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The old bogeyman-charade of the West: the reason why #Capitalism needs #FalseFlag and #ColdWar

Update March 24, 2016: new analysis has been added as reference, after the recent #BrusselsAttacks

“Moscow does not pose a threat to the U.S. On the contrary, it is Washington that poses a threat to Russia and any number of other countries through its presumption that it has a right to intervene in the affairs of other nations whenever it is so inclined. Moscow is neither able nor disposed towards become an enemy unless it is backed into a corner and something goes nuclear. That would, incidentally, destroy the United States so where is the frisson of excitement in Russia being presented with a “cow?” Beats me.”

(Source: “USA Government is Staffed by Lunatics and is the main threat to world peace, particularly in Europe & the Middle East” https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/usa-government-is-staffed-by-lunatics-and-is-the-main-threat-to-world-peace-particularly-in-europe-the-middle-east/)


Indeed, the US administration and their allies all over the West are lunatic – or as renowned journalist and film-maker John Pilger puts it: extremists – however there is method in their madness, which points at the interests of the Capitalist class. The Western concerns regarding any “Russian red threat” are just as “valid” as any other part of the ongoing Capitalist media-propaganda and mass-deceit is.

The same old practice known as false-flag is getting very old and boring, yet, as long as the West keeps their false narratives up and running, we need to keep exposing the truth and debunk the big charade. In referenced outstanding podcast it is explained in detail why we need to act very fast in spreading the facts against the false-flag based claims of establishment.

In fact the US and allies are the aggressors, both in the Middle East wars and in the US/NATO threatening position against Russia. When a Middle East country or Russia respond to the West-posed threat or aggression, they act in rightful self-defence, which then the West mislabels as ‘aggression’.

Why is this charade and why the Cold War?

For the Western elites, both hot wars and cold wars are highly profitable business and beneficial as the means of intensifying Capitalist control, monopoly and depopulation of the 99%. (Topic elaborated in former article.)

To pursue the cold version of war is just as effective to achieve above end, yet it requires much less risk than toying with the chance of a new world-war escalating all over the West. In the Syria war against ISIS, Russia has provided ample evidence of its cutting edge readiness to strike back at the highest precision.

Orwell WarThe reason why the US is seeking a new Cold War with Russia is the old Western ‘need’ for maintaining an enemy-image, as the very basis to justify the tremendous profits on the never-ending military spending, the costs of which the Capitalist elites keep transferring onto their citizens as unrecoverable public debt.

The West is in constant need of a new inflated image of bogeyman as the basis of a new version of witch-hunt and McCarthyism.  This is why the endless array of blatantly false – slanderous – accusations against Russia, Syria, Iran or North Korea, etc.

And this is why the Western agencies’ secret project to maintain, finance and control terrorist groups such as ISIS.

In addition to being the decoy in the Western proxy wars to occupy and colonise Middle East, the West-controlled terrorist group ISIS is the bogeyman planted in the Western sphere as well and used as justification of astronomical public debts arising from military spending. The Capitalist-owned political class refers to the ISIS-threat they maintain as the pretext of austerity, crisis and tightening domestic police state, under the bogus cover of “war on terror” and “national security”. These are all essential elements inherent in the control, power and monopoly-seeking Capitalist system.

  • That is to say, the Cold War is a continuing red herring to distract the masses from the ongoing financial Cold War – imposed odious public debt, austerity, crisis and the genocidal effects of these – underlying the political Cold War.
    The financial Cold War – as explained by Michael Hudson distinguished financial economist – has recently gained a new dimension by the US introducing a striking double standard in the global financial system in order to crush and burn the BRICS countries’ economies.

So again, the US and allies are lunatic, but the method in their madness can be clearly identified as the very interests of the Capitalist elites. None of the US wars was ever waged for humanitarian purposes or to spread freedom and democracy. Every single country that the US entered as a “liberation” army, ended up in misery, poverty, destruction, despair, Western colony status, with their former secular order replaced by the hegemony of ISIS. Since the US-sponsored coup in Ukraine, that country has been subjected to the constant atrocities maintained by white nationalist fascists and ISIS (fake Islamist) terrorists. Such is the actual and expected effect and rule of thumb of all US/Western interventions.

The West intervenes with another country’s domestic affairs only
– when the Capitalist class spots a country to exploit and colonise – to loot its oil fields or other resources
– when a country’s leaders (eg. current Russia, Syria, Iran, Hungary) resist the Western rule, ie, they:
– protect their domestic markets from being monopolised by global corporations
– do not obey the diktats of the private Capitalist-controlled Fed and/or Troika
– do not allow their central bank to be privatised
– protect their country’s sovereignty against the global Capitalist takeover, aggression and imposed mass-immigration.

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