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Leave wins the #Brexit debate, the Remain camp is spreading gross misinformation

eu flag tornIn a recent media-hosted debate, the Leave group – represented by Dan Hannan, Nigel Farage and Kate Hoey – lined up a vast array of ace-arguments on the side of Brexit, whereas the Remain group – Nick Clegg, Liz Kendall and Chuka Umunna – demonstrated a staggering lack of understanding of what democracy is about in the first place and why democracy and national sovereignty are the number-one factors deciding on the question of Brexit.

For the full debate on the upcoming referendum-question if the UK should leave or not the EU, see Spectator article: “Leave wins the Spectator Brexit debate at the London Palladium.


Democracy and independence: the single greatest argument on the side of Brexit/Leave

The central argument on the side of Brexit – that has been emphasised in a recent post – is the fact that for any country to remain functional at all, the absolute minimum is to retain the fundamentals of its democratic institutions, that is, to keep the legislative and policy-making power for its very own elected representatives under national control.

  • This point has been the main argument emphasised by the Leave group in said Brexit-debate as well. To vote Leave/Brexit means voting for national sovereignty, and keeping a country’s national sovereignty is the absolute minimum necessity for realising democracy at all in a country.

The Remain camp was unable/unwilling to even touch the surface of this argument. Instead of addressing this point, they responded with one long stubborn evasion, mere repetitions of blatantly false statements, red herrings, false dichotomies, strawman and other forms of logical fallacies.

If the Remain camp is oblivious to the significance of delegating policy- and law-making powers to unelected bodies, it means that these elected leaders lack even the bare minimum of qualification to hold any position in any democracy, since they fail to recognise the democratic significance of the very process – elections – via which they claimed their own political position.

The “wisdom” to give in to a centralised dictatorial global power-group

The central “argument” on the Remain side repeated by Liz Kendall ad nauseam: “There is not a single serious independent organisation that thinks we’d be better off out” – can be debunked just by one consideration: these so-called “independent organisations” are everything but independent – they are all dictated and financed by EU or they dictate the EU itself, such as the IMF does.

The Remain “argument” – and oft-heard IMF-threat – according to which the UK would face serious financial-economic consequences in the case of Brexit, is nothing but what it is: a shameless threat and blackmail. It is the same act of financial terrorism that Greece has been subjected to, nevertheless, buying into this bluff signifies ignorance and lack of responsible leadership. Even in the case of Greece this blackmail was ludicrous, let alone in the case of such a super-power as UK is. In addition, the UK – unlike Greece – is at present still outside the Eurozone. To still own a domestically controlled and controllable national currency is a massive democratic advantage compared to the situation of the Eurozone; an advantage that will be eventually LOST if UK remains within EU.

  • The “wisdom” to give in to an international group of financial-economic blackmailers comes down to forever surrendering to the global dictatorial lead by agencies like IMF that is teeming with individuals of criminal record. In reality the EU, this unelected gathering serving the US capitalist class, needs the EU-countries to smash and grab, NOT the way around. Once the countries of Europe dismiss the EU, the countries remain in power and control, and the EU – that is, these agents of US corporate power – would disappear. The countries of Europe can form any alliance among one another, both within and outside Europe – they/we do not need a dictatorial assembly to dictate us over these or any other matters.
  • In reality – versus the popular myths – to remain in EU and to adopt Euro as UK’s currency would mean further accelerating the process of pushing UK into odious public debt and further weakening UK’s negotiating position against the criminal IMF.

Another oft-heard Remain ‘argument’ that UK’s elections – and other democratic institutions – do not fulfil their function to serve the 99% anyway, so why not opting for EU instead, is evidently NOT an argument. The fact that extant democratic institutions have been corrupted by unelected bodies, is NOT a reason to get rid of democracy altogether and surrender the whole country to the very oligarchy that corrupted UK’s democratic institutions in the first place. Instead, what UK needs – and many other countries suffering under the looming global corporate power-grab that EU is a main pillar of – is a profound constitutional reform to devise and implement genuinely democratic institutions to eliminate this pernicious common enemy: the world-power-craving US-administration and its USE affiliate.

