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Pt5 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: Narcissism and Relativism, or Democracy?

“Democracy contrasts with forms of government where power is either held by an individual, as in an absolute monarchy, or where power is held by a small number of individuals, as in an oligarchy.” (Wikipedia on “Democracy”)

In essence, the Narcissistic mindset is the psychological basis of Capitalism, and both Capitalism and its psychological basis, Narcissism, are incompatible with the very principles of Democracy.

Democracy, the perishing ideal
Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

The concept of Democracy – along with the questions regarding the democratic deficit in our societies – have been discussed in the public sphere to the degree of overall immunity and apathy towards the topic, yet without any conclusive consensus to act upon. In any society that declares itself “democracy”, this subject matter remains the number-one concern above all else. This post is aiming to fill this gap by discussing the actual definition of the concept and via revealing several hidden reasons behind the phenomenon that Democracy is perishing.

The central initial questions to raise:

1) Is Democracy a system that the majority of us would find the ideal system to be pursued?
If it is, then why is Democracy perishing?

2) Is Democracy a system that the majority would discard?
If it is, then what sort of system would they prefer?

The answer to question 1) varies on an endless scale, but on essential level it is to be found in the domains of philosophy and psychology.

  • Most likely, to the readers the original objective definition of Democracy, as Lincoln defined it, still clings familiar:
    Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Yet, the actual definition of “Democracy” has disappeared not only from our public discussions, but even from our dictionaries. The definition of Democracy according to the most authoritative academic source: Britannica Encyclopaedia is not an objective definition but a relativist version of “definition”, a sort of doublespeak, which actually leaves the term undefined. (http://www.britannica.com/topic/democracy)

In approaching question 2) the first key consideration is this: the only alternative to Democracy is a form of Dictatorship.

  • Due to the fact that Democracy is by definition a system of majority-rule, any minority-rule – either in the form of Monarchy or Oligarchy – is by definition Dictatorship.

Above holds true as a meta-definition above the wide variety of modern labels, such as terms like “technocracy” or the traditional “republicanism”, attached to the modern forms of dictatorial systems. A mere façade of Democracy is evidently not Democracy by content; only those systems are that satisfy the objective criteria of the term. Therefore the elitist sort of “democracy”-definitions – either traditional or contemporary – that stipulate a special minority to be the governing power in a Democracy, run into an unresolvable internal contradiction.

“Democracy contrasts with forms of government where power is either held by an individual, as in an absolute monarchy, or where power is held by a small number of individuals, as in an oligarchy.” (Wikipedia on “Democracy”)

  • In the final analysis, there is no such thing as Left and Right, there is only Freedom or Tyranny; Democracy or Dictatorship. So the question 2) comes down to this consideration: if the majority prefer something else than Democracy, it implies our “choice” to live in a form of dictatorship. Then the question is: why?

The psychological roots of societal destruction: Narcissism
“The narcissism now so commonplace in contemporary American life fits the classic criteria for a true disorder. The symptoms often include self-aggrandized notions of one’s power and success, an unwarranted sense of superiority over others, exaggerated self-importance and pride, manipulation of others and indifference to their emotions and feelings.”

In this discussion the term Narcissism is used in the sense of malignant Narcissism – a high degree on the spectrum of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) – as opposed to healthy levels of self-care, self-confidence and assertiveness. In a broad sense of this personality disorder, Narcissism can be defined as the psychological-moral-philosophical pathology that elevates one’s ‘grandiose’ self above all and everyone else, and as such, on society-level, it is the anti-thesis of the basis of Democracy: equality, brotherhood and fraternity.

The attempt to fully explore the subtopic of psychopathology – in general and in politics – would be obviously beyond the scope of a blog-post. (In case of interest, the reader is recommended to continue research.) For the purpose of this analysis, the focus is on those central traits of malignant Narcissism that prevent the objective definition and realisation of Democracy in our societies.

Although there have been attempts by the psychiatry profession to remove NPD from the official list of disorders, its main traits remained listed as the basis of several classified pathologies. The central traits of Narcissism, such as pathological egotism, dishonesty, hypocrisy, material greed, competitiveness, manipulative behaviour, doublespeak, triangulation, gaslighting, victim-blaming, projections, dividing and conspiring against the others, self-centeredness, attention-craving, grandiose self-image, sense of entitlement, demanding special treatment and status, lack of empathy, lack of compassion, etc, can be discovered behind all socio-path-inflicted societal maladies, such as wars, war-crimes, eugenics, social and ethnic cleansing, genocide, crises, austerity, debt, terrorism – including false-flag terror – all forms of “religious” extremism, racism, colonialism, greed, cut-throat competition, animal-cruelty, all forms of discrimination, elitism, injustice, inequality, celebrity-cult, the planetary ecological destruction, destruction of nature, wildlife, climate, agriculture.

The ego-centric view of the universe is clearly in contradiction with the aim of developing genuine moral societies and empathic, mutually respectful, equality-based, just, functional and tolerant systems at any level: in a country, government, local community, enterprise, organisation, family, and so forth. The ego-centric competition-based moral psychology is in antagonistic opposition with any meaningful co-operation. And without meaningful co-operation neither enterprises nor economies can function, and human society is doomed to collapse into a dysfunctional assembly of isolated atoms.

The very basis of all dysfunctional families is the presence of a Narcissistic family-member (or members) who control and destroy the whole family, while some other members, either knowingly or unknowingly, assist the Narcissist in the destruction. Similarly, the very basis of dysfunctional societies is the dominance of the Narcissistic elites – whose aim is to take control of a country, region and eventually the whole planet – while the masses, either knowingly or unknowingly, assist the elites in the process of the planetary destruction.

  • It is not coincidence that the psychology profession estimated a rate of 1-1.5% of those with NPD within the population, and that the richest of the global society, which de facto act as the modern Oligarchy, constituted ca 1% of the global population.

Capitalism the modern manifestation of Narcissism

The social-economic master-slave paradigm carried over from the former historical eras – realised as Capitalism in the contemporary settings – is the reflection of the master-slave paradigm in the psychological domain. Throughout history, the ego-centric psychopathology gravely affected human existence (enough to take one glimpse at the long series of wars and other forms of human-inflicted miseries) and there is no reason to believe whatsoever that the same pathology disappeared in the present times. To the contrary.

Contrary to popular myths, the contemporary nobility, the Capitalist class, are not any more benevolent than their predecessors. The only difference is that at present the ruling elites enjoy a much wider variety of amusing and self-flattering activities than their elders had access to in the past. Capitalism is nothing but post-modern feudalism whereby aristocracy builds a global fascist empire by buying talents and bribing leaders of each country.

The elites of our era own and dictate the largest corporations, banks, trends in politics, fashion, science, technology, academia, art, entertainment and so forth.They dictate science – the scientific community – to declare a dangerous global warming, even in the face of hard data proving the opposite. (Global warming Is a Blatant Lie & this Short video proves it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzCXwF39enc)

They privatise to themselves all financial and other resources, which they can invest into their own talents, ideas, inventions, innovations and hobbies. It is not that the others don’t have these talents – they just don’t have the means and the opportunity to realise them.

The Capitalist elites own the freedom, time, connections, quality-education, money, and the expensive patent-rights, to invest in business without the burden of a life-long debt; they have the opportunity to make new discoveries, to develop new technologies by exploiting the motived slaves’ creative drive and brainpower, to invest in developing any artistic or other skills, as well as the opportunity to finance the marketing tools to access world-wide audience. Most importantly, they appoint themselves to shape our future by occupying political offices, powerful think-tanks and NGOs. Contrary to the oft-heard myth that the Capitalist system is for everyone, the common man will never have the freedoms the privileged few enjoy. The vast majority can have only a slave-role in the shadow of the nobility, and even getting such role is solely dependent on the whims and mercy of a Capitalist.

  • When you highlight above fact, the Narcissists call you envious or jealous. Why? Because in the reductionist mind of the Narcissist, the cognitive-emotional sphere is limited to these two ‘alternatives’: to be envied or to to be envious of the others.

Then those who expose the  Capitalist elites’ agenda aiming to depopulate the earth and enslave the 99% in order to retain their monopoly-position, are called “tin-foil, paranoid conspiracy theorist”. Why? Because deceit, projection and victim-blaming, are central Narcissistic traits, and so is hypocrisy. The Narcissists’ worst nightmare is to lose his moral supramacy, hence their painstaking consistency in pursuing their predatory agendas in sheep’s clothing. They use all forms of slander, smear campaign, false accusations and character-assassination (poisoning the well), and the appeal to ridicule fallacy (and all other forms of fallacies) to discredit the whistle-blowers and/or anyone who stand in their way.

The elites use mass-manipulation techniques to fabricate virtual reality for the masses, but they deny doing so. Because it is a main Narcissistic trait to use the method of gaslighting to neutralise self-defence of their victims. The Narcissists declare their victims “mad” whenever they actually see through their manipulations.

What differentiates the former master-slave societal settings from the current one is the unprecedented depth and scope of mass-deception the elites maintain via the globalised media, academia, entertainment and the Internet. We can’t underestimate the power of social media in this regard: 99% of it is used for double-speak to manipulate and confuse the masses, to reinforce the mainstream media lies and fallacies.

