these combined – are performing the global takeover.

Beyond the above laughable attempts, the oft-heard “official” Libertarian argument that keeps blaming the very institute of Government/State for the social-economic-ecological maladies inflicted by Capitalists, is meant to be so serious that it is echoed by Capitalists who see themselves as future US presidents.

Others argue, Capitalism would function well once we reinstated some or all of the regulations that had been effective before the era of neoliberal transformation, with special regard to those laws (eg the oft-mentioned Glass Steagall Act) that regulated/limited the banking sector. The reason why such move is not sufficient to resolve the issues generated by Capitalism, is explained by Harvard-Stanford-Yale educated distinguished economics professor Richard D. Wolff in one of his recent presentations. (The respective part starts at 28th min.)

Those who subscribed to a version of the Libertarian stance, and those who believe that a regulated form of Capitalism would be a functional alternative to status quo, disregard the phenomenon of “regulatory capture”, whereby private individuals take control over the very institution that was supposed to regulate these individuals. Regulatory capture is the actual reality of all aspects of the current system. The Capitalist class – billionaires like Donald Trump – are the de facto policy-makers for the 99%. Under Capitalism Governments are mere smoke and mirror and state officials are mere executive-assistants of the Capitalist “board of directors”.


In other words, regardless of the term “Government”, in the Western world we have no Governments at present; not in the sense of what the definition of the word covers. Governments are not abstract entities but groups of flesh-and-blood private individuals, and these groups at present do not represent the majority but the Capitalist class, who make decisions for all “Governments” on all levels. UN’s Agenda is the ultimate document to present the  overall strategy of how the Capitalist class is controlling the world:
– on global level via world-organisations like the UN, Amnesty, etc
– on continental level via free-trade agreements – EU, NAFTA, etc
– on country level via the national Governments
– on local level via the municipalities.

What above fact implies, inter alia: the ongoing ecology-destroying, terror- and warmongering, austerity-imposing activities of Governments do not reflect the nature of Governments but the very character and intent of the PRIVATE individuals of the Capitalist class behind extant pseudo-Governments.

If we removed the very institution of Government from society, the same private individuals, the Capitalist class, would keep the exact same devastating scenario in place and would continue to realise their goals as per Agenda 21, in a stateless, perfect form of Capitalism. In other words, under a pure free-market system, the power-group of our era – the Capitalist class – would keep running their very own private Governments.

  • Therefore, the obvious solution to the global issues caused by the Capitalists class, is NOT the Libertarian idea to keep the Capitalist class in place and remove Government, but the way around. The Libertarian “solution” would achieve no more than replacing the current elites with a new private power-group, who would continue leading the world down into the same devastating process. Why? Because the master-slave paradigm would be unchanged. And because under the rules and mechanism inherent in Capitalism (see later in this post), Capitalists are driven, motivated and even obliged to accumulate as much capital as possible, and those companies who lag behind them are bound to adjust to the practices of the giant Capital-owners.

The only way to resolve mentioned grave global issues is via removing the power of the Capitalist class, and by forming new Governments based upon new genuinely democratic Constitutions. To accomplish that goal, there is an ever more pressing need to unite the non-Capitalist Left and Right constituencies, to organise and take over democratic control of the local and national governments, immediately stop the Capitalist projects run under UN’s Agenda 21 and end the Capitalist-driven global centralisation process known as “free trade agreements”.

Iceland’s peaceful and successful revolution is proof that it is possible to act against the will of the ruling class.

The reason behind the Capitalist campaign to demonise Government

“Of course, all of us have probably said at times that we “hate” the government. But what we mean by that is usually very different from what these anti-government crusaders mean. We usually mean that we detest the particular politicians in power and/or that we hate the policies they are pursuing.” (An Unapologetic Defense of a Vital Institution)

The so-called “stateless free-market system” is a mere theoretical construct.
Even the so-called “free markets” – or any social-economic framework that is assumed as such – need laws and rules to be passed and enforced by a body functioning as a state.  In other words, a so-called free-market system is not a random ungoverned society – it has as many variations as many sets of laws and rules exist to sustain that specific system. For example, even Capitalism itself requires Government and there is a specific list of laws, regulations, etc to keep the system of Capitalism in place.

The actual reason for the ongoing Conservative/Libertarian/Tory propaganda to demonise Government – which is in fact a war-saga waged by the Capitalist class against the concept of Government – is NOT because Government per se is evil, inefficient and fails to deliver, but because Governments have the potential to be the exact opposite and as such pose a massive threat to the Capitalist hegemony. The post-Great Depression US Government – see FDR’s New Deal -and post-WW2 social-democratic all-inclusive economic policy of Western-European Governments proved to be exceptionally successful, efficient and functional. As the chart on the right side shows, their policy offered opportunity and prosperity for the 99% – but the well-being of the 99% directly contradicts the interests of the Capitalist class.

Hence the Capitalist trick to discredit the very idea and institution of Government, and they do so by relying on a fallacy known as “poisoning the well”. The Capitalists keep developing anti-democratic, inefficient, debt-generating, austerity-imposing, warmongering, dysfunctional, spectacularly wasteful, decadently monstrous and corrupt Governments, then same Capitalists blame the generic corrupted image of Government for the vices Capitalists commit. The example of Greece is a spectacular case in point, but since the 70’s neoliberal deregulations all puppet-governments under Capitalist control have been following a strikingly similar route.

