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#Iceland: the real story behind the scandal of #PanamaPapers #PanamaLeaks

  • The present media-focus on the corruption of Iceland’s PM – regardless if the story is real or hoax – is a red herring to distract from the very real corruption – ongoing mega-corruption – that is hitting all countries, including Iceland.

If we evaluate this event in the context of all similar former developments and consider the role of the propagandist international media in such events, we can conclude that Iceland is currently under attack. This is a coup, counter-revolution, revenge for the former real revolution of Iceland. This coup is attempted against the people of Iceland by the international bank-oligarchy in a uniquely manipulative way.

Regardless if the PM of Iceland Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson is guilty, partially guilty or innocent of the charges maintained against him, and regardless of the doublespeak we are fed with by the manipulative mass-media, the relevant factors to consider:

Iceland is a special country in many regards. After Iceland suffered a total meltdown under a particularly strong wave of the financial crisis of 2008, the people of Iceland responded with a revolution (see second part of post), which then forced their mega-corrupt government to resign. The bankers who were responsible for the crisis were jailed with charges of corruption and the people of Iceland were rescued from a modern version of Great Depression. Although Iceland’s revolution in 2008 could be regarded the event of the century (a series of events) the entire story was suppressed by mass-media. It was never televised anywhere in the world.

Since the revolution of 2008, Iceland has been one of the few countries that preserved most of its modern democratic achievements that the EU-countries have lost under the diktats of the secretly crafted federal state (USE) in Brussels. In contrast with other countries, Iceland rejected the corrupt IMF-debts and went as far as refusing EU-membership. And Iceland is one of the few countries who recognised Palestine as independent state.

After the long media-silence regarding Iceland, suddenly there is a media-explosion upon a “leak” of a certain global offshore-corruption Iceland’s PM is allegedly part of, and the voice of celebrity whistle-blower Snowden goes mainstream, zeroing on Iceland’s PM. Snowden’s social-media utterances following the current mass-demonstrations in Iceland, gain mass-media-level audience.

In sheer contrast with Iceland’s revolution of 2008, this corruption-scandal and the mass-protest against the “corrupt PM” gets immediate and immense mass-media coverage with a continuous emphasis on the ‘need for regime-change’. Even BBC devotes constant attention to the event. Based on the testimony of former mass-media journalist on how the mainstream media are dictated by the main stakeholders of global establishment, it is evident that such media-focus means propaganda rather than real news.

The political and media-doublespeak surrounding the current events in Iceland is striking. Even though the entire scenario is obscure, the media-emphasis is constantly on “Iceland PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson resigns”, even though, as it turns out (see Updates at the end), Gunnlaugsson remains in PM position.

Regarding the next step of government-forming, the decision-power is held by the finance minister.

Since Iceland’s people are well-organised they are easily mobilisable, and since they are highly ethical and still remember the hurt of the 2008 crisis, they are highly sensitive to corruption, so they are easily manipulable.

The social-media audience is equally manipulable, as they obtained information on the former Icelandic revolution, so they mistakenly believe the current event is continuation of the former events.

The former revolution had a positive energy – was entirely peaceful and civilised, whereas this displays mixed elements.

  • All signs are there that while Iceland was hiding behind the media-walls a silent process has undermined the achievements of their revolution of 2008 and the current events in Iceland are part of such gradual counter-revolution – an Ukraine-type pro-Bank ‘orange revolution’, organised by the global financial oligarchy as a revenge for the former actual anti-Bank revolution in Iceland. The innocent, unsuspecting masses of Icelanders are falling for this trap, helping this coup to be carried out against them. And apparently, Iceland’s massively supported ‘people’s party’, the Pirate Party, is a main instigator of this coup (see Updates).

