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The truth behind the #multiculturalism myth: the ongoing Islamic war on the West

Islam, Sharia Law, Western Democracies and abolition of Free Speech against UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

For more than two months months now I have been banned from one of the two main anti-social anti-media of our times, Twitter. The charge against me – just like in the case of many others who have tried to spread the word on the most alarming issues of our era – is “hate speech”. This time my banned status is likely to remain final, as I expressly refuse to plead guilty and submit to the Orwellian owners of this anti-social anti-media, for whom censorship is just the “normal” way of doing business.

Nevertheless it remains an enigma how come that the anti-social owners of their anti-media couldn’t care less if the alleged hateful content gets deleted or not from their otherwise Nirvanaish online environment. If they really cared about the principles they advocate, they would remove respective comments or have them removed. Instead, they simply delete millions of accounts and ban even more users leaving behind millions of ghost-accounts, that is they silence every voice whom they find a threat to their anti-democracy media-venture, whose spreading the inconvenient truth hits a hole on the thickening web of mass-media-deceit, which they maintain to cover up the West-wide Islamisation agenda that would tear our democracies and our culture apart within a decade. They evidently had to and have to get rid of those voices who pose at least a minor obstacle to the gigantic Islamic NWO agenda.

It appears indeed – as it has been noted by many of us experiencing similar abuse – that the two main social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter – are becoming more and more antisocial with each day, literally.
As if the owners and operators of these systems were entirely unaware that there exists such a UN-defined human right as the right to freedom of opinion and expression:

Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

The so-called moderators of these systems obviously managed to overlook the very principles of our Western societies that we all, including the privileged business- and political classes, are supposed to observe and grant to all citizens. Such rights have been listed under the document: “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and one would assume that the term ‘universal’ means just that: universal. Doesn’t it?

The oft-heard lame excuse the owners of these censored platforms and their apologists cite in their defence is that these are private enterprises ‘therefore’ the owners of these private platforms do just whatever they please. Hence, if it so pleases the private owners, they will ban those political opinions that they want to be banned from their private business. Here we go, learning the same old lesson again the hard way, that private ownership of publicly significant services that are big enough to be called strategic monopolies, should be in the democratically controlled public domain, otherwise they will invariably serve the interests of but a few, even if their self-serving business attitude shall invariably destroy such a public good as democracy itself.

The recipe for the curious venture of ‘privatising democracy’ to a small circle of private individuals comes down to just these steps:

1) Be one of the owners of the privately owned global financial system.

2) From your limitless source of funds build an empire of social media that eventually reaches the status of being THE social media. Use your media to maintain the mass-deception that will eventually drive the once free and democratic societies towards a political, social and cultural meltdown, via a collective suicide by the misled masses and by their blind acceptance of a new form of proxy-tyranny.

3) Make your users believe that they can take it for granted that in a free society they can practise free speech, including the online environment that you provide.

4) When your social media platforms achieved a monopoly/oligopoly position, introduce new policies that will eventually eliminate free speech and via which you can silence, moderate, ban or simply remove those voices whom you identified as your political opposition, who resisted your anti-democratic propaganda, and who have been spreading real news against the mass-deception you prefer to maintain.

In addition to obtaining the private good of destroying the public good known as democracy and free speech, the private owners of these private platforms gain further benefits via their absolute freedom in abusing their private freedom.

These proud owners of allegedly capitalist enterprises remove not only politically relevant accounts but also those whom they find to be significant threat to their global cartel’s monopoly position in strategic business areas, such as health- and food-industry. For a list of those accounts removed from Facebook alone, see entry:

Here is the list of over 100 million followers deleted by Facebook

Review of the main political issues of our era: a future surpassing the most horrific dystopia

Maybe the shortest way to gain a glimpse into the horrific picture of the planned Islamic NWO as the near future, is to watch these two presentations by two of the most prolific scholars of Islam:

Bill Warner, PhD: Why We Are Afraid: 1400 Years of Fear

The REAL motive for Islamic migration to the West – Robert Spencer

I am missing the time when my main concerns regarding the future of our world were revolving around the financial-economic issues, the neoliberalism-based economic genocide of the first world, the artificially inflicted economic and debt-crisis, the deliberately inflicted destruction of the earth’s climate presented as “climate change”, the destruction of our biosphere and agriculture via the secret geoengineering practices of the sinister global elites, that we might call “minor vices” compared to the even darker layers of the global cartel’s covert war on the oblivious Western world.