The game of constantly shifting blame from the real sources of Crisis, Capitalism, onto the State of Government is to achieve that society would discard the concept of Government, and the void the absence of Government functions would leave behind could be filled by the private business owners.
Thom Hartmann on the Libertarian/Republican notion that ‘Government is Bad’: “If you take government away, if you stop administering the commons by government, there is an enormous vacuum, and a whole lot of billionaires waiting to step into that vacuum.
The purpose is to achieve that masses would fail to formulate responsible, representative, constructive and incorruptible Governments – the kind under FDR during the 1930’s or Iceland’s at present – hence society would stay without the means to save itself from the Capitalist destruction and oppression.

As a result of the Libertarian narrative (deception) that Capitalism is a benevolent system, which would miraculously start working for the whole society once left alone by Government, is a colossal error that leaves a large number of people in passivity, lining up behind figures like Ron Paul or Donald Trump, waiting for the ‘miracle to come’ ie Governments to disappear from the face of the Earth. They are living for the moment when Government would “fail” or when a libertarian country-leader would erase the remnants of Government from around him. Then, so they believe, society would experience complete “freedom and prosperity”, an sort of ‘heaven’ on earth.

  • Yet, behind the smoke and mirrors the truth remains: before the times when millions sacrificed their lives for a new order known as democracy and freedom, society had no state or government, had no democracy either, only slavery and serfdom under the rule of private lords.

Private dancers and their wildest dreams
– the non-Capitalist “Capitalists”

Many are reluctant to pay attention to any negative statement about Capitalism – even after matching the criticisms of this system with the empirically verifiable reality – not only because we were taught to uncritically love this system, but for another reason as well: many view themselves as “Capitalists”. Especially the young are prone to believe the myth that one day there will make it into the Capitalist class, so they assume that whatever the Capitalist class is criticised for, is not applicable to them.

Generally speaking, it has been my impression that the terms Capitalism or Capitalist are running under as many definitions as many are using them. To clear up the misunderstanding in this regard, let’s review what does not cover the definition of “Capitalist”.

Since the start of the 70’s neoliberal deregulations (under Reaganomics / Thatcherism / Hayekism or the “trickle down” ideology) a large number of companies – enjoying their freedom from regulations – converted their employees from their employed status into free-lance quasi-employees: “private dancers”. They have been told, good for you, you are no longer attached to the company, you are free. And indeed, these once-employees were liberated from the ‘awful atrocities’ such as job-safety, paid social security, healthcare benefits, paid unemployment and pension-contribution, paid vacation, and other benefits. They were free to start their very own, private, one-person business, consisting of one person’s physical and brain power, so they could bring their own self onto the market to be sold to the Capitalist class. In the old days, it was enough to sell one’s brain and physical capacity only once in a while, when looking for a first or another job. Now, these once-employees could start spending each day – in their non-bargaining position – to bargain with a Capitalist, each day begging for another day to be employed. In this ongoing race-to-the bottom for temporary jobs, they ground themselves literally into the position of modern slaves, bound to accept the terms dictated by Capitalists via workfare and zero-hour contracts.

  • Regardless of how these ‘free’ fortune-hunters view themselves, they are not free. Their life as human beings depends on the basic physical, social and economic needs that have to be met in a human society, which however depends on the mercy of the Capitalist class, who is free to withdraw their mercy any time by giving someone’s job to someone else in the long waiting line.

But the virtual freedom of those who see themselves as “Capitalists” has many variations. Those who see themselves as someone with extraordinary artistic talents and skills, might need to realise, it is not the most talented artist who will become rich and famous, but the ones promoted – marketed, sponsored, managed – by Capitalists. As the well-known saying goes: “it’s not what you know, but whom you know.”

In a Capitalist system the ‘freedom’ of the majority – including the skilled, highly educated and talented – can be summed up in the following ‘fantastic’ options:

– spend a lifetime paying off student debt, mortgage, business loans, credit card loans
– write a novel in the hopes of becoming a next Hemingway, while being harassed by banks and landlords
– join the military and fight in the colonising wars waged by the Capitalist class to make themselves richer by killing innocent civilians in a once-free country that the Capitalist-owned mass-media slander day and night. Lose a limb, lose your life and leave behind a mourning family, or return and spend the rest of your life in Hell: with severe PTSD, nightmares, memories of blood and mass-murder, self-blame, and life-long regrets (this option will give you the chance to learn how your fellow Right-wingers will attack you when you as a disabled broken person shall become a burden in a Libertarian society that is preserved for the ‘fittest’ only)
– drudge as a serf of a capitalist lord, as a butler, wingman, secretary, accountant, assistant or a shop-floor worker
– become a proud trash-collector, telemarketer, salesman, etc.
– come up with an extraordinary invention and in lack of funds to finance patent rights, watch how a Capitalist will steal and realise the idea
– come up with an extraordinary business plan and watch how the Bank will steal it and how a Capitalist will realise the plan
– eventually get a job in the mail-room upon accepting the sexual advances of a jerk
– sell yourself as a sex-worker
– rent four square meters and open an ice-cream stand
– become a laughingstock in a TV-show, upon spinelessly begging to be a Capitalist’s personal jester
– in the hopes to hit the jackpot in a televised talent show, develop extortionist skills meanwhile swallow live lobsters that are set on fire
– live on welfare, until the Capitalist class will altogether abolish any institution to rescue you
– to spare yourself the trouble, kill yourself.