The global context of the current events in Iceland – as well as of all regime-changes or such attempts – is the following formula:

We can rest assured that whenever there is a mass-protest against a Government and the Western media are entirely silent or report the event as “anti-democratic movement against an elected government”, the media-protected government is a puppet of the Western Oligarchy and the masses are rightly demanding a new government to restore democracy. Conversely, when we hear MSM-reports of protests and a democratic movement against an anti-democratic government, it is certain that the said conflict is about a West-staged coup against a non-puppet, democratic government.” (On the topic of how establishment uses covert aggression techniques to manipulate the masses see comprehensive analysis)

This particular case in Iceland is an odd mix of real and manipulative elements. Regardless of the person of Iceland’s PM and regardless of the charges against him, after simplifying the “equation” we arrive at:

Iceland’s PM is 1) either forced to assist this coup otherwise will be scapegoated via this scandal or 2) he is merely participating in the entire staged theatre-play, in order to trigger this chaos and to reinforce the regime that will keep serving the global Banks, the EU, IMF and the global Capitalist class.

If the people of Iceland would opt for trying to save their country from the effects of this hostile coup, they may want to try to grab the momentum, form their own government independent from the banking sphere, occupy and nationalise all banks and natural resources. If they fail to act now, chances are they will end up in the same or worse status quo as all EU-countries are now.

If there are any violent forces in the protesting crowd, they are shills inserted among the protesters as part of the manipulation.


Update 1: Recent development that confirms the concerns expressed in post:
“Days After Iceland’s PM Resigns Over “Panama Papers”, Its Bankers Are Released From Jail Years Early” (!!!)

Update 2: In the meantime, Icelanders on social media informed us that nothing changed in Iceland, the former PM remained in PM position (!), that is, even the “resignation of the PM” was mere theatre-play. The fact that Gunnlaugsson remains in office has been confirmed by another direct source from Iceland, to which the mass-media seem to be oblivious. Apparently the goal of these hoax-protests has been to release the criminal bankers who were jailed in 2008 during Iceland’s revolution.

Update 3: The twitter account of Pirate Party – @PiratePartyIS blocked my account after I tweeted this to them:

pirate party

Update 4: After the Pirate Party had mobilised large masses to trigger a political chaos in Iceland – apparently in order to enable the government to release the formerly jailed bankers – yesterday (on the 8th of April) Icelanders had another demonstration to demand the resignation of the corrupt government, which however lacked any mass-base that would have been necessary to achieve the stated goal. (Snowden could not care less about the event.)

Update 5. On social media the Pirate Party is being ‘represented’ with voices who go as far as denying the achievements of the Icelandic revolution in 2008. The person @Arnaldtor “arguing” in the comment section is one of them. None of them can substantiate their claims against the referenced sources listed under the post. And none of them can answer the question:

How come that the “people’s party” of Iceland, who was capable of organising mega-size masses for a hoax ‘protest’ which served the only purpose to release jailed bankers while mimicking democracy, several days later was “unable” to recruit the same crowd for the purpose to actually get rid of their mega-corrupt government.

The fact that the dubious voices of Iceland’s Pirate Party are in authoritative position and this party is to play a central part in the upcoming elections, is alarming to no end. The fact that these individuals respond with blatant lies and evasions when their narrative is challenged – or just conveniently turn away from the voices raising these questions – as well as their attempt to argue away the facts via mere fallacies – is further proof that researching this topic does hit a sensitive nerve.

Update 6: While both Snowden and the Pirate Party of Iceland fail to raise voice regarding the released criminal bankers, the Pirates are celebrating their own popularity that has significantly increased during these hoax protests. They are getting ready to win the upcoming early elections, which however has been refused by the government of Iceland.

Conclusions and lessons learned

The conclusions we can derive from above developments: the so called “people’s party”, the Pirate Party of Iceland, is a new traitor, elitist party, just like the Greek Syriza, with individuals inserted among them who are bought into the grand Bank-fraud. Both the fact that the Pirate Party, who had just moved large masses for an irrelevant cause, several days later failed to mobilise the masses to restore democracy in Iceland, as well as the doublespeak and demoralising utterances we can gather from this party’s members on social media, are very strong clues confirming this conclusion.