The slaves of the present – the 99% unprivileged – are “motivated” by the endless pro-capitalist propaganda flowing from the Capitalist authoritative sources. The majority are kept under constant emotional blackmails, peer-pressure and band-wagon fallacies via promises that “if you work hard enough, you can achieve what I achieved”. While the common man, regardless of his talent and diligence, is doomed to be a sort of slave throughout a lifetime, giving away all his mind- and physical power to assist the Capitalist class to achieve their goals, the Capitalist aristocrats flatter themselves to be “the hard workers”.

After a short period after the WW2 – a sort of Socialism mistakenly believed to be Capitalism – which then provided the opportunity for the masses to get ahead in society, such opportunity is no longer given to those who are born without Capital. Capitalism in essence is a rigid cast-system: Rich Kids Stay Rich, Poor Kids Stay Poor.

The reason why Narcissism is becoming an epidemic, is due to the globally dominant Capitalist narrative praising the Narcissistic traits of selfishness, self-centredness, competitiveness and malignant indifference towards other individuals, races, nations, cultures, etc. Under the influence of the Capitalist-controlled global mass-media, more and more countries, cultures and individuals internalise Narcissism as the “norm” to the degree that they think of themselves as normal. More and more from the 99% – on both Left and Right – accept such imaginary division and adopt Narcissistic behaviours upon the false belief that displaying such attitude will bring them to the top of society. More and more choose to leave behind their spouse when he/she no longer seems to be good enough (young, entertaining or successful), in order to obey the perceived norm of merciless selfishness. Worse yet, many parents abandon or disown their children, whom they think of as “weak” upon the internalised Narcissistic social-Darwinian law of the “survival of the fittest.”

Another outcome of the Capitalist mass-deception is the unprecedented number of tragic, desperate and most outlandish attempts to achieve fame, glory and wealth. The Narcissistic ‘dream’ is pushing many as far as risking their lives and reputation by participating in humiliating reality-shows, breaking their necks on “funny” videos that they hope to watch on national TV, or reducing themselves to global laughingstock in pathetic talent shows. Some of them crave attention to the degree that they balance unsecured on a rope in the clouds, thousands of miles above a valley, or throw themselves out of spaceships while their families are rejoicing over the ‘success’. Many join the elites’ army under Narcissistic (Nationalistic) slogans, and march into wars to risk their lives while mass-murdering millions of innocent civilians to enable bankers and corporations to continue colonising and enslaving the West-invaded continents.

The conceptual roots of societal destruction: Loss of meaning and definitions

One might rightly expect that the concept of Democracy within which Freedom could be realised, is defined by an authoritative academic source upon the consensus of the scholarly community, then such objective definition of the term is taken over by all dictionaries and thesauruses. In turn, the so-called ‘free world’, which bears the proud title of ‘Democracy’, should be a clear manifestation in reality of what the idea of Democracy covers as per the objective definition.

However, reality could not be further from such ideal situation. When it comes to discussions on Democracy, the very meaning of Democracy is either poorly defined, entirely missing, or only one or two partial conditions are covered. The assumed definition itself varies on an endless scale, depending on the relative perspective and level of knowledge of those discussing it.

The many individual definitions and approaches of Democracy can be categorised as follows:
1) Democracy ‘defined’ (misrepresented) from the perspective of a master (a Narcissist)
2) Democracy ‘defined’ (misrepresented) from the perspective of a slave (an enabler of Narcissists)

  • While there is an endless plethora of relativist and “elitist” – ie self-contradictory – definitions of Democracy, what is found nowhere: a detailed authoritative definition of Democracy as Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

The philosophical roots of societal destruction: Relativism and the sleeping society

The main reason behind the phenomenon of perishing Democracy is the philosophical outcome of the Narcissistic psychological basis of society, namely: Relativism.

The Western way of thinking has been reduced into a system of moral, cultural and cognitive Relativism, whereby each of us are “allowed” to formulate our own subjective world-views, relying on one’s very own set of preferences, subjective concept-definitions and moral standards. The so-called “free thinking” habit of the modern homo sapiens – as part of the many misconceived “freedoms”  – comes down to freedom from the boundaries of facts, freedom from dictionary meanings, freedom from logical soundness and validity, freedom from coherence, intellectual honesty, responsibility and truthfulness.

The inevitable result of the conceptual-moral “freedom” granted by Relativism, is cognitive and ethical meltdown produced by countless clashing individual world-views; all standing alone without objective, shared moral standards, and without objective, shared conceptual definitions. Most of these personal world-views are mere vacuums (lack of any value-systems) to be filled with meaningless ideas and goals learned from various pseudo-authoritative sources, such as the mass-media, the entertainment industry, similarly miseducated/misled parents, false teachers, cult-leaders and other self-serving popular “philosophers”.

  • The first particularly pernicious implication of Relativism: if there is no such thing as TRUTH, there is no such thing as a LIE either. Or if there is a lie, it does not matter. In the large pool of opinions, lies are just equal peers of facts.

Evidently, Relativism, the perfect philosophical chaos is the perfect conceptual environment for the Narcissists, especially for the covert aggressive notorious liars and manipulators.

Under the conceptual tsunami triggered by Relativism, the reality of human society has become a chaotic assemble of one-person size philosophical systems and ideological voids to be filled in by the always ready-to-hit manipulators. Countless versions of new-age philosophies are out there, in all available form (books, blogs, websites, videos, etc) to lead the “free-thinking open minds” down the primrose path via false teachings about perfect happiness, perfect freedom, perfect self-realisation, and so forth. These teachings often reach the degree of the claim that objective reality does not even exist, hence the wise don’t bother trying to figure out what reality is about.

The naive and the young are especially prone to adopting the Narcissistic idea that ‘self-realisation’ equals maximum spiritual freedom, and such freedom is attainable only by turning away from society, or whenever looking upon, seeing only the ‘beauty’ of the world. Along with promiscuous sex, alcohol and rock-and-roll, the ancient eastern philosophies, mixed with an endless plethora of new-age mambo-jumbo, have become the most fashionable forms of escapism. Those who practice a form of modern escapism are even proud of it, as though they achieved something higher (‘enlightenment’) standing above the rest of mankind. These enlightened ‘sages’ immersing into yoga and meditation, make themselves blind to the ugliness of reality and find their very own eternal beauty in the hope that the beauty they are will manifest as the entire universe. By doing so, they allow millions of their fellow-humans be killed by the very ugliness they don’t want to see. Narcissism par excellence.

In the meantime, the awake Narcissistic minority who do realise that there is such thing as reality, are enslaving the meditating masses for real, due to the second major implication of Relativism:

  • If there is no absolute truth, there are no absolute definitions of concepts either, including concepts such as Democracy itself. And the elites exploit this void to the full extent.

The Narcissistic ‘role model’ and his effect on society

In a Relativism-based society – which lacks anything like what we might call an absolute/objective/shared value-system – we are left with a myriad of individually defined subjective value-systems, whereby the content of each of stand-alone value-systems depends on the innate moral standard and psychological character of the individual who formulates them.

Hence, the third major consequence of Relativism is its implication to render all personal value-systems equal. Those individual philosophies – in either religious or humanist forms – that are advocated by psychologically sound, honest, straightforward, social and empathic individuals are regarded equal with those worldviews that are observed by dishonest, aggressive, sociopathic and manipulative – disordered – characters.

The fourth devastating result of Relativism is the devaluation of study, research and knowledge. Mere opinion-based “truths” formulated by the ignorant and the naive, are ranked at the same level as knowledge conveyed by highly educated, intellectually honest scholars, authors and researchers.

The fifth grave consequence of Relativism is the dominance of Narcissistic worldviews over all other worldviews. The primary trait of malignant Narcissism is the constant, relentless practice of deception, pretension, projection, victim-blaming, hypocrisy and manipulation (wolves in sheep’s clothing). These psychological traits have gained a dominant role in society, due to the fact those who are diagnosed with such covert forms of psychopathology (the charming sociopaths), typically take the highest influential positions in society. Hence the assumed Relativist ‘equality’ among the different opinions in practice is realised as the hegemony of the pathological Narcissistic world-views.

  • The Narcissistic influence of “role models” (politicians, tycoons, mass-media-owners, educators, etc) is an essential factor that inflicts far-reaching psychological-moral damage on society via mainstream politics, media, academia, literature, entertainment, the Internet, and so forth. Then such dominant pathological worldview is copied and echoed by the masses, either upon peer-pressure and/or in absence of any competing models accessible to them.

The Narcissistic mindset behind the global meltdown

In the mind of the Narcissist, the world is perceived in the exact opposite way than how a psychologically normal mind perceives it. For a normal human being, compassion, empathy, love and care for the others, compassion for the weakest, most vulnerable and helpless members of society, are natural sentiments, whereas these values and sentiments are either entirely unknown to the Narcissist – or are regarded as “weakness of character” or “insanity”, as one of Mussolini’s oft cited quotes demonstrates: “The history of saints is mainly the history of insane people.”

  • For a Narcissist, the one and only concern of the world is his own self. He considers himself the “strong one” – all moral standards, concepts and reality as such are to be subordinated to his worth. (Another one of Mussolini’s statements reflects this point: “We become strong, I feel, when we have no friends upon whom to lean, or to look to for moral guidance.” The Narcissist sees himself as the ‘fittest’ (albeit he is not), hence he tends to subscribe to a worldview that is aligned with the social Darwinian objective: survival of the fittest. The WW2 Nazi ideologies fully adopted this ‘ideal’ and pursued social cleansing and eugenics as an essential goal attached to such ideal.