Needless to say, above ‘freedom’ is given only to those unprivileged who are privileged enough to have been born somewhere on the neoliberalised Western sphere. But the Western grave-dodgers are to be seen as ‘lucky bastards’ compared to their companions in distress located in other neoliberalised parts of the globe, who are stuck on the wrong continent with their wrong skin colour. They do enjoy the ‘freedom’ to die starving, which they normally accomplish at a very young age. Some of them don’t have to bother selling themselves as prostitutes, others will sell them. Yet others are free to be bombed off their homes by missiles of the Western Capitalist class, then they are free to try to survive while climbing over razor fences, floating in rubber boats on oceans and living in refugee camps set on fire on regular basis. They are free to be harassed by the local police for crimes like 911 or the Paris attacks that were sponsored and orchestrated by the Western Capitalist class.

We could continue the list, but the point has been made.

  • In short, under the pure form of deregulated Capitalism, the opportunity to get ahead in society is no longer given to those who are born without Capital. To put it bluntly, Capitalism in its current form is a cast-system: Rich Kids Stay Rich, Poor Kids Stay Poor.

Meanwhile those in the middle sphere are sinking onto the level of abject poverty. Those who still possess (through inheritance or via personal connections to banks/bankers) a certain amount of capital, and are running a small or medium business, may think of themselves Capitalists, but they aren’t. Their and their children’s prospects point at the opposite direction: to be erased by the Capitalist class. Many of them are those whose parents/grandparents could prosper under the Western post-war era, thereby inherited enough wealth to continue or start a family business, which they see as their grand “opportunity given by Capitalism”. This could not be further from the truth. In reality the Middle Class was created in the West by the policy known as democratic Socialism – shown on the right side of the charts – via the macroeconomic model known as Keynesian economics. Whatever opportunities the remnants of middle class inherited from the Keynesian era, are merely due to the multiplier effects of the Keynesian economic principles. But the benevolent effects of that period have been being reversed since the 70-80’s (in the Reagan-Thatcher era), when the Capitalists launched their class-restoration project under the neoliberal ideology, debt and austerity-diktats, all over the world. In the US neoliberalism (or Reaganomics) – demonstrated on the left side of the charts – already killed the Middle Class.

The features, personal motives and implications inherent in Capitalism

The conceptual link between Capitalism and the ever-deepening human misery is a fact that many are unable to comprehend due to the mass-deception maintained by the rulers of this system. The assumption that it is in the interest of the Capitalist class to depopulate the earth and push society into global servitude – via a plan like Agenda 21 – would require a thorough understanding of Capitalism and the very motives of those individuals, the Capitalist class, who benefit from this system on astronomical scale. Only then we can understand the reason why they conspire to restore their class-power via a global project, and why and how their project to together accumulate an unprecedented concentration of capital and power maintains and deepens the present global crisis.

Profit-making. Capitalism is a system driven by one single factor: profit-making. In order to keep a Capitalist business up and running, the managers of the enterprise are obliged to maximise the profits for the shareholders, that is, to make as much profit as possible and as long in time as possible – at any moral, ethical, human or environmental cost, regardless of the consequences. Any other considerations that would reduce profits (or reduce the chance of increasing profits), such as refraining from environment-destroying activities, improving working conditions, reducing work-hours, or offering living wages are intrinsically ALIEN to the Capitalist profit-maximising paradigm. To achieve that a Capitalist enterprise would observe human rights, human and/or social needs and environmental protection, outside interventions such as enforced Governmental/State regulations are needed.

  • To achieve the one single goal of profit-maximisation, the Capitalist enterprise has to target a subset of other goals, which altogether produce the following outcomes:

Globalism, Colonisation and Centralisation. Capitalism, as a profit-driven system is inherently global, as it constantly seeks out new markets and new sources of cheapest labour. It is a misconception that capitalism is inherently a peaceful, patriotic/nationalist system. The myth that free market capitalism – Libertarianism – is essential part of a nationalistic/patriotic sentiments, is part of the Capitalist mass-deception.
The Capitalist class constantly seeks new cheap resources and markets where they can export their profit-making activities. When the capitalist enterprise grows, it eventually grows beyond borders and strives for new lands, resources, labour-sources and markets. And the Capitalist enterprise seeks out tax-havens and/or assets to park their Capital,  countries with lower taxation to move their business and Capital, leaving behind ghost cities of mass-unemployment and abandoned idle factories. (E.g, Detroit.)
The so-called ‘free trade agreements’ are part of the Capitalist colonisation and centralisation project. The ultimate and most efficient market for the capitalist enterprise is the global market; both as to labour and products/services. The world-colonising, and capital-centralising process is marked by the capitalist free-trade agreements like EU, NAFTA, TTIP, etc. The free-trade in this case is a misnomer – it is the exact opposite of an actual free-trade that could be realised by self-governed social-democratic societies.

Monopoly. To enable themselves to produce the highest possible profits for the primary shareholders (themselves), Capitalists need to acquire and maintain monopoly position, in which they don’t have to share profits with small and medium-seize enterprises. Contrary to popular myths, not only coercive monopolies exist; it is possible to achieve monopoly status in ways that are entirely independent from state-intervention. The higher the concentration of capital, the more opportunity for the Capitalist class to establish and maintain monopoly position. Hence the mentioned neoliberal global project of power- and capital-concentration. Part of this project is the formerly mentioned Agenda 21 and the capitalist earth-depopulation plan.

