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Pt4 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: in the Web of #FakeLeft

The fake left is a decoy: a hunter’s trap to break the leg of any possible revolution.”

In effect the presence of Fake Left as ‘opposition’ is extremely harmful to the cause of the Real Left – and of the Real Opposition itself – since the fake versions of Left are substitutes of any mass-action that would lead to real changes in the system. The activities of the Fake Left maintain the false impression that the issues we, the 99% identified and struggle with, are ‘being taken care of’, and under such false impression the masses fail to organise and remain in a passive waiting position.

Summary of former parts and the aim of this post

  • The primary goal of the “Rethinking the Future” blog-series is to unite the 99% on the shared ground of the concerns and goals both the Left and the Right can relate to, by the consideration that such unity of goals would constitute a majority-based, hence democratically legitimate initiative to resist the status quo and save our societies from permanent destruction.

The main tasks under the goal to unite Left and Right:
– to go beyond the stereotypical Left and Right-specific goals and preconceptions
– to overcome the effects of the Left-Right division and mass-deception generated by the Capitalist-owned corporate and social media
– to identify the actual reasons why our societies are dying: the Capitalist system and the Smash-and-Grab global policy to restore Capitalist class-power
– to identify the shared principles – such as how to understand freedom – and the goals that the oppressed majority (99%) could agree upon
– to formulate and focus on immediate, practical and feasible shared goals

In the first part it was demonstrated that the Left-Right division within the 99% oppressed masses is a false dichotomy, and was explained how the overwhelming presence of Right-wing fake opposition, represented by Libertarian Right-wing conspiracy theorists and propagandists, prevents the unification of Left and Right.

In the second part it was explained that the global status quo is a Right-wing global establishment, an ever-intensifying Global Capitalist oppression by Banks, Corporations and collaborating puppet Governments.
It is therefore sheer common sense to come to the conclusions:
1) there is no such thing as ‘Right-wing opposition’
2) the only meaningful opposition to the system can come from an anti-Capitalist hence Left-wing position.

In this part we take a closer look at how the Left-wing opposition shoots itself in the foot and hinders effective changes of the system via the phenomenon we might call the Fake Left. This phenomenon is another significant factor that – either as controlled opposition or failed opposition – prevents the unity of the 99%. The effects of the Fake Left activities – and/or lack thereof – are alienating, discouraging, confusing and dividing the majority in particularly pernicious ways.

Similarly to the former posts, this article does not aim to attack any particular group or person either. Many of those individuals and organisations who fall into a category of Fake Left are not fake (necessarily) as per their intention, nevertheless the contradictions and half-truths embedded in their activity render the alleged cause of the Left dead, futile or even counter-productive in effect.

The machine we are part of includes all of us, each of us acting to the benefit of the machine itself rather than for our own sake. On such forced path sometimes – or even often – we all act as Fake Left in certain ways, which I do try to correct after I become aware of it – and via this post attempt to prevent it to happen in the future.

In a perfect web of lies
One of the biggest difficulties, politically speaking, is to get people to see the nature of the system in which they live. The system is very sophisticated in disguising what it does, and how it does it.” ~ David Harvey

Several years ago, after my first encounter with the vast amount of half-truths and lies in the public political-economic discussions, and after witnessing the confused, divided and paralysed masses under the effects of mass-deception, I arrived at the conclusion: “in a perfect web of lies, even telling the truth shall deceive“.

When anti-establishment whistle-blowers, such as Snowden and WikiLeaks gain mass-media coverage, there seems to be only two outcomes of the media-event:
1) the whistle-blowers themselves are swallowed by the system and are made into an essential part of the system as the “celebrity-opposition”
2) if the dissenters refuse to become part of the system, their cases are used by Establishment to intimidate and paralyse the masses.

Then later I came to the same conclusion when I recognised the self-defeating pattern in the ways through which the Left operates and how the system incorporates and neutralises all efforts of the Left. Ever since I have been wrestling with the question how to reveal, in a compelling way, the devastating effects of Fake Left, and how to expose this aspect of mass-manipulation.

