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The looming groundhog day: the curious case of #Corbyn and his refusal of #Brexit

Both the EU and Britain are extremist … both demonstrate institutional racism” ~ John Pilger

After the long array of ‘flipped’ Leftist leaders, represented by the most memorable cases of Obama and Tsipras, the next instance in this line is apparently the case of Jeremy Corbyn.

The usual set-up is already in place: the package-deal fallacy that any Socialist program is bound to be a pro-EU globalist program, is a universal constant like the speed of light, the law of gravity or the 2nd law of thermodynamics. It has never been written in any ancient stone that a Leftist party is bound to be pro-EU party, yet this law proves to be more solid than diamond. One can only wonder why.

The masses of UK that are ripped off by Tories on UK-level and by EU on Europe-level, are looking upon Corbyn as the last resort; someone who will salvage them from the grip of the devastating Tory-rule.  This is why Corbyn’s stance to keep UK within the EU is another massive slap in the face that is impossible to comprehend as per the laws of logic, yet it is the most comprehensible one when we consider the laws of politics.

For a normal human with normal cognitive capacity it is enough to look at the tragic case of Greece with its pro-EU Syriza selling out the whole country to Troika (EU-ECB-IMF) or just one glimpse at the EU-inflicted European migrant-crisis; these two factors alone should convince anyone that the EU is the arch-enemy of its member-states. But at the level of responsible politics, a little more would be expected than normal, and this ‘more’ would imply at the very minimum, to look at the very foundation of the present EU itself. The bottom line would be to expose the grand deception through which the EU was unified as ‘USE’ without any leader on EU- or national level notifying the affected citizens of the historical step, let alone asking them for approval.

Even at present, after 8 years of the democratically illegitimate, in fact illegal inception of the EU federal union, this most significant fact about EU – and world-history – remains a secret. Why? Because it was supposed to be a secret – to avoid the otherwise due referenda.

After witnessing the sheer amount of gross lies flowing from the Tory deception-factory, one can hardly be surprised that below-par “leaders” like Cameron and Osborne keep the dirty secret about the EU deep under the carpet. We can’t expect any of the fake left mass-media outlets like Guardian or celebrity whistle-blowers like Snowden to “leak” the dirty secrets of EU to the public either.

But Corbyn, the newest ‘good guy’ on the block, who holds the key to UK’s future, is worth a word or two. So it seems, after Corbyn established his massive popularity all over the UK, now goes ahead and shall accomplish what has-beens like Cameron and Osborne can’t even dream of in their wettest dreams: to lead UK’s masses down the primrose path and make them willingly ratify UK’s EU-membership, which implies ratifying UK’s given up national sovereignty to the formerly established dictatorial federal state (USE).

Until now the legality of the secretly ratified EU-treaty could be questioned and legally revoked upon the consideration that giving up a country’s national sovereignty and entering such political union is an act that would have required referendum-level democratic consensus in each member-state. However, after a referendum with a ‘Remain’ outcome might even deprive UK of the last chance to revoke membership on such basis.

And apparently Corbyn is willing to take the UK down that path, into sealing UK’s lost sovereignty status without even notifying his voters of this fact. By keeping UK within EU, Corbyn will make the illegitimate ‘marriage’ between Tory Osborne and ‘Tory’ Lagarde a permanent bond, a conspiracy by definiton that is driving UK into ever-deepening debt-crisis and austerity. This is hardly the goal of a Leftist leader, is it?

The usual political game is in play again: to keep the Left in an impossible position, exactly as per the tragic scenario of Greece, where the ‘Leftist’ Syriza, after gaining mass-base, pushed the Austerity-ridden Greek people back into Austerity-EU. When we apply the universal constant of the laws of politics, it seems that law is to force the masses to choose between two forms of destruction: to be destroyed by Tories on national level or to be destroyed by Tories on EU-level. The correct political-economic program-package that would offer a real solution to escape from the Capitalist tyranny and towards genuine Democracy is not part of the offered alternatives.

And we can just go on wondering why. Is it possible that a responsible leader like Corbyn did not take the time and effort to at least read the founding document of the EU – the Lisbon Treaty / EU Constitution – before taking a pro or contra stance on UK’s EU-membership? If he did, then why did he fail to reveal to the public that the said EU-constitution (Lisbon Treaty) transformed the EU into USE as a dictatorial political union?

If Corbyn is aware of what he is doing, on what basis does he plan to ‘reform’ this disguised political Union, which was founded upon lies and avoided, rigged or overridden referenda, and upon hiding its fraudulent, disguised federal constitution? Did Corbyn communicate the actual content of this secretly enacted EU-constitution (Lisbon Treaty) to the British public? Did he tell his voters that by voting Yes to EU-membership means sealing the status of lost national sovereignty and subscribing to further EU-imposed Austerity, IMF-loans, economic and migrant-crises, debt, and to relentless privatisations that led to the destruction of NHS?

