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#Trumponomics is Reaganomics on steroids: Real economics to show how #Trump will further deepen the Crisis

Glimpse into America’s future under Trumponomics:


  • Dr. Richard D Wolff, the most brilliant, honest and outspoken economist of our times:
    If you are not scared, you are not paying attention.
  • “Trumponomics. Wall Street likes what it sees in the 45th president. The stock market is way up. The reality TV star heads up one of the most pro-corporate administrations in U.S. history. After railing against elites Trump’s cabinet is loaded with Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan honchos. Millionaires and billionaires are staffing key positions. It’s the wealthiest cabinet in history. Deregulation of banking is high on their to-do list. Critics are calling Trump’s economic policies warmed over trickle down Reaganomics. Remember the slogan, a rising tide lifts all boats? Thing is only the yachts go up, the canoes and rowboats sink to the bottom. The New Yorker says, “Trump’s proposed tax cuts would greatly accentuate inequality” and his “protectionist impulses, meanwhile, almost certainly won’t bring back lost manufacturing jobs, but they could spark a damaging trade war.”
    Richard Wolff – Trumponomics”

In a recent post, the actual purpose behind Trump’s populist economic policy has been revealed.

Trump’s promises amount to no more than populist lies of the same dimension and purpose as those of Hitler’s in the past used to be. Trump’s false claims ‘to make America great again’ via a policy that will actually trigger the opposite of the promise, ie further deepen the Recession,  signifies a unique threat of world war 3.
Hitler et al did the exact same thing before and during the 2nd world war. They used the same deceitful rhetoric to pull the masses of Europe into such a degree of hatred against other nations and races that was enough to ignite WW2, and was enough to obtain mass-support for collecting all the poor – both migrants AND the domestic poor! – into concentration camps.

Another post that was formerly published, during the US election campaign, is now updated and reposted as an analysis to demonstrate that Trumponomics is no more than a bunch of massive lies, used by Trump for the purpose to mislead and distract the American masses and thus to create a mass-base for the fascist Trump administration’s warmongering agendas.

When Trump is promising ‘more jobs’ by measures of mass-deportation, racism and banning immigrants, he is doing exactly what Hitler was doing in the 30’s and 40’s. Trump’s goal is the same as Hitler’s was.
Like Hitler et al did in the past, Trump at present is scapegoating immigrants and non-white races in order to convert the masses’ hatred of Capitalism into hatred of the main victims of Capitalism. Trump’s lies are to distract the American masses from the fact it is Capitalism itself to take the jobs of the American masses, not the immigrants and not the non-white races.

On above point, a highly recommended recent analysis by top economist, Richard D Wolff:
“Global Capitalism: Nationalism and Scapegoating Foreigners [FEBRUARY 2017]”

Trumponomics is not only NOT the way to economic Recovery – it is simply Reaganomics on steroids – that is, a certain road deeper into economic hell than ever.
In one of the former interviews with Dr. Richard Wolff he explained “How Reaganomics Killed America’s Middle Class”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdCNGkZoIZw
Trumponomics will continue and accelerate that devastating process.

These charts to demonstrate the actual effects of Reaganomics / Trumponomics, ie Neoliberalism – versus the Democratic-Socialist policy that would trigger actual Recovery, were created several years ago. The relevance of understanding what these charts explain, is more timely than ever:

  • Capitalism was functional for the 99% only while the very essence of Capitalism was regulated out of Capitalism, ie while it was made impossible for a group to concentrate Capital to the degree that the Capital would becomes the ultimate means of controlling both economics and politics.

Read article with full list of References:
Real Economics to show why #Trumponomics will deepen the Crisis and why only #Socialism could revive Economy


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