Cartels/Mergers. The fastest way to evolve into global monopolies. Capitalists constantly seek co-operation with other capitalists in order to grow in size and capability to empower themselves to increase profits. Since the essence of capitalism is the master-slave corporate structure, capitalism is inherently corporatism. Since extant “democratic” systems do not regulate/restrict markets and do not prohibit lobbying among business cartels and elected political bodies, the current Western political system is a de facto extension of the business cartels and corporations.

Control. The narrower a society is, the more effective control Capitalists gain over the markets and labour source. More control entails more stable monopoly-position, hence it is the Capitalist class-interest to reduce living space, downsize the earth’s population and relocate the remnants of society into dense cities under strict surveillance. To achieve this goal the capitalist class is implementing UN’s Agenda 21, a universal, global agenda, disguised everywhere as a local, environment-protecting project. The abolition of rural areas and transferring population into cities is for this purpose.

Scarcity, Poverty, Hunger. The capitalist class constantly creates scarcity to keep prices as high as possible. This is why large amounts of food has been and is being wasted while millions have no access to food. In order to drive up and maintain high prices Capitalists discard all excess products in massive quantities rather than feeding the hungry and help to meet other needs of the less fortunate. Scarcity is to maintain the Capitalist monopoly- position, hence the establishment hinders all areas of research and development in green, sustainable yet abundant energy sources, affordable housing, etc.

Austerity, Crisis, Unemployment, Debt. The Capitalist class constantly seeks opportunity to keep the vast majority in a non-bargaining position, so that the capitalist class could keep their monopolistic – ie price and wage-fixing – position. Those who are unemployed can’t negotiate with a potential employer and those who are employed can’t negotiate for higher wages since there are many unemployed to replace them any time. The capitalist interest is to keep competition as low as possible, to reduce the scope and strength of any existing or potential competition, in order to maintain their market-leader position and in order to maintain a labour market with over-supply of the cheapest labour possible. The Libertarian claim that one as an employee or customer – in his isolated, non-bargaining position – can change the predatory behaviour of a corporation is a blatantly false assumption. If an underpaid and abused employee walks out of a corporation, there are many others to take his place, especially under circumstances of continuing mass-unemployment when competition among employees are sky-high and competition among employers are non-existent. Similarly, if someone as a consumer walks out of a corporation, will find only another version of the same grocery store, with the same high or even higher prices.
To keep consumers and employees in such non-bargaining position, the Capitalist class needs crisis, mass-unemployment and austerity. Austerity intensifies poverty, crisis and scarcity, this is why it is enforced by Capitalist-governed states.
The current process of replacing humans with robots is to further decrease the cost of production, further increase unemployment, which is an especially alarming proof of the merciless, inhumane nature of Capitalism. Technological progress – evidently – should be there to serve humans, not to put them out of existence.

War, Destruction, Terrorism. War is one of the most profitable businesses hence one of the most attractive enterprise for Capitalists. In addition to the mega-profits made by the military industry complex, wars deliver additional benefits to the Capitalists such as the opportunity to seize new lands, resources, markets and cheap labour. In addition via the extreme poverty, scarcity that wars create on immense scale. and the need only the Capitalist class, as the owners of means of production, is ready to meet. If there is no apparent reason to start a war, they create reasons for a war. They organise terror as pretext for wars, and do their best to keep it in secret, in order to maintain their indispensable “heroic” role in society. Then as “liberators” from the highly advanced West they can re-build whole continents, meanwhile gathering mega-profits on a continuous basis. The Capitalist greed is the one and only reasons why the Western capitalist class helped Hitler to rise to power who then trashed all Europe to be rebuilt, the same has been the primary motive behind the present wars in Middle East, and this is why we are facing the imminent threat of WW3.

Crisis, Climate change, Migrant crisis. The Capitalist class constantly seeks opportunity to craft pretexts for crisis, then generate crisis, so they can deliver the ‘solution’. Hence the ongoing hoax of Debt and Austerity, the hoax of climate change and overpopulation, and the artificially induced migrant crisis in Europe.

Conspiracy among Capitalists (tacit or explicit collusion), high prices and low wages. The best way to acquire and maintain a shared monopoly (oligopoly) position is by a certain level co-operation among capitalists. A dirty little secret that none of the known economists reveal to society: the Capitalist economy is not governed by random processes under the principles of Supply and Demand (SAD) models, but by the cost of production and principles of game theory. Capitalists act as per the game theory when they determine prices and wages. Whenever one of the giant food-producers or energy-providers increase prices, the others will follow. Small business-owners are typically burdened with debt and high rental fees and they lack the benefits of economies of scale, so they are unable to keep wages high and prices low, so they can’t compete with the Capitalist class. It can be explained by the Nash equilibrium why the masses never experience falling prices in the most vital products and services (food, energy, healthcare, housing, etc) and why they never experience rising wages. Via a tacit collusion in pursuit of the Nash equilibrium, the Capitalist producers together generate astronomical profits by artificially high prices and low wages. The process of how the “market” keeps prices high is demonstrated by this real-life example.
In addition, behind the scenes Capitalists often take the game-theory-based price- and wage-fixing tacit collusion onto explicit levels, such as in this case.

