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Pt3 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: Whose #Freedom is it anyway?

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Not only America. Above prediction is applicable to all nations all over the world, and as we speak it is happening. At present we are losing our freedoms and destroy ourselves at an accelerating rate, because we accept the bogus definition of “freedom” as it is advocated by the richest 1%; a sort of “freedom” that means actual enslavement of the 99%.

Introduction: on the margin of the 2016 US elections

As we speak, one of the forerunners of present American politics is the Capitalist Donald Trump, who is winning a vast number of supporters upon echoing the dogmatic, populist and deceptive definition of “Freedom”. One of the goals of this post is to explain how deep and lethal this aspect of the mass-deception is. In the first part it was explained that the very forces enslaving mankind is the right-wing Capitalist class, and when they are “warning” – as a fake opposition – regarding the enslavement of society as “leftist red threat”, it is merely to further confuse the brainwashed and oppressed masses.

Daily politics, and especially elections are there only to distract the majority from paying attention to the ongoing financial war, which has been, and is, most crucial global and imminent threat maintained by the Capitalist class against the 99%. Demagogue figures like Trump are exploiting the fruit of the many decades long brainwashing pro-Capitalist propaganda which serves as a solid basis for society’s enslavement under slogans of “freedom”.

In contemporary global society dominated by Western pro-Capitalist narrative, a long array of generations have internalised the neoliberal dogma of “freedom” as unfettered selfishness, voluntarism and cut-throat competition. This political-moral philosophy has been imposed not only in America but all over the world – both in the Capitalist colonialist West and on their 3rd world colonies – as “the norm” / “freedom”, with the associated demand to despise any country with a value-system based upon structure, cooperation and government. Countries like Palestine and Syria who are fighting for genuine Freedom and Democracy, in the objective sense of the terms, are falsely accused targets of Western Capitalist brutal wars and oppression. (“Syria’s crime is that it is independent” ~ John Pilger internationally renowned journalist.)

The so-called “red threat” such as Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton – or Merkel in the EU – do not pose any threat to the Libertarian and Republican Right-wing – to the contrary, they are the very best friends of Capitalists like Trump. When any of the so called “democrats” are elected in the US or elsewhere, it is only to maintain the façade of a “Leftist” opposition, while in fact these fake democrats simply continue managing the affairs of the Capitalist class. In other words, whichever part of the elites win an electoral “race” will do essentially the same as what will serve the richest 1%. This is evident merely upon looking at the long array of de facto Right-wing presidents under Democratic colours, or just by looking at the disastrous war-criminal far-Right Obama administration.

Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.” ~ James Connolly

  • The only rational way to act under current circumstances is to vote for a credible Socialist candidate such as Sanders in the US and Corbyn in the UK – but only to send a resounding message to the far-right Capitalist establishment – meanwhile get ready to organise in order order to avoid the imminent and permanent destruction. and to introduce genuinely democratic systems that do satisfy the objective definition of the term.

Whose freedom is it anyway?

This post is to expose the main fallacies behind the globally imposed neoliberal concept of “freedom”. Once we understand what freedom actually means in human society, we can decide if we prefer moving on towards actual freedom, or continue chasing the neoliberal fairy-dust termed as “freedom”.

In the former part we presented several reasons why the libertarian concept is an unrealistic, artificial construct. In reality a stateless or government-free “structure” is a fallacy. The so-called “free markets” are invariably controlled markets, under the specific conditions whereby the Capitalist class is in control rather than a government. This is why in a Capitalist system elections make no or minimal sense; whoever is “elected” into power, will serve the same Capitalist 1% including Trump himself.

Under the neoliberal double-standards and fallacies, a vast degree of freedom – in the sense of lawlessness arising from the 70-80’s neoliberal deregulations – is preserved for the Capitalist minority, whereas “freedom” for the 99%  means captivity, enslavement and loss of human rights. No surprise then, that the neoliberal misleading propaganda to sell this system as a “system of freedom”, is so vehemently advocated by the Capitalist class: in order to obtain and maintain mass-support for the status quo, regardless of its disastrous impact on the majority.

The Narcissist elitist Capitalist class – the actual Right-wing – also realises the paradigm of Tyranny versus Freedom rather than Left versus Right, which then keeps society under the illusion that they are pro-Freedom. However, their interpretation of Tyranny and Freedom is the exact opposite of the objective definition of Freedom. In a human society Freedom is a concept tied to the concept of Democracy, therefore Freedom in an objective sense means the Freedom and rule of majority, whereas the elitist “republican” interpretation of Freedom comes down to the Freedom and rule of an elite minority, which then yields enslavement of the majority. (For details on how the Capitalist class distort definitions, and how they subverted Democracy upon conceptual inversions see this chapter.)