Firstly, it takes a long time and effort to identify a particular instant of Fake Left (it comes in many different sizes and shapes), second, it always leaves us in an insecure position as to the intent of the organisations and individuals who seem to belong here, third, it is nearly impossible to present the topic without the danger of further dividing and confusing the Left and the opposition in general.

The main categories of Fake Left

The Fake Left can be identified as individuals and organisations whose activity falls into one of the following main categories:

1) The Fake Political Left. They do not strive to change the Capitalist system per se, yet claim that they represent the interests of the masses. A sheer contradiction, since the Capitalist system is by definition and in practice is to represent the Capitalist 1%, while the Left “as part of the system” claims to represent the 99%. Disregarding this elephant in the room, large masses  invest vast hopes in yet another Left candidate, who will miraculously deliver what former Left-wing powers failed to.

half truth2) The Fake Revolutionary Left. They realise, rightly so, that the system can’t be changed by the means given in the Capitalist-controlled political system. They often expose category 1) of Fake Left, however, they either do not offer an alternative or offer a phony alternative by projecting a global ‘(r)evolution’ into the indeterminate future, through which the entire global society will somehow “evolve” into global socialism.
Even if the concept they propose would have any connection with reality, to wait for such “(r)evolution” to bring its fruits would take a long time, whereas the most burning issues we need to resolve would require IMMEDIATE ACTION.

These two main categories often appear as a mix combining certain elements of both. Sometimes we switch back and forth between the two categories (there are times when all of us are taken by a sympathetic candidate such as the present Corbyn or Sanders, or earlier the Greek Tsipras), even after we had realised that the only possible way to make any improvement in the system is via most radical consistent pressure by the masses.

  • Both the Great Depression era in the US and the recent revolution in Iceland, are evidence that the only time when a Capitalist Government starts to act according to the interests of the masses, is when there is a consistent and persistent pressure from below by the organised masses.

In effect the presence of Fake Left as ‘opposition’ is extremely harmful to the cause of opposition, because they REPLACE such mass-movement, because their presence creates a false impression that the issues the 99% identified and struggle with are ‘being taken care of’, and under such false impression the masses fail to organise and remain in a passive waiting position.

The main features of Fake Left that keep the 99% divided

Below is a tentative list of detectable features that all Fake Left groups have in common.

Typically they:
– criticize the system but but fail to recognise the real causes and real remedy
– they recognise that the problem is Capitalism, but fail to expose the global financial war underneath the other abusive layers of the Global Capitalist system
– criticize the system but only by exposing certain parts of the truth
– criticise the system merely as an economic system without focussing on a broader political perspective
– criticise the system with a a direct or implied emphasis on intimidation and/or expressing futility of any actual efforts to change the system
– fail to even attempt to unite the Left and Right on existing and feasible shared grounds, hence their “efforts” remain without basis of the majority – this renders them democratically illegitimate
– fail to inspire, empower, encourage and formulate practical advice as to how to take action
– faking support of your cause only to assist you to let off steam
– insert disruptive elements into the discussion to provoke further division, fear, discouragement, demoralisation and confusion
– rather than focussing on the next step to deliver ourselves from imminent destruction, keep dwelling on certain far-futuristic utopia, as if buying time for the establishment to continue with and finish the destruction
– fail to propose an immediate and feasible plan thus leaving the status quo without effective and immediate remedy
– pick and choose one particular minority to “protect” (eg “black lives matter”, women’s rights, children’s rights, animal’s rights, gay rights, etc). This activity alone keeps the masses divided, because only the so-called ‘protected’ minorities will be attracted to the Left, while those whose interests are not addressed by the Left will be attracted to the Right (white vs non-white, men vs women, straight vs gay, domestic vs migrant etc.)
– pick and choose only one cause/country to focus on, leaving other heavily oppressed, war-stricken and invaded nations in a secondary or “forgotten” status
– pursue seemingly Left-appealing goals – such as the Welcome Refugees campaign – that actually help the Right-wing establishment to advance with their war-seeking agenda, meanwhile causing extra suffering and poverty for the domestic oppressed masses.