Am missing the time when I assumed that the worst version of the dystopia mankind is facing was “merely” a total nuclear war or a total financial collapse combined with a total economic meltdown, with a total shortage of water and food, which then would end up indeed in a future reality of the dystopia depicted in the novel “Hunger Games”. I would have never guessed that the real prospects of our world are far worse than all the so far considered options combined.

True, it is extremely unnerving, unsettling and horrifying to even touch this topic, let alone sinking into the depth of its pits and fully realising its implications. The question is, can we afford the luxury of acting as if this issue wasn’t there, or wasn’t as serious as alarmists like myself are presenting it?

Just like the reader, I would personally prefer a pastime much more pleasant than writing blogs to spread the actual truth about Islam (under normal circumstances I would find it meaningless for anyone in the post-modern West to focus on the prehistoric barbaric mentality of the East), yet as far as I am concerned, this subject remains in the epicentre of all relevant public discussion, for the sole purpose to warn my fellow-citizens all over the West of the imminent danger of such barbarism gradually, but rapidly enough, swallowing the once free West. An imminent and unfathomably giant danger that has been approaching us for a while but still only a few of us grasped its implications to the full extent.

Nevertheless I do sympathise with the reader as I understand that this heavy subject is not an easy digest and not an easy information to even believe for that matter. To many of us the truth about Islam, its actual past and precursor of our near future, may still sound as incredible as terrible, terrifying, ghastly and monstrous it is.

Yet both in the wide and narrow contexts, especially when we match the predictions set forth here with our own studies, scholarly research and empirical experience, these warnings prove to be valid.

Reality exceeds all imagination and is far more horrific than all the possible fictive dystopia-elements together could amount to. The actual process mankind have been subjected to by the ruling elites is a sharp U-turn back to the darkest Middle Ages via a silent, nevertheless rapidly accelerating Islamic occupation of the West. A new Ottoman-empire in the making, so to speak. And let us make no mistake, the practices of the future Islamic empire will not be any less bloody, any less oppressive, any less genocidal and less cruel than those in history were or the practices still alive in Islamic Sharia-countries like Saudi Arabia.

The future the merciless Western super-elites are gearing our societies towards is a mix of the sort of oppression Europe suffered under the Hitlerian Nazi 3rd Reich, invasion and genocide, and the historically unprecedented mega-genocidal blood-mongering tyrannies of Islam itself.

The mainstream assumption that Islam is a “religion of peace”, or rather the only peaceful one among all religions, and as such established a magnificent peaceful culture throughout the middle ages offering an immensely valuable contribution to mankind, remains a myth, more precisely a distortion of human history of astronomical proportions, maintained by the Islamised academia and media for the very purpose to sedate the Western masses and make them drop their defences, via the Islamic tactical deceit.

Against the myth of Islam being the “religion of peace”, the sobering facts of what Islam “offered” and is to offer to the West, are presented by one of the top world-renowned scholars of Islam referenced below. What we can learn from this uniquely enlightening lecture relying on scientific meta-analysis, is the past the non-Muslim world – mostly Christians, Jews, Hindus – had to suffer due to the Islamic hatred for all non-Muslims, and of the future that we can expect as an outcome of the present covert repetition of such history.

Bill Warner, PhD: Why We Are Afraid: 1400 Years of Fear

So-called “religion of peace” (it is a shame to no end to apply such term to Islam) has been so magnificently “peaceful” that it managed to organise the most horrific bloodbath, both as to quantity and intensity, ever in history:

548 battles – 19000 jihad attacks – 270 million dead – tower-high piles of cut-off heads, most of them Christians, but other non-Muslims had their fair share of the Islamic “peace” as well.

In other words, following the rules of Orwellian doublespeak, Establishment indeed managed to reverse all concepts, hence: “religion of peace” is to be read as “anti-religion of war”, and the praised term of “multiculturalism” is to be read as a brutally enforced single-culturalism of Islam.