Both the globalist-liberal Left and the nationalist-conservative Right are controlled by the same power-elites who deceive, divide and rule the masses via the neoliberal ideology. The same Western elites who preach anti-racism and liberal values are those who wage wars against non-white races, who mercilessly set up all races against one another by organising the current migrant crisis, who fuel racism, anti-semitism and islamophobia, who created, sponsor and operate the ultra-violent and super-intolerant ISIS, and who are behind the equally violent and intolerant white-nationalist far-right. It is safe to assume that no one in his right mind would call it freedom if our world was ruled by 1) the white-nationalist far-right 2) the ISIS sort of far-right (Sharia law) or 3) under the fake-Left globalist Orwellian Agenda 21.

Contrary to the neoliberal concept of “freedom”, individual existence of a human being is necessarily a socially determined form of existence. The survival of each human being depends on the human society and on the productive activities of many others performed in human society. And a human society, as long as it is human and society, operates on certain restrictions, laws, regulations, principles, in order to be human, sustainable, democratically organised, peaceful and functional.

  • Probably we can all agree upon the bottom-line: in any human society there must be laws to implement, observe and enforce – in order to preserve the order and protect the innocent. Therefore the pursuit of genuine freedom in human society does not mean to omit structure and limitations, but to define such structures and limitations upon a democratic consensus, in a manner so that each peaceful and productive individual in a community will perceive the agreed-upon order as freedom. Whereas – as it was presented in former part – and reiterated above, to define freedom as the freedom of the richest only, is to define freedom as captivity of the 99%.

Why does this topic deserves world-wide attention?

What has enabled the ruling elites to develop global fascism to the current alarming stage – under the neoliberal slogans of “freedom” – is the tacit consent given by the deceived masses, and such consent is obtained via an extensive psychological and philosophical warfare the majority is subjected to by the ruling elites. Once we understand the nature of this warfare, the 99% across all countries and races could unite our forces against those who divide and rule us.

There is no Left or Right; there is only Tyranny or Freedom

Every time when someone’s preference for freedom is put on public display, I always  wonder what is there to be proud of? Aren’t we all striving to be free? Or how many of us would choose spending our lives in captivity? To make matters worse, the love of liberty is declared an exclusively rightist ‘merit’, regardless of the fact that as we speak mankind is being enslaved by the rightist Capitalist class. The pro-liberty slogans the Right-wing is echoing are only to keep the masses in a permanently brainwashed condition. Ironically enough, the actual freedom-fighters of our era are the genuine Left, the ridiculed and/or demonised group of resistance; their striving for genuine freedom against the pernicious sort of “freedom” Capitalists defined for the 99%, is the actual antithesis to stand against the overall Capitalist agenda to enslave mankind.

Freedom is probably the most desirable attribute of being human, hence the term ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’ is probably the most overused term both at present and in history. However, when it comes to defining how a society would function upon the dictionary-definition of freedom: “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action“, the definition turns out to be inapplicable.

Looking beyond the layers of the propaganda-concept “absolute freedom”, we can realise that all humans are confined within the constraints of the physical world and our biological functions. In addition, each of us are limited to one’s specific physical, biological, mental, social, economic, financial, emotional etc, needs and capabilities. We are coerced by natural laws when we attempt to fly and can’t succeed. Our attachment pulls us to our loved ones, and fear of strangers pushes us to build fences. We are limited by our talents and/or by perceived labour-demand when we choose a profession or field of study. When obeying peer pressure, gang-rules, or ethical, moral standards, and/or observing other written and unwritten laws of our social, cultural environment, we are coerced by fear of excommunication. When we “choose” to not buy a product or service, or not invest in our studies or economic activity, in many cases we are coerced by financial limitations.

Another reason why freedom is not an operative word in reality: the concept “freedom” is never free, it does not stand alone but tied to a specific complementation: whose freedom, freedom to do what, freedom from what, in what sense, in what context etc. As we could see in former part, due to the antagonistic contradiction between the interests of the Capitalist class (1%) and of the 99%, the way how the Capitalist minority and everyone else define freedom are exact opposites. For the majority, actual freedom means to be free from the abuse of any sort of powerful minority, whereas, for an abusive minority, freedom means freedom to continue abusing the majority  without the obstructions/intervention of democratic government.

The neoliberal ideology assuming that the well-being of society as a whole will naturally arise emerge from an expected “trickle-down” of prosperity from the wealthiest to the poorest, is a blatantly false ‘theory’ in its own – what Dr. Michael Hudson distinguished economist calls junk economics – let alone after we obtained ample empirical evidence that the reality is the exact opposite of what is ‘expected’  as per the theory. The crisis for the 99% is deepening and the inequality-gap has never been wider than the one evolving during the neoliberal era, approaching the degree where even the once-prosperous Western middle-class is drifting to the verge of becoming the new third world.