The Narcissists often pretend to be charming, kind and caring – ‘kindness’ as part of hypocrisy is an essential element of the covert aggressive personality’s manipulation-techniques – but in many cases they come out and openly assert their entitlement to be placed above everyone else. Ayn Rand’s philosophy, as laid out in her “Virtue of Selfishness“, is the most prominent case in point. The typical Narcissistic inversion of reality can be captured in her interpretation of “Objective” and “Rational” with a de facto meaning of her own subjective and irrational worldview. When Rand refers to “man” (mankind) what she means is the word “I” as the one who stands above everyone and everything else.
“That is why Rand’s characters despise altruism, even belief in God. Altruism requires empathy. God requires humility. Narcissism resists both.”  (‘This God, This One Word: I’ http://americamagazine.org/issue/777/columns/god-one-word-i)

The devastating societal impact of Rand’s and her contemporary disciples’ moral philosophy is tremendous and well-visible at present. Part from above-quoted source: “the narcissism now so commonplace in contemporary American life fits the classic criteria for a true disorder. The symptoms often include self-aggrandized notions of one’s power and success, an unwarranted sense of superiority over others, exaggerated self-importance and pride, manipulation of others and indifference to their emotions and feelings.”

For a normal individual, all human relationships are lived among equals, upon mutual respect and care for one another, whereas the Narcissistic value-system permits only the master-slave paradigm, in which the Narcissist is the master, the one and only to be cared for, whereas all others are slaves, mere objects that exist only for the sake of the Narcissist. The Narcissist is the one to be considered “better” and/or “special” in all life-situations. For a Narcissist, co-operation among equals is sheer impossibility, since cut-throat competition defines his existence as such, in which he ought to be the “winner” above everyone else. Since money is the primary tool to obtain glory, grandiosity and fame, the Narcissist is to maintain the very role to control the world’s money-supply which then he uses to keep himself on the top of the world, to decide over life and death of billions, walking through large piles of dead bodies all over the planet as the means to keep the planet “sustainable” (UN’s Agenda 21). The Narcissist shall keep lying and cheating to his last breath, in order to maintain the very “winning” position that defines him.

  • In essence, the Narcissistic mindset is the psychological basis of Capitalism, and both Capitalism and its psychological basis, Narcissism, are incompatible with the very principles of Democracy.

Since the main trend of the Narcissistic destruction takes covert, gradual forms, either waiting for the moment of an apocalyptic systemic collapse, hoping for a mass-awakening or a miraculous spiritual transformation of the disordered individuals who occupied all power-positions, is wasting the precious time that we the 99% should use to save ourselves from a gradual but equally fatal destruction. As the psychology profession concluded, this pathology can not be cured, simply because it is not a sickness, it is a deliberate choice of evil.

The era of Covert Aggression

Those who studied psychology in depth and analysed world-politics in historical and regional context, can recognise the patterns of covert aggression in almost all political and economic developments at present.

Following is an excerpt from Dr. George Simon book: “In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and dealing with manipulative people“:

covert aggressive

  • Covert aggression has definitely achieved its maximum potentials in the US/NATO war against Syria. The US and NATO is pretending to wage war on ISIS, whom the US, Israel, EU, Turkey and allies created and sponsor, meanwhile the same US/NATO is mass-murdering and uprooting millions of innocent Mideast civilians in the process.

In a former part of this blog-series, this topic has been partially covered in the section: “Psychological warfare: coercion via deception“.

The smart aggressor never reveals his aggressive intent; instead, he uses invisible, covert techniques. You are not forced to think, speak and act as the enemy wants you to think, speak and act; you are made believe that the way they want you to think, speak and act, is how you want to think, speak and act.

The confidence game — the con — is an exercise in soft skills. Trust, sympathy, persuasion. The true con artist doesn’t force us to do anything; he makes us complicit in our own undoing.
He doesn’t steal. We give. He doesn’t have to threaten us. We supply the story ourselves.
We believe because we want to, not because anyone made us. And so we offer up whatever they want — money, reputation, trust, fame, legitimacy, support — and we don’t realize what is happening until it is too late. Our need to believe, to embrace things that explain our world, is as pervasive as it is strong. Given the right cues, we’re willing to go along with just about anything and put our confidence in just about anyone.
(Maria Konnikova: “The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It Every Time“)

Covert aggression is the Narcissist manipulators’ most widespread technique, through which they relabel their aggression and malevolent intent as ‘non-aggression and rightful self-defence’. In order to exploit this technique, the Capitalist elites introduced the so called “non-aggression principle” as the one and only principle to be observed in a democratic society. Then, following this principle, the covert aggressive method of false-flag attacks, (self-induced staged attacks) are used by the covert aggressor to blame their victims, who try to defend themselves, as ‘aggressors’. With reference to such pretext the covert aggressive power groups can freely invade whole nations and continents, then they can introduce iron-fisted dictatorships under the façade of Democracy. The false-flag of Debt and Deficit is another covert aggressive method through which the elites financially destroy and grab all countries behind the scenes.

The labyrinths and traps set by the Narcissist

  • A central problematic feature of the Narcissist is his illusion to be ‘infallible’ and his inability to imagine how being normal could be any different from his own being. Accordingly, he perceives and defines his own abnormality as ‘normal’ – or even perfection. (Several of Benito Mussolini’s memorable quotes reveal such personality:  https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/b/benito_mussolini.html)

What makes it eternally difficult to navigate through the labyrinths and traps set by the Narcissistic mind, is his projection of his own pathology onto the others. Because he lies and cheats constantly, essential part of his deception-technique is the tool of projection, according to which he claims that others are lying and cheating constantly. The Narcissistic projection ends up in an eternal sequence of mirrors, in which the truth becomes indiscernible to the unsuspecting observers.

  • The main and essential difference and the basis to discern between the Truth-telling Normal individual and the Liar Narcissist, is that the Truth is always a logically coherent system while the Lies always reveal an internal contradiction.

Relativism however eradicated such logically sound objective basis of all discussions. The end-result is what the Narcissists want to achieve both in his personal surroundings and on society-level: overall confusion, frustration, apathy, hopelessness, distrust, a family’s, community’s or society’s withdrawal from seeking the truth and looking for solutions.

In many cases the Narcissist is a self-confessed bully, who accordingly displays overt aggressive behaviours, both physically and verbally. The overt aggressive type often passes blatantly false statements because he finds himself entitled to tell lies whenever that’s what takes him to the desired goal. However, in the context of this discussion, the focus is on the covert aggressive type, who tends to deploy more refined methods of deception and manipulation.

When these incidents are presented through the manipulative media, it is done in a manner that the whole society stands paralysed and confused, unable to realise that the enemy are not those whom the official narrative put in the spotlight. The actual enemy are those who behind the scenes use covert manipulation techniques to attack “themselves” so that they can pretend to be in the position of “self-defence” when attacking others.

  • The power-elites of the US, the US Mideast extension Israel, and more recently the EU, are fervent practitioners of false-flag terror.

The submissive type: the masses of modern slaves

Unfortunately, many of those who would otherwise constitute the normal bulk of a healthy society – including those on the receiving end of the Narcissistic pathology – have become silent enablers of the pathology itself and supporters of a Narcissistic society that victimises them. These enablers are the opportunistic slaves who accepted the Narcissistic master-slave paradigm as ‘normal’ and accepted their subordinate role therein. Many of them take up an oppressed role upon the false sense of humility preached by institutional religion, many others accept such rule upon peer-pressure, by fear of societal excommunication or in lack of the knowledge that the Narcissistic dynamics in relationships and social structures are intrinsically pathological.

submissiveThe primary enablers of the narcissistic society-leaders are the young, the inexperienced, the uneducated, the immature and/or the easily manipulable, who prefer to ‘go with the flow’. Most of them subscribe to one or more of the trendy ideologies such as the fatally deceptive libertarianism which is often combined with the practise of a form of escapism (drugs, alcohol, yoga, meditation, etc).

Many of the otherwise well-meaning majority give in to the divisive Rightists populist slogans, which resulted in an alarming rise in racism, islamophobia and far-right radicalism. Many others, under the spell of the Leftist wolves in sheep’s clothing such as Clinton or Merkel, believe the lies of these hypocrites, thus keep supporting the same warmongering system that destroys their future as well as of other continents.

The submissive enablers blindly accept the hierarchy in which the masters are to be masters and they are to be the slaves. They perceive such acceptance as a ‘requirement’ to be sufficiently adaptive, and as such to be accepted by society as well-adjusted, beloved and politically correct. Cognitive dissonance, another psychological phenomenon, also plays a relevant part in the grand self-delusion.

  • Since the Narcissist-generated worldview is built upon deception, large submissive masses conditioned themselves to regard lies as acceptable, or even necessary, to the degree that whenever they face the truth, their rejection of reality comes down to delusional levels of cognitive and moral corruption.
    As Orwell famously noted: “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

This explains why so many still believe the blatantly false official and semi-official narratives, such as:
– Our leaders do their best to represent their voters’ interests, but often they fail.
– Austerity is a ‘necessary sacrifice’ for some sound economic reasons that will bring fruit in the future. As soon as we repay our debts, austerity will no longer be necessary.
– A handful of depraved Muslim youngsters are powerful enough to keep the entire Western world in terror.
– It is necessary to mass-murder millions of civilians in the Mideast to protect the West from ISIS.
– It is necessary to mass-murder millions of civilians in the Mideast to ‘bring democracy’ to the Mideast.
– It is necessary to kill civilians of Palestine to protect the Jews of the world from anti-Semitism.

