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Is it Judeophobic to be an anti Zionist?


I have heard it said that if you have not been called an anti-Semite, then you have not been fighting for Palestine hard enough.

To someone who has never defended Palestine or criticised Israel in any serious capacity, this of course sounds like Palestinian activists are inherently anti-Semitic.

But to those who are involved in Palestinian solidarity you will know this is a tongue in cheek observation on how nearly all criticism of Israel is branded as anti-Semitic.

But this is actually a serious issue for 2 reasons.

  1. False claims detract from genuine anti-Semitic attacks.(Boy who cried wolf)
  2. Genuine activists are being silenced by false claims.

First lets see what ‘Anti-Semitism’ means.

The term Semitic people or Semitic cultures (from the biblicalShem“, Hebrew: שם‎) was a historical term for people or cultures who speak or spoke the Semitic languages

More specifically: Relating to/or denoting a family of…

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Global Political Analysis, Research & Commentary. Multidisciplinary research and analysis revealing the big picture of the global status quo versus the mainstream myths. Searching the way out of the global financial tyranny and slavery, before the system ends up in a full-blown version of global fascism.


9 thoughts on “Is it Judeophobic to be an anti Zionist?

  1. I have lost count of the number of times I have been accused of so-called antisemitism. I invariably respond by pointing out that semitism is a group of languages – including Arabic – and that I have nothing against anyone speaking such languages, including Jews and Arabs. The response – invariably – is one of confused ignorance, as those who try unjustifiably to defend the appalling human rights record of the illegal zionist state have been mind-washed out of all ability to reason in any rational way. How did we end up with the term antisemitism being substituted for anti-jewishness? It is due to the work of a German-speaking Austrian journalist Wilhelm Marr in 1879. Prior to that date, the term was hardly ever used, while the term zionist was first used in 1890 by another Austrian Nathan Birnbaum, following which Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl used the term to establish a political movement and established the the World Zionist Organization in 1897.
    So, it is therefore obvious that the concept of zionism as a political force was a primarily European one and one in which historic Jews had no or little role to play.
    Arguably, zionism was a response to the forces of growing nationalism across Europe, as established regimes like Britain and France sought to establish their imperial credentials and while newly emerging nationalist movements in places like Germany and Italy sought to establish themselves.
    The historic strategy of Jews had been to assimilate into existing and established cultures across Europe and elsewhere around the world but there was a growing recognition that this strategy was not working well – and it has to be admitted that what became know as the holocaust provided ample evidence of this fact.
    Zionism therefore was a largely European movement and one which was principally a reactionary fore against the growing force of European nationalist forces.
    The Jews are not a wholly unified body. The main elements within them today – the European Jews – are alled Ashkenazim and it is they who largely led the zionist terrorist groiups which seized the land of Palestine by force. displacing half the Palestinian population in the process. They established their zionist force by illegal military force, which is why they remain so brittle about criticism to this day.
    This is why they are so defensive about any criticism of their stealing ways.
    They have stolen the land of the Palestinians, as well as all the natural resources of Palestine and the futures and lives of Palestinians. What they have done is totally reprehensible and it is their guilty consciences which make them act as they do.
    The fault is all theirs and no one else. They could have developed a collective existence alongside the Palestinians but they chose, for reasons of European racist supremacism, not to do so – and they wonder why decent world opinion shuns them?

    Posted by John | March 27, 2016, 12:41 pm
  2. Time for humanity to evolve and understand we are all related members of the human family, and that Gandhi had it 100% correct in his book, “All Men Are Brothers”.

    Posted by Jerry "Peacemaker" | March 29, 2016, 9:38 pm
    • Hello Jerry :) Wonderful thought, thank you so much. The trouble is, the evil-minded world-rulers are blind and deaf to what Gandhi said and what we are saying. I can’t recommend enough studying the works of those psychologists who tell us the objective truth about this. For example, “In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and dealing with manipulative people” by Dr. George Simon.

      Unfortunately Gandhi, wrongly, is seen by many as a ‘softie’, while in reality he was an exceptionally strong-minded and persistent character. My conclusion has been that we need a new approach of full and uncompromising determination to stand up to the establishment. Merely spreading the message of loving kindness will not do the trick.