  • Following from above considerations, the question is immediately narrowed down to a more precise one:
    how to define freedom of human beings in a democratic human society in the sense that it would be feasible, desirable and beneficial for all individuals and to society as a whole?

To answer above, there are several other points to consider. For example:

Is it freedom when a human being is left alone in the wilderness, exposed to nature’s hostile elements, where he is ‘free’ to try to overcome the forces of nature, to survive on his own, to reinvent the wheel and rebuild an entire civilisation from scratch? And if it is freedom, is it rational, feasible, desirable, beneficial?

Questions for the individualist free-rider
A nation’s greatness is measured not by the size of its army but by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

The number of questions in pursuit of the actual meaning of freedom is so vast that they need to be addressed in a separate section. Just a few of the countless:

Was it one person alone to have developed human civilisation, or was it a sequence of collectives? For a monumental building or a genius invention to come into existence, is it enough just to develop the idea or does it take many others’ contribution in realising it? Can all ideas be realised without being financed? Are only the ideas of those worthy being realised who can finance themselves or who are deemed worthy by a Capitalist individual or organisation?

Is knowledge a fully individual achievement that does not require studying the works of those who already contributed their knowledge to the world? Could someone alone achieve anything at all without the former achievements of countless generations, who created all that is necessary for any productive activity at present?
Did the individualist of the present ever pay a cent to the former generations for building human civilisation?
Could the individualist alone succeed without the natural and human values he never produced but freely plunders?

Is it human freedom to disregard the rights and needs of the older generations, who contributed with a work of a lifetime to all that we enjoy at present? Is it human to deprive them of pension or other compensation when they reach retirement age? Is it human freedom to disregard the rights and needs of the children, who are born into the world without the capability to “freely” take care of themselves? Is it freedom to disregard the weakest segments of society, and if it is freedom, is it so in a human way? Haven’t we all come to this world as helpless beings and aren’t we all to be helpless again at a certain point?

Is it freedom to live in a “society” where someone’s chance to survive depends on his luck to be born in the ‘correct’ country, race, continent, family, social circle?
Is it freedom to live in an anti-social global “society” where all individuals, societal segments, age-groups, minorities, cultures, religions, races, nations, continents, regions are set up against one another, divided and ruled by the Capitalist minority?
Is it freedom to live in a society driven by the contradictions arising from anti-social principles and subjective “morality” defined as the Capitalist virtue of selfishness?
Is it freedom to live in constant fear that someone will use a learned selfishness-based concept of ‘freedom’ against the freedom of others?
Is it freedom to live in anti-social societies where competition is rewarded, while altruism and cooperation are despised?
Is it freedom where all beings are free to find ways to gain dominance over the others?
Is it freedom to allow the freedom of a few – the Capitalist oligarchy – to destroy our climate and the resources upon which our very existence depends?
And if it is freedom, is it rational, feasible, desirable, beneficial? Is it human? Is it pro-life?

Is it freedom to live in a society where conceptual and moral relativism provides everyone the freedom to define freedom as they wish to define it?

Since we all – without exception – freely benefit from the tremendous amount of productive work performed by countless others, including the former generations who developed this human civilisation – many did so even at the sacrifice of their lives – the question is: on what basis can anyone claim that the same right to existence and prosperity the subsequent generations should be denied?

  • In fact, it is the ultimate form of free-riding when someone claims that he does not owe anyone anything; he alone achieved it all, and he refuses to pay back and pay forward what ha has received.

The moral-philosophical-ideological warfare
The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” ~ Plato

Why is this discussion necessary?

The neoliberal philosophy is the mover of the Capitalist financial system, and as we could see it in a former analysis, the core of the Capitalist system is the financial domain. Contrary to prevalent myths, the role of money is far more profound than merely representing formerly created values, or to be a mere medium to exchange goods and services.

The primary role of money is its ontological function to offer anyone or anything the potential to exist at all. Anything substantial that can be accomplished in modern economies requires financing, hence only those ideas and projects will ever be realised that are financed and only those individuals will survive and prosper who are beneficiaries of financed projects.

  • According to neoliberal philosophy, it is considered ‘freedom’ that a minority of private individuals, the Capitalist minority, retains the privilege of finance, even though such ‘freedom’ is actually killing mankind and the planet.

