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Brussels Attacks, False flag, ISIS, State terrorism, Terrorism

The anatomy of #FalseFlag terrorism: real terror staged by Western governments

This post is to summarise what the term ‘false-flag’ terrorism covers, to analyse the main features of these events based on the listed references, and to explain why it is so relevant to quickly expose any attack that is likely to fall into this category.

False-flag terrorism is essentially different from what we usually mean by the term terrorism. Terrorism by default means crime against a state, while false-flag terrorism means the opposite: terrorism by the state.

isis new3

The main categories of false-flag terror instigators, participants and victims:

1) West-sponsored and trained ISIS-fighters in Syria and Mideast – used as decoys to maintain perpetual pretext for Western colonising wars.
2) Staged ISIS-fighters in Western false-flag terror scenes: either hoax figures or mentally challenged “props”  manipulated onto the terror-scenes and often executed on the spot.
3) Real witnesses and victims of the state-induced terror-attacks.
4) Staged crisis-actors (phony witnesses, victims) to maintain/magnify the narrative.
5) Falsely accused, incriminated and detained (in the US tortured!) “suspects”: innocent helpless, poor migrants from the Middle East.

The meaning and relevance of false-flag

  • False-flag does not mean that the war is unreal.
    It means that the real enemy is different from the alleged one and the threat is several dimensions higher.
    Closely related to false-flag operations, Divide et Impera (divide and rule) is another well-known ancient war-strategy, and apparently the Zionist forces mastered both at the highest level ever in history.

“The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_flag)

In more specific terms we might add, false-flag is an expression used for the event when a crime, attack, invasion or crisis is staged, arranged for and/or assisted by the very forces who are supposed to prosecute those who instigate the given crime, attack, invasion or crisis. In other words, false-flag is a sort of ‘self-attack’, staged for the purpose to frame a person or a group, then use the crime as a pretext for committing actual crimes.

The gravity of false-flag terror-attacks is not any milder than of real terrorism, to the contrary. Both actual and false-flag terrorism pose immense threat to society, but the two are essentially different as to scope, effect, approach and method of treatment.

False-flag attacks do not necessarily imply only phony or real events. When the attack is entirely hoax, it means the event is merely in the “news” based upon phantom images and crafted, edited, photo-shopped footages, and such news are  there only for propaganda reasons, to induce fear and create pretext (reason) for (re)launching wars and to tighten domestic terror as “national security”.

The anatomy of false-flag terrorism

Although false-flag events in theory might and sometimes do lack all connection with reality – since our societies are literally subjected to living through the virtual reality projected from a distance to the masses, who are without the means to empirically test the truth-value of any news – in most cases false-flag attacks include both true and staged elements, which then involve both actual victims and crisis actors. Then the political and media propaganda is established upon the narrative around them.

  • Upon the conducted research (see details of the referenced posts) we might conclude that the most striking signal of an upcoming false-flag terror attack is a Western military drill in a densely populated area. All terror-attacks have been carried out at locations and at the time of a military drill nearby.

Some of these crisis actors – witnesses, victims and attackers – depending on their role and life-situation, are bribed or forced to take part in the attack. The “attackers” and “suicide bombers” are marginalised migrants, manipulated, bribed, intimidated, falsely accused, confused and/or innocent individuals, who are put on these terror scenes, then they are shot/executed on the spot, which is then presented as “suicide bombing”.

  • The so-called attackers and suspects in most cases are killed on the spot, rather than caught, since the aim of the Police is not to find links to uncover the entire terror-organisation, but to bury all evidence that would lead to uncovering it.

“Suicide bombing” is an indispensable element of the fake narrative wrapped around the real mass-murder, so that the ‘radical Islam’ cover would remain intact. Similarly, the Syrian IDs planted on the scene are necessary props to serve as the pretext for continuing/escalating the Western colonising wars in Mideast.