Once we are aware of Islam’s history and the hyper-aggressive nature of this doctrine, we can answer the so oft-heard question how come that Muslims, who should be the most grateful for being welcomed, accommodated, and generously financed in non-Muslim countries, are so often displaying the exact opposite attitude? How come that Muslims are “offended” by our culture, or even when we state facts directly taken from their “holy” scripts, such as the fact that their prophet, and ultimate role-model, was a rapist, murderer and paedophile? How come that Muslims, who are living luxury life on free lunch while we are offered only cuts and austerity, are threatening the West, raging like rabid dogs?

The answer: because there is still some multiculturalism and some democracy left in the Western cultural mix, that is, the Islamic single-culture, the one and only Sharia-law system Muslims came to the West to implement, is not yet fully realised.

At the end of the day, Islam’s attitude towards the West comes down to a curious form of blackmail, whereby Muslims are threatening the Western masses with beheading if the Western masses resist the idea that Muslims would implement the Sharia law in the West, which would then behead the Western masses.

The post-modern Islamonazi empire in the making

Although it shall never be reported in any of the mainstream media outlets, it remains a fact:

Europe, and the entire Western world, is flooded with an army-size of masses of so-called refugees and migrants – in fact settlers, colonisers, invaders, occupiers, pioneers, soldiers – from at least three continents: Mideast, Africa and Asia.

These masses migrate to the Western countries in biblical proportions that comes down to war, invasion, occupation of the West. There is NO justification for such a continuous population-transfer, since these millions of aliens occupying the Western continents are NOT refugees. These so-called refugees are entering our countries illegally, in large groups, via NGO-organised human traffickers, without passing any checks of status and origin. That is to say, these so-called migrants never proved their refugee-status in the first place, and secondly, there is no way that so many millions could claim to be refugees, because there exists no such war, either in theory or practice, that could produce millions of refugees.
Thirdly, even if such a gigantic war, poverty and/or oppression existed, the obvious solution is that NATO would end the wars, the UN would enforce peace and human rights wherever needed, and organise economic/financial support for the 3rd world, rather than bringing the inhabitants of all 3rd world continents to Western continents.

In their keen support of the alarming process of “mass-migration”, the Western liberal elites’ victim-blaming strategy has been fully effective to suppress our self-defence. We, citizens of Western countries are literally invaded and oppressed, our lands are seized, our hard work-earned tax money is used to finance these aliens who then live luxury-lives without work, who occupy the space of our countries, impose their culture and laws over ours, yet we, the invaded are forced into a position to “prove”, 24/7, that we are not Nazis, racists, fascists, bigots, etc. when we attempt to protest in defence against such blatant invasion/occupation. In this upside-down world we are expected to peacefully endure the Arabic and African takeover of our countries, so the invader masses could go on, very peacefully, with the Demographic Jihad they declared against us.

Demographic Jihad: Just a matter of time?

Halal Harem of Hamburg

Above gradual, nevertheless invasion-level process implies that once the Arab and other non-white masses would become majority in the Western non-Islamic democratic countries, they would use our Western democratic systems to actually eliminate our democratic systems and to replace our equality and human rights-based democratic rule of law with the Islamic barbaric Sharia law.

To demonstrate what a Sharia-based system comes down to in practice, a present-day example: in Saudi Arabia people are publicly executed in the most brutal, cruel and barbaric fashion – via beheading – and such punishment is due even for the reason if someone practises his fundamental right to free speech and freedom of religion, and accordingly leaves Islam (apostasy), refuses to subscribe to Islam or criticises Islam.

It is clearly unimaginable and inexplicable: how could mankind get stuck at such a staggeringly low level of medieval, or even prehistoric darkness and cruelty, in the 21st century? Especially if we consider that the very existence of Islam as a “world-religion” and the inequality- and discrimination-inscribing Sharia Law based upon such religion, is by itself a gross antithesis to the human rights defined by UN, even though these rights must be observed by all countries of the world.

The main points:

Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Article 3.
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 5.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 18.
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


Islam and its unresolvable contradiction with the values of democracy

It speaks volumes that the top human-rights organisation of so-called “democratic, free world”, the UN – who put forth these principles to begin with – never mentions the necessity to liberate the people of Saudi Arabia, and all Sharia-ruled countries of the world, from such prehistoric, brutal oppression and never mentions the blatant human rights violations that these countries commit on a daily basis.