A mind-blowing secret that none of the mainstream finance-economics experts reveal: it is a myth that there is a finite amount of money to represent the overall value that has been produced. In reality, only a small part of money represents actual produced value earned by actual work, while the Capitalist elites issue infinite $ trillions out of thin air, in order to finance colonising wars, to organise mass-migration, to occupy and oppress nations, to finance their own private luxury lifestyle, meanwhile they refuse to finance projects that would be necessary to meet the needs of the 99%. Whenever Capitalists create money for the 99%, it is created as debt, then the debt created this way is used as a “pretext” to impose austerity, cuts and privatisations on all countries, that is to further enslave the 99%.

To understand the philosophy behind the Capitalist system is vital, because at the very fundamentals of all human societies lies a set of moral-philosophical axioms as the governing principle of all goals that a society will choose to pursue, and because all rules, policies, laws, etc that a society will choose to implement and observe, will depend on the chosen set of moral-philosophical axioms. Without understanding what these axioms are, we can never decide to choose other axioms, and if we don’t change them, they will continue driving mankind towards permanent decay.

The presence of an agreed-upon philosophical-moral framework for a society is the a priori philosophical basis of any democratic constitution, and a system whereby such constitution is observed and enforced is the a priori basis of any genuine democracy. Conversely, to dictate a worldview and impose constitution on nations – as it is done by the Western elites’ self-elected EU – necessarily requires a dictatorship.

The absence of an agreed-upon philosophical-moral framework is also a choice, one that leaves behind a void that invariably will be filled by some others. When we choose to not formulate an individual and social philosophy and choose to not enter the ideological public debate, we allow others to shape our individual and social existence by the power of ideas. We are all free to choose not to be responsible citizens and not to participate in the struggle for a better arrangement of our societies, but the price to be paid for such ‘freedom’ is tremendous: “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” ~ Plato

In contemporary global society dominated by Western pro-Capitalist propaganda, many generations have internalised the neoliberal definition of “freedom” as unfettered selfishness, voluntarism and cut-throat competition. This philosophy has been imposed all over the world as “the norm”, with the associated demand to despise any country upholding a value-system that is based upon structure, cooperation and government.

The extant hate-propaganda against Islam, against Russia or any genuine Leftist attempt for country-governance is part of the pro-Capitalist neoliberal warfare, which relies on the fallacious premise to define freedom as an assumed total absence of limitations upon individuals, and assumes that only unfettered selfishness and throat-cut competition will enable an individual to survive and prosper. Meanwhile those cultures who refuse to adopt such paradigm are targets of a version of war: economic sanctions, financial mistreatments, international  media-defamation and/or hot wars. “Syria’s crime is that it is independent” – internationally renowned journalist John Pilger reminds us.

While de facto far-right neoliberal governments, like current Greece under Tsipras, are called “far-left”, real socialist governments and their achievements, like the past Scandinavian Socialism under Olaf Palme – were demonised and abolished during the neoliberal era. Many generations have grown up without ever learning, that it was the genuinely social-democratic Keynesian system that has created the middle class in the post-Great Depression and post-WW2 era, and it was the sort of freedom secured by social-democratic Government that has made the Western world “great” in the first place.

TINA and the neoliberal fallacy-zoo

The pro-Capitalist neoliberal moral philosophy, according to which the best of all possible worlds is defined as a society based upon individual freedom, selfishness, competition and voluntarism, is nothing but a gigantic fallacy, not only because its very foundation is missing – the concept “freedom” is undefined and inapplicable to human existence – but for other reasons as well.

The neoliberal worldview upheld by philosophers like Ayn Rand, Friedrich Hayek et al, rests upon a series of contradictions and other fallacies. In the centre of the ongoing neoliberal philosophical warfare stands the false dichotomy of a selfishness-driven society versus a fully altruistic one.

The libertarian, pro-Capitalist “philosophers” always highlight a bogus alternative, an assumed fully altruistic hence ‘evil’ society as the ‘only’ conceivable other option (false dichotomy), then against this phony alternative they present (strawman) the only option they perceive as feasible, the neoliberal stance. The TINA argument (There Is No Alternative) has been based upon this fallacy, ever since the Thatcher -Reagan era the neoliberal narrative beat the slogan into the brainwashed heads of the masses.

One of the contradictions we can capture in the neoliberal argument that a ‘free society’ should be based on voluntarism, is the implied false premise that all humans are equally free to volunteer and all can make the same choices; whereas the competition promoted by neoliberalism is admittedly a system of inequality in which a only a privileged minority can make choices with outcomes that have significant impact on society . Under the current neoliberal settings, extraordinary “options” to volunteer to choose such as receiving quality education or travelling to acquire diverse experience, are privileged ‘choices’, which then will reinforce the privileged status of those who can make such privileged choices.