In this regard one of the referenced sources raises an exceptionally brilliant question:

If someone has the know-how to build a bomb and plan an operation, why blow themselves up with it? Has the idea of reaching a target and then dropping the bomb and walking away never occurred to these people? (http://www.sott.net/article/315020-Who-is-Bombing-European-Civilians)

Another question might be mentioned along this line: if these ISIS-fighters are so brave that they ‘happily walk into death’, how come they escaped the Syrian war-scenes in the most cowardly way, dressed in women’s clothes? Whenever these ‘brave’ ISIS-fighters are caught by anti-ISIS forces, they are literally begging for their lives.

Yet another clue: ISIS is NOT a Syrian entity – to the contrary, Syria is fighting ISIS – yet the IDs planted on these terror-scenes are invariably Syrians. (For more details on these and related clues, see post.)

In the recent particular event in Brussels, the allegation that most “victims” are of foreign origin, adds an extra shadow to the hints. Another highly incriminating element is the almost instantaneous report of the shootings and the usage of fake videos in the report. Yet another clue is an injured victim from the US, who has ‘survived’ another two similar terror attacks in other Western locations (Paris and Boston).

Since no one can ever verify the reported details of these events and no one can verify the authenticity and credibility of the alleged witnesses either, it is equally possible that the so-called attackers who die as “suicide bombers” are simply executed on the spot or doe not even exist in the first place. (For more details on these clues, see the referenced sources after the post.)

  • But then again, the central point of false-flag operations is something else than if they are hoax or real. They are real either way.

Even if on one occasion the entire terror-scene is staged and no actual blood is shed (as some research-findings report such events as well), it would be relief in one aspect, but the next event could be just as real – still false-flag – as the 911 attack was. Regardless, the gravest issue would still persist; that our societies do not operate under democratic rule of law and in the ‘free’ West there are no Governments to fight actual crime and terror.

  • In short, the gravest truth implied in false-flag terrorism is the fact that there are no governments anywhere in the West to actually fight against ISIS and terrorism, because the Western Zionist governments themselves are ISIS and terror.

The very worst condition for any society to be in is to have Governments who are terrorizing their own citizens in such insidious ways as these false-flag terror-attacks, with the purpose to wage wars, to gradually enslave their own people and to erect full-blown dictatorships above our heads.

The reason why Western governments pursue such goals is explained here – and in more details here.

The Truth is above Left and Right (as always)

No wonder that the Western establishment and their own mass-media are maintaining the Mideast migrant crisis and closely tied to this mass-migration the Zionist manipulators pursue an unprecedented propaganda to make the Western masses believe that the reason for all miseries of the ‘free world’ is Islam. This is all to sustain the absurd idea that terror-attacks like the one in Brussels are committed by Mideast/Syrian Islamic extremists. Without this sort of propaganda the Western false-flag efforts, that is the reason for the Western colonising wars, would melt away in the blink of an eye.

Similarly, no wonder that the establishment’s controlled “opposition” – in an equally spectacular way – keeps distracting the masses by pretending to “defending Muslims” and arguing for open borders. What they are doing is using reverse psychology to gain backup for their endless wars, to continue murdering and uprooting large masses of Muslims, then ‘invite’ them into EU to invoke the anger of Western masses against everyone with brown skin-colour. Then, of course, to use these staged “enemies” (migrants) as proper props for the Western false-flag attacks.

  • Obviously, the undisclosed truth – as always – is above both the nationalist, racist, islamophobe Right and the establishment-sponsored fake Left position.

Both the so-called Left and Right sides of the Western establishment are constantly provoking anger, terror, chaos, conflict and confusion, and the masses, depending on their aptitude choose one side of the same illusory coin. The Western establishment has undoubtedly achieved the highest (lowest) levels of mass-manipulation ever in history. Even Machiavelli himself is put to shame.

