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Brussels, the European extension of Washington – #Brexit #Lexit to save Democracy of UK and of Europe

The ultimate, hidden reasons why to vote Brexit

EU washington extensionThe date of UK’s EU Referendum is approaching fast, yet the vast majority of the voters are still unaware of the very essence of what EU represents and of the perils that staying within this union imply.

If I had a magic wand, I would push this post onto every cover-page and TV-channel. This post is to reveal the hidden yet most essential facts about EU – as well as the grave implications of staying in EU – that the CIA-bribed mass-media will forever keep from the British public.

Prior to any long-term considerations, at present the immediate goal is to reclaim UK’s independence, to restore at least the minimal chance for democracy both in UK and in whole Europe. For Europe to survive at all, the number-one task would be to break up the dictatorial federal state established in Brussels, and to decentralise the region both as a political and economic union. Only then can we consider reuniting Europe under real democratic terms that would grant the freedom for each country to decide on entering any form of political-economic contract with any other country.

  • To achieve this goal, a next giant historical step could be a resounding Brexit vote on both Left and Right of the electorate spectrum.

It needs to be emphasised right at the start: a Brexit vote is in the interest of the vast majority of the UK, regardless of any secondary Left-Right consideration. To take an anti-EU and anti-globalist stance does not imply whatsoever any obligation to subscribe to UKIP or to any nationalist-Capitalist policy; to the contrary. In a sane world the most prominent supporter of anti-EU position would be Labour’s Corbyn, rather than UKIP’s Farage.

The idea that promoting Brexit is invariably a Tory-policy is an ideological trap, a package-deal fallacy forcing all democratic, hence anti-EU forces back to the origins of the democratic meltdown. What the historically prominent populist neoliberals: Reagan and Thatcher, and their contemporary equivalents, Trump or Farage don’t want the public to know: Capitalism is inherently a globalist system.

The reason behind the inherent connection between Capitalism and globalism is simple: under a Capitalist system, all governments are de facto servants of big money, and big money desperately wants EU, TTIP and all free-trade agreements, which then require a globally united, centralised – and oppressed – planet.

Farage, Trump and others in the current nationalist-capitalist line won’t admit this fact, because they secretly work on the same globalist project that others like Cameron or Osborn, Merkel or Clinton, and other fake liberal capitalists openly pursue. (On this point, see last section of post.)

The essential political and economic facts to be aware of before casting a vote
– EU (USE) is a secretly founded supranational state used by the US to destroy Europe –

Several former analyses on this blog, with special regard to post: A historical fact buried by the mass media: the EU has been USE since the end of 2007, have already thrown light onto what is at stake when deciding staying in a union like EU. In addition to the related posts, here it will be summarised – in an updated and more comprehensive context – all the main hidden reasons why only a vote against EU-membership is a rational decision.

  • The bottom line that everyone in the UK should be notified of: the EU has been one political-economic unit, legally one country – a dictatorial federal state imposed over Europe – ever since the end of 2007.

What this fact implies before all else: voting to remain in EU/USE means sealing the status of UK’s loss of national sovereignty to a group of unelected bankers and corporate elites. To stay within EU means to surrender UK’s national legislative powers to the personal diktats of individuals like George Soros, Merkel (their role explained in post) and IMF’s Christine Lagarde.

Lagarde’s character is evident from her criminal track-record and has been clearly revealed via her role in Troika’s project of mercilessly bringing down Greece and several other countries. IMF is essential part of the infamous Troika (EU, ECB, IMF) and at present IMF has been targeting UK, via the works of Osborne and Lagarde, to pull UK deeper and deeper into a version of the Greek-debt crisis.

In contrast with the blatantly false claims echoed by the CIA-bribed mass-media, to stay within a dictatorial federal state that is used by the global oligarchy as the political umbrella to invade countries via ISIS, as well as via the artificially inflicted economic and migrant-crises, means to remain on the path of being financially, socially and economically destroyed by the global power-elites, in addition to be exposed to the effects of the further US plans of hot wars. The continuing war on terror, and the continuing false-flag terror attacks to maintain the pretext for the US/NATO wars, are essential parts of the EU-package.

The Lisbon Treaty, the fraudulently redrafted and reinstated EU Constitution, clearly demonstrates the profoundly hostile intent of those who founded the USE itself. Both the content of the EU Constitution and the process of ratifying it without the knowledge and consent of the affected 500 million people, are hard evidence that the EU lacks the minimal democratic legitimacy to exist, let alone claiming decision-making position over all matters of the European continent.