Another major internal contradiction can be captured between the neoliberal contempt for altruism, meanwhile praising voluntarism as the only acceptable form of taking care of the less fortunate. Evidently, this contradiction leads to the genocide of those who would rely on society’s help, since the richest 1% who have the means, choose not to take care of anyone else, and those among the 99% who would care, don’t have the means to take care of anyone else.

In summary, what above contradictions imply:
– the options each of us can choose from voluntarily are fundamentally different as to their range and nature
– the extent of the scale someone can make choices from largely depends on one’s economic strength and social status
– in a competition-based system those who are at a high status do not volunteer to help the potential competition, in order to preserve their privileged status
– to volunteer to help the unfortunate requires altruism, but as per neoliberalism altruism is considered evil.

The consequence of the above-presented contradictions of neoliberalism comes down to the holocaust of the unprivileged vast majority. Those who are in dire need among the unprivileged 99%, especially the weakest segments, the older and younger generations, the sick, the disabled, etc, are left without any means to survive, let alone prosper.

The privileged Capitalist class is free to make choices in such way that they can limit the choices of everyone else, for example by abolishing free/affordable quality education, abolishing free/affordable healthcare, welfare, pensions, etc. The 1% are free to discriminate against the 99% by hiring only those who finished expensive elitist schools. The majority’s “choices” remain on a forced path to the degree that the very existence of the 99% has been subjected to the mercy of the merciless Capitalist minority.
(The ‘opportunities’ the 99% are ‘free’ to choose from, have been outlined in former post under section:
“Private dancers and their wildest dreams”.)

In case it needs to be reiterated: this is why the immense wealth the privileged few accumulated during the neoliberal era does not ‘trickle down’ to create prosperity for society as a whole, and this is why the less fortunate are doomed to suffering and death in the neoliberal system. No surprise then that research calls neoliberalism genocide.

In fact, under the neoliberal double-standards and fallacies, a large degree of freedom – in the sense of lawlessness – is preserved for the Capitalist minority, whereas “freedom” for the 99% is captivity, enslavement and loss of human rights. No surprise then that the misleading neoliberal propaganda selling this system as a ‘system of freedom’ is so vehemently advocated by the Capitalist class: in order to obtain and maintain mass-support for the status quo.

The neoliberal philosophy is destructive not only in the domain of economics and finance, but in every aspect of our existence. It is not only the smash-and-grab hammer of the “trickle-down” junk-economics to destroy all economies via debt and austerity then grab the countries’ resources, areas and other values; it is also the common denominator under the never-ending Western wars on non-Western cultures.

It is the neoliberal philosophy behind the globalist Agenda 21, to pursue the global plan to mix and erase the Western cultures as well. In addition, the neoliberal philosophy drives the New-Atheist movement on the assumption that human consciousness is nothing but a mindless, pitiless dance on the tune of one’s selfish genes, in which morality in the sense of selflessness plays no part, which then leaves each of us with the individual goal to survive as the ‘fittest’. Evidently, the ‘fittest’ under current status quo is to be understood as being the member of the richest 1% or being a loyal servant of theirs.

The aggression behind non-aggression
– How the principles of democracy have been subverted into tyranny –

The neoliberal political economic doctrine heavily draws upon the works of pro-Capitalist philosophers like Ayn Rand, Friedrich Hayek and their successors. Ironically enough, the Randian worldview is termed “objectivism” despite the fact that her arguments – and the entire neoliberal concept of freedom – come down to a profoundly subjective concept: the Capitalist’s own freedom to maintain their power-position over the whole society.

The Capitalist definition of freedom performs a peculiar conceptual “operation”: it disassociates the concept of freedom from democracy:

“Probably it is true enough that the great majority are rarely capable of thinking independently, that on most questions they accept views which they find ready-made, and that they will be equally content if born or coaxed into one set of beliefs or another. In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority. But this does not mean that anyone is competent, or ought to have power, to select those to whom this freedom is to be reserved. It certainly does not justify the presumption of any group of people to claim the right to determine what people ought to think or believe.
~ Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

What above implies inter alia: freedom of thought, including defining freedom as such, is admittedly a privilege of a self-elected minority, whom Ayn Rand refers to as “man”, and who see themselves as those superior to the rest of society. In their works the neoliberal philosophers defined freedom as an oligarchy-based system – ruled by a self-entitled minority (oligarchy by definition). Hayek, Rand and all forerunners of neoliberal ideology performed not less than redefined freedom as oligarchy-rule, meanwhile re-branded democracy as the pejorative “collectivism”.
By redefining freedom as oligarchy they undid the achievements of those generations who fought and died for freedom while bringing down the former forms of oligarchy.

  • Then upon such redefinition of freedom, advocated by Capitalist-owned and financed mass-media and non-Governmental organisations as the one and only political ideology to be observed by all political forces in implementing economic and political policy, all countries have lost their actual freedom.

