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#VoteLeave is the interest of the 99% – Summary of the main reasons for #Brexit #Lexit

myths re EU

A recently released excellent documentary: Lexit The Movie debunked above myths and explained all the essential reasons why Labour’s constituency – in fact the vast majority of UK – are advised to vote Leave / Brexit / Lexit on the 23 of June.

Below we provide a summary of the arguments brilliantly elaborated and substantiated in the documentary:

Leaving the EU – Brexit/Lexit – means:

– to retain £200 million a week to spend on our priorities

– to protect and secure UK’s workers’ rights against the EU-law-enforced neoliberal policy: against austerity and privatisations

– to say NO to TTIP, to the in-progress US-EU trade-deal, which is to secure the rights of global Banks and corporations to pursue toxic financial and other activities – such as fracking and producing GMO products – and will empower US/foreign companies to sue the UK government if it bans these toxic activities.

– to restore UK’s independence and democracy, ie to regain the power to make our own laws, to elect those who govern us and get rid of them if we don’t like them

– to (re)nationalise our railways, to bring our postal service back to public ownership, to rebuild a fully nationalised national healthcare service in public hands

– as an economic superpower listed among the strongest 5 economies of the world, to strike our own trade deals anywhere in the world, with whoever we wish

– to regain the power to be an independent nation who controls its own fate to our best ability

– to leave EU means to leave an unstable, politically oppressed, financially-economically-socially wrecked zone, to secure peace, prosperity and political, social, economic stability in the UK, and to enable UK to initiate a global democratising process in genuine spirit of democracy, internationality and solidarity.

Myth 5: The EU can be reformed / democratised from within

The most oft-heard argument on the pro-Remain side has been the fallacy that Remaining in the EU would enable the UK to reform EU “from within”. In addition to the arguments raised in the Lexit documentary against this myth, we mention several more here. Once we recognise the actual nature of EU (USE), it becomes clear that voicing one’s “expectation” to reform the EU is either due to mass-manipulation or reflects the voters’ ignorance regarding the origin and ownership of EU, the motives of EU’s stakeholders and the very purpose behind the EU/USE itself. (These are explained at length in the related articles – see the list after this post.)

The secret evolution of EU (political engineering) that crafted USE behind the back of Europe is hard evidence that EU can NOT be democratised, exactly because its very purpose and reason to exist at all, is to dictate the terms for Europe against its peoples’ very own will. The fact that EU was founded and has evolved via ignored, never-held (suppressed) and overridden EU-referenda, such as the recent EU-referendum OXI/NO in Greece and the Irish Referendum NO in 2008, and that EU secretly resurrected the same EU Constitution that had been formerly rejected by several referenda before the Lisbon process, offer ample evidence that the EU is an organisation established for the very purpose to act against the peoples of Europe and eliminate Europe’s democracy as such.

In the past few decades, behind the scenes there have been many attempts to democratise EU, all with no avail. Former MEP Jens-Peter Bonde was a leader of a genuinely democratic sub-group of EP representative who did try to put forth proposals towards reforming the EU – see last chapter of his book – but all these democratic voices were suppressed by the EU-leadership and Bonde was actually fired from his elected position(!) This broadcast from inside the EP is to demonstrate how all democratic voices – ie all actual opposition against the diktats of EU – are silenced, ridiculed, and/or ignored.

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Further references:

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