Unbalance and lack of competition. Capitalism is not a system of balance, opportunity and competition. To be in the position to own Capital, ie to have access to debt-free financial resources, lands, natural resources and means of production, yields an unrecoverable competitive advantage above those who are without Capital. Since the 70’s neoliberal transformation, and capitalist power-concentration, the prohibition of collective bargaining, the abolition of labour unions and consumer protection, have restored the inequality and sort of unbalance that last time we experienced under the Great Depression. The opportunity to advance in society merely via education, talent, diligence and determination was made possible only during a short era – in the US under New Deal, in Europe after WW2 – by Governments that exercised democratic power independent from Capitalist control, and applied Keynesian economics to partially restore the balance and justice by high taxation of the rich and by introducing free education, welfare and incentives for the unprivileged vast majority. However, education is no longer guarantee for success. In the US – and in other parts of the West – most college graduates end up distributing coffee in Starbucks or flipping burger at McDonalds, meanwhile rolling their gigantic student debt from one month to the next. For many others education is out of the question to begin with, as unaffordable under the neoliberalised high tuition fees.

Covert aggression, misappropriation, extortion, theft. Capitalism is a system that uses techniques of covert aggression to either steal or extort (via “privatisation”) all public values from the masses (lands, resources, businesses etc) which then the Capitalists “re-sell” to the actual owners at a high price. Meanwhile Capitalists keep the masses under deception and in a non-bargaining position so the ripped off would be forced to ‘accept’ the Capitalist-dictated terms to buy back what was stolen from them. On the other hand, taxing the Capitalists is the opposite of aggression – it is but a partial restoration of our rights and justice that Capitalists violate.

The “genius” of Capitalism

Many argue – probably under the influence of the old Capitalist propaganda – that Capitalism has delivered immense values to society and contributed to mankind’s progress on unprecedented scale. Even if it was the case (it isn’t) it would not justify that the 21st century human society should be plagued by a version of the ancient master-slave paradigm.

Many praise Capitalism merely upon looking at their smart phones, smart TVs, smart kitchens, smart bathrooms, the magnificent urban structures, and other technologies, without noticing, it is NOT Capitalism to deliver these benefits and it is NOT Capitalist class to achieve all these, but those whose brain and physical power the Capitalists exploit. Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark was an architect in the first place, not Capitalist. Her other main figure, John Galt in the novel Atlas Shrugged is depicts another fictional and non-representational picture of Capitalism.

CoaltubThe Capitalists of the reality are not genius inventors, not innovators and not hard workers – they are shrewd, lazy, greedy and callus intermediaries, who spot certain talents in their own circles for the managerial tasks, spot the most naive and exploitable hard-workers for the chores. They are colonisers who spot oil fields and other resources, and when they run out of them, they seek out more in other countries. And if these targeted countries don’t give away their values, Capitalist start invading them by military.

The Capitalists are those who invented private banking and debt-based monetary systems, as the means to exploit the masses most effectively. No Government twisted the Capitalists’ arm to do so – to the contrary: they twisted the arms of Governments to achieve such goals.

Psychopathy is not an outside force imposed on Capitalism, but the very essence of the Capitalist  profit-driven inhuman mechanism. The very callousness, sociopathy, pathological lack of empathy, as depicted in the Dickens novels is the central thesis of Capitalism. It is enough to take a glimpse into the horrific circumstances into which Capitalists – during the Industrial Revolution – forced their workers: these are comparable to the torture-techniques deployed in the darkest ages.

The very essence of Capitalism is not progress but destruction. Enough to take a glimpse at Detroit and thousands of other ghost-cities all over the West (especially in the US and Japan), with millions of square meters of unused machinery and unemployed millions left behind, after the profit-driven mechanism drove the corporations out of domestic production, and drove them to outsource labour to the cheapest available workforce in China and India.
The Capitalist genius is not able and willing enough to put together the idle machinery and the idle workforce, yet they call their system “efficient”.

We need to realise as well that most of the technological achievements that Capitalists bombard us with we don’t need at all. To create demand for any particular product or product-line is a no-issue for the Capitalists; they do so via their marketing and adversing campaigns and by telling us via their own mass-media what we should want.

In many case what Capitalists sell to us is NOT what we need to have, but what Capitalists need us to have. Smart-phones are a central case in point. Smart-phones exist not to satisfy an existing demand but to enable the Capitalists to collect all marketing information and private data that they need in order to more effectively monitor and control the masses.

When we consider the very sort of technological progress the Capitalist class chooses to focus on, the picture gets even bleaker. The vast majority enjoys exactly zero of the technological achievements that Capitalists “deliver to mankind”. The technology-based luxuries the 1% develop for themselves are obviously not serving anyone else than the Capitalist elites. Meanwhile, in this unsurpassable, genius system  60 Percent of the World’s Population Still Don’t Have flush toilets.

There is a recent highly representative case of the Capitalist mindset, Nestle’s former CEO, who believes, and openly advocates his belief: water is NOT a human right. What he believes instead: it is the right of the Capitalist class to privatise all water resources, and those who can’t afford to buy the pricey bottled water, may just die of dehydration.
By the same token, as the above post points out, Capitalists may start privatising the air as well and re-sell it to society.

The Libertarian argument fails to address above or similar cases, and fail to explain how it is non-aggression when Capitalists literally steal monetary billions – merely by acting as per the market rules – from the public. And if our resources are in public ownership – as they should be – it takes public control and operation to utilise these for the benefit of the local community. It should be evident that the planet and its resources belong to all of us; and those who disagree and  take the liberty to “privatise” them are the ones to commit aggression (theft) on mega-scale.

Another case highly indicative of the Capitalist ‘genius’ is how companies keep poisoning drinking water of the community who serve them.