No surprise therefore that the Capitalist minority labours hard to maintain the fallacious premise for the neoliberal “freedom”and use all available techniques to deprive the majority of the sort of education that fosters independent thinking and may empower the masses to arrive at the philosophical enlightenment. This is why quality education has been made unaffordable, this is why the life-long pro-conformity indoctrination via schools, mass-media and entertainment. After the Capitalists established their own “freedom” to do whatever they wish, they use a wide plethora of overt and covert aggressive techniques to sustain their oligarchy while pretending it to be democracy.

In their effort to keep up the democracy-façade, the Capitalist class and their ideological warriors heavily rely on the non-aggression principle, which poses no limits to their capacity to pursue covert aggression in their anti-social endeavours. In lieu of openly declaring wars, Capitalists use false flag operations and other deceptive methods to pretend to be the ‘invaded victims’ who then need to protect themselves from any actual or potential aggressor. They secretly create and operate entities like ISIS, organise real terror and/or report hoax attacks, then launch real rockets “in return” to any country they wish to invade. And organise domestic police state to terrorise their own fellow-citizens.

The illusion of free speech
America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

The covert aggressive oppressor can even afford to allow speech:  “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend  to the death your right to say it” (Voltaire). Indeed. When free speech is missing, the very essentials of freedom and democracy are missing. But the covert aggressive oligarchy always finds innovative ways to pull another twist on the ideology and create new layers for the democracy-façade. Some of them, eg the infamous tycoon-icon George Soros, can afford to pretend to be a leftist democrat, a liberal, a generous philanthropist, who advocates an “open and free society”. He and his circles can preach freedom and free society, since they have already closed society and made it de facto captivity for the 99%.

Free speech therefore is a no-threat to contemporary friendly fascism, since whatever the oppressed care to say, it does not matter anyway. In a society that is ruled by an oligarchy – as our present society is – only the propaganda to foster the ruling class can prevail, while the voice of others are suppressed, sidelined or never even heard.

In the giant pool of myriad of opinions, only the Capitalist oligarchy’s very own philosophy, preferences, tastes and views will gain mass-audience, only their goals will be realised, and their goal is to stabilise their power-position. In the giant speech-arena everyone else’s preference matters less than an iota.

Covert aggression is key in every aspect of the neoliberal era that claims to be established on the assumed principle of “non-aggression”. If the tyrant decides to burn down Rome, or to arrange for an inside job to attack towers in New York, or perform a series of shootings in Paris, as long as he pins the crime onto his victims, he remains a ‘decent democrat’. He is free to continue his permanent wars, arrange for a mass-exodus to erase conflicting and clashing civilisations, organise a logistically unmanageable migration-crisis, and demand austerity to destroy economies – as long as he pretends to act as a humanitarian, he remains ‘a decent democrat’.

The tyrant owns the media – no big deal, he can buy just about anything under the sun from the $ trillions he issues out of thin air – thus he has the means to dominate the narrative, to manufacture societal consent, to brainwash the masses, to fill their cognitive space with virtual reality, false information, half-truths, fallacies and phony knowledge; he can dehumanise all generations with empty entertainment, feeding their hollow minds with mindless, aimless, confusing, cynical, self-defeating world-views, and via projecting to them ‘desirable’ life-goals that will reinforce, strengthen and further enrich only the tyrant and his oligarchy.

In short, the tyrant has the means to dominate free speech, so the speech only appears to be free, it no longer is.
The tyrant has the power to mimic democracy: he manipulates society into a mind-controlled, artificial consensus upon which a society shall “agree” to be ruled by the oligarchy and will excommunicate those who dissent.

Psychological warfare: coercion via deception
“One of the biggest difficulties, politically speaking, is to get people to see the nature of the system in which they live. The system is very sophisticated in disguising what it does, and how it does it.” ~ David Harvey

As it was outlined earlier, the continuing war the Western elites are waging against the rest of the world, including the 99% of their own fellow-citizens, runs in many versions. In this era of mass-deception, the open forms of hot wars are largely replaced with proxy wars, economic wars, financial wars, wars via mass-migration and controlled terrorism, false-flags, staged coups, and the sort. One of the most knowledgeable, outspoken and truthful whistle-blower-economists of our era – Dr. Michael Hudson – has recently exposed how the US has launched a new financial war against Russia and China. (Two other podcasts from the same source provide a breathtakingly comprehensive account on how the power-elites manipulate all societies en masse, via false flags and other forms of deception.)

The aggression behind non-aggression can be captured also in the realm of psychological manipulation. The secret behind this warfare is the fact that coercion is possible, and even more effective, via deception than by mere physical force. What has enabled the ruling elites to have built global fascism to the current alarming stage – under the neoliberal slogans of “freedom” – is the consent given by the deceived masses to the process.