These fake demonstrations, including the one against Cameron run under the same #PanamaPapers hashtag, are there to imitate and mock democracy itself. Typical move by forces we can identify as Fake Left. Evidently, none of these demonstrations will lead to any real changes, and are there only to leave the masses in a permanent state of hopelessness and helplessness. Snowden’s selective ‘whistle-blowing’ activity has been doubtful from the start, but by now it should be evident that he is part of the controlled opposition – a topic covered in a former post.

The first lesson learned from the failed case of Iceland, democracy is impossible to realise within the current political and economic structures, either nationalists or globalists. This so called people’s party of Iceland is not any different from the former paradigms. They are advocating the most childish slogans of left-wing libertarianism, however libertarianism, all forms of it, is nothing but a brainwashing ideology to serve the elites’, that is the Capitalists’ interests.  Such system will never work for the masses. Political democracy requires economic democracy, and Capitalism is the absolute anti-thesis of both. Democracy can be realised only within the settings of national socialism and under the strong control of politically mature and non-elitist new structures of an actual people’s government. (For details, see comprehensive analysis)

Another main lesson learned from this event in Iceland: we should stop waiting and stop ‘admiring’ countries who at a certain point in time act towards democracy. While other countries have been sleeping, even Iceland suffered a Bank-coup and the democratic achievements of Iceland’s revolution in 2008 have been reversed by the criminal global financial oligarchy.

The main take-home message after these events is NOT to be discouraged and NOT to give up, but to focus on the real spirit of the Icelandic revolution. We need to make distinction between the media-suppressed real revolution of Iceland in 2008 and the current demoralising and widely publicised hoax-protests under “panama papers”, which served the only purpose to reinforce the fascist bank-rule while mimicking and mocking democracy.

  • The only way to reverse the unfolding global bank-fascism is to start organising TODAY in each country, via real grass-roots, rather than giving in to the manipulations and fake demonstrations organised by the elitist fake left politics and mass-media.


Another relevant implication of these events is the staggering fact that Iceland, which is a country outside EU, is apparently equally prone to the global capitalist takeover as those countries within the EU. This implies that #Brexit and/or any other country leaving EU alone will be necessary but not sufficient condition to restore political democracy and to achieve economic recovery.

According to the latest research findings, the Pirate Party itself is the newest decoy and Trojan horse inserted into many countries all over the world. This movement is hosted in Brussels, in the very centre and origin of the obviously devastating EU itself. The Pirate Party is an international fake-leftist dubious entity, with the apparent purpose to mimic opposition as Fake Left, and to breed the next brainwashed generations to support the looming global fascism under Agenda 21.

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11 thoughts on “#Iceland: the real story behind the scandal of #PanamaPapers #PanamaLeaks

  1. I’m sorry to say that there are several factual claims made in this article that are just plain wrong and almost any Icelander could tell you these facts I’m going to share about our situation over the past few years.

    – Iceland is going through a huge decline when it comes to anything that could be considered a strong democracy. Elected officials in strong democracies resign if they get caught up in scandals of the same caliber as some 5 of the current governments ministers have been implicated in. The banks where not allowed to fail as is often claimed, the government bailed them out in a big way and the debts accumulated from this have only partially been taken care of.
    – Iceland has been in cooperation with the IMF since before the collapse in 2008 and did get a loan of 2.1 billion dollars from them (may not seem like much but its a huge percentage of the Icelandic states yearly budget, it’s a small country).
    – The government refused to allow the people of this country to have any say in the matter of the negotiations with the EU despite a series of under reported protests.
    – Of course the international media is focused on Prime Minister resigns, it was announced but the information coming from the cabinet was at most very bad PR work on their behalf. It was announced, then the Prime Minister declared he was just taking a break, this confused other ministers, the president as well as everyone else. He is still a member of parliament despite all this.
    – Regarding the next step of government forming, the fact that the Finance Minister was in power to make decisions may seem confusing to someone unfamiliar with the history of Icelandic politics. It has more to do with the power play of the main political parties and the fact that his in the party that has been in power for most of Iceland’s parliamentary history.
    – The current “revolution” if you could even call it that yet is in no way, shape or form involved in financial interests. These protests have all been organized by grassroots organizations with no financial ties (entirely funded by donations from individuals). Iceland’s population is small enough that any attempts to pay or coerce people into attending protests would be noticed.
    – The Icelandic states budget had to be severely overhauled after the collapse of 2008 and we are still feeling the effects of it today in all aspects of society.