  • To face the inconvenient fact that the political class all over the world betrayed their electorates, and to acknowledge that the source of all crises, wars and terrorism is the Western Zionist power-elite, is beyond the mental-emotional strength of the modern slave.

What’s wrong with ‘Democracy’?

The cascade-effect of the Narcissistic ideologies that claimed global presence is what we experience today; at present even more so than in former eras of history. Our world is ruled by individuals who inherited the Narcissistic world-view from their elders and predecessors. Theirs is a closed society, merely keeping up the appearance of being open. It is the unempathetic, uncompassionate and dishonest character of this minority that manifested in the total absence of humanity in human existence and resulted in the present era of narcissistic epidemic.

The main reason for the overall global meltdown of Democracy is the fact that Democracy is left undefined as an objective term and the extant versions of so-called “Democracy” emerged from subjective definitions provided by those malignant Narcissists who granted themselves elevated social status and empowered themselves to redefine all concepts for society as per their interests. Since these disordered characters occupied all decision-making positions in the social-political-economic arena, their subjective (reversed) definition of Democracy is being implemented everywhere in the world, including so-called “democratic” West.

While the masses have been sleeping, the very meaning of Democracy has been slashed into pieces and buried – among other dead concepts such as “freedom” – under the quick-sand of Relativism, and in the meantime, both Freedom and Democracy have been redefined into their opposite meanings.

In reality Democracy and Freedom are inseparable concepts, and both stand against any form of minority-rule, even if it is assumed to be a “technocratic” one.

  • Most likely, to the readers the original objective definition of Democracy, as Lincoln defined it, still clings familiar:
    Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Yet, such definition of “Democracy” has disappeared not only from our public discussions, but even from our dictionaries. The definition of Democracy according to the most authoritative source: Britannica Encyclopaedia is not an objective definition but a relativist version of “definition”, a doublespeak that actually leaves the term undefined. (http://www.britannica.com/topic/democracy)

One devastating outcome of the fact that Democracy is a concept relativised even by academia, is the presence of self-contradictory, erroneous, and cynical approaches to Democracy, which are widely spread by the masters of establishment and echoed by the misled masses of slaves. The net result is an overwhelming confusion, apathy and/or a multitude of self-defeating misconceptions regarding both the concept of Democracy and mankind’s chance to implement such system.

Among the typical cynical views or misconceptions of Democracy, the most frequent ones:
– status quo is Democracy, because we have “free and fair elections”
– status quo is Democracy, because our economic system is Capitalism
– status quo is not Democracy, but anyhow, Democracy is infeasible and/or undesirable
– Democracy might be possible but it is undesirable (mob rule and/or government rule) – technocracy or republicanism (or something else) is preferable.

All these approaches are burdened with blatant contradictions. For example, on the one hand, many use the term “republicanism” as a synonym of Democracy, on the other hand, they claim the former is “better” than the latter. Since both technocracy and republicanism are fallacies – mere substitutes of a particular version of Oligarchy – nevertheless declared ‘better than Democracy’, is a prime example of how the Narcissistic doublespeak dominates public discussion in the most relevant public matters.

vote meaninglessWhen the definition of Democracy shifts towards “representational Democracy” upon the elitist distortion of the concept, the “for the people” criterion can be easily omitted, regardless of any seemingly democratic institution, such as general/local elections or referenda. Then, since  the first criterion of Democracy “for the people” is missing, the other two conditions “of people, by the people”  are rendered meaningless. Under such conditions all versions of voting procedure are mere illusions within the Narcissist-generated overall virtual reality.

  • Nevertheless, the truth is left untold all along, that the reason why genuine Democracy is infeasible under current circumstances: because Capitalism, as the minority-rule under as the “technocracy” façade of illusory Democracy, is a fixed, unmoveable premise, and Capitalism is anti-thesis of Democracy.

The UN: the arch-enemy of Democracy posing as guardian of Democracy

The only official source that provides a comprehensive Democracy-definition as a framework of realising Human Rights, is the website of United Nations, the ultimate official body to “represent” all nations:
Democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives.
Democracy provides an environment for the protection and effective realization of human rights.”

The issue at hand is that even though the Democracy-definition as provided by UN is the closest we can get to a genuine definition, the implementation of real Democracy has been prevented in hidden ways, buried under the complexities of frameworks that enabled private entities to overrule the stated principles of Democracy.

UN is yet another demonstrative example of the typical Narcissistic hypocrisy and gap between words and acts. Despite the UN-proclaimed principles of Democracy, the actual role of UN is the exact opposite of safeguarding Democracy. UN is an unelected body passing globally relevant decisions, typically via overriding democratically elected governments’ laws and policy. UN is de facto the global unelected power to serve the same global Capitalist class that is being served by national and local “elected” governments as well.

UN is a keen supporter of the most horrendous war-crimes and other human-rights violations against defenceless countries, social segments and ethnicities all over the 3rd world. Central point in case is the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the Western-Zionist colonising wars in the Middle East, the impoverished and West-looted Africa, and the climate-destroying Capitalist activities endorsed by the UN.

As we might expect as per the Narcissistic pattern, the truth is always the opposite of the official narrative in every contexts. The US, the alleged ‘enforcer of democracy’ all over the world, is in fact the destroyer of democracy all over the world. The US is guilty of continuous mass-massacre in many countries of the Middle East, meanwhile Israel, the alleged “only democracy in the Middle East” is a de facto genocidal, racist regime that has no place whatsoever in a genuinely democratic world. Yet, the UN endorses the decades-long extreme forms and magnitude of war-crimes committed by US/NATO and Israel.

Creeping totalitarianism under the cover of Human Rights NGO’s and Free-Trade agreements

Despite the objective and definitive list of Human Rights as provided by UN – http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/index.html – the entire Western world operates as per the exact opposite of the value-system declared therein. – UPDATE 1/26 2017: The new president of the US, Donald Trump openly declares his support of torture: https://twitter.com/i/moments/824527640753213440) thus blatantly violating Article 5 of above UN Declaration of Human Rights.

UN itself is the source of a pernicious global agenda to abolish all national democracies at the level of misled local communities, and at supranational levels such as the EU and other “free trade agreements”.

In a genuine democratic world, objectively defined set of Human Rights, and the implementation of a system to observe these rights, should be the very backbone of any society that is allegedly governed by democratic governments. In our world however, even the basic criteria of Democracy – of the people, by the people, for the people, are missing both from the Democracy-definition and implementation.

  • Since genuine Democracy as such is the very framework of realising Human Rights, Democracy remains impossible because the very practice of Capitalism is the sheer anti-thesis to Human Rights. The shining evidence for this is the utterance of Nestle’s former CEO, who went as far as openly declared his company’s right to monopolise all water resources and declared that there is no such thing as a human right to access drinking water.

Right beside the undefined concept Democracy, Human Rights have been reduced into a fluid mess, dependent on the subjective “definition” of those behind the private, unelected non-governmental organisations with the alleged mission to watch over Democracy and Human Rights. These private entities, without any democratic mandate and legitimacy, are granted the right to determine if a national government is observing Human Rights, ie it is a democratic or anti-democratic government. In consequence, these NGO’s empower themselves to dictate elected governments to implement policy as per their own subjective Democracy-definition.

Finally, there is no way to determine the truth behind the alleged chemical weapons attack in Ghouta in the middle of fierce fighting. As expected, there is no independent confirmation of the casualty figure. That has not stopped the US and its allies to claim that it was a crime against humanity.
(MIT research: Serious Questions about the Integrity of the UN Report )

In the UN’s universal declaration of Human Rights, it is stated:

Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.”

But it is stated nowhere that anyone has the right to interfere with the domestic affairs of a foreign country. Yet, by exploiting covert aggression and all forms of manipulations, this is what the massively financed, unelected, privately owned, powerful international organisations pursue on global scale. These NGOs, abusing the power granted to them via the privately owned and controlled international monetary system, demand that the sort of “democracy and human rights” as per their definition, should be implemented in all countries, in order to serve the interests of tycoons like George Soros.

  • The questions arising from the tremendous political power vested in the unelected and uncontrolled UN and  NGO’s are life-defining.

If we assume that a national Government is representational democracy, realising the will and participation of a nation in legislation and all decision-making, then how come that the opinions of those unelected individuals who are controlling powerful NGO’s, are allowed to take the highest decision-making position overruling the legislation and policy enacted by democratically elected governments? And who controls these NGOs? And who controls those individuals who control these NGO’s? Who decides, and on what democratically legitimate basis, if the allegations made by these NGO’s about a country’s fulfilment of the conditions of democracy, bear any truth-value?

In contrast with the present practices, the definition of Human rights should be provided, and their implementation enforced by elected bodies, and upon democratic consensus.

Democracy has become its opposite – how and why?

  • The power-elites of all eras, who took control over our existence in the present and near past, redefined Democracy in accordance with their subjective, narcissistic world-view. To them a Government of the people, by the people, for the people means a Government of the Capitalist Class, by the Capitalist Class, for the Capitalist Class.

The subjectivity of the conception of Democracy and Human Rights has reached an extreme level after the Capitalist class inserted the “liberal” element in their elitist definition of Democracy. Via this manoeuvre they “liberalised” the definition of Democracy itself. The Capitalist definition of “Democracy” has become the synonym of “business friendly” – where ‘business’ means Global Corporations and Banks.