Those who act under manipulation act under the illusion of freedom, and under the illusion of making choices, in fact acting as per the choices of the manipulator. Subjected to this warfare, the young generations all over the world internalised neoliberalism, and whenever they act like rabid madmen, especially when they are relocated to the West from one of the West-impoverished third-world colonies, they act upon the false teachings they absorbed from the false prophets of the neoliberal West.

While the moral and enlightened citizens of West-invaded countries such as Palestine, Iraq, Syria etc are fighting for their own country’s freedom, either in exile or staying in their home-land, tragically enough the majority all over the world keep falling for the neoliberal trap, hence falsely assume that the Western Capitalist and globalist “freedom” is the best of all worlds, which will allow them to pursue their individual happiness. Those who would opt for the Western neoliberal way of life because it is said to be respect individual liberty and tolerant to minorities as immigrants, gays and non-white races, are under as lethal deception as drinking a bottle of poison that is labelled ‘drinking water’.

In this psychological warfare, utilising the power of global mass-media and the internet, the Western elites are constantly luring the youth by false promises and encouragements to pursue the “freedom” as it is projected to them by the neoliberal deception, while the same elites make sure the deceived victims will be severely punished if they fall for the temptation.

The reason for above is the fact that both the globalist-liberal Left and the nationalist-conservative Right are controlled by the same power-elites who advocate the ‘tempting’, nevertheless deceitful neoliberal ideology. The same Western elites who preach anti-racism and liberal values are those who wage wars against non-white races, mercilessly set up the non-white and white races against each other by organising the current migrant crisis, who fuel racism and islamophobia, who created, sponsor and operate the ultra-violent and super-intolerant ISIS, and they are behind the equally violent and intolerant white-nationalist far-right.

  • The same good-cop/bad-cop pattern that we identified in many cases before, can be observed in the Western concept of “freedom”. The bad-cop war-monger Right-wing Capitalist impoverished and destroyed your country. They will bomb you and/or implement the neoliberal Capitalist system in your country, will privatise your country’s values, will impose austerity and allow you to die without jobs and welfare. Then the good-cop Left-wing Capitalist allows and encourages you to move over to the West to have ‘fun’ for the rest of your life, then the Capitalist’s “Right” hand will slap you at the face, will leave you without job and welfare in the West as well, and will deliver you to be killed by the hands of the bewildered white-nationalist crowd.

The coercion via deception is never done in a direct way, only via planted hints leading down each fooled victim towards a secretly found private “philosophy”, suggesting the idea to each that they alone figured it all out. It is like a prank, a phony treasure-box filled with imitation-gold that your neighbour hid in your yard, and now he is sitting back watching your glowing face as you are digging it up.

Covert aggression is a key technique in our times. The smart aggressor never reveals his aggressive intent, he uses invisible, covert ways instead. You are not forced to think, speak and act as the enemy wants you to think, speak and act; you are made believe that the way they want you to think, speak and act, is how you want to think, speak and act.

The confidence game — the con — is an exercise in soft skills. Trust, sympathy, persuasion. The true con artist doesn’t force us to do anything; he makes us complicit in our own undoing.
He doesn’t steal. We give. He doesn’t have to threaten us. We supply the story ourselves.
We believe because we want to, not because anyone made us. And so we offer up whatever they want — money, reputation, trust, fame, legitimacy, support — and we don’t realize what is happening until it is too late. Our need to believe, to embrace things that explain our world, is as pervasive as it is strong. Given the right cues, we’re willing to go along with just about anything and put our confidence in just about anyone.
(Maria Konnikova: “The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It Every Time“)

A version of this technique is known as the Delphi technique. This technique is widely deployed in executing UN’s Agenda21 for the purpose to unnoticeably manufacture consensus in local communities, to manipulative them into giving consent to projects that are to destroy their livelihood and living space. In most cases the manipulation is perfected to the level that the victims pro-actively contribute to the plan destroying them.

National Socialism, the unknown ideal
For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela

In former parts of this blog we have seen how both “alternatives” of the false Left-Right dichotomy are geared towards the same global police-state and how the package-deal fallacy tying socialism to globalism leads back to the same global Capitalist premise. To envision and advocate global socialism as a future system, either as monetary, resource-based or other – under conditions when a vanishingly few own all cities, countries, means of production, natural resources and technologies – is an idle exercise.

At this point of history, the only immediate, plausible next step is simple: to restore Democracy. Each nation alone can and should reclaim its democracy from their respective power-minority, and reclaim its sovereignty from the US-led global association of Capitalists. In this context, the media-suppressed Icelandic revolution of 2008, which then demonstrated that it is possible to organise and mobilise the masses to restore the genuine principles of Democracy, can’t be emphasized enough. The more countries would take the step to reclaim the system of the people, fore the people, by the people, the more would follow suit.