The need to keep focussing on the truth

“If we don’t react very quickly and strongly to these events, and if we don’t try to expose them in real time as powerfully as we can, we are essentially allowing these people to create a Matrix for us, a world of illusion and living in an illusion is not our interest. We are living in a hallucination since 911, in the imaginary world that we are being under attack by these very-very powerful enemies. … It is a Hollywood extravaganza.”

(False Flags From Paris to San Bernadino – Dr. Kevin Barrett https://soundcloud.com/guns-and-butter-1/false-flags-from-paris-to-san-bernadino-kevin-barrett-341 )

Those who are regularly present on social media, may have gathered most of the information presented in this post, on this blog and/or from other sources. Yet, it has been my impression that most of those who recognise the relevance of these inconvenient truths, too often lose sight of the big picture and promptly revert their stance to either the Left or the Right side of the media-sustained virtual reality.

  • Since we live in an era of universal deceit, in case we aim to survive as mankind, can’t afford losing focus on the big picture that the corporate mass-media obviously will NEVER expose.

ISIS itself is a Western organisation, hiring mercenaries in the Middle East to accomplish the West-demanded regime changes, meanwhile they are manipulating vulnerable and/or angered uprooted migrants in the West to act as “ISIS”. The big question, how come that the West that is bombing these unfortunate nations, “accept” the refugees their wars generate with open arms, is answered when we approach it via the truth: the Western elites opened borders neither to welcome refugees nor to invite ISIS (ISIS has been already in the West before EU started the refugee-welcome charade!), but to invite Arab (both Muslim and Christian!) innocent masses as scapegoats for the false-flag crimes that the Western Governments commit under the “ISIS” cover.

The noisy ‘refugees-welcome’ campaign is necessary for the Western political elites in order to keep up the appearance that there is a compassionate, anti-racist part of establishment (Merkel, Clinton, etc), whereas in reality both these “leftists” and their nationalist-racist counterparts are one and the same camp. While figures like Clinton and Merkel propagate open Western borders and pretend to defend Islam and the Muslims, when they invite Mideast mass-migration to the West they do so for reasons to accommodate the interests of their Capitalist bosses such as Donald Trump. Their reasons include obtaining the cheapest labour from the most depraved parts of the world, to boost the Capitalist war-industry, to create the appearance of intensified terror-threat, to intensify chaos as part of their divide and rule strategy, meanwhile obtain large masses of brown-skinned, helpless, angered and depraved strangers as scapegoats for the West-organised false-flag attacks.

As one of the many elite-serving ‘benefits’, the conflicts and issues around the migration crisis further deepen the gap between the Left and Right constituencies and keep the oppressed 99% divided and ruled. Meanwhile the migration conflict keeps the anti-establishment Left in a suppressed, discredited position as “leftards”, allowing them and the Right-leaning masses to drift towards far-right and racism. The result is the magnitude of wild racism in the West that the world has not experienced since World War 2. (Countless establishment-agents are using the social media and much of the alternative media to intensify this alarming process.)

Brussels Attacks, one false-flag in the long line

“We discuss Belgium’s central role as the base of NATO/EU/Gladio headquarters and how the script of this event follows the script of previous false flags almost precisely. We also talk about the public’s reaction to these events and how both the mainstream and alternative media are being divided and conquered to keep people from questioning the true roots of these events.” (Sibel Edmonds Shines A Light on the Brussels Attacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUFwLcT_a3k)

If we examine the Brussels attacks – regardless if it is entirely hoax (all actors are staged) or partially true – in the context of recent history and the logic of “war on terror”, it becomes clear that it is yet another false-flag event, as one used for the same purpose as the former ones, eg the 911 and Paris Attacks.