Since the central pillar of Democracy’s real definition is majority rule, whereas Oligarchy equals minority rule, what we can witness is the typical Narcissistic inversion of reality and redefinition of a concept into its opposite:

“Democracy contrasts with forms of government where power is either held by an individual, as in an absolute monarchy, or where power is held by a small number of individuals, as in an oligarchy.” (Wikipedia)

The essential difference between the meanings of “liberalism” and “democracy” has also been emphasised by John Pilger in one of his epic speeches in which he exposes the anti-democratic status quo:

Liberalism and true democracy are not the same. Liberalism began as a cult of the elite in the 19th century, and true democracy is never handed down by elites. It is always fought for, and struggled for.”

The Covert aggressive West and the Democracy-chasing Eastern bogeymen

When it comes to the definition and realisation of Democracy – as it is assumed in the “official” domain – the case of Israel is the most striking example. For those who examine actual history and obtain actual information beyond the mass-media propaganda, it is evident that “Israel” is nothing but a group of Western colonising occupiers, who formed an illegal, genocidal, war-criminal, racist regime on the land of Palestine to establish a Western power-position in the entire Middle East. The fact that a “country” like Israel – who invades and steals other nations’ lands (not only in Palestine but all over Mideast), who shoots rockets at hospitals, schools and shelters, detains and mass-murders innocent civilians – including children – is called “the only democracy of the Middle East”, speaks volumes regarding how Democracy is defined in our times.

Obviously, this becomes possible only when a small number of individuals – the Oligarchy – are in possession of all media, and as such are free to abuse such position to an infinite degree. Under the indefinite influence of the Narcissistic global minority, any puppet-government that agrees to their terms is to be qualified as “democracy” and those who resist the West and implement a genuine definition of Democracy are to be disqualified.

According to the Capitalist-provided inverse Democracy-definition, those Governments are accepted as “democracies” whose policy is extremely friendly towards the Western Oligarchy, that is, those de facto anti-democratic governments who are extremely unfriendly to their own electorate. Conversely, those Governments are disqualified as anti-democratic who observe the rights of their voters, therefore stand up to Big Business and Banks. For the latter, a recently found lesser-known case in point is independent Hungary, in addition to the formerly discussed independent Syria.

The Capitalist Oligarchy exploits all available platforms (media, academia, journalism, social media, etc) to keep the reversed definition of Democracy in the centre of public attention. The history (re)written as per the elitist interests always comes in handy when the goal is to defend a covert type of non-democracy as the “lesser evil” compared to an overtly brutal one. Via such relativist approach the ‘friendlier’ (covert) form of fascism and dictatorship – the Western kind – claims the unearned title of ‘democracy’ since it is relatively ‘better’ (less cruel) than another version of tyranny. In case anyone wonders why the mass-media are filled with heart-breaking stories about the 3rd world, here belies the explanation. It is a lot easier to sell the Western form of misery – Austerity, Poverty, Cuts, and the prospects of losing one’s life-earned pension – when such misery is compared to the graphic images and stories of the sort of suffering to which the West subjects the entire third world.

  • As a result of such brainwashing techniques, the Western masses are rejoicing that they are not born into Africa, Middle East, or into a country occupied by a WW2 Nazi or post-WW2 Stalinist regime, so they won’t notice that the current neoliberal Capitalist system that they vehemently adore, is evolving into an Orwellian mix of all of the above.
Karl Marx: I am not a Marxist

Karl Marx: I am not a Marxist

As for the historical enemy-images of the West, both the fascist Germany and the Stalinist east-bloc, shared the same  common denominator, the Narcissistic interpretation of Democracy, that is underlying the current Western world. The elite classes controlling all these societies are different variations to the same Narcissistic theme; different forms of the same Oligarchy above the majority. In the east-bloc under the deceitful cover of assumed “Marxist” systems, the elites established a peculiar form of fascism under the cover of “people’s democracy”.

In the Stalinist era, ironically and tragically enough, the so called “proletariat dictatorships” condemned many millions of the proletariat class to death or life-long suffering. (On a side note, the term “people’s democracy” itself is a ludicrous tautology, since it translates into “people’s people’s rule.”)

The Stalinist regimes have become the most spectacular enemies – the bogeymen – of the so-called Western Democracies.  (The reason why the West needs a constant supply of enemy-image has been laid out in an earlier post.)

Then, after the 1980’s when the eastern bloc regained freedom from the Stalinist form of oppression, they found themselves back at square one: forced under a colony-status in the new world-order defined by the global Western capitalist class.  When these Eastern colonies attempt to break free from the Capitalist oligarchy, and try to build actual Democracy as per actual majority rule, they are bullied, condemned, sanctioned and labelled “dictatorships” by the Capitalist oligarchy.

It appears as though the ever-oppressed countries of Eastern Europe and of the 3rd world have much more substantial to say about Democracy than the so-called “free” Western masses. Those who lived their lives under open oppression and never had a chance to live under the illusion of Democracy can more easily recognise when a system lacks the actual content of Democracy.

The migration crisis as a means to destroy the remnants of Democracy

The current migrant-crisis represents a pivotal point in the fate of the long-suffering Eastern Europe. These countries themselves have been impoverished by oppressive regimes of the past, and at present they are reduced to be the colonies of EU, severely burdened by EU-sanctions and boycotts. While Latvia, Greece and Ukraine (for example) have already been swallowed by the Capitalist oligarchy, most countries in the East-bloc such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, etc are still struggling to claim their sovereignty and their right to build Democracy as per the definition of the term.

  • The struggle for Democracy in a country lasts only until a country-leader – such as the Greek Tsipras – surrenders to the diktats of the global Capitalist elites. Tsipras, who proved to be an ally of the Oligarchy in destroying the Greek people via austerity, proved to be an ally in allowing Greece to be further destroyed by the migrant crisis.

The oppression of the Eastern EU-colonies under the central rule of EU (in fact USE), can be seen through the fact that even the Western masses are subjected to the diktats of the federal EU, without any say on questions whether their Governments should pursue the wars that generate an endless number of uprooted war-victims. Let alone the “lesser” EU-countries in the South and the East, who play no part whatsoever in the Western colonising wars. Yet the Western Oligarchy, upon their subjective definition of Democracy, are forcing these countries to open borders and to accept the endless flood of Middle East mass-migration resulting from the relentless wars waged by the West. Then, if these countries refuse to open borders, the unelected, self-appointed, powerful NGO’s of the West label them as ‘dictatorships’ or racist or retrograde nations, who commit gross human rights violations. That is, what we capture at this point is the typical Narcissistic manoeuvre of reversing reality and vilifying the victim.

  • Meanwhile, as per the Narcissistic script of double standards, the very same UN and the “Human Rights watching” NGO’s have no problem whatsoever watching the very real Human Rights violations committed by the Israeli regime and the US/NATO itself. The UN failed to move a little finger to end Zionism and to end the brutal, genocidal colonising wars waged by US/NATO on the Middle East.

The point where psychology becomes the most fundamental guide

The question how to apply the objective definition of Democracy, of the people, by the people, for the people, has become increasingly complex exactly because the anti-democratic forces of the Capitalist Oligarchy made it complex. One of the main traits of the narcissistic character-disturbance is the phenomenon known as projection. In a pathological mind the world and everything in it is in a reversed order. As per the Narcissist-defined rule of existence, everything is assumed to exist solely for the sake of the Narcissists, hence they perceive it as ‘aggression’ whenever someone resists that rule. The Narcissistic aggressor perceives it “normal” to cross boundaries and thinks of the victim’s self-defence  as ‘offence’.

The above is exactly the very essence of the so called Israel-Palestine conflict. Contrary to the official narrative, it is not a conflict, not even war, but a continuous genocide. Mass-murder – as Noam Chomsky, prominent internationally renowned scholar noted. The authoritative narrative built around so-called Israel-Palestine “conflict” is the product of the Narcissistic malignant mind, it is nothing but mere mass-manipulation and deception.

Israel, a group of white colonialists displaying the most extreme forms of psycho- and socio-pathology, are champions of the most sadistic forms of cruelty, Narcissistic projection, hypocrisy, victim-blaming and gaslighting. Israel has been the invader and occupier from the start, yet it poses as the one who needs protection. The occupied Palestinian native Arab nation are in resistance for existence; they are doing nothing but desperately struggling to survive the brutal Israeli oppression. The Palestinians are the vilified actual victims, blamed by the actual covert aggressors, who pretend to be the victims.

  • The lesson to be learned from the fact that psychologically impaired Narcissistic characters have defined our world as per the virtual reality they created, is one of the most relevant one and most complex ever in history. When the entire world has become a place of covert dictatorship under the Oligarchy of Capitalists, democracy as theory and practice are opposites of each other.

The ultimate limits and enemies of Democracy

  • The ultimate limits/enemies of Democracy are not in the so-called “ignorant masses/mobs” as the elitist approach to Democracy assumes. The exact opposite is the case.
    The main limits/enemies to Democracy are
    – the existence of any elites in a society
    – the elites’ cynical approach to Democracy
    – the elites’ claim that the masses (non-elites) are intrinsically ignorant, politically inapt and apathetic
    – the elites’ practices of mass-deception, mass-manipulation and excluding masses from quality-education, which altogether keep the masses in ignorance and political apathy.

Then, due to the existence of the elites and their consistent warfare against the psychological and philosophical foundations as well as the very practice of Democracy, any actual Democracy-implementation requires the very consideration of the existence of Democracy’s enemies.