The Lisbon Treaty is a dictatorial constitution that is designed to protect the EU-government from its people. This constitution is the blueprint of the global neoliberal agenda that the global alliance of the capitalist class started in the 70’s and which they perfected by the present. EU’s supranational constitution was drafted specifically for the purpose to protect the interests of the global elites by emphasising “freedom” and “competitiveness” in their endeavours, and this is the principle that each national government – on both Left and Right – is obliged to follow when they pursue the relentless smash-and-grab agenda of privatisations, debt, crisis, austerity. The EU and its constitution is the ultimate source of all Tory-privatisations that are destroying UK and all member states as we speak.

The nature of USE as a military super-power and European extension of the US, is clear from the EU constitution’s provisions to stipulate for a strong EU-army:

Member States shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities. The Agency in the field of defence capabilities development, research, acquisition and armaments (hereinafter referred to as “the European Defence Agency”) shall identify operational requirements, shall promote measures to satisfy those requirements …”
“Those Member States whose military capabilities fulfil higher criteria and which have made more binding commitments to one another in this area with a view to the most demanding missions shall establish permanent structured cooperation within the Union framework
” (Source:  http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=OJ:C:2007:306:FULL&from=EN)

The fact that EU is Europe’s worst enemy is clear only upon one consideration: EU had NO mercy and NO money to rescue its own member-state Greece; yet the same EU has ‘mercy’ and endless funds to invite millions of migrants into EU, disregarding the fact that the Mideast wars are initiated by US, NOT by Europe. Why? Because both 1) transferring Greece into the ownership of the US-hosted global banks and 2) weakening Europe by the migration crisis are goals of the big-business-sponsored Washington.

  • Another most essential media-suppressed fact – beside the secret that EU is USE and affiliate to USE:
    ISIS is a secret tool of Washington – ie the US-Israel alliance – operated by the CIA and Mossad, and used for the purpose to divide, conquer, destroy and rule the countries of Europe, and EU is a group of unelected officials acting as agents/vassals of the US to execute this secret war-plan.

Let us never forget, that the same mainstream politicians and media outlets that never disclosed the fraudulent Lisbon process are the same as those who at present claim that UK would be ‘better off’ staying in EU.

Brussels, the European extension of Washington
– The many aspects of the imminent threat in case of staying within EU –

EU doesn’t moderate UK’s influence – it magnifies it“- says Obama. To translate Obama’s words into their real meaning: “UK’s remaining in the EU magnifies the influence of the US over all Europe.”

US President Barack Obama stressed ahead of his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that a united Europe is in the national interests of the United States.
I consider Angela one of my closest partners and also a friend,” Obama said adding that he has “worked with her longer and closer than any other world leader.” (Obama: US Interested in United Europe https://sputniknews.com/politics/20160423/1038480712/obama-united-europe.html )

Obama and Merkel definitely are working very closely together – in designing Europe’s migration crisis.

The direct involvement of the US in the EU’s efforts to pull more countries (eg Ukraine) under the hegemony of the global cartel, is evidence that EU is de facto the European extension of the global fascist empire hosted in the US.

Just as much Israel is the Mideast state of the US, Brussels is de facto Europe’s “Washington”. The fact that the US interferes with UK’s domestic affairs when it comes to the EU-referendum and Obama “advises” UK to stay within the EU, is another massively alarming sign. This fact alone is ample reason to run far and run fast from such powerful and inimical control. With each day it becomes clearer that the extant US administration is the aggressor and ultimate threat against world-peace, and the US plan of further aggression amounts to the imminent threat of a World-War 3 gravely affecting all EU-countries.

The most heavily promoted and financed, hence most potential US presidential candidate is Hillary Clinton, whose candidacy has been pushed through shamelessly undemocratic bribery and rigged elections. Clinton, as the most likely next US president, is a self-confessed warmonger with a war-criminal past, who has already declared her plans to continue the US-aggression in the Middle East, in which the UK, as essential part of the USE-army, would certainly play a central role.

  • Since EU (USE) is a de facto extension of USA, staying within EU implies being involved in and exposed to the direct threats of World-War 3 in Europe – including UK – as well.

The migrant crisis in EU has been a central demonstration of how the US-hosted corporate- and banking oligarchy, represented by tycoons like George Soros, is determined to literally destroy Europe by forcing the EU-states to collapse under the unbearable financial and logistical burden of the US-waged wars that triggered the mass-migration of the uprooted Mideast populace in the first place.

After connecting the dots, it becomes clear that the same Soros-oligarchy that has been the avid sponsor of Clinton’s presidential candidacy, will dictate Clinton’s policy after she is raised into presidential power, and Soros is well-known of his plan to pull Europe into a new world-war with Russia (See respective posts under the References).