Why does Corbyn aim to push the UK into the form of Debt-crisis that destroyed Greece?

Why does Corbyn fail to expose the threat regarding the underlying TTIP / TISA that is implied in the package of EU-membership? Who exactly does Corbyn represent and why?

Those who are aware of the devastating nature and purpose of EU, would agree that regardless of any further considerations, at present the minimum is to break up the dictatorial federal state established in Brussels, to decentralise Europe both as a political and economic union, then we can consider reuniting Europe under real democratic terms that would grant the freedom of each country to decide on entering any form of political-economic contract with any other country.

It is certainly possible that Corbyn is unaware of the Lisbon heist-story just like the vast majority of the corrupt elite pretend to be unaware and the 99% certainly are. In any case,  the upcoming EU referendum is going to be held without any leader informing the British public of the actual nature of EU, so they will cast a vote while still kept in the darkest dark as to what exactly they are signing up for.

Update 15 June 2016: Who are the actual leaders of Labour?
One of the biggest difficulties, politically speaking, is to get people to see the nature of the system in which they live. The system is very sophisticated in disguising what it does, and how it does it.”
(Professor David Harvey)

Corbyn for Brexit

Since the initial publication of this article it has become obvious that Corbyn is literally forced to take a pro-EU position. It is enough to consider the abrupt U-turn Corbyn performed right before the final stage of the Brexit/Remain campaign, but the fact that Corbyn’s victory as Labour leader was seen as a ‘threat’ of boosting Brexit (Lexit) camp, as evidenced by an Euractiv post from 2015, adds abundant further evidence for this suspicion.

Central part of Corbyn’s main agenda is to renationalise much of the former public sphere, such as the British Railways, which is clearly impossible as long as UK is part of EU, as NewStatement article rightly points out:

“Undoubtedly EU law will be a huge obstacle to any renationalisation scheme – especially one that aims to do away with competition and markets. The EU is clear that its objective is “Opening up national freight and passenger markets to cross-border competition”. Its directives and regulations have created what can only be described as a legal quagmire.   

Corbyn is obviously aware of the above. He is certainly aware that in fact none of UK’s genuine Labour goals are achievable as long as UK is governed by EU law.

In this context it is justified to raise the question: who is/are the actual leader(s) of Labour? From the mentioned Euractiv article it seems, fake-left characters like Chuka Umunna – conveniently classified as “centrists” – are in the position to serve the Tory-establishment and dictate the terms for Corbyn on the genuinely relevant political-economic matters such as promoting Brexit or Remain on behalf of Labour’s voters. Chuka Umunna in particular happens to be an especially keen supporter of EU, to the degree that in a recent media-hosted Brexit debate he resorted to all forms of manipulations and deceit to “argue” on behalf of Labour’s Remain stance.

The Tory establishment’s and their fake-left assistants’ hidden, yet apparent purpose behind forcing Corbyn to voice an anti-Brexit stance:

To use the EU-referendum to divide Labour’s leadership and constituency
To discredit Corbyn and the Left as such
To transfer as many of the 99% voters as possible back to pro-Capitalist UKIP
Meanwhile rig the EU-referendum to secure Remain – or in case of Brexit vote, organise a second referendum to change the outcome (see post)
After the EU referendum, blame the Remain outcome on Labour, make UKIP the next pro-1% government, and continue with the Tory-EU smash and grab agenda happily ever after.

Why is this back-door rout necessary to achieve the Tory goal to remain in EU? Most of all because Corbyn’s popularity had to be curbed, and because only a credible and widely accepted leader’s pro-EU stance, such as Corbyn’s, could provide enough basis for the Tories to ‘sell’ a well-established reason to believe that a Remain EU referendum was not a rigged referendum-result but an actual vote.

Anyone who has a shred of doubt regarding above conclusion, may want to consider the fact that there is no actual part of Tory establishment – UKIP either – who are really against EU and UK’s EU-membership. On UKIP’s behalf the entire pro-Brexit campaign is mere circus. A more recent research on the topic explains in detail the reason why it is the ultimate goal of Tory (=Capitalist) establishment to keep UK in EU.

A hint to prove the point:

Thatcher EU

thatcher farage

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One thought on “The looming groundhog day: the curious case of #Corbyn and his refusal of #Brexit

  1. Corbyn was anti from way backand hasn’t explained why he supports it now. In is recent speech, he did say “the Labour Party” is in favour rather than himself. I guess he’s been leaned on. It’s certainly odd how little discussion about “Sovereignity” there has been, something people might have given their lives to defend at other times is being gifted without any qualm. Strange I think that in the future it will be commented upon how little discussion there has been. Scary talk about how one’s pay packet will be affected is all. Like the Scottish Indy Ref where scare tactics from all & sundry seeemed to carry it.

    Posted by nickweechblog | April 18, 2016, 8:45 pm

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