EU is in fact USE: a fact that all voters should be aware of

Curiously enough, the Leave side failed to emphasise in the debate that EU is no longer EU – it is USE, a federal state founded and operating via dictatorial methods, implementing a dictatorial EU constitution that was signed and ratified in a dictatorial way. For details on this point, see post: The media-suppressed shocking story of how the EU/USE federal state was founded.

  • As it was explained in a recent post on Brexit, remaining within EU equals the insane act of issuing a giant blank cheque to this secretly founded USE’s self-elected bureaucrats. These unelected individuals are serving the US-hosted international banking and corporate oligarchy. To remain in EU equals granting this anti-democratic oligarchy all powers to decide on all political, financial and economic matters of Europe and UK.

Once we consider the actual nature of EU/USE, it becomes evident that the central Remain “argument” is void.
To remain within EU, that is within the USE, all major decision-powers shall remain with the unelected European Commission, in accordance with the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty, ie the disguised EU Constitution that Merkel and her accomplices secretly reinstated and are implementing behind the scenes. To remain in EU means surrendering all powers to the UNELECTED European Commission, who passes all relevant laws and policies within the USE, including the UK.

Above fact shall remain unchanged, regardless of UK’s EU-referendum, hence the Remain-argument that UK can reform the EU from within, is nothing but a fatally misleading false statement, signifying either gross ignorance or deliberate deceit. The Remain-proposition that staying within EU implies more control over EU, more control over ourselves and more chance for UK to reform the EU itself, is a blatant falsehood/lie that no responsible politicians should advocate.

The fact that a significant part of the Brexit debate was focussing on the question how UK would control immigration from within EU, means a lack of focus on this greatest single point:

  • If UK remains EU, it means TOTAL SURRENDER OF ALL DECISION-MAKING POWERS IN ALL MATTERS TO THE UNELECTED EUROPEAN COMMISSION and to their unelected bosses such as George Soros. To accept EU’s and Soros’ diktats on immigration policy and to keep UK’s borders open to whoever wants to live and work in EU/UK is only one aspect of the overall loss of national self-governance. (For Soros being the main instigator of Europe’s migration-crisis, see the respective posts under the References.)

If anyone needs more evidence than those given in this and former related posts on EU, here is a bombshell report to provide further evidence that EU is a corporatist, anti-democratic conglomerate of bribed elites: Bloomberg gave £250,000 to Remain campaign http://www.politico.eu/blogs/spence-on-media/2016/05/bloomberg-gave-250000-to-remain-campaign/

Making the case for Labour Leave

In several posts on this blog it has been emphasised that a decision affecting a country’s very own democratic system, such as the Brexit referendum itself, stands above the imaginary Left-Right division, but the fact that there is an imaginary Left-Right division of the otherwise to-be-united 99%, is due to the pernicious divisive works of the Right-wing that has been manipulating the political and economic arena all over the West. In a genuinely democratic society that actually works for the 99%, all decisions are made in accordance with the interests of the 99%, and all powerful minorities, including the minority of the richest 1%, is prevented from taking control over the majority.

  • In this regard Kate Hoey’s (Labour MP) speech stands out as an exceptionally brilliant statement that has made a very strong Brexit case for the Labour constituency.

Kate Hoey has done a stunning job explaining how EU and Capitalist interests are interleaved and why it is a massive interest of the Labour voters to join the Brexit camp. Kate Hoey is definitely one who understands the principles of democracy, she realises that democracy and socialism are synonyms, she understands the Capitalist nature of the EU and she is aware that remaining in EU would imply the full loss of democracy in UK.

Parts from Kate Hoey’s speech:

“Our basic right is our right to make laws. I don’t believe you can trust people in power if they can’t be removed by elections. No one can deny that the EU’s government, the Commission, is unelected and cannot be removed by any of us through elections. That fact alone is enough to reject the EU. It’s not socialist or democratic – the EU is anti-democratic. Its principals are those of a free market, but not of a political system. The EU’s purpose is to rule in the smooth running of a corporatist economy.

At least when I oppose Tory policies, I can vote on them. We can’t do this with the EU. The EU is an attempt to replace the democratic power of the people with a permanent administration in the interests of big business. Everything else is a smokescreen. It’s very clear why Obama was threatening us. The EU can never be reformed. What does Leave look like? It looks like all the other 169 countries in the world, most of them with true democratic accountability. Let us be clear, there is no certainty in remaining in the EU. We need to set our country free from future servitude.”