In an idyllic theoretical world, where all countries would be free to establish their own democratic system without constant intervention of the Western Capitalist Oligarchy, Democracy would be a much more straightforward concept to define and realise. Under the conditions of the Covert Aggressive Capitalist minority, who – by fear of losing face – is in the constant need of lying and cheating, invariably grabs every chance to seize power through a back-way door that a country opens up for them. In the corporate media, the Oligarchy uses all methods and platforms to defame democratic governments as anti-democratic, meanwhile secretly bribing/manipulating treacherous forces of these countries. Case in point – again – are the so called ‘friendly rebels’ who allegedly fight an a “righteous fight” for a regime change as per the demands of the West. Another version of the same scenario has been the fascist coup against the former democratically elected leader of Ukraine. Ever since Ukraine is in ever deepening chaos and turmoil – all result of the Western covert aggressive foreign policy.

These planned regime changes are preceded by a long period of building up tension via racism-fuelling agendas, for which the deliberately triggered migrant crisis provides a splendid environment. The Zionist forces bribe/manipulate Arab migrants all over the EU to display violent behaviours, which behaviour ignites islamophobia, racism and far-right nationalism.

Then the domestic masses provoked by such hostile migrant-behaviours, and upon believing the false narrative that these migrants are behind the Western terror attacks, shall elect Zionist-sponsored far-right governments, who will then exterminate both the migrant and domestic masses via the genocidal neoliberal policy enforced by domestic police terror. This is the short story we arrive at after connecting the dots along the “war on terror”, false-flag and migrant-crisis elements of the Western covert aggression.

What we witness at present is a new version of the pre-WW2 era. Then the same Zionist forces incited an unprecedented hatred against the Jews, at present they use a similar tactic against the Arab/Muslim ethnicity.

Under the conditions when Narcissists pull all these tricks to divide and rule all countries and continents, only those countries’ attempts to develop genuine democracies can succeed that defend themselves – in a very assertive way – against these covert aggression techniques deployed by the Western Oligarchy. For a country that struggles for Democracy surrounded with the overwhelming power of the Western Oligarchy, it is obviously sheer minimum to be overly protective against both the international and domestic anti-democratic forces inserted in that country. However, such defensive position of a country, and the limits of democracy as such, creates an appearance that the covert aggressor exploits to the full extent and labels as “aggression” via its own media.

In a personal relationship the same scenario comes down to the ancient-old cliché-situation when behind the scenes the manipulator drives his innocent victim against the corner, and when the victim defends himself, the aggressor accuses the victim of aggression.

The central examples in the political arena are countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Iran and Russia etc. What is common in them that they have been constant targets of the Western-Israeli Capitalist aggression, yet they are vilified as the alleged terrorists, dictatorships or in any way threats to global democracy.

  • A recent memorable case in point of the Narcissistic victim-blaming manoeuvre is the tragic case of Greece, ironically the very country of Democracy’s birth. The long series of corrupt treacherous Governments of Greece, who victimised their people at the altar of the Western Capitalist interests, drove Greece into bankruptcy via many decades long corruption, and now the same Capitalist class blames the people of Greece for the outcomes of the corruption.

And these examples are only scratching the surface of the complexity of the task to unpack any attempts to achieve or destroy Democracy in a world that is ruled by an evil global Oligarchy. To understand what exactly is going on in any country the mass-media identifies as a Democracy or condemns as a form of non-Democracy, requires seeing through the many embedded layers of lies under the constant projection made by the Narcissist mindset. For example, when the Capitalist elites invented “liberal democracy” they did so upon realising that Democracy can’t be fully liberal, and rightly defined the limits of Democracy via excluding the anti-democratic forces.

“The common justification for these limits is that they are necessary to guarantee the existence of democracy, or the existence of the freedoms themselves. For example, allowing free speech for those advocating mass murder undermines the right to life and security. Opinion is divided on how far democracy can extend to include the enemies of democracy in the democratic process.”

However, after the elites implemented the Capitalist form of Oligarchy under the façade of Democracy, they refer to these limits in order to protect the Capitalist dictatorship from changes demanded by actual Democratic forces.

  • In other words, while it is true in principle, that realising the conditions of Democracy requires strong governments to protect the majority against anti-democratic and violent forces, the current ‘strong’ governments in the West do not protect Democracy but the Capitalist Oligarchy-rule.

Meanwhile those countries who struggle for real Democracy and attempt to protect themselves by limiting free speech – in order to minimise the devastating psychological-philosophical effects of the manipulative anti-democratic Western media – are vilified by the Capitalist oligarchy as dictatorial governments, simply because these countries don’t open up to the diktats of the Western oligarchy.

In this context we need to remember again John Pilger, renowned journalist’s phrase: “Syria’s crime is that it is independent“. When we apply the objective definition of Democracy, we find that countries like Assad’s Syria or Putin’s Russia do satisfy – although in a strong defensive position – the main criteria of Democracy, since they do enjoy domestic mass-support. Meanwhile the so-called rebels in the Mideast (Syria) and colour revolutions in Europe (Ukraine) are all manipulated, sponsored, financed and motivated by the Western covert aggressors in order to force  regime-changes that foster the Western Capitalist world-dominating and colonising efforts. (On this topic see more details in the related posts.)

Human rights – fair enough – but which ones?

The question of human rights is yet another central topic that would require democratic consensus as to what constitute human rights in the first place and when in conflict, which one would prevail over the other. The currently escalating migration crisis in EU is a central case in point. To accept war-refugees and political asylum-seekers from the nearest war-stricken countries – on occasional basis – is humanitarian therefore desirable democratic practice and should be enforced in each country. The same is true when the question at hand is controlled immigration. Bottom line is the basic human right to keep family-members and couples in one country. Another essential right that all countries should be granted is the freedom to exchange workers as per the needs or surpluses of labour in a given country.

However, to force countries to open borders to an unlimited flow of migration and in such way force them to suffer the unbearable logistic and material consequences of the endless wars waged by the Narcissistic elites, is a violation of one’s basic Human Right to have a nation at all. In addition, such intervention in sovereign countries’ domestic affairs is the exact opposite of observing Human Rights. It is a gross violation of both Human Rights and international law.

  • The migration crisis has another significance in this context. The default position of observing Human Rights in any country should not be defined at a premise whereby human rights of some nations have already been abolished.

The Mideast mass-migration to Europe is the outcome of the abolished human rights of the West-invaded Middle East countries. As the very basis of Human Rights should be ending the Western colonising wars, and to stop financing and operating ISIS.  Human Rights as such is meaningless in a context when the Muslim population is deprived of such rights in the first place. The Arab population, either Muslims, Christians or non-believers, have the right to their own nations and cultures – free from any Western invasion or intervention- just as the Europeans have the right to keep their nations and cultures without a from-above imposed cultural-ethnic conversion.

  • For the West to force the impoverished Europe to open borders and accept millions of migrants who are deliberately uprooted by the West, is violation of the rights of both those Mideast nations who are forced into such migration and those European nations who are forced to accommodate them.

Yet another application of human rights is a sovereign nation’s rightful resistance against any form of overt or covert foreign takeover of domestic policy-making. While the West is trying to colonise Syria and entire Mideast via covert aggression – by deploying the Western secret decoy ISISEU is another prime example of the covert aggression of occupying the once-sovereign countries of Europe.

When any nation attempts to stand against the West-planted covert forms of aggression, such as West-sponsored ‘rebels’, terrorists, or puppet-governments performing constitutional engineering to accommodate the EU-takeover, the Narcissist’s typical manoeuvre is to label such self-defence as “offence”.

  • We can rest assured that whenever there is a mass-protest against a Government and the Western media response is either silence or reporting the event as “anti-democratic violent riots against a democratic, elected government”, the media-protected government is a puppet of the US-empire and the masses are rightly demanding a new government to restore democracy. Conversely, when we hear MSM-reports of protests and a ‘democratic movement’ against an anti-democratic government, it is certain that the said conflict is about a West-staged coup (colour revolution) against a government that is in any way independent from the US-controlled Western empire. See, for example, the case of Russia.

Strong protective governments with solid constitutional protection against all hidden forms of creeping dictatorships is an essential element of any Democracy that takes into consideration the fact that it is surrounded with dangerous predators. Such strengthened democracies forced into resistance do have to show strength – such as Russia does – which does not mean whatsoever that they are dictatorships. To the contrary.

The status quo in a broader historical context

Throughout history those characters who perfectly internalised the Narcissistic value-system, have become the rulers of the world, obviously not because any divine power dropped them onto a throne, but because these individuals view/ed themselves as those with divine power. The Neroes of the past used armies (overt forms of aggression) to conquer and oppress those whom they held in contempt as the “mob”. In the recent few centuries their contemporary equivalents had to face society’s first attempts to develop modern democracies, hence the Narcissistic endeavour to acquire and maintain world-ruling position requires more sophisticated covert methods than sheer overt physical force.

  • The interests and ‘rights’ of the Narcissist mindset are in antagonistic contradiction with the interests and rights of the well-meaning and unsuspecting majority. In this regard the present era is not an exceptional one, not any different from the former ones.

At present, Democracy is a perishing system, because the Narcissistic mindset of our era  – the neoliberal elites – reversed the democratic achievements of the post-WW2 Western world.