As it was mentioned in the introduction, I also find myself sometimes acting as Fake Left. For example, whenever I am taken by a cause and focus only on attempting to protect Palestine from another brutal Zionist attack, I often lose sight of the root-causes and temporarily abandon the task of seeking solution rather than merely addressing the symptoms.

Nevertheless, it is evident by now that regardless of our immense efforts to spread the news on social media about those issues the mass-media are hiding and/or lying about, no forms of our activism will ever help any minority, any cause and any war-stricken nation or race. The only way to end all artificially inflicted suffering in the world is via positively taking actions to change the Zionist West into a Democratic West.

The Fake Political Left
In most of the world, and especially the US, elections are staged, with the primary goal being to let off steam from targeted sectors of the population. A secondary goal is to make a rigged political process appear believable and give the impression of a free exchange of ideas.” (“The Fake Left” https://www.popularresistance.org/the-fake-left/)

vote meaninglessThe first and primary category of Fake Left is the one that many of us could already identify: the Political Left.

We have seen many Leftist governments come and go, then we have seen how they make a U-turn from Left to Right once elected into power. The most spectacular case being the recent Syriza under Tsipras, but Obama in the US, Hollande in France belong to this line. In addition, there is an RT post that discusses a recent case of Fake Left in Hungary. Interestingly enough the actual Left in Hungary is currently governed by a conservative party, who has been bullied by the EU and US exactly because it is socialist. Quote from same author in another post on Hungary:

Fidesz has been upsetting some powerful people in the West ever since returning to power in 2010. The previous “Socialist”-led administration was hugely popular in the West because it did everything Washington and Brussels and the international banking set wanted. It imposed austerity on ordinary people, it privatized large sections of the economy, and it took out an unnecessary IMF loan. Ironically, the conservative-minded Fidesz party has proved to be much better socialists in power than the big-business and banker friendly “Socialists” they replaced.
The bullying of Hungary – the country that dared to disobey the US and EU

In addition to the self-confessed “Left-wing” but de facto Right-wing political groups, this category includes a vast array of self-confessed Leftists (or Democrats), Capitalist-owned non-governmental organisations, think-tanks and Capitalist mega-tycoons like George Soros, celebrity “alternative” economists, journalists, columnists, as well as countless Left-appealing authors, analysts, scholars, theorists, activists, even bloggers.

Those within this category manage the public discontent by encouraging the masses – either directly or indirectly – to invest an immense amount of hope and confidence in a next Left-wing candidate, such as Corbyn in the UK and Sanders in the US. By doing so, they are leading the oppressed majority into a yet another time-consuming period of false hope and idle waiting. They feed the collective amnesia and cognitive dissonance by conveniently disregarding the fact how many times Leftist leaders betrayed their voters right in front of our eyes. They operate upon exploiting the human nature’s weakest points: it is much easier to forget, forgive and hope for a miracle to come than to start remembering, thinking, drawing the consequences and taking actions.

The Political Left is fake by definition
– On the margin of the Sanders and Corbyn euphoria: ‘fool me once …’

The category of the Fake Political Left can be called the “Champaign socialists” who themselves are a caricature of the system that they criticize, since they are essential, indispensable part of the system.
As the saying goes, “the best weapon of the Republicans is the Democratic party.”

Those who enter the political arena with a Leftist agenda are doomed to be Fake Left due to the fact that the US-driven global Capitalist system they are part of is Far-Right system, which is rigged in a way that all Governments are forced to represent only the Capitalist interests. “Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class. ~ James Connolly

Therefore, to invest any hope – and time – in waiting for a next election-result, and to encourage large masses to remain in such passive state, is in effect the most pernicious form of mass-deception. Either such goal is pursued intentionally or upon ignorance, makes no difference in effect.