For the full speech see: Labour Leave MP Kate Hoey’s speech at the Spectator Brexit debate: Kate Hoey MP Highlights From The Spectator BREXIT Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2dnm80coFE

Further to above speech, on the Labour case of leaving EU also see the recommended sources under the References.

Brexit means independence and independence is key to peace and prosperity
– Remain in EU means threat of WW3, lack of independent immigration-, foreign- and military policy

One of the most curious ‘arguments’ the Remain camp has been dwelling on is the idea that remaining in EU equals peace and security for the UK.

In mentioned recent post on Brexit it has been shown that the opposite is the case. One of the aspects of giving up UK’s national independence to the USE, is the LACK of UK’s independent foreign/military policy, which increases UK’s chance of being involved in a possible US-sparked WW3 – a possibility that increases with every second as long as we fail to expose the actual covert aggressors behind the extant new Cold War. To understand this point requires looking beyond the Western media propaganda and to investigate the actual events in Ukraine, in Mideast and in every major conflict-zone of the present. In addition, it requires a thorough understanding of the actual motives of those who ‘need’, therefore instigate all Cold Wars and conflicts. On this topic, see: The old bogeyman-charade of the West: the reason why #Capitalism needs #FalseFlag and #ColdWar)

With the exception of Farage, who did make the valid point that it has been EU provoking Russia, not the way around, all participants seem to subscribe to the popular myth that the allies of UK, the US and its Western-European partners gathering in EU, represent the side of ‘defence’ against a threatening Russia. This absurd idea seems to be the most stubborn aspect of the Western mainstream false narrative. Liz Kendall, the Labour-representative of the Remain camp, is an especially avid advocate of this myth.

In the case we wish to avoid a WW3 – that is being crafted by the relentless US-lead and its shadow-government controlled by warmongering pernicious characters like George Soros – this truth needs to be emphasized until it becomes common knowledge:

  • It is the US-Zionist colonialist empire that is destroying Mideast, threatening Iran and Russia; it has been US and EU that organised a coup against a democratic government of Ukraine and planted a fascist regime there; it has been the Zionist US to sponsor, train and operate ISIS as a secret tool to bring down all democratic Middle East countries, and it has been the Zionist US wreaking and weakening Europe, not only since the inception of EU but even before. (For details on these points, see respective posts under References)

It is about time to take into consideration the actual history of WW2 as well: it was the US Capitalist class represented by the Bush dynasty, who helped Hitler to power. The motive of the Capitalist power-class was the same then as it is today, to build a US-controlled global empire, to weaken all competitors, and to smash and grab all regions of the world, either by hot wars or by financial means.

The actual aggressor on all fronts of the global political-economic landscape has been, and still is, the Capitalist US-lead and their European allies under the control of the US-dictated unelected EU-powers. At present the Zionist US-controlled NATO alliance is the one and only actual threat against world-peace, against Mideast, Russia and Europe, and against all countries. The reason why Europe is being threatened by ISIS is the fact that ISIS, and all forms of “islamic” terrorism, have been operated and sponsored by the US and Israel. For more details on the topic see: Brussels, the European extension of Washington; #Brexit to save Democracy of UK and of Europe – and several more under the References.

In the debate, only the pro-Brexit participants recognised the truth that EU’s migration policy is the exact opposite of being pro-peace. To wage wars on a whole continent – Mideast – and to convert Europe into a war-zone by inviting the war-stricken Mideast populace into Europe, is the exact opposite of being pro-peace and pro-prosperity.

In addition, to remain in EU, that is, to surrender UK and Europe to the financial war waged by US on all countries of the world, is everything but pro-peace and pro-Europe.

  • As far as UK’s peace and security is concerned, UK’s independence, hence Brexit is key: only outside EU can UK decide to stay within or leave the warmongering NATO at all.
  • It is common knowledge and historical fact that independent countries have always been in the blissful position to stay out of conflicts and wars, thus achieved the highest levels of prosperity via long, uninterrupted peaceful eras.

Brexit means retaining/restoring UK’s national independence, which means maximising UK’s chance for staying out of all possible wars as well. Brexit means leaving it to UK’s elected parliament to decide at any point in time what action to take to preserve UK’s peace, and to make such decision upon actual information, rather than on the continuing CIA-sponsored media-propaganda.

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