As we are all aware, the ‘genius’ Capitalist class keeps poisoning their consumers by genetically modified products, meanwhile severely slander those Governments who ban their products (eg Syria’s Assad).

Under the ‘genius’ leadership of the Capitalist class, it remains an ‘unsolvable’ task to feed the hungry, to provide healthy drinking water and medicine for the 3rd world, to develop and introduce green and cheap energy world-wide and provide shelter for the homeless. Instead of creating jobs, paying living wages and offering decent and affordable housing, Capitalists operate privatised prisons to force large masses into free, or almost-free labour. Slavery is profitable. Those who are spared from being collected to prisons but are homeless under this dysfunctional system are sentenced to death in a particularly merciless way: Capitalists go as far as installing anti-homeless spikes (!) to protect the ‘beauty’ of their cities.

The Capitalist class is unable, uncaring and unwilling to protect nature and wildlife from extinction, equally incompetent to end the wars, end terrorism, end drug-trade, end all organised crime and to effectively protect the innocent.

quote-technological-progress-is-like-an-axe-in-the-hands-of-a-pathological-criminal-albert-einstein-56427Immense amounts of capital are invested in the ‘technological progress’ of warfare, meanwhile the cure for cancer remains a task beyond the Capitalist “genius”.

In most countries to provide affordable quality healthcare is an unsolvable mystery for a system that claims to be the best mankind can ever have. Green, sustainable and affordable energy is a banned field of academic research – for the reason that it would eliminate scarcity, and scarcity is the Capitalist’s best friend. (It is basic knowledge learned by any economics student that scarcity drives up the prices, ie the rarer a product (eg diamond) the higher the price.)

The Capitalist class is loudly “combating climate change” to protect the Earth, yet we see no efforts by corporations to stop their environment-killing activities. Whether they are not able or willing enough to avoid destroying the planet, is an irrelevant question. They are constantly polluting the environment, damaging our resources by fracking, geo-engeneering (chemtrails), and other profitable activities, and there can be no excuse whatsoever for such practices.

To the “genius” Capitalist class, the only ‘solution’ to the gravest global issues such as climate change and “overpopulation”, is a secret plan of global genocide under Agenda 21. The reason for this agenda is plain and simple: the richest 1% want to be sure that the relentless growth they pursue for their own benefit can continue – at any human and environmental cost – meanwhile they wish to ‘offset’ the effects of their destruction by the gradual extermination of the 99%.

  • In other words, for the ever-intensifying burning global issues that the Capitalists class generates for the 99%, the only ‘solution’ the Capitalists can come up with, is to get rid of the 99%. This is the one and sole reason behind the idea that we are facing a danger of overpopulating the Earth.

But the overpopulation scaremongering is through which the Capitalists and their brainwashed pawns “justify” Austerity, Mass-poverty and Wars. To their mind such social-cleansing genocidal process is the necessary evil to ‘solve’ what Capitalists perceive as the issue of ‘overpopulation’. They are applying the Randian social Darwinian eugenics-based survival of the fittest “morality” so they find it “moral” to leave it to random elements – “the invisible hands of the market” – to ‘decide’ who are the fittest to live for a while and who will die in the first batch while Capitalists are rampaging through the planet via their colonising Wars and Austerity. The odds are particularly against those who happen to be born in the 3rd world: they will die first in the first line.

Agenda 21 –  the proof in front of our eyes

Those who are reluctant to believe that the purpose of UN’s Agenda 21 is not to protect wildlife and not to save ecology, but a project to get rid of the 99% of the population, may want to ask themselves:

  • How come that ever since the inception of UN’s allegedly Earth-protecting Agenda 21, the planet’s ecological state has been free-falling?
    How come that activities like mass-hunting of protected wild animals – dolphins, whales, lions, elephants, etc – could go on seamlessly by profit- and trophy-craving psychopaths without any laws to effectively prevent these?
    How come that corporations can go on freely to pollute oceans and rivers and pursue activities as fracking?
    How come that the GMO-industry has gained global monopoly, let alone being banned?
    How come that the geo-engeneering projects, which destroy the climate, agriculture and atmosphere, are allowed to go on without any laws to prevent them?
    How come that no effective steps have been taken to protect the Earth, meanwhile Austerity, the means to downsize human population, is uniformly imposed all over the world?

we the 99% atlasIronically enough, the forerunners of the Capitalist elites often admit incompetence when confronted with the issues they generate, which is particularly curious if we consider that at the same they pose as the saviours of mankind, and – according to their grandiose self-image – without their genius shaping the world to perfection, the 99% would go helplessly down the drain.

They are not kidding. Ayn Rand, the foremother of neoliberalism and spokeswoman of the modern Capitalist class, in her famed novel “Atlas Shrugged” went as far as ‘threatened’ mankind with the prospect of removing the capitalist creators from the planet, in case the worthless 99% would go on “looting the genius Capitalists” by collecting taxes from them.

Large masses fell for Ayn Rand’s fairy tales, and to the pseudo-economic narratives of Friedman, Hayek et al. The real story remained untold that it is the Capitalist class looting everyone else on massive scale, and any taxation of the rich is just an attempt to partially restore justice and rights.

Regardless if the Capitalist class is unwilling or unable to perform better than offering a permanent global destruction, there is a long proven record of how miserably they failed. So here is the historical chance for the Capitalist class to put their money where their mouth is, and ‘shrug’. They are free to step down, admit failure and return the capital, the resources and means of production, they misappropriated from society.