For any rational adult with average memory-span and cognitive skills, it should be evident by now:

  • The Capitalist class will NEVER allow the masses to vote them out of their wealth. The Capitalist class invented neoliberalism exactly for the purpose to restore the Capitalist class-power on global scale. Evidently, if elections could make any difference to undo their efforts, the establishment would make all elections illegal.

In addition, the European Fake Left conveniently evades the major contradiction that the Left in each EU-country is by definition a globalist, pro-EU force, and EU is de facto a far-right pro-Capitalist federal state.
Therefore every Leftist candidate who ‘promises’ to implement democratic policy in place of extant neoliberal Austerity-Debt Smash-And-Grab agenda, while insisting to stay within the EU, is in a blatant unresolvable contradiction.

Since EU consistently imposes the pro-Capitalist neoliberal route in all member-states, a next Left-wing candidate who stays within is on the path of Syriza/Tsipras: with reference to EU-membership he can any time refer to the ‘excuse’ of being forced into accepting the diktats of EU and keep the same policy in place. In such regard the UK is in a worse status than Greece used to be before Syriza made the U-turn. Syriza promised cancelling the corrupt (odious) public debt, yet they later on dropped the plan. In UK, not even the promise is made by Jeremy Corbyn to put an end to the corrupt debt-accumulation.

The historical reasons behind the futility of Political Left

Beyond our empirical evidence of the futile efforts of the Political Left, a deeper historical explanation sheds light onto the reason why the Political Left is doomed to fail as a democratic representation of the masses. (This section is an extension added to Part 2)

Contrary to popular myth, Capitalism is not merely an economic system, but a specific manifestation of the historically inherited generic philosophical-moral-psychological code of narcissism. The flawed rationale behind the narcissistically preordained societal structures of both the past eras and and present, is the circular reasoning-based delusion that those are to be considered ‘special’ – hence elites – who consider themselves special.

Capitalism is the modern relic of the elitist preconception, according to which there is a “special” minority among us, who are so special that they deserve to be treated accordingly. The monarchies and oligarchies of each historical era are self-appointed narcissists who inherited the wealth and power from their predecessors of the same kind. In the past they appointed themselves to be royalty and nobility, at present they appoint themselves as Capitalists.

In other words, Capitalism is a specific representation of the generic narcissistic pathology; an overall framework of many systems that are all controlled by the Capitalist nobility. Consequently, a Left-wing candidate or elected leader, even if he/she enters the political arena with the best intentions, will not be allowed to make changes in the system that will go beyond the paradigm and would hurt the interests of present-day “nobility”.

Capitalism is therefore the totality of the present narcissistic master-slave paradigm that determines all systems, structures and features of post-modern society, covering all aspects of our existence starting from the fundamentally dictatorial and centralised financial core-system.

  • The Capitalists are the present self-elected minority, who appoint themselves to be the Bankers to monopolise Finance, then finance themselves as Industrial Corporations to monopolise all technologies, means of production, lands and resources, meanwhile maintain their own Governments to represent their own interests and manage their own affairs.

Hence any Leftist political-economic program, as part of the system, will never be able to perform a fundamental transformation of the system. To expect that those who maintain the Capitalist system will permit a conversion of the system into non-Capitalism, is the same as to expect that one can stand with two feet in a bucket and in such position can lift himself up into the air.

  • This is why the promises of the Political Left will never be fulfilled, and this is why the Political Left of the present and past achieved exactly zero. Both the US history under Roosevelt, and recent story of Iceland provide ample evidence, that the only occasions when the Political Left (or any elected power) acts according to the interest of the masses is when there is a persistent pressure by the masses from below.

The next question might arise: what to do when it comes to voting and participating in an election campaign. The only advice one can offer under extant conditions: learn to discern between Fake Left and Real Left, and when there is a credible Socialist candidate – eg. Sanders and Corbyn – vote for them, but do NOT wait until they will be forced by the Capitalist class to betray their voters.

