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How #Capitalism destroyed the family model and gave rise to loneliness, rage, militantism and prostitution

Capitalism, the inimical idol is a system of many devastating features. Beyond those analysed earlier, there is one particularly shocking aspect of this system that the public is rarely presented with: the way how this system sacrifices all aspects of our lives, including those that are the most human and most sacred.

In a recent episode of his Economic Update show (see posted below), Dr. Richard Wolff, internationally renowned economist, author, critic of Capitalism, interviews Dr. Harriet Fraad mental health counselor on a topic that might come as a massive shock to those who argue that Capitalism is a system of conservative moral values and as such it is to support and safeguard the traditional family model.

Research proves that the exact opposite is the case. The majority of us, forced into relentless pursuit of money-chasing under Capitalism, are alienated from intimacy and love, thus forced to abandon the family model. The outcome of this process is disappearing capability of intimacy, humanity, empathy, care, love and attachment, and on society-level the destruction of the most fundamental unit of society’s fabric, the family. This alarming trend marks the dawn of a new age of loneliness, militant rage and novel ‘sophisticated’ forms of prostitution as the only way for many to survive.

Ironically, the transformation of the family-model into this morally devastating anti-social paradigm is due to the very system whose main stakeholders have been echoing – for centuries now – the propaganda that Capitalism is a “moral” system to represent the traditional Christian family values. The referenced interview is an eye-opener to those who still believe this myth.


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3 thoughts on “How #Capitalism destroyed the family model and gave rise to loneliness, rage, militantism and prostitution

  1. Utterly compelling and so full of insights I have to listen all over again. Tx but how can this message get more publicity before ime does indeed run out?? I am learning so much about what I thought I knew something basic about.

    Posted by nickweechblog | April 15, 2016, 8:59 am
    • Hello Nick :) Thank you for your support and thought-provoking comment.

      I absolutely share your concerns. I do ask the same question every day, how to raise awareness of these pressing issues. What we can do and achieve is much more than most of us assume. Since a key element of this system is that elites lie to their teeth in order to save face, to keep spreading the word as far and wide as we can.

      I use all my free time to spread the word, also in my physical environment. People often underestimate the multiplying power of sharing information on social media. If 10 people share info with another 10, and each of them does the same, after several degrees the result yields a high number. In addition, to start organising grassroots and inform people in one’s physical environment in a compelling way, also helps the process. To focus on educating our children into the right moral direction and towards social-political awareness is of course a relevant part of what we can do.

      Posted by Sky Wanderer | April 15, 2016, 10:11 am
  2. Reblogged this on sdbast.

    Posted by sdbast | April 15, 2016, 9:05 am

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