      I recommend these posts (all parts) – written for the purpose to unite the constituencies of both Left and Right:

      “Pt4 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: in the Web of #FakeLeft”

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | March 30, 2016, 5:27 am
  3. Skywanderer,
    Ken O’Keefe might be described as, shall we say, a “slightly more feisty”, modern-day version of Gandhi. There’s no denying the risk one accepts when committing to the truth, especially when making things uncomfortable for those who wish to continue the status quo. Things seem to be moving positively at a faster pace though, for which one can be grateful. Keep the faith.

    Posted by Jerry "Peacemaker" | March 30, 2016, 5:58 am
    • Million thanks again for your thoughts, Jerry.

      “Things seem to be moving positively at a faster pace though” – you wrote.

      On the one hand this sounds encouraging, which I always welcome as something that helps the cause. On the other hand I always emphasise the need to stay realistic, otherwise many interpret such good news in a way that it is enough to sit back and watch the future unfolding.

      I don’t emphasise this out of “self-importance” or to argue. I am in agreement with you on essential level – what I am disagreeing with is the approach to the solution that many seem to subscribe to without looking at the actual facts both regarding the nature of those who maintain the status quo and the nature of the masses, whose task would be to change the status quo.

      And one fact of reality – contrary to what many of us who would care, love to believe – mankind does NOT evolve towards a higher consciousness. To the contrary.

      I would certainly rejoice if it was the case, but it isn’t. What we are looking at in reality is a world-wide narcissistic epidemic. This is a major and very real issue, Jerry. Upon the influence of racist, far-right populists like Trump in the US and Le Pen in Europe, large masses are moving towards far-right and sinking onto the lowest levels of the new forms of racism.
      Under the influence of these racist populist liars (evil-minded manipulators) many are changing for the worse, rather than for the better. I am shocked to witness how many white nationalists are there (some dare to call themselves “Christians”). They subscribe to the lie that their enemy are the brown-coloured people, rather than those white evil people who commit the anti-Muslim genocide and destroy their continent, in the first place.
      Online friends, who used to support my work for years, are turning away from me because they shift towards far-right, blindly giving in to the anti-Muslim rage.

      On this topic (if you haven’t read this before) I recommend:
      Divide et impera: the truth about Zionism and the reason behind contemporary racism

      The only way to motivate people against this establishment is by telling them the truth that establishment is going to destroy them too. Loving kindness does not affect this narcissist generation. To beg them to feel mercy towards the war-stricken Muslim people? They could not care less. Or if they care, or pretend to, as part of a fake left organisation, they join the establishment-sponsored (Soros-dictated) refugee-welcome campaign, which only makes matters worse. Such campaigns only help the war-monger power-elites’ agenda. Mideast migrants are not welcome anywhere in the West whatsoever. It is just a slogan by hypocrites like Clinton and Merkel. Arab migrants are the new slaves in Europe, their situation is grave and torturous, similar to that of the similarly oppressed black populace in the US. Arab migrants are angered and tortured by the raging white European crowd, they suffer and die en masse in refugee-camps burnt down by white nationalists, meanwhile these suffering poor arab victims are BEING BLAMED FOR ALL THE MISERY THAT THE WHITE CAPITALIST COLONIALIST CLASS CAUSES THEM. OUTRAGE.

      Some of these migrants (even from second generation migrants) are picked to be innocently detained for the false-flag terrorist crimes committed by Western agencies. (See my post on Brussels Attacks).

      And this is possible only because people don’t care. They are motivated only if they are under threat, by the only question how to save themselves. I tell you this not to discourage or to be cynical, I say this because if we fail to learn how reality is, we will never be able to change reality on essential level.

      And people won’t and can’t achieve any essential positive change against the establishment without a structured, organised and focussed movement on the democratically relevant central issues. They need to be motivated into that direction.

      It is evident by now that if we don’t start organising, in the strict sense of the word, mankind will perish, and only the evil few, who wish to continue the status quo will survive.