Instead, get ready to organise the civil sphere, in a manner as Iceland did, so that any promising Leftist candidate will have no choice but keep his promise. Meanwhile start to organise constitutional committees, to together draft the main points of a new constitution as a basis of a genuinely democratic system.

The Fake Revolutionary Left

Groups and individuals under this category typically advocate a version of the Libertarian socialist (anarchist) position. They typically propagate 1) a stateless or 2) stateless-moneyless utopia. According to the Left libertarian beliefs, mankind will somehow ‘evolve’ into such idyllic society via an internal transformation. Numerous highly intellectual experts, authors, scholars, innovators and activists belong to this category, whose activity is to represent the oppressed masses of the hard-core working class (the proletariat) all over the world.


They regard themselves the Real Left, who possess all the Marxist cognitive arsenal to be the one and only revolutionary factor in society, although they never explain how the “(r)evolution” they advocate is to happen in reality.

They often expose and criticize the Political Fake Left, yet without offering the path to follow instead of the dead end. Instead, they keep large masses in an idle endlessly long “waiting” position. Regardless of their intent, in effect they confuse, discourage and divide the Real Left and alienate the Right, leaving both without advice as to whom to vote for and what to do in general.

The Left-wing sort of Libertarian-anarchist worldview includes a particularly curious notion (apparently relying on a gross misinterpretation of the Marxian “bible”) according to which the sidelined, oppressed, impoverished and regularly beaten-up slums of the suburbs are the one and only genuine mass-basis of the Left.  These beliefs then hold that these groups of the international proletariat class, especially those of the most impoverished countries, will be endowed with some divine power upon which they will convert extant dystopia of global fascism into the utopia of global socialism. But it is nowhere and never explained how exactly.

More importantly, it is nowhere explained how such imagined (r)”evolution” carried out by a marginal minority is democracy. Democracy is by definition the expression and realisation of the will of the majority, whereas any form of minority-rule is oligarchy by definition. To convert society from one form of oligarchy into another – a yet another oligarchy formed “in the name of working class” – is directly against the cause of democratising our societies. This is exactly the kind of “revolution” former historical ages achieved and this is why they remained fruitless as to the actual cause of democracy.

  • The net result of the Fake Revolutionary Left is that large masses who would otherwise join the resistance, are sinking into ever deepening confusion, helplessness, passivity and political apathy, some of them altogether refrain from voting, while others shift (back) to the Right. Their absence from political participation or their shift to the Right in effect RUINS both the cause of the Left and the anti-Establishment resistance itself.

Libertarianism, the expected ‘perfect order’ emerging from perfect chaos

In a previous chapter one of the topics has been to explain why the Right-wing Libertarian argument fails to bear any connection with reality.

The Libertarian belief, oddly enough, has a Leftist and a Rightist version, both based upon the ‘expectation’ that once a society is left alone without Government, the resulting chaos will miraculously fall into perfect order. The Right-Wing Libertarian expects such perfect order to be perfect national Capitalism; whereas the Left-Wing Libertarian expects it to be perfect global Socialism.

In addition to the question how can anyone expect a perfect order arising form a perfect chaos, one might raise another question: if the Libertarian ‘theory’ has any connection with reality, how come that a stateless chaos is expected to yield such fundamentally different orders?

  • In contrast with both the Left and Right Libertarian expectations, a stateless system, ie a society without an entity to fulfil governmental functions, without mass-representation and governance, will necessarily yield a system that is essentially the same as the status quo at present: a perfect private governance by those private gazillionaires who already own all tangible values of this planet, all cities, countries, resources and technologies.

The Left-wing Libertarian-anarchist theorists typically propose a stateless society without taxation and money, as an idyllic alternative to current system. However, if we imagine a scenario that all Governments disappeared today and every single soul, either as individual or company, would stop paying taxes, it would not make one iota of difference. As long as the same private banking system remains in place, the abolition of taxes would leave the status quo unchanged.