    Iceland has managed quite well (led by our current President) to sell the international community this meme (which happens to be based on lies) that Iceland is somehow a miraculous recovering story. The facts are a lot more complicated.

    Posted by @Arnaldtor | April 9, 2016, 12:05 am
    • Please notice that your comment actually confirms the article.

      Just because the coup did not happen overnight it does not mean it did not happen.
      Evidently, what we are witnessing at present is mere tip of the iceberg. The pro-bankster forces would have been unable to mobilise vast amount of Icelanders if these forces hadn’t been already inserted among those who can mobilise them, that is into the Pirate Party. Maybe what should be stated in more exact terms in the article: the Pirate Party is the new traitor “people’s party”, the new elitist Fake Left, the new Syriza.

      One main point of this article is that the masses of Iceland have been manipulated into a movement that imitates democracy, meanwhile the exact opposite is happening. The other point is that the whole story (circus) is to shift focus from the criminal banks – who continue their smash and grab agenda – onto a much smaller matter, the corruption of the PM, and to fill the international media with this story while bankers can continue their crimes.

      What proves my point above all else, that the formerly jailed bankers were released right when in the inflicted huge chaos the PM “resigned”.

      In the meantime it turned out, the “former” PM did not even resign, he remained in office.

      My advice to you and to your fellow-manipulators: stop believing in the power of your lies and manipulations. We can see right through them and the time is near when all of you will be behind bars.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | April 9, 2016, 5:50 am
    • In the meantime I have added Updates to the post, see them at the end.

      As you might have realised as well, my point here is not to kill time and argue with you or PPI in general. I am not writing these posts/comments with pleasure.
      To the contrary. Disappointment would be a too mild term to describe it. I am disappointed not only with the latest developments in Iceland – regardless of the actual time when the roots of these events come from – but with the attitude that you and the leading voices of your party display. Much more disappointed with the latter than with the former, actually. What one could expect is that safeguarding and improving what the 2008 revolution achieved would be a daunting task. What is shocking and alarming to no end is to see the negative attitude of those who lead the very party, PPI, that is supposed to perform that task.

      If you read some of my former posts you could realise as well that I have been one of those who admired Iceland and spread the word regarding the democratic achievements of the country’s 2008 revolution.

      To claim that my article is ‘plain wrong’ as to its factual content, is a blatant lie. What I wrote about Iceland – either in this post or elsewhere – did not pop out of my head. These are facts based on extensive and diverse research, relying on a long array of sources, from utterances of your very own President, analysis from both mainstream media and alternative journalists, blogs, and most importantly top-rank finance-economics experts like Michael Hudson. My statements are facts revealed by the leaders of the 2008 Icelandic revolution, and Steinar Bjornsson economist who was interviewed by RT journalist Abby Martin. These are just a few of the countless sources, my friend. Researching the political-economic developments of Iceland was a relevant part of my activity during the past few years. The references posted after below article are just a fragment of those I collected during the past years:

      So if you claim my post lacks factual value, what you are telling me Arnaldur Sigurðarson: all the sources I rely on have been false information. Then it is your turn to prove it on these pages.

      Another big question is this, if the Pirate Party is still a people’s party, therefore struggling against the financial oligarchy hitting Iceland – regardless of the exact time when the takeover took place – why don’t you communicate that fact to the public? All communications of PPI that reach the public are either Narcissistic self-celebration, elitist evasions, or negative, discouraging and demoralising gibberish. No professional conduct whatsoever. None of you in social media display the kind of attitude that would indicate integrity, honesty, solidarity and the spirit of the 2008 revolution.