      When I speak of “revolution” what I have in mind is not mindless riots, rushing to be beaten up by the police. To start organising country-wide, blockades, general strikes and all forms of resistance that the establishment is afraid of. Establishment is scared to death by movements like Iceland’s was – hence this event has been entirely suppressed by mass-media. You are well aware of the Icelandic revolution. We know enough about the example of how the people of Iceland achieved their goals – all we need to do is to apply it to one’s country.

      Am aware you have read this post (and million thanks for the like :) nevertheless I copy the link here again as related topic. Also see the references:
      The Smash and Grab global agenda behind #Debt, #Deficit and #Austerity – and what can we do about it

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | March 30, 2016, 7:47 am
  4. Michael Rivero is one who consistently puts forward the importance of ridding the world of private central banks. Corbyn, Sanders, Varoufakis, Perkins and others are strong voices in the effort to bring necessary re-balancing on Earth. As long as these men, and other like-minded men and women around the world, continue speaking the truth and proposing solutions, at a certain point humanity will break the spell and beneficial changes will begin. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    Posted by Jerry "Peacemaker" | March 30, 2016, 5:40 pm
    • With all due respect, Jerry, what you are stating is mere wishful thinking; a subjective opinion that stands without any evidence.
      I am increasingly alarmed that brilliant researchers like you hesitate to face the actual political reality.
      Yes, I keep fighting the fight, regardless if others are listening or not. I shall keep writing as I am aware – as the Australian politician referenced in post – that we are in big trouble: https://globalpoliticalanalysis.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/rethinking-the-future-we-are-in-trouble-we-all-need-to-pull-together-on-this/
      And I am trying to find a practical way out, without immersing in wishful thinking. The latter would be a million times easier.

      I wrote referenced post to highlight how wishful thinking and relying on the political left hinders our efforts to find a workable solution.
      Projecting mere utopias is something that serves only the establishment.

      What I am stating however is not just my opinion – it is knowledge-based research.
      According to world-renowned journalist and film-maker John Pilger, to vest our trust in the political Left is idle.
      See recent podcast > http://sputniknews.com/radio_loud_and_clear/20160216/1034828977/john-pilger-extremists-run-america.html

      Pilger says exactly what I do: What we can expect from Sanders and Corbyn is a yet another ground-hog day.
      Pilger still remembers, as I do, the euphoric expectations about Obama, then the almost instant bitter disappointments.
      In addition to Obama, there is a long line of similar cases, recently the French Hollande and the spectacular Greek Syriza led by traitor Tsipras. Just because Varoufakis – and several others in the champaign socialist camp – are acting as the “good cops” in the overall sinister game, makes no difference whatsoever.
      They are all part of the fake left, with a comfortable celebrity role in the long sequence of betrayal by so-called Socialists or Democrats. Even most of the so-called resistance is fake.

      The time has come to get rid of the phenomenon of fake left and fake resistance and to stop acting like one of them:

      The advocacy to change the money system alone, will not do the trick. (In general, mere talk about the truth is far from sufficient to make any effective changes.) While it is true that the economic system can be changed only if we change the financial system, the financial system can be changed only if we change the political system.
      – This is an essential truth that Varoufakis and others in the long line of fake left, conveniently omit from the discussion.-

      Moreover, to get rid of private central banks is not enough for the purpose to change economy into a democratically controlled one.
      As you are aware, there are the private commercial banks, who issue money in infinite quantities and as we speak they dictate governments to act as per their will. The entire money-system needs to be changed, and even that is not enough.

      If we changed the financial system today it would not take care of the major issue that the richest 1% effectively own all resources and values of the planet. Mankind can not step forward, either politically or economically, without re-nationalising all the stolen lands, natural resources, technologies and other assets.

      The analyses on my blog provide ample historical and forensic evidence for above. It is clear – and should be clear to any knowledgeable political researcher – that there is no sign whatsoever of a process towards democratisation. To the contrary. While the majority are sleeping, all societies are driven towards final destruction by a psychopath minority.