The same is true for an imagined stateless-moneyless system. As long as the rich 1% remain the owners of all technologies, means of production, lands and resources, even at the abolition of money the extant process would continue towards a full-blown global Orwellian system under Agenda 21.

As far as the Libertarian concept is concerned, maybe the clue is to make a distinction between no-Government and a Government in which we are the ones to govern ourselves and organise society via new methods and structures of direct democracy.

Where the ‘global’ in the idea of Global Socialism fails

While it is true that our solidarity towards all war- and crisis-stricken nations is an essential component of each nation’s anti-establishment resistance, the idea of global socialism remains a phantom and a malevolent one for the matter. In a realistic and pragmatic consideration as to where to go from here, we need to work with what we have in reality:
1) On the one hand, one’s unalienable attachment to one’s country that each of us call ‘homeland’ is a sentiment that is here to stay in genuinely human societies
2) On the other hand, a society with cohesion established via such innate bonds, is the only legitimate structure for genuinely democratic societies.

As for point 1) Global Socialism is just another fallacy to cover up the elites’ agenda for a communitarian Orwellian New World Order. The idea of Global Socialism remains just as alien to man’s best nature as Global Capitalism is. Only robots can remain “neutral” about the very land where they were produced; humans feel a religious sort of attachment to the beloved motherland where they first marvelled at the world. To tear apart such attachment is equivalent with tearing the bond between a mother and child.
Many migrants who have been uprooted by wars and torn out of their homeland can testify about the devastating spiritual, cognitive and emotional effect of becoming the orphans of alien lands.

As for point 2) Global Socialism is infeasible as a democratic order. The one and only way to organise a global society in a democratic, decentralised, transparent and accountable way is via culturally homogeneous nations, who are allowed to enter free trade with any other nations.

The two above aspects are related in the sense that a nation is formed exactly via the human attachment towards one another as members of one extended family and towards the land such family shares; in which we feel that our cultural values, tastes, interests and customs are shared, understood and respected.

  • The desire for sharing is an essential element of the human soul, and sharing on a society-level is possible only within nations.

The goals and sentiments shared by one nation only are often closely related to the country-specific resources that provide the livelihood for the community living in a country, as well as the the traditions and achievements of former generations of a country, the freedom fought by one’s elders, the sacrifice made on both battlefields at war-times and in building the country during the eras of peace.

It is no surprise therefore that the Global Capitalist interests are trying to destroy the concept of nation – by doing so the Capitalist class is trying to destroy its primary enemies: the human soul and the concept of sharing. Those then who are deprived of such human basis will be much easier to conquer and destroy.

  • The only humanly conceivable and democratically feasible alternative to Global Capitalism is National Socialism, that is, socially and democratically organised countries with peaceful foreign policy, which would yield a mutually tolerant co-existence of peaceful nations. (A topic discussed earlier in detail.)

It is no surprise either that the most successful leaders of modern history, who achieved the highest levels of social satisfaction and economic performance, were de facto National Socialist leaders, like the American Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 30’s-40’s and Olof Palme in Sweden or Bertie Ahern in Ireland.

The litmus test of Fake Left on the internet and social media

An important function of the fake left is to diffuse legitimate, spontaneous defense. Righteous anger is made to give way to confusion, and the impetus to revolt is transformed into the futility of virtual actions. Slogans are used as vaccines to prevent the contagion of dissent.
The fake left is a decoy: a hunter’s trap to break the leg of any possible revolution.
(The Fake Left https://www.popularresistance.org/the-fake-left/)

Although Fake Left in most cases brings its effect without anyone’s intention, sometimes it is hard to avoid arriving at an opposite conclusion. Curiously enough, the above-quoted source acted exactly the way they describe Fake Left: they just broke the leg of any possible revolution. They deleted my comment in which I tried to gain their assistance in trying to unite Left and Right and raise awareness of the recent Icelandic revolution as an empowering example to follow.