Again, we need to keep focussing on the fact (see evidence listed after post) that ISIS is West-created and maintained organisation, a secret tool invented for several purposes, such as:

– to distract from the elites’ smash and grab financial war against all countries (Crisis, Debt and Austerity)
– to achieve regime changes as per the interests of the Capitalist elites of US, Israel and EU
– to craft and maintain pretexts for continuing the Western-Zionist colonising wars in the Middle East
– to vacate the area of Greater Israel, thus foster the territorial expansion of Israel
– to craft and maintain pretexts for the Western Zionist takeover of the US and European democracies by introducing police terror.
(For details please see the listed references)

The instigator of this global process under the propaganda “war on terror” is evidently the US government and its extensions, Israel and EU. Only they have all the means and motives to devise and execute these attacks.

Ever since the 911 attack in New York, committed by CIA and Israeli Mossad, the above process has been in place all over the West, to undermine and eliminate all Western democracies, and at present it has reached an alarming stage.

Since 2001 a long line of false-flag attacks – similarly to the most recent one – have been documented and analysed by many researchers, yet the masses are still not reacting as per the reality. Not at all, let alone promptly.

Note to the sceptics and the deceived

Zio concentration camp 2Further to the countless clues listed on this blog and in many other sources, it is worth considering this point as well: all Governments in the West, who support the genocidal, war-criminal regime Israel, are capable of other vices of the same magnitude. They will not hesitate to kill “their own” and lead them into a future that is the same as the present of Palestine.

On another point: those governments who do not hesitate to subject “their own” to the genocide via Debt, Crisis, Austerity and Cuts, will not shy away from any method to keep the impoverished masses under strict control.

Defying the vast amount of evidence, what blurs the eyesight of many is the ‘conspiracy loon’ connotation attached to these topics. On social media, and in most sources of alternative media, questioning the mainstream narrative is dressed up as a right-wing conspiracy theorist “opposition” against extant “satanic-communist” establishment.

The large variety of insane fables these sources attach to the activity of anti-establishment whistle-blowing is an excellent way to discredit whistle-blowing itself. Whatever date (satanist holiday or not) is chosen for a terror attack is irrelevant. If there is any consideration of timing, it has relevance in other aspects, such as the place of an operation within the overall strategy or when the time is ripe to magnify the reasons for the wars and the domestic state-terror. Or in case establishment stages an attack right before a major holiday (like the one in Brussels), they can prevent that people would keep focussing on uncovering the real background of the horror-story. They will probably prefer enjoying their recreational programs.

  • And as the quoted researcher points out, fast and powerful reaction to these events would be critical as to our self-defence.

As for the sources uncovering the false-flag related issues, we can be certain that whenever a critique of the system presents his/her position as a fight against “leftist” EU and “leftist” Democrats in the US, it is fake opposition by a fake whistle-blower. These right-wing conspiracy decoys do present the topic as an insane one in order to keep the masses on the side of the assumed “sane” (mainstream) narrative, meanwhile they are encouraging the masses to invest endless trust into a next rightist-racist candidates like Trump, who shall recreate the same issue all over again, continuing what his Capitalist predecessors such as the Bush dynasty started in the era of 2nd world war and continued in this century.

The conspiracy theorist tin-foil “argument” has been a fallacy from the start (known as the fallacy of ‘appeal to ridicule‘) to intimidate and discredit those who question the mainstream narrative, who expose false-flag attacks and other ways through which the political elites undermine our societies. By now we have witnessed so much of the global elites’ universally implemented society-destroying works that those should be asked to check their cognitive aptness who still can’t put together 2 and two.

Closely related to false-flag operations, the Divide et Impera is another well-know ancient strategy, and apparently the Zionist forces mastered both.

Ever since the 911 attack, the same Left-Right “football game” has been played; the wars in Middle East escalated, meanwhile the same terror and “war-on-terror” remained in place, even intensified.
If this isn’t enough clue to prove the foul play, then what is?

Isn’t it time to finally realise that both Left and Right of Establishment are one team, and both keep kicking the same ‘ball’, the masses who live in the establishment-created virtual reality?

Isn’t it time to step into reality and accordingly find the real solution?

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