      The only countries that functioned as democracy in the past, or display remnants of democracy at present, are those where powerful and organised mass-movements demanded the government to respond. We have the historical empirical evidence that the FDR’s administration started to serve democratic principles only in response to the tremendous pressure of highly organised mass-power.

      Without organised anti-establishment mass-movements and pressure from below, any actual democratic leader will be
      – assassinated (JFK, Olof Palme)
      – forced to step down by false charges of corruption (Irish Bertie Ahern)
      – forced to step down by West-organised coups (Ukraine)
      – forced to step down by West-organised terrorists (ISIS) as it has been done against democratic Mideast leaders (currently attempted against Assad).
      – or, as it is done in most cases, forced to become actual right-wing to serve the establishment (Tsipras)

      Our wishful thinking will not save either them or ourselves.

      The establishment is controlled by the psychopaths of the West who “change their minds” only when confronted with mass-power. To deny this fact comes down to actually serving the status quo that they maintain.

      Am aware you won’t change your mind Jerry, am sorry about that. Am sorry, not because you disagree with me.
      I am sorry, because the position you take and advocate, gravely hurts our chances to survive and it is counter-productive to my work trying to show the way towards our survival.

      Thank you Jerry, wishing you the best : )

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | March 31, 2016, 6:20 am
  5. Thank you for taking the time for a passionate response. I think we can agree transforming life on Earth sometimes results in complexity given the immensity of such an effort. Our worldviews are more similar than perceived, there is no disagreement on my part with any of your assertions, so perhaps it’d be helpful to establish any differences in worldview between us for clarity. My guess is the fundamental difference is metaphysical. While every human being dies the soul is eternal. For me, speaking truth includes both the material, ephemeral world on Earth where “death” is inevitable, as well as the spiritual, infinite dimension, where our souls go (return?) after passing away.

    Native American medicine the late Rolling Thunder said “every person has a destiny and a purpose, and to achieve that purpose requires self-control”. In the biographical book “Rolling Thunder” by Doug Boyd, Rolling Thunder explains how it was not his power but the Great Spirit’s acting through him that had performed the miraculous healings and events he was involved in, and described in jaw-dropping detail in the book. My influences in the area of philosophy and spirituality include indigenous, eastern and aspects of all the traditions, and probably best described as a mix of pantheism and mysticism.

    Some believe when the body dies it’s the end. Some believe the soul is eternal. There is a quote by a Native American “we don’t argue about religion” which I try to practice, as well as allowing others to walk their own path of discovery without my interference or effort to convert toward any set of beliefs. Perhaps Hemingway said it best “there is no one truth; it is all true”. While I believe there is more commonality in our views than difference or disagreement, my view is the non-material or spiritual aspect of reality is also an important – who knows, even ultimate – part of the life phenomenon and when included as a factor in discussions about the human condition increases the potential for positive, beneficial, historic global transformation.

    It seems important to articulate in detail the core reasons one engages in activism or efforts focused on solving very big problems, although admittedly I have fallen short of achieving that articulation too often.

    Posted by Jerry "Peacemaker" | March 31, 2016, 5:23 pm
    • Thank you for your passionate reply, Jerry. The points you have raised in this context lead to new realms of the discussion, which would be impossible to cover within the scope of comments like this. Incidentally, most of these points I addressed, either directly or indirectly, in my latest post (Pt5- Rethinking the future …)

      We can even be in agreement on metaphysical level, the point at which we differ is the inference as to how to act upon the truth we found on metaphysical level. This issue is however a very complex one. A large part of society, in fact the decent majority, are conditioned to make themselves the sacrificial animals at the altar of Narcissism. The religious and the spiritual are conditioned to put the emphasis onto a life “beyond” rather than on this form of existence. As if the two were mutually exclusive. This false dichotomy alone explains that the world has become one slaughter-house with billions of preys ready to accept such fate. This is a grave mistake and a gross misreading of the messages of the world-religions. This point is a central part of the problem, which I discuss, as much as I could in a much broader context in the mentioned post from today:
      Pt5 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: #Narcissism and #Relativism, the ultimate enemies of #Democracy

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | April 1, 2016, 2:44 pm

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