Those who try to gather and share information on social media on the issues at hand, might be familiar with the many ways we are hindered, discouraged, discredited, manipulated. Whenever we face the question how to effectively change the system into genuine democracy, even those who otherwise have nothing to add to the political discussion, engage in endless “explanation” why the Icelandic revolution (see second part of post) is impossible to copy anywhere else, and how that revolution is a hoax or failure. The mission of any group of designed Fake Left is clear: to silence, demoralise, divide and discourage those who seek a way out of the global Capitalist trap.

After all, the corporate-ruled international media suppressed the story of how Iceland forced to resign its mega-corrupt pro-Bank, pro-Debt, pro-Austerity government, hence those who use social media to downplay, ridicule, sideline, obstruct, or otherwise ignore the Icelandic story, are doing the same.

This is not to say that most of those online who act as a version of Fake Left are all “shrewd agents” of the Capitalist establishment. Some of them probably are, but in a perfect web of deception, the intention remains irrelevant. What ruins the cause of the Left is what matters: the lack of focus on the central issue, lack of unity, and lack of efforts in developing practical immediate action-plans. In such regard the Fake Left triggers political apathy, division, hopelessness, weakness and loss of impetus to continue seeking a way out.

We have far passed the stage when it is enough to be ‘Left’ by hoping to see effective pro-democracy changes, by mere wishful thinking and/or by endlessly long, clever, intellectual, eloquent analyses. Makes no sense to pay lip-service to one’s devotion to democratic values and caring about the masses, while the topic of how to take immediate and effective action to achieve these goals remains a topic beyond discussion.

The lessons learned from Fake Left

One of the lessons we can derive from this analysis: in order to unite Left and Right and to save ourselves from a certain near future of an Orwellian global society, we need to go beyond the stereotypical image of Left as a marginalised proletariat, who is nevertheless ready for the ‘mission impossible’ to take the streets and change the world.

Instead of getting stuck in the false image of the proletariat class, we the 99% may want to envision ourselves as who and how we are in reality: responsible citizens of the civil sphere, with the most important office in a democracy.

  • In the case mankind will survive the present neoliberal times and in the desirable future the working class is to become one with the prosperous middle class – in a system where both economic and political justice will prevail – we may want to live up to such unified image right in the present.

At this point of history, failing to raise awareness about the necessity to take immediate action towards immediate changes, is a self-defeating error, comparable to climbing to the upper cabins on the Titanic, rather than looking for another ship to build and move into.

With that said, it needs to be emphasised that the expert works of some authors on the Left, outlining the potential future social-political-economic blueprints of society are extremely important, as these works demonstrate that there are highly functional alternatives to the Capitalist system and as such can attract masses to join the Left resistance. Their work will be in the centre of discussion at the time when we have already performed the Revolution, that is when we will have the chance at all to realise any of the projected future systems.

  • However at present, as long as they claim to represent the OPPOSITION, yet fail to place emphasis on the fact that first we need to change the system via mass-movements, they only serve as a red herring – they act as Fake Left in effect.

In former post (and in several others on this blog) it has been explained why we have zero time to remain on a theoretical basis and to wait for the “miracle” to come. The dangers we face in all countries are grave and imminent. The scenario we can expect in each country is that of Iceland’s and Greece’s – and what we see at present developing in Argentina. The same process, although in a less spectacular and more gradual form, has reached an advanced stage in each country all over the world. Within the EU the situation implies a more imminent danger since the smash-and-grab mega-corruption is being forced on all EU-states. This means, evidently, that whenever there is a chance in any EU-country, to vote in an EU-referendum, it should be a resounding NO to EU.

However, regardless of EU-membership, in each country there is an urgent need to get prepared to organise, in order to prevent and/or push back against the Bank-organised meltdown in 2008, or Greece in last year.

When Debt-crisis peaks in a country, it triggers a scenario similar to the 30’s Great Depression, mass-scale robbery of the citizens’ bank-accounts by Banks and Governments, and consequent mass-poverty, homelessness, hunger and death.