Another fact that everyone should be aware of: the reason why both Iran and Russia are constant targets of the Western oligarchy, is not because Iran or Russia pose any threat to the West, but because these countries still resist both the Zionist aggression in the Middle East and the global financial war led by the Western financial cartel (Fed, IMF, WB and the largest banks). The Western elites always re-brand their aggression as “self-defence” and falsely accuse their targeted countries to maintain the constant enemy-image  in order to “justify” their foreign aggression and the ever-intensifying domestic oppression.

In short, staying within EU means staying within the US and staying within the US means staying under the constant threat of ISIS. “The Insidious Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence“.

The US Congress was overly involved also in the process of Osborne’s and IMF’s common efforts to develop UK’s 2016 budget plans, that is to say, in the usual agenda to push UK deeper onto the Smash And Grab route. Which means, staying in EU means staying the main target of the US-led global financial war, that is, it means staying in permanent Austerity, Debt and Crisis.

To be “stronger in” means to continue weakening

The fact that there are European countries outside EU – all of which are smaller, geopolitically and economically less strong and less significant than the UK – yet their economy is much stronger with a much more intact social-political cohesion than of any EU-country – is yet another evidence that the political and media-claims regarding “being stronger in” are just more instances of the usual pro-Capitalist propaganda that all mainstream media-outlets are obliged to pursue.

Let us never forget, that the same mass-media that never disclosed the fraudulent Lisbon process are the same as those who at present claim that UK would be ‘better off’ staying in EU.

As we can expect from the always lying mainstream politico and mass-media, to be ‘stronger in’ means the exact opposite: it means to make the elites stronger in their efforts to oppress the 99%. It means for UK to remain open to this mega-fraud until the entire country shall collapse, as Greece did.

The reason why only the Right-wing UKIP represents UK’s anti-EU stance is simple; this is mere theatre-play to divide the masses along the imaginary division of Left and Right, by pushing those who are sane enough to vote  Brexit towards the Right-wing, which then would mean for UK to be found again under the same global Capitalist oppression merely dressed in another costume. As it was explained in the context of the migrant crisis, all nationalist powers are in one camp with their apparent “globalist” opposition. All Capitalists are in alliance and all work towards one goal, to establish their global monopolies and eliminate any competition that might emerge from the 99%. To this end, the elites of US and EU engaged in the global neoliberal project that has been undermining all economies and all national democracies of the world, and as such posing a comprehensive threat on many levels, of which the EU itself is only one element.

Even in the”best-case” scenario, the invariable outcome of EU-membership is the certain lack of democracy, lack of national self-governance, certain cultural death upon the centrally foisted mass-migration and the certaint economic death via the direct exposure to the global smash-and-grab agenda that keeps deepening the crisis, debt and austerity in every target country.

Why Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn subscribes to staying in the economically devastating and politically anti-democratic EU, right after he gained an unprecedented mass-support in UK, remains another mystery and/or another painful instance of the oft-mentioned rule of non-partisanship in the political power-play. The elites are definitely united, both on the political Left and Right, with the common goal to keep UK under the global Capitalist hegemony, and this oligarchy has demonstrated a profound determination to undermine the remnants of democracy and destroy all countries’ economy that are unfortunate enough to be subjected to their control. Both the Greek debt-crisis and the ever-increasing migration-crisis are enough glimpse into the future within EU.

Another essential part of EU-membership – that all Brits and EU-citizens should be aware of  – the Lisbon Treaty was written following the neoliberal philosophy of “freedom”, according to which the elites enjoy full liberty to issue worthless $ trillions out of nothing, and enjoy all luxuries upon such privilege, meanwhile they go as far as to deny our right to receive the very pension we worked for through a lifetime, because it is “free-lunch”.

  • In other words, another hidden and essential part of the ‘EU-benefits’ is the lack of benefits to the degree that we won’t even receive what we have worked for.

Why the Left and the Liberal should vote Brexit regardless of Corbyn’s stance

There is of course the possibility that Jeremy Corbyn, an otherwise profoundly legitimate and credible future leader of UK, is being a strategist and/or he is acting under a tremendous political pressure when taking a pro-EU position. If so, Corbyn’s voters could do him a great service if they would cast a Brexit vote in the EU-referendum.

Even those on the Left who would opt for a united Europe to freely travel through Europe without barriers, especially the young who see no further than the next summer vacation, should consider the price to be paid for such ‘freedom’. It comes down to the insanity of subscribing to be a member of a new Stalinist USSR to obtain more ‘freedom’. This comparison is far from being far-fetched. A former dissident of Soviet Russia compared EU’s structure to former USSR after investigating the EU constitution and the EU’s structural arrangement in depth.

