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#Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack #Iran … We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

Even if we do get such a deal, we will still have major problems from Iran.
They are the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism
.” – Clinton said.

Now let us consider who the real sponsors of terrorism are, threatening and terrorizing the world.

Iran US 2

The real basis of Clinton’s plan to attack Iran is a very old agenda – dated in the 90’s, long before 911 (!) – when the US administration was already planning to bring down 7 countries in the Middle East, as it was revealed by former US general Wesley Clark:
Starting with Iraq, Libya and Syria … finishing off with Iran



Clinton’s projections and vilifying the victim strategy serve as a most demonstrative example of how Narcissists reverse reality. This point has been elaborated at length in a recent post:
“Pt5 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left & Right: Narcissism & Relativism, or Democracy?”

Iran, right behind Syria and Russia, is definitely the top false-flag source and bogeyman of the West, the prototype of the enemy-image so needed by Capitalists:
“The old bogeyman-charade of the West: the reason why #Capitalism needs #FalseFlag and #ColdWar”

But Clinton is not the only one with extreme character-disturbance. The others in her circle are not any different whatsoever – the only difference is in the actual content of their populist rhetoric.

During this election campaign, Clinton and Trump have mastered all manipulation techniques to divide the masses along the Left-Right imaginary opposition. The de facto Right-wing, warmongering Clinton is fooling the “Liberal” part of the American masses, meanwhile Trump is provoking the Right-wing by fuelling an unprecedented degree of racism against the victims of the US wars. Nevertheless, Trump has made promises to offer extra benefits and support for war-veterans, meanwhile announced his own agenda to build the US military onto an unprecedented high level.

  • Is there anyone out there to believe that Trump is not going to put to use the new military arsenal he is planning to build?

Update April 27 2016: In the meantime, Trump has released his detailed foreign policy, which signifies that in both under Trump or Clinton the world is facing a major threat of World-War 3.
(For details on this see post: Trump’s trumpets to declare a Zionist world-war: “President Obama has not been a friend to Israel”)

How long can the US-Israeli aggression go on without anyone’s noticing?

More and more of us all over the world – including the US – are aware of what the US ex-general Clarke exposed about the war-criminal aggressor nature of US foreign policy. Yet, the US and Israel, while terrorizing the whole world, keep pretending that their existence is ‘threatened’.

How long can they get away with the big LIE? And how many US presidents will bring their deceived voters into wars – into the bloodiest forms of mass-murder – against millions of the innocent in the Middle East, to be sacrificed at the altar of the military industrialists and parasite bankers who do nothing but issue endless $ trillions out of thin air?

war usa

  • The only rational choice America can make today is voting for Sanders, meanwhile getting ready for organised mass-action to protect Sanders from the Capitalist predators’ influence (or worse).

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