Whenever a cult, whereby members are killed or subjected to other crimes of cult-leaders, either religious, spiritual, or some other, appears somewhere in a democratic-law-based society, such cults are eliminated and their leaders are persecuted by law, but the most evil cult ever in history known as “Islam” is still alive and well, and it is found acceptable as a “tolerable” part of democratic system. Unimaginable.

Even if the cult of Islam is allowed to be practised in Islamic countries, in the Middle East, where it has been the predominant culture for many centuries, hence such worldview feels “natural” to those raised in such environment, the very presence of Islam in the West is a blatant threat and weapon against the Western people, that is to everyone who doesn’t belong to such culture. Because Islam, and its very basis, the Quran itself is a blatant declaration of war on all non-Islamic peoples and an incitement for invasion and conversion of all regions inhabited by non-Muslims.

For anyone even without reading the text of Quran the unresolvable tension between the Islamic and Western cultures is apparent by consideration of the sharp contradiction between the Islamic dictatorial and the Western democratic values. It is no rocket-science to realise that the Islamic Sharia Law on all counts directly go against the UN-defined very principles of rights and liberties which are, or at least used to be, the normal way of life in Western democracies.

The Islamic intolerance, discrimination and oppression of women and of ALL who confess a religion other than Islam, or observes none (infidels/kafirs) is especially striking, as well as the Sharia-prescribed torturous and humiliating forms of punishments for all innocent non-Muslims and for Muslims committing minor crimes such as theft and for any act that Islam specifies as “immoral”. Islam is the ultimate doctrine of oppression and suppression of all individual liberties that constitute the pillars of our Western democracies. Under the Islamic religion-based civil law everything that used to be the everyday life in the once free, democratic West is severely punished, most by death and by an extremely cruel form of it. This is the actual reason behind the sky-rocketing number of hate-crimes, the cruel rape- and murder cases – that the migrants from Islamic world commit against the white people all over the West. Since the Western political elites are supporters of this Islamic invasion, they and their media never report these crimes or if they do, they misrepresent and downplay the reasons. And whoever protests against this invasion, in defence of his country’s peace, culture and democracy, are labelled “nazis”, “far-right”, “fascists”, etc.

What should be top priority all over the free world is to recognise that the set of principles and laws all Muslims subscribe to and impose on others, are blatant violations of human rights, and since the essence of the Muslim beliefs is non-tolerance against non-Muslims, their sheer presence in any non-Islamic country constitutes a war-level threat. In a sane world therefore it would be evident that everyone who subscribes to the Islamic ideology and demonstrates any behaviour or symbol expressing his/her submission to Islam should be strictly denied entry to non-Islamic countries and/or should be deported from such countries.

The absolute bottom line would be to ban Islam as such all over the West as the ultimate hate speech and ultimate basis of hate-crimes against Western people.

Two sources on the reality of Islamic barbaric “laws”:

Bill Warner, PhD: Human Rights, Sharia Wrongs

In summary, Sharia Law is nothing but the crude anti-thesis of all principles of human rights and democratic legal systems:

The creeping Sharia Law gaining more and more space in the West

Rather than liberating the Middle Eastern countries from the Islamofascist Sharia cult, Western Establishment is doing the exact opposite: paving the path for the same barbaric system to be imposed all over the West. As a result, an ever growing number of Islamic occupiers demand the implementation of the Islamic Sharia Law in non-Islamic, democratic countries, which means we Western citizens are effectively forced our of our living space, ie from the areas where the “laws” of an evil, bloodthirsty and brutally discriminatory cult are applicable rather than our democratic laws.

In Germany the creeping Sharia Law already achieved a highly advanced stage years ago.
Since the mainstream media are deliberately silent about the alarming process of Islamic takeover of the West, we can only guess that the current situation in Germany, in Europe and all over the West, is significantly worse.

Germany Submits to Sharia Law

As pointed out before, the Western masses are and have been deceived by the false claim – aggressively proclaimed on a mass scale both in mainstream and social media – that Islam was a “religion of peace”.