When Nationalism is defined by Capitalists, it implies a narcissistic self-assumed hegemony over other nations and other cultures, such as the German nationalism during the WW2, or the US invasion against the whole of Mideast and US (Israeli) invasion against Palestine at present. It has been a Capitalist trick to apply the term “National Socialism” to the Global Capitalist fascism and world-war under the WW2 Nazi regimes; a trick to keep our societies from finding the correct political philosophy upon which we can build genuinely free societies.

  • Conversely, when Nationalism is defined within the Democratic Socialist paradigm, it means rational and social Patriotism, which then yields the exact opposite of the Capitalist-Rightist interpretation of Nationalism. When Nationalism is defined as a Democratic Socialist goal, it perceives Freedom in the sense of “not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. (Nelson Mandela)

From the former chapters we could see that only the values of real Socialism manifest as economic freedom in the sense that the majority are given the opportunity to participate in economy and prosper in society in general. The same is true when we consider the ideological foundations of Socialism. A human society, and each individual within, is free only when the political environment is democratic, that is, when it is based on the freedom defined for the majority, of the majority, by the majority. However, when a minority defines “freedom” for the whole of society, the assumed freedom of such society inevitably manifests as the rule of the minority and captivity for the 99%.

As opposed to the Capitalist subjective definition, freedom in a genuinely democratic society rests on an objective value-system, which reflects the consensus of a society and is aligned with the rights and freedoms of all individuals, rather than geared by bias and double-standards restricting freedom to the rights and freedoms of a privileged few.

In any human society genuine freedom and democracy are synonyms. The two concepts are closely related and based upon interdependent conditions: one cannot exist without the other. In genuine democracies, people receive quality education not only in their area of profession, but in general as well, with special regard to awareness towards public/political affairs and thorough understanding of the actual meaning of freedom and democracy.

In a Capitalist society – in a fake democracy and freedom – only the opinion of the elites is voiced and heard on mass-scale, whereas in genuine democracy all voices and opinions have equal chance to be heard and tested, then accepted or rejected. Hence the immense urgent need for publicly owned and controlled mass- and social media, both within and across nations, to present the opinion of the masses, rather than restricting the scope of media to echoing the interests of the power-elites.

The migration crisis is a current stressing example. No countries and individuals have the right to dictate another nation what value-systems they are obliged to pursue. In each nation there are dominant cultural values without which the citizens of a country will never feel free, and when they are under the threat of being deprived of their culture, it is inevitable that they will violently revolt. Real tolerance towards minorities in a true democratic sense can be achieved only by empathic and honest dialogues; it can never be achieved by force, either if imposed by domestic or foreign powers.

True freedom is an offshoot of democracy, as it is derived from consensus on the set of ideas, traditions and knowledge-based principles that the members of society choose as a foundation of societal co-existence, after profound research, honest, knowledge-based empathic discussions, via independent, free, publicly owned and controlled mass- and social media.

Decentralisation, balanced power and knowledge-based discussions are all key elements of both freedom and democracy. Studying and understanding actual history and learning how the peaceful world-religions have been altered by the colonialist Zionist forces to pursue their hidden political agenda, would help the divided and ruled races, as well as the religious (Right) and anti-religious (Left), to unite against their common manipulators. Researched knowledge would enable the majority to discern between the victims and abusers, and could start acting accordingly.

Once we understand what freedom actually means in a human society, only then, in each sovereign nation, can we decide if we prefer living in actual freedom or keep chasing the neoliberal fairy dust termed as “freedom”. Only then we can make an informed decision if we prefer true democracy over the post-modern Capitalist oligarchy, equal opportunity over discrimination, tolerance over intolerance, peace over war.

Real democracies require both 1) economic democracy: Socialism and 2) the political settings of peaceful, self-governed nations: Nationalism, upon shared cultural basis and ideological and philosophical consensus of the respective nation’s citizens. Once we become aware of this, we can start meaningful discussions on questions what sort of human society we regard as feasible, desirable and human freedom: 1) one centralised ‘global village’, mixing all nations into one culture-less global empire dictated by a minority from above 2) or peaceful, decentralised mutually tolerant co-existence of self-governed nations, each defined by their respective dominant culture.

  • In the final analysis: true freedom in human society, is freedom from evil, rather than freedom to do evil.
    True freedom in a human society is freedom from being ruled by evil men.
    True freedom is the freedom of all members of society, rather than the freedom of a privileged few.
    Freedom is equality and equality is freedom – as simple as that.

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