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The truth behind #RussiaProtests: the Coming US War on Russia and Europe #WW3

Bribed protesters, manipulated reports

As it was predicted in the previous and several earlier posts, the US is indeed bringing its agenda for hot wars also to Russia and Europe.

The heated anti-Putin Western media propaganda, accompanied with the current social media campaigns (aka #RussiaProtests) supporting the anti-government protests in Russia, is clear indication that this coup-attempt in Russia is yet another covert US op to destabilise Russia and the region, and as such it is a replica of the former ‘colour revolution’ in Ukraine which replaced a former democratic government with a fascist one in Ukraine.

The truth about the Russian protests – against the massive media-lies this WSJ piece represents – has been revealed in a recent RT post. Another source on the topic exposes the fake photos used by the opposition-backing US-sponsored media: ‘Millions’ Marched Against Putin in Sad Alternative Reality Inhabited by US Media

A new episode in the decades long US war on democracy

But after so many years witnessing the US-waged global war on democracy in the name of “spreading democracy”, we could derive the only logical conclusion even without reading above reports.

After the US bringing down so many democracies around the world, now it should be evident that both the former US-instigated fascist coup in Ukraine and the present similar attempt in Russia are instances of the global pattern of the US-instigated regime changes. The global pattern has been revealed by John Pilger in his documentary “The War on Democracy“.

Among the many other accounts on former similar events, this post from 2015 highlights the essence of what’s going on, through the case of Macedonia:
“George Soros, NATO, US Color Revolution Machine Behind Unrest in Macedonia”

Under the shadow of a coming nuclear war in Europe

Without doubt, we are long past the times when we could hope to get away with failing to expose – real time – the actual nature of events like the current Russian protests.

What is at stake is not less than a US-led nuclear war, a World War 3, in both Russia and Europe. George Soros, a leading figure of the US capitalist cartel – of the US actual government – has been planning to launch such war in Europe, using the Ukraine conflict as pretext – the very conflict that had been inflicted by US agencies – and now the US-crafted conflict in Russia is added as an extra pretext for that long-standing US warmongering agenda.

The US plan to spark a new world war in Europe is evident also from the countless US military bases and nuclear missiles established in Europe during the past and present cold war. (As for the past, see one of Pilger’s earlier documentaries, “The Truth Game“.)

  • What above alarming facts imply: if Russia responds to a US nuclear strike, it will kill millions of civilians in Europe, NOT in America.

Know thy enemy – hint: it is not Russia

The real history of World War 2 – as well as the Europe-destroying EU as secret US op – are ample evidence that the US has always been the number-one enemy of Europe. With view of the past and the present US war-agendas, the current events in Russia signify an imminent threat of World War 3, just as imminent as the threat of the coming war on China.

Putin’s Russia is neither red, nor an enemy of the Western world. Russia’s current government’s “crime” is that it is independent, economically, financially and politically, from the US (just how independent Russia is, has been revealed by a recent Russia Insider report) and it has always been the defining characteristic of every empire to punish all its independent rebels. For the same “crime” of independence Syria has been punished for by the US under the ISIS cover.

We can see it proven all over again, that behind all wars there is the rotten-to-the-core US-dictated Western financial system.

Putin’s Russia is not only NOT the enemy of the West; to the contrary – it is only Putin who has ever effectively fought the anti-West ISIS until the US stopped him. On the other hand, it has been revealed by multiple alternative reliable sources (see post and its reference list) that it has been the US and its Western vassal-agencies who gave rise to ISIS and its predecessors, and who has been financing the fake “extremist Islam” forces from the start.

The real corrupt part of Russia is a global phenomenon

What is corrupt in Russia – and corrupt to the core – is NOT its government but its US-serving opposition and their bribed “journalists”, who are currently leading the anti-Putin/anti-Russia propaganda. They are sitting in Washington and in its European vassal-state, Brussels.

But, as we could see the evidence from the long line of similar regime-change scenarios, the US-bribed corrupt, anti-democratic opposition is a phenomenon not specific to Russia, it is a common alarming factor we can observe in every country all over the world where a genuinely democratic – for the people, by the people – government resists the financial-economic-political global dictatorship of the fascist US.

We are long past the times when we could hope to get away with failing to expose these events real time.

  • Is there any reason to NOT break the silence?

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