It is an absurd, manipulative lie. Even if orators on behalf of “peaceful” Muslim masses in the West insist they mean no harm, they do actually mean harm, by their very presence in a culture they consider their ultimate enemies. The fact that they build mosques and destroy churches all over the West is the hard evidence. Whenever Muslims pretend to be friendly towards infidels/kafirs, it is merely tactical, manipulative deception ordered by Quran to be deployed against non-Muslims.

Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

The real agenda behind multiculturalism exposed

For those still unconvinced regarding the actual nature and purpose of so-called “multiculturalism” enforced in the Western countries, here are several facts and questions to consider.

One of the main considerations that Establishment hides from the public is the fact that no such societal value as “multiculturalism” exists in the first place, hence any stance against such value should not be shunned and banned as something that stands against a value.

Let’s set it aside for a moment that the actual agenda behind so called “multiculturalism” is the plan to eventually establish the single-culturalism of Islam. Even if we assume that the real goal would be an ideal of mixing cultures, it proves to be a flawed idea at best and a deliberate destruction of all cultures that would be involved in the mix.

The striking double standard maintained for the purpose of suppressing the white race can be captured if we consider that only the term “white nationalism” exists while we see no Arab countries to be called “brown nationalists” or an Asian country to be called “yellow nationalist” even though these continents are not obliged to observe multiculturalism and on their own they prefer to keep their own countries for their respective races.

If multiculturalism in itself had any intrinsic value, all continents and countries would promote it and accordingly invite large masses of migrants from all over the world to freely enter and settle down within their borders.
But no other regions and no other cultures and races are willing to or obliged to accept an uncontrolled mass-migration into their countries under the assumed value of multiculturalism. Only the West.

Multiculturalism as such has never been an axiomatic premise or a value in itself of any society, it is a mere arbitrary invention of the so-called liberal elites. It is not a mixed culture that defines, enriches or fosters any democracy, autonomy, self-government, peace and cohesion of a society. To the contrary: when cultures and religions are mixed and forced together from above – as it is happening all over the West – and especially when in such mix of culture one culture is in a supremacy position as Islam claims to be, is a ticking time-bomb. Islam should not be present anywhere outside its own domains since Islam perceives itself as the one and only acceptable culture and looks at other cultures, of Jews, Christians and Atheists the enemies to be destroyed, hence such a multicultural environment that contains Islam is an eternal source of social-political-economic meltdown, deadlock in communities, destruction, conflicts, war, genocide.

In other words, even if multiculturalism as such existed as an a priori value, it would obviously exclude a culture that seeks to be the only culture in any environment.

This is a simple fact to realise, so simple that we can’t assume that the political elites of the West can’t comprehend it. They do, they just never admit it.
Nor do they admit that the actual reason why the globalist elites are so eager to promote multiculturalism as an assumed “value” and the reason they use the label of fascist, Nazi, racist, to whoever stands against their multiculturalism value is because global elites do have another secret sinister agenda: to eliminate all sovereign states of the world and above them to impose one supranational world-government, and for such purpose they are constantly increasing their globalist electorate-base by pulling into all countries more and more of those who would vote for these globalist Western rulers: the migrants.

Even if we assume that Western liberals lacked the intellectual faculty necessary to predict the consequences of their migration-policy, after seeing the devastating long-term effects of the forced multiculturalism they would have changed their mind. If they were bona fide political and media representatives. However, it comes down to smoking gun evidence against their good will that even after witnessing the general social-political-economic meltdown in respective regions of the West, they insist on continuing the same devastating policies. Moreover, in Europe, Macron the president of France, has recently advocated the need for a European army to suppress any attempt of self-defence in the case the Islamised, oppressed, devastated and terrorised West finds a way of organised self-defence.

Hence we can be certain that this was all meant to be: the ever worsening chaos, riots, conflicts, the sky-rocketing migrant crime-wave, the pre-civil war status whereby large innocent masses are facing their very own fascist police, and a fascist group called “Antifa” that is a criminal-protecting Western world-wide anarchy, and effective replacement of Western ethnics with Arab and African populations.