Good riddance.
We, the 99% shall catch the planet.
We the 99% are the producers, not the Capitalists, anyway.

Socialism, the actual Road to Freedom
I am a socialist. I don’t think this world was made for a small minority to dance on the faces of everyone else.” ~ H. G. Wells

Due to the prevalent misconception generated by the century-long Capitalist propaganda to deify Capitalism and demonise any proposal to search for a system that serves mankind better, this discussion remained on periphery of our public dialogues. The word “Socialism” or “Marxism” is expelled from our vocabularies as if Capitalism was a religion and those who utter these words are some sort of heretics. Two of the notable exceptions to the rule, are worth mentioning: Professor David Harvey and Professor Richard D. Wolff, whose ground-breaking academic work has already made a significant impact on society.

  • Dr. Richard Wolff’s proposal to replace the Capitalist hierarchical and exploitative enterprise with self-owned democratic co-ops, whereby those benefit from production who are actually performing it, is the future, and this is exactly what the Marxian version of Socialism had in mind.

In the former part of this post, it has been pointed out that Socialism, the way how Marx envisioned it, never has been realised. Another dirty secret left untold by the Capitalist establishment is the fact that the Soviet-type Socialism was in fact state-capitalism, a yet another version of the orthodox master-slave paradigm. It was not more than a special variant of fascism, a particular merger between state and business, where the state served as the political device to enforce an economy of unbridled exploitation, a variation of the same theme that we can observe in every case when individuals – either forming a Government or Corporation – are not effectively controlled by the community.

However, as mentioned earlier, there was an era of Socialism in the West, the New Deal under FDR’s administration, when the US Government acted as an agent for leading large masses out of the unspeakable suffering of the Great Depression, by creating jobs and by introducing welfare, thus creating demand as a basis for new jobs to be created via the multiplier effect. (FDR’s policy is known as Keynesian economics) That era can be seen as a uniquely successful experiment of how benevolent Government interventions can gear society into the right direction and how well-organised and financed planning can take over the job from the unwilling and incapable Capitalist private sphere. If at that time the Government would have abolished the master-slave, ie employer-employee structure based enterprises, the US would now be a prosperous and peaceful society, the world would be free from the US-led colonising wars and our planet would not face an imminent final destruction.

After the Capitalist class had witnessed that they are not only replaceable, but the 99% can do much better than them, were angered, frightened and bewildered. They were aware that they had created the Great Depression, then they witnessed how the 99% – under the organisation of a democratic and expert Government – could  Recover from the Great Depression, and triggered the tremendous prosperity for the 99%.

Both the US New Deal and the Scandinavian post-WW2 democratic socialism provided ample evidence that the time of Capitalism was over and the concept of Big Government is not only not evil, but the exact opposite. Yet to rescue their status the Capitalist class presented an inverted narrative, according to which the post-Depression and post-war social democratic era went down in history as the “success of Capitalism and republicanism”. Via pro-Capitalist propagandists like Ayn Rand and Friedrich Hayek, they created a myth about the “indispensable qualities” of Capitalism and the next generations, growing up under such constant conditioning, believed the myth. Our generation, especially the young, still believes the myth. Meanwhile the Capitalist class gradually undid the achievements of the New Deal and all Western Keynesian societies, and ever since the 70’s deregulations the Capitalists put mankind again onto the path of a new Great Depression.

  • There is only one way to avoid above: a new New Deal via new National Governments, new National Constitutions to protect from the Capitalist takeover (colonisation), new structures in Government, Production and Distribution, democracy at the workplace, and direct democracy-supervised laws that would forever prevent the resurgence of the old master-slave paradigm.

Capitalism is lack of Democracy and loss of Opportunities

On a personal note: the author of this blog is one those who for a while used to advocate a milder, regulated form of Capitalism until I became familiar with the work of mentioned authors and several others, whose research covered a wide spectrum of areas of discussion, without restricting the topic to mere economics and finance.

Behind the smokescreen that the ruling class-serving “economists” maintain, the most relevant point still remains hidden: when it comes evaluation any economy as a source of opportunity to obtain a decent living standard, the macroeconomic indicators they rely on – even if they are real – are irrelevant or secondary at best.

The primary factor that establishes equal opportunity or lack thereof in a society, is the premise of who, how, by whom and for what purpose is financed. Because in extant system nothing can be realised, no talent can flourish, and no dreams ever fulfilled without the condition of being financed. Every other question in either economics or finance, is secondary. And, as it was shown in this post and in several other on this blog, the Capitalist class has made sure that only those projects are financed that are to serve their own private interests.

By now I realised how Mankind’s productive, artistic, innovative and other creative ambitions can be used to produce what we actually need, simply by applying the genuine principles of Socialism/Marxism. Only we the 99%, without anyone to control the capital of a country, can achieve full freedom, only when we are the Government.
After all, the word Democracy in its true meaning is just a synonym of Socialism.

On another point, I used to argue that the war waged by 1% on the 99% is not class-war per se, but an overall erosion of democratic rule of law in our societies. Later on I realised that both are true, that is, we need to replace but with an and. Indeed, the democratic rule of law is perishing, but it is the Capitalist class eliminating the remnants of democracy. We are deprived of our constitutional rights and what we face is a legal issue as well, but it is the Capitalist class that eliminates the once independent countries’ sovereignty and democracy. It is the Capitalist ruling class to have been rewriting constitutions behind our back, and who eliminated European sovereign countries by secretly uniting them as the US controlled “USE”. Then, in this up-side-down world, Capitalists attack those countries – eg Syria – as “dictatorial” ones when they protect their constitution, or rewrite their constitution in such manner that would effectively protect their democracy against the global Capitalist takeover. Small surprise therefore that has been a central target of the Capitalist-owned mass-media. Syria’s crime is that it is independent – as renowned journalists explains in the interview.