As it was discussed in former chapters, political Democracy is impossible without economic democracy, and economic democracy is impossible under the master-slave paradigm that is inherent in Capitalism.
We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” ~ Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1856-1941)

On the other hand, Socialism is just another word for Democracy, and Socialism/ Democracy can be realised only within the framework of Nations. This is why the modern emperors are working so hard to eliminate Nations and establish one global empire in the place of countries. The EU, and all so-called Free-Trade Agreements, are parts of this trend. We are living in the last 24 hours to end and reverse this process.

The only time and occasion when Democracy – hence Socialism – was partially realised in modern history, was the US New Deal during the 30’s, when well-organised mass-movements achieved a high degree of democratic rule against the Capitalist minority-interests. During the 30’s Great Depression, the merciless Capitalist class was silently observing how the jobless, homeless, starving masses were exterminated by the permanent crisis inflicted by unregulated Capitalism. Roosevelt had no choice but to respond to the vastly organised masses’ demand, and upon such demand his Government started to govern the country as per the “government of the people, for the people by the people” principle.

During the post-WW2 period, Western Europe – especially in the Scandinavian region – also enjoyed a short era of Democracy under leaders such as the Sweden Olof Palme. These actual Democratic governments were beyond Left and Right, as they observed the interests of the majority and implemented economic policy as per the rights and interests of society as a whole.

The short period of modern Western Democracy lasted only until the neoliberal U-turn of the 70-80’s. Since the neoliberal turn, the West has been shifting towards a more and more iron-fisted Oligarchy-rule, as per the neoliberal global takeover revealed by internationally renowned scholar. As a result of the neoliberal global project, Democracy is perishing from the West, both in economic and political sense. The largest part of the world’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few – minority-rule by definition – they own the monopoly of all financial resources (they issue all money), they own all tangible values (lands, natural resources, technologies, means of production, know-hows, etc) which they buy from the very $ trillions they issue via their very own Banks.

The Capitalist class at present are the modern Narcissists who use all Machiavellian forms of covert aggression to keep up the façade of Democracy, in order to maintain a status quo that serves them and enables them to continue the genocide of the majority. They deploy mass-deception and manipulation, reaching into the realm of deep philosophy and mind-control. One of their most effective tricks has been their success to redefine both Democracy and Freedom into their opposite meaning, and upon such false definitions they divide and control the masses.

  • The “war on terror” fallacy is in fact the ‘greatest’ Machiavellian achievement of the modern Narcissistic class. To wage endless wars upon the pretext of self-induced staged terror (false-flag), requires a mix of unsurpassable greed, murderous cruelty both towards other nations and one’s fellow citizens, sadistic nature combined with  equally sadistic victim-blaming, projections, gaslighting, virtual-reality-manufacturing, mass-deception, mass-manipulation, that is, covert aggression par excellence with historically unprecedented scope and effect.

Facts versus fairy tales
“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • The primary aim of this post-series – and this blog in general – is to deliver knowledge in the fastest way possible to those who would otherwise never have access to the very knowledge that is required for a truly democratic society.

The perils of submissive attitude, apathy, evasion, ignorance and naivety are the main enemies of democracy –  a fact that can’t be overemphasized. Knowledge and education are so essential to any genuine democratic society, that in lack of these, a society will simply “choose” its very own destruction by choosing the opposite of democracy.

Obviously, the number-one knowledge in any democracy should be knowledge of the principles of Democracy itself. To implement Democracy in practice, what we need in the first place is to understand what Democracy is about.

  • No wonder that the anti-democratic establishment is doing the exact opposite of encouraging and promoting education. The neoliberal elites made high education unaffordable in many Western countries, and via the mass-media they pull society into unprecedented levels of ignorance and deception. No wonder that under such conditions the majority are voting for populist individuals who deceive them via political programs that will enslave them. (Case in point is the extant extraordinary deceitful campaign led by Clinton and Trump in the US.)

In addition to understanding the political and economic concepts and practices underlying  Democracy, the knowledge of psychology is another major pillar of the overall knowledge required for Democracy in practice. It is a fairy tale that society is ascending into a higher level of consciousness. It is equally a fairy tale to believe that those who think out and do the evil in our society will change if we wait long enough for their miraculous transformation.

It is not merely erroneous but endlessly perilous to ignore the fact that there will always be evil, inhuman, dishonest, unfair, unjust, greedy, lazy, irrational individuals among us, and many of them do display to be decent, kind. They are but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • Our human existence will never be perfect, due to the simple fact that many among us are ready to give in to their evil psychological inclinations. They will always strive to achieve power and dominance over the others. The solution is however not to ignore this fact by sinking into wishful thinking, but to face reality and learn to protect ourselves from the evil. Democracy is feasible only if we organise such system in a way that considers the unchangeable elements of reality and the fact that some of us are evil-minded is unchangeable.

Many generations, including our own, have grown up with several versions of the same bed-time story, in which the good guy protagonist fights and destroys the evil one. Now it is our turn to turn the fairy tale into reality, rather than imagining reality to be a fairy tale. Democracy is feasible only when the decent vast majority is in control, and such control requires strong national governments controlled by the decent majority.

The Narcissism-based division between Left and Right

When we take a closer look again at the political landscape divided along the Left-Right false dichotomy, we find that Democracy has perished not only because it has lost its conceptional basis, but also because it has lost its mass-base both on the Left and Right sides of the great divide.

  • The Right – either Libertarian, Conservative or Liberal – is inherently pro-Capitalist and since Capitalism is the contemporary form of Oligarchy, the Right is inherently against Democracy.
    The Left, either as fake or failed opposition, is de facto part of the system serving the Capitalist Oligarchy, hence they act against Democracy as well.

Paradoxically enough, the long line of celebrity-leftists in politics, media, expert literature, journalism and academia is a demonstrative case of Narcissism itself, as part of the overall celebrity-cult of any Narcissistic society. To enjoy monetary or any benefits for being an accomplished opponent of the system, is a massive joke in its own right. Resistance has been severely impaired by the fact that many of those who put themselves into an opposition-spotlight, are absorbed by establishment as essential part of the Narcissistic system that richly rewards its celebrities.

In addition to the false promises of fame and glory appealing to the Narcissistic mind, the Left and Right division is beyond doubt the most effective tool for establishment to keep the masses divided and ruled. Aligned with the ego-centric view of the world, each individual is pursuing a particular set of goal that fits the interest of his own country, region, minority, gender, family. Due to the package-deal fallacy through which political programs are presented, each individual looks for the agenda, lifestyle or worldview in these projected programs, and according to one’s own selfish interests, each decides to side with either a Left-wing or Right-wing populist candidate.

To unite Left and Right on the basis of Golden Rule

The only way to unite the constituency of both Left and Right is on the common conceptual ground of Democracy, as the one and only goal that can legitimately meet the goals of the 99%. Conversely, the choice to remain divided along Left and Right means that none of the majority’s goals on either the Left or Right side will be ever achieved. Based on this analysis we propose to reclaim the genuine definition of Democracy on what normal means in a human psychological sense and to devise genuinely democratic economic and political systems on such sound basis.

The slippery-slope towards sociopathic and egotistic behaviours starts at the oft-heard consideration that no one is perfect anyway, so why to bother to be decent at all? True, no one is or ever will be perfect, but that is not a reason for giving up on striving for normalcy, especially if we consider that ‘perfect’ as such can’t even be defined to begin with. Perfect in what sense? And even if it as possible to prescribe perfect in theory, how can anyone be expected to be ‘perfect’ in practice when every aspect of our life is controlled by the evil-minded, both in their openly aggressive ways and their refined covert behaviours?

The above remains a central question not only when we define the limits of Democracy as a system, but also when we define the limits of individuals. In many cases when someone displays traits of neurosis, defensiveness or helpless outbursts, it is indirect sign of normalcy as a normal response to narcissistic abuse, whereas many of those who appear to be ‘perfect’ – and think of themselves as such – are mere hypocrites who either covertly abuse their victims or via their comfortable indifference they enable the Narcissistic elites to continue the abuse of others.

In this context the following quotes spring to mind:

Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
Einstein: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.
Elie Wiesel:
We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.
A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.

Rather than dwelling on the Narcissistic idea of ‘perfection’, what would be sufficient – even perfect – is to reclaim the objective definition of what normal means and to start acting accordingly. Such objective definition is painfully simple. It means being human, that is, being a caring, honest, social human being, with a high sense of responsibility, empathy, justice and solidarity towards all living beings, especially towards the weakest, the most vulnerable and the helpless. To express and extend help towards the weakest nations and segments of society, the children, the marginalised immigrants, the elderly, the poor, the sick, and the animals, and anyone who needs our attention and care.

  • In other words, a psychologically sound, normal human being, finds his worldview in the fundamental human nature as defined by the ancient Golden Rule, that stands in the very centre of all world-religions and humanism:  “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

The Golden Rule does not require either self-sacrifice or sacrifice of the others. It is above the Narcissistic master-slave paradigm and as such the one and only moral basis of true Democracy. This principle means to always treat everyone and all beings in a humane way, and expect mutuality/reciprocity in all interactions. This principle does have a solid basis of justice and rationality, in addition to its objective moral value. ‘You will reap as you sow’ -that is to say, the more we care about the others, the more we can expect that the others will care about us when we are in need.

In other words, the more we work on a society to be built upon the Golden Rule, the more benefits we might accept from a society built upon the principles of mutuality, justice, equality and tolerance, whereby everyone’s interests are observed, including one’s own. Conversely, mutuality/reciprocity implies that those who fail to bring in these values into society, will inevitably face the gravest consequences. A society of those who only serve their own interests, will turn against the weak and those who are in a vulnerable position (the young, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, etc.) And inevitably, there will be a point in everyone’s life when they will be in such vulnerable position.

