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Reblogged: The End of the Status Quo #Brexit

A superb blog on the most essential reasons why to vote #Brexit.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Britannia On The Waves

If you were to believe the mainstream media you would be under the apprehension that on Thursday 23rd June 2016 when you go to vote on the EU referendum, you either make the choice of voting to leave the EU and stepping in to the great unknown, or you choose the soft easy option by voting to remain within the EU, in effect choosing the status quo. This is a misapprehension, a complete fallacy.

Whatever the outcome is on the 23rd of June, come the 24th the economic, political and social landscape of the UK shall be irrevocably changed forever more. The EU referendum is that vitally significant. Whichever campaign wins the referendum, there will be change. The remain campaign promises a continuation of the status quo but they are impotent and will be unable to fulfil those promises. In reality those promises will be broken within…

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