Capitalism itself is War and Fascism

The merciless, continuous war waged on Syria (as mentioned earlier) and on the whole Mideast (Iraq, Yemen, etc), the never-ending “war on terror” waged upon the West-planted ISIS terror, or the fascist takeover in Ukraine are indicative of the monstrous war-mongering nature of Capitalism. While Syria, just because of it attempts to resist the US Capitalist diktats, is being destroyed by continuing hot wars, another country, Hungary, which passed regulations and rewrote its constitution in order to resist the Capitalist hegemony, is another frequent target of media-defamation, and as such is constantly facing the danger of an Ukraine sort of pro-fascist orange revolution.

In addition to the war on Middle East, other regions are also targeted by the US. When we look into the near future, we can see that another World War is being crafted by the most merciless group of people who ever lived in history: the Capitalist super-power known as Corporate America, as it has been recently revealed by John Pilger renowned author and documentary film-maker, in his commentary of his recent documentary on “The Coming War on China”:
“World War III Is Already Under Way”

Pilger’s must watch documentary tells the full story how the US is falsely accusing and building a hot war against China, by accumulating an unprecedented volume of missiles and military bases around China.

Russia is another main target of the US and equally upon mere false accusations, ie propaganda. For the purpose of maintaining the narrative that Russia poses any threat to the West, the main media outlets keep demonising Russia, as the evil, red enemy, even though there is NOTHING whatsoever “red” about Russia. The very system that has been implemented since the end of USSR, was implemented by the US itself.
Empire Files: Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the U.S.A.

Evidently, the Establishment’s consistent, grotesque lies about Russia, the constant creation and recreation a false enemy-image is necessary for the cold war and cold war is necessary for Capitalism. But this enemy image, signifies a major threat of a new hot war in Europe as well, to be waged by the US Capitalist class.

In addition to the economic-financial war the US is leading against Europe via EU, a US covert operation, the US to start a hot war on Europe seems to be an imminent danger as well. George Soros, an infamous figure of the US Capitalist power-group, admitted a while ago that they do have a plan to ignite a world war in Europe, by using the Ukraine crisis, and a “dangerous Russia” as pretext:
“George Soros wants europe to start WW3 with Russia”

Real history affirms the suspicion that Europe may soon be invaded by the US, upon a yet another covert operation and false pretext. When we dig into the real history, deep below the mainstream narrative, we find that the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the second world war, which destroyed all of Europe in the 1930-40’s, were also the Capitalist class of the US:
“The Myth of the Good War: America in World War II”

Not only war but fascism itself is an intrinsic characteristic of Capitalism itself. One major implication of the antagonistic contradiction between the interests of Capitalist 1% and rest of the world (see chapter: “Capitalism, the secret Road to Serfdom”), is the fact that any so-called “people’s party” in a Capitalist system is nothing but Hitlerian populism. In reality only Socialism can unite the entire population, whereas to unite all social segments under Capitalism would mean to erase Capitalism itself. The self-contradictory claims of the 30’s Nazi regimes, which promised to serve the whole “people” of their country – ie to serve both the 1% and the 99% – were impossible to fulfil due to the internal contradictions, and due to the fact that all Nazi, ie fascist parties were controlled by industrialist giants. The Nazi parties’ promises addressing the working class were only to gain a country-wide mass-basis for the 2nd world war, which was then soon to be launched by these Nazi regimes. The so called “national socialist” parties/regimes, before and during the 2nd world war, were in fact pro-Capitalist mergers of state and corporate power, which is by definition, fascism, that is the exact opposite of Socialism. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

These two articles from Information Clearing House already recognised the striking sings of fascist America:

And, alarmingly enough, Trump, an overly typical figure of a new emerging fascist power, the United States, established the conditions of an ultimate form of fascism, ie the merger of state and corporate power, by making business the government. Moreover, Trump has gained his popularity upon the same contradictory, hence unfulfillable, populist promises, and the same immigrant scapegoating measures, as Hitler et al did before the 2nd world war era. Trump’s promises to serve both big business and the working class is a self-contradictory claim. Both this claim and his acts and slogans demonising immigrants, are to generate a fascist mass-psychosis in the US and to obtain a fascist mass-basis of the globally escalating US wars. John Pilger in his above referenced speech, correctly points out about the warmongering US (which is evidently by far the top Capitalist country of the world): “No country can equal this record of violance; it’s systemic.”

The actual historical, near past and present political reality is evidence that Capitalism is incompatible with peace and it offers no prosperity for mankind. To the contrary; Capitalism is the War. It is the source of all wars, all forms of war, either waged by means of economic and finance or by hot wars, both in the present and past. When the historical narrative controlled by the ruling class, pinned the label “socialism” onto the Nazi Regimes of World War 2, it was one of the many Capitalist manoeuvres to rewrite history in order to deceive and confuse the masses, and to discredit Socialism as some sort of warmongering system, because only actual Socialism, when finally realised, would be the only way to freedom, peace and prosperity.
“Don’t ever call Hitler a socialist”

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