      Your party at present displays all features of what we can call Fake Left. In case you are interested to change/improve your image, may want to read: https://globalpoliticalanalysis.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/pt4-rethinking-the-future-beyond-left-and-right-in-the-web-of-fakeleft/

      The fact that your party – supposedly a party to represent the interests of non-elites like me – blocked my twitter account needs to be put in such context. Then on twitter you called my tweets “spam” in which I expressed my concerns. (Apparently you are unaware of the dictionary-meaning of “spam”, look it up)

      People are learning fast about the kind of behaviour you and your party have been demonstrating. Both the article about Fake Left and the one about Narcissists as the enemies of Democracy, gained an extraordinary large audience. In case of interest: Pt5 – Rethinking the Future beyond Left and Right: #Narcissism & #Relativism, or #Democracy?

      So, be warned “my friend”.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | April 10, 2016, 6:40 am
  2. Great work dear Sky always a pleasur to read your articles.

    Posted by Ali R | April 10, 2016, 7:29 am
  3. You did not address any of the points I made in any kind of satisfactory manner, no my points do not confirm the article, quite the contrary you are moving the goalpost (logical fallacy). What leaders of the revolution? There where no leaders of that revolution, that was one of the main points of it, it was leaderless. Economists can be just as deceitful as Presidents and yes they tend to bend the truth.

    You claim that my party is part of some treacherous left, we where never a part of the left to begin with, one of our founding principles was to reject the dated left/right dichotomy. We also happen to be well aware of what the dictionary says about spam and you sir fit that description perfectly. Also, our admins don’t block people for no reason, they have to answer to party members for all such matters and argue their reasons for it thoroughly

    If you want to claim that stating facts about Iceland and it’s recent political history is arrogant, then yes, I’m arrogant but don’t try to ignore the facts in this case.

    Posted by @Arnaldtor | April 10, 2016, 12:12 pm
    • I did address all your points – anyone who reads these pages can see it for themselves. They can also witness your manipulative doublespeak and lack of professional conduct. They can also see my references while they see NONE from you. Your “claims” are still without any substance, you don’t even attempt to add any source here.

      I claim that your party is treacherous on the basis of your shifty and unprofessional conduct and on the forensic analysis of this post.

      In this comment, you are responding again with red herrings and dwelling on words instead of addressing my points and prove yours. You act as a troll rather than a responsible party-leader. As I explained on referenced post, anti-establishment is de facto Left, because establishment is far-right, hence quite logically, I call fake anti-establishment “fake Left”. What we need is a platform that unites the imaginary Left & Right against the establishment.

      The readers of this page and myself are still waiting for you to respond to the question, how come that your party which is able to mobilise the masses of Iceland for a fabricated ridiculous cause “panamaleaks” – just to cover up the release of the jailed bankers – is “unable” to organise a real anti-establishment demo to get rid of your corrupt government for real?
      As I said, at first you and your party appeared innocent victims of this manipulation. But your responses only confirm what I arrived at by looking at the actual facts.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | April 10, 2016, 12:53 pm
    • The leader of the revolution I referred to is Hordur Torfason. (As you are aware.)
      Here is the long list of articles and videos the truth of which you deny.

      On Iceland’s media-suppressed peaceful revolution:

      Iceland’s jailed bankers ‘a model’ for dealing with ‘financial terrorists’

      Iceland’s Debt and the People’s Revolt – Michael Hudson on GRTV

      Iceland’s Peaceful Revolution Censored | Interview with Steinar Bjornsson

      Icelandic People Said No

      5 Ways the U.S. Can Have an Icelandic Revolution

      “Iceland’s Peaceful Revolution” Interview With Hordur Torfason (Mark Taylor-Canfield)

      People’s Congress Interview—Iceland’s Revolution Leader Hordur Torfason—June 3, 2012

      We, the people, are the system | Birgitta Jónsdóttir | TEDxReykjavik

      What was the Icelandic Revolution?
      Pots, Pans and Other Solutions ~ FULL MOVIE

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | April 10, 2016, 1:53 pm

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