As long as the Narcissistic, ie anti-democratic forces are part of Democracy, such forces will invariably cancel Democracy, since Democracy is impossible to realise under the Narcissist-defined master-slave paradigm. It is the master-slave paradigm emerging from the egoist mind that subjected all of us to the false dichotomy to “choose” between being a predator or prey, a murderer or victim, an egoist or a self-sacrificing altruist.

However, in the light of the genuine concept of humanity limited to mutuality/reciprocity, the Narcissistic mind remains outside the realm of both humanity and Democracy.

  • When we apply the limits of mutuality to the concept of Freedom – as opposed to the neoliberal definition of “freedom” – Freedom becomes a real concept and the very means of a realisable world-peace: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” ~ Nelson Mandela

The Golden Rule has the unique power to unite all of us, all individuals and countries – regardless of one’s particular religious-cultural or other stance – on the side of Democracy, as the one and only social-political-economic framework that can realise the very principles for which we love Democracy in the first place.

The options left for mankind: within or beyond Left and Right

The Left and Right divide is an imaginary one, heavily exploited by the elites who invented this division to divide and rule society and keep the majority in a permanently conflicting and competing position.

Contrary to the overwhelming wishful-thinking expecting otherwise, society is not evolving into a higher state of consciousness and does not show any sign whatsoever towards realising Democracy in any part of the world. In reality the opposite is happening: the masses are sinking lower and lower, by adopting one of the two sides of the Narcissistic coin: either advocate to be a predator or a prey, accordingly they shift to the racist, fascist, Rightist or towards a self-sacrificial Leftist attitude. By now it is near-impossible to tell, especially in the social media, if the voices advocating either the predator’s or victim’s stance, are manipulative establishment-forces (trolls), or the masses have really sunk into such depth of Narcissistic savagery or submissiveness.

As for the Right-wing advocates of white-Nationalist, racist, predator-aspect of the Narcissistic paradigm, they might be the first to find themselves in the near-future concentration camps, which would be filled with the unprivileged masses, regardless of their particular political stance, race, country of origin or any other feature, whereas the elites from all races, countries, religions, worldviews, sexual orientations, etc, would still be in control.
As for the activities and slogans of fake Left that advocate the self-sacrificial attitude towards the Narcissistic abuse and advise waiting for society’s awakening or a yet another Left-wing candidate to change the system, do an equally sizeable damage.

The only countries that functioned as a form of Democracy in the past, or display remnants of Democracy at present, are those where powerful well-organised mass-movements demanded the Government to respond or step down. We have the historical empirical evidence that the FDR’s administration started to serve democratic principles only in response to the tremendous pressure of highly organised mass-power.

The political Left, as the only theoretical basis of implementing the principles of Democracy, remains the promise of the same ground-hog day all over again, under the anti-Democratic status quo. To fail to learn the lesson from cases like Obama’s when his false promises for democracy melted away right after his election, is fatal. The example of Greece’s Tsipras is a wound that should still be fresh and burning.

The central lesson we learned from history and near past: without the consistent and persistent pressure of organised mass-movements behind any future or present Democratic leader, such leader is exposed to the danger of:
– being assassinated (JFK, Olof Palme, Gaddafi)
– forced to step down by false charges of corruption (Bertie Ahern)
– forced to step down by West-organised coups (Viktor Yanukovych)
– forced to step down by West-inserted “rebels” (terrorists / ISIS) into a country, as it is being done against Assad
– or forced to make a U-turn and serve the Capitalist establishment (Obama, Hollande, Tsipras.)

  • Mere wishful thinking, and “faith” in the outcome of a next election, will not save either a next democratic leader or ourselves.

The establishment is controlled by the psychopaths of the West who “change their minds” only when confronted with mass-power. To deny this fact comes down to actually serving the status quo that they maintain.

  • The options we are left with come down to these two choices:

If accepting and implementing the Golden Rule is a too tall order for mankind, and if we fail to start organising in every country, then all we need to do is curl up and wait for the day when the effects of the Capitalist rule: austerity, crises, wars, lack of healthcare, lack of welfare, the end of healthy food and agriculture, or the emerging fascism of a new police state will end our existence. To ‘wait’ for a cathartic grandiose armageddon, a so-called “perfect storm”, a globally shared experience of total financial collapse, or a third world war that will wipe off the earth, is idle. It will not happen. The world-rulers are several dimensions smarter than that. The status quo is a Narcissistic system maintained by covert aggressors who operate in gradual covert ways when performing the global genocide. They execute their victims one by one, in invisible ways, meanwhile manipulate society to believe that their victims ‘deserve’ their fate.

  • However, if it is still possible to rise as lions (humans), we should start organising a mindful and meaningful, pragmatic form of resistance at the speed of light, upon the example of – and beyond – Iceland’s.

Summary, Conclusions and Challenges

The answer to our initial question, how come that Democracy is perishing, is given: it is perishing in lack of an objective implementable definition and in lack of society’s drive to find such definition. Democracy is non-existent as an objective dictionary-concept, and whenever it is defined, it is self-contradictory, discarded as undesirable and/or unattainable or left as an open question to be erased under the conceptual chaos of Relativism. Democracy as the political-economic objective is non-existent just as the objective moral standard to support such system is missing.

In the domain of politics and media, the Capitalist class uses all Machiavellian forms of covert aggression to keep up the façade of Democracy, in order to avoid losing face and to maintain a status quo that enables them to remain in control-position. They deploy mass-deception and manipulation via methods reaching into the deepest realms of  philosophical destruction and mind-control. One of their most effective tricks has been their success to redefine both Democracy and Freedom into their opposite meaning, and upon such false definitions they divide and control the masses.

Even the most prominent source of knowledge, the Britannica Encyclopaedia gives a vague relativist definition, leaving it open to one’s individual approach and preferences, with the net effect of total loss of Democracy all over the world.

democracyWhile the Voting system itself bears less and less actual value as a democratic institution, representational democracy and the elitist approach to democracy left the “of the people and by the people” condition unfulfilled. For a short period the “for the people” criterion was partially observed by several Western governments, but since the neoliberal U-turn of the 70’s, even this element of Democracy has been eliminated by non-representational Western governments. In addition to the damage done by the pro-Oligarchy Right, the political fake Left – represented by Obama, the Greek Syriza or the French “Socialist” government – further undermined Democracy. Whatever might be considered as remnants of democracy in any nation, it is eliminated by the gradually implemented secret project by private unelected individuals under the cover of UN’s Agenda 21, powerful NGO’s, EU and all Free-Trade Agreements.

In lack of objective definition of Democracy, those who took control over our existence in the present and near past, have (re)defined Democracy in accordance with their subjective, narcissistic world-view. To them a Government of the people, by the people, for the people means a government of the Capitalist Class, by the Capitalist Class, for the Capitalist Class.

  • Capitalism is the modern form of minority rule – ie. Oligarchy, which is the opposite of Democracy. The only reason why this is largely unnoticed is the fact that the Capitalist oligarchy defined their very own Oligarchy-rule as “Democracy”.

Due to the fact that Democracy as a concept has perished, the goal to restore Democracy has equally perished from our societies’ political goals. Democracy is either assumed to be already achieved or discarded by the Narcissistic elites and their enabler-masses, as “undesirable” and/or “unattainable”.


The conclusions of this analysis point at several immediate challenges:

Challenge for the profession of psychiatry and psychology to expose the narcissistic epidemic, and to gear society towards ending this epidemic; to emphasize the objective meaning of what psychologically sound character traits cover: cooperative versus bullying, empathic versus unempathic, honest versus dishonest, straightforward versus manipulative, diligent versus lazy/exploitative, knowledgeable versus ignorant, truthful versus delusional/deceitful. To expose and declare all forms of sociopathy – from the overt forms of classroom bullying to the most sophisticated, covert intellectual manipulative techniques – as abnormal and devastating to human society, to be never copied, learned, taught, appreciated – and whenever detected, to be discouraged and unlearned.

Challenge for economists, political scientists and future-system thinkers: to develop new political-economic frameworks and new structures upon the Golden Rule, that is on a psychologically sound, human, honest, knowledge-based, just and fair premise, upon which a society can realise Democracy as per its objective principles.

The most immediate challenge is to define Human Rights and the principles of Democracy upon a worldview that can be shared by both Left and Right, and which would observe all countries and races’ interests. Another challenge is to outline and implement the principles of Democracy in accordance with the limitations given by the fact that there is a powerful Narcissistic minority in all regions and eras that will always attempt to gain control over the majority. Regardless of any forms of wishful thinking – the libertarian, anarchist and other phantom-chasing ideologies – majority rule as such can be maintained only via strong democratic governments via strict protection against Capitalism, that would neutralise the contemporary forces of the Ego.

Under current circumstances, such goal can be achieved only via each nation’s organised mass-movements as the very first step towards realising the krátos of dêmos (the power of the people). The more nations would move into the direction of Democracy, the more would follow suit.

* Copyright notes: this post and all posts on this blog, are free to distribute for non-commercial use, as per the creative commons CC BY-NC-ND license. The readers are encouraged to download, reblog and/or share these posts in printed or electronic form, as long as there are no outside changes made in the text and are not used for commercial purpose.

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