And all this upon the false allegations that Banks and Governments need to “save” money otherwise they go bankrupt or because they went bankrupt. In fact neither Banks and Governments go bankrupt ever, since they can create as much money as they wish (only economists hide this fact from the public).

When Banks or Governments pretend to go bankrupt they do so merely to smash and grab countries, to deliberately collect real values against self-issued $ trillions of digital phantom-money, while mercilessly pushing the masses into abject poverty.

Where to go from here: the lessons learned from the Icelandic Revolution

In other words, how to save ourselves from a scenario that would propel the extant crisis into a second Great Depression? We call it ‘crisis’ – sometimes financial crisis, other times economic crisis – even though the term “crisis” is a misnomer. What Iceland experienced in 2008 was the effect of a mega-crime carried out by Banks and the then-Government of Iceland.

The people of Iceland fought back, and although they failed to restructure the political-economic apparatus in a manner that would prevent the same mega-corruption to resurface, they saved themselves from the immediate destruction. Small surprise therefore that the historically relevant success-story of Iceland was not mentioned anywhere in the Capitalist media, whereas its counter-example, the spectacular failure of the Greek attempt to break out of the grip of the EU-dictated mega-corruption, was made into cover-page stories for weeks, even months.

The most revolutionary achievements of the so called Icelandic “revolution” – see second part and a long list of referenced material of former post – was not only what the masses performed in the streets, but their readiness to organise and coordinate by means of technology, focus and co-operation. The Icelanders were and are constantly present online, they keep sharing information and knowledge, meanwhile displaying the undying spirit that shall keep fighting for the cause of democracy, a shared spirit that is invincible, persistent, consistent, knowledgeable and unafraid.

Iceland’s peaceful revolution was successful and effective because they informed one another, because
– they managed to unite Left and Right
– they cooperated in spreading information online, effectively, fast and on mass-scale
– they understood that this system will NEVER collapse by itself without the masses’ persistent pressure from below
– they unified Left and Right on a very small set of shared immediate goals, rather than dwelling on diverse intellectual debates.

Iceland identified and achieved the immediate shared goals: to immediately end the corruption of banks and the government, to force the political and financial elites to resign, then they arranged for a certain level of democratising the banking and political functions, and started to make plans to remove money (bribery) from politics and to draft a new constitution on a crowd-sourced basis. They renationalised the central bank and big commercial banks, and renationalised the privatised (stolen) natural resources and public services. What they failed to achieve is a profound reconstruction of society, hence they face the same danger again as all countries do: that the universally imposed Debt-Austerity smash and grab policy will gradually grind them towards a second Great Depression.

In other words, the people of Iceland took the essential steps to save themselves from immediate destruction, and in such regard they remain the model to follow, but if we wish to make it last, we need to perform a revolution in a manner that will seal the accomplishments of the revolution.

Both what Iceland has achieved and what it hasn’t yet, is a call of our times in all nations, and, contrary to the discouraging and demoralising efforts made all over the social media, it is feasible. Once the relevant information regarding the imminent threats and possible ways to fight back will be shared on mass-scale, via emails, social media, by copying posts on this topic and/or in any way, each nation will be capable to display unity as to the next highly relevant immediate, feasible and shared goals, will demonstrate focus, courage and inspiration, and on such shared basis we will all have a chance to effectively organise mass-resistance of a magnitude that will attract millions to the streets and/or into general strikes simultaneously.

It will leave the Establishment with no choice, but to resign.

  • Then in each country we can form a new constitutional assembly as a temporary government to renationalise all banks, natural resources, public services and the mass-media, and start working on a constitution to prescribe a politically incorruptible and economically just system, that will forever prevent any minority, either on Left or Right, to grab economic and political power.

The bottom line is to end all globally imposed agendas of the elites’ such as Agenda 21 and the smash-and-grab neoliberal policy: and to this end at least display and spread the persistent spirit of revolution on a mass-basis, so that those in power will understand the danger they face in case they continue pursuing the route of destruction.

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