  • Therefore, even from a Leftist perspective, that is, even if we would prefer a united Europe that would embrace all of its citizens and would offer opportunity for its immigrants, first we would need to get rid of the EU, which is determined to equally destroy all of its citizens, including, and in the first place, all of its immigrants.
  • To give up democracy can’t be a goal of any sane individual in UK, in all Europe, either on Left or Right – and to stay within EU means not less than giving up democracy itself.

Even if the UK or any EU-state would opt for giving up national sovereignty just for being part of an integrated Europe, it would require, before all else, an entirely new, democratic EU-constitution, and an entirely new, transparent democratic process of accepting such constitution.

Democracy in a united Europe would require requesting all EU-countries’ citizens consent to enter a political union in the first place. And before making such decision, the central issue would need to be open for a democratic public discussion, if it is indeed the process of globalisation that most Europeans would want/prefer? Is is it really the best of all worlds to live an eternal nomad lifestyle, in long-distance friendships and relationships, broken-up marriages and families, and with all other foreseeable and unforeseeable social-economic devastating effects that such a large “country” would invariably imply?

To make an informed and free decision, we should go beyond the imaginary Left-Right division, breaking free from the imposed package-deal fallacy that bounds all liberal and leftist consideration to the processes of globalism, which is nothing but the Leftist masked process of global fascism. It is a fact of political science that only small, homogeneous units can be self-governed as genuine democracies, while empires like the EU or as the Capitalist elites envision it, the ‘global village’, can only be managed as a dictatorship via a top-down hierarchy – a scientific fact the truth of which both the citizens of USA and USE have learned the hard way. Only Democratic National Socialism can yield effects to satisfy the economic and political conditions of Democracy (a topic elaborated in a former analysis).

Brexit – to save Democracy of the UK and of Europe

Regardless of any further considerations, at present the bottom-line is to reclaim UK’s independence in order to restore at least the minimal chance for UK’s democracy. On European level the task is to break up the dictatorial federal state established in Brussels and to decentralise Europe both as a political and economic union. Only then can we consider reuniting Europe under real democratic terms that would grant the freedom of each country to decide on entering any form of political-economic contract with any other country.

With the upcoming EU referendum, the UK has the historical chance to take the very first step towards re-democratising UK and whole Europe – simply by voting Brexit. Yet, even then, the gravest danger is that the referendum shall be rigged by the always ready-to-fix-the-game establishment.

It is equally possible that in case of a Brexit referendum-result, the EU and Tory elites together will declare the outcome “invalid” and force another referendum until the British voters get it “right” – as it was done against the people of Ireland in 2008.

The current so called “democratic” institutions have been so deeply corrupted by the power-elites – not only in UK but all over the once-democratic world – that to reclaim genuine democracy in the UK would require an entirely new political organisation. It would require reuniting the masses of the 99% on both Left and Right to draft and enact a new, genuinely democratic national constitution for the UK.

Regardless of the outcome of UK’s EU-referendum, it remains a valid point to propose that the UK, and all EU-member states, should spontaneously revoke their EU-membership upon the sole legal disclaimer that
– the Lisbon Treaty – the secretly reinstated, disguised EU constitution – was NOT accepted by EU-referendum either in UK and in most EU-countries,
– the content and relevance of this constitution was never disclosed to the affected populace,
– the treaty’s implication of given-up national sovereignty was never communicated to any voters either in the UK or anywhere else within EU
– the fraudulent imposition of the Lisbon Treaty is a blatant violation of international laws and of the principles of democratic rule of law, hence the EU has ceased to exist as a democratically legitimate organisation ever since the acceptance of Lisbon Treaty.

Update – welcome to the ‘heart of Europe’

Newly found information essential to be aware of before any decision regarding EU-membership:
behind the scenes USE introduced another treaty – under title of “European Stability Mechanism (ESM)” – with the purpose to definitely seal the IMF-ruled Smash and Grab financial tyranny. (See summary in video)

Another video – on the decision making procedure of EU on grave issues such as TTIP – offers a demonstrative glimpse into EU’s general nature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozj0qwnMGZ0

As Noam Chomsky, prominent contemporary scholar and thinker puts it:

 “In the contemporary global order, the institutions of the masters hold enormous power, not only in the international arena but also within their home states, on which they rely to protect their power and to provide economic support by a wide variety of means. When we consider the role of the masters of mankind, we turn to such state policy priorities of the moment as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the investor-rights agreements mislabeled “free-trade agreements” in propaganda and commentary. They are negotiated in secret, apart from the hundreds of corporate lawyers and lobbyists writing the crucial details. The intention is to have them adopted in good Stalinist style with “fast track” procedures designed to block discussion and allow only the choice of yes or no (hence yes). The designers regularly do quite well, not surprisingly. People are incidental, with the consequences one might anticipate.”

Update / Primary Reference

EU Basics – Your Guide to the UK Referendum on EU Membership

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