In short, the elites themselves have provided the evidence that the alarming situation they have created all over the West, has nothing to with any moral or cultural “values” and it has everything to do with their own very unholy interests.

A match made in hell: Islam and the Western elites’ greed

Another crucial fact that is stubbornly suppressed even in most of the alternative media: the Islamic invasion and the very process of Islamisation of Europe and of all Western countries, is an agenda following an OPEC-blackmail and an agreement that comes down to a contract of selling out the entire West to Islam.

Two independent researchers pointing at the same:
“Alain Wagner: The reasons why Europe is being colonised by Muslims”

“Islamization of Europe – What You Didn’t Know”

The above-presented well-documented, proven facts of the grand sell-out of the West in exchange for oil, money, monopoly and power, is smoking-gun evidence that what we witness today all over the West has nothing to do with “liberal values” or “humanitarian efforts”. This so-called migration, let alone refugee-rescuing is a deliberate aggressive takeover of our countries and a sinister delivery of the Western continents to the barbaric Muslim population.

In the final analysis it is apparent that the so called multiculturalism value is just a slogan to cover up the real agenda along which two evils met: the Western elites’ greed, power-craving monopoly-seeking NWO agenda, and the Muslims’ narcissistic supremacy and entitlement beliefs and their subsequent world-domination goals.

In a globalised world it is evident that the global ruling elites can’t occupy and colonise the whole world via classical means, that is via hot wars because that would endanger their affiliates and would destroy the vast amount of tangible values the masses of the West created throughout history. For the world-domination seeking alliance the only way to capture all these values is via eliminating the white race and all nations of the white race, because via our national identity and attachment to the legacy and land our nationality signifies, we would passionately safeguard these values, rightfully, since they belong to us. Once they impose an Islamofascist supranational system, it would effectively perform a West-wide white genocide and open free path to be freely plundered by these high profile parasites.

Once the Western elites established an Islamofascist world-government all over the West in a claimed “peaceful” and “democratic” way, they can freely occupy the whole planet without borders and other restrictions. Meanwhile they can easily transfer responsibility for all the evils they inflict onto religion as such. When Muslims are enslaving and killing Christians and Jews, the evil one is never Islam in specific, but all religions or religion in a generic sense. The only actual warmongering religion, Islam, still remains the very “religion of peace”. Would be a bit of a surprise if we would not already know it all too well: the doublespeak.

Once the Islamic state would establish its system all over the West, the ruling elites would no longer need to keep up the façade of a pseudo-democracy, no longer need to brainwash the young generations on multicultural values, since there will be only one “culture”, the Islamofascist one. They would no longer need to worry about sovereign nations who would otherwise fight to the end to protect their autonomy, sovereignty, borders, own cultural preferences, own arrangement of social, political and economic systems, and who would rightfully fight to the end to preserve their country for their own children rather than giving it away to plundering and looting savages. But these savages who come to the West will do the dirty work for the western liberal elites, will vote for them and will perform the genocide of the West the fruits of which the alliance of the global liberal elites will reap in the end.

The ultimate Nazi Card that hits the “race card” played against us by the “liberal” establishment

A major counter-argument against the liberal allegation that our self-defence against mass-immigration was “Nazism”, racism, and the sort, is the fact that the person who is the very icon of Nazism, Hitler himself was a fervent admirer of Islam. As a close ally of the Muslim Brotherhood the Nazi armies contained a massive number of Muslims who were deployed for the purpose of mass-murdering Jews and Christians.
“Adolph Hitler & Islam”

In this context the most essential information might be – something that Muslims and their Western apologists never reveal to the public – the fact that the very epicentre of the Islamic beliefs, hence the central goal of Muslims, is the idea that all areas of the world should belong to Islam, and wherever they are still around, all non-Muslims (kafirs/infidels) should be enslaved, taxed and eventually killed by Muslims – pretty much the way Muslims acted under the Ottoman empires of history – until the entire world would be subjected under one Islamic law-ruled world-government known as “caliphate”. Such supremacy-concept was in the centre of Hitler’s beliefs, yet, those are labelled fascists who oppose such idea. Whenever nationalism means self-defence, that is opposition to an expansionist, supremacist, invasionist, racist, anti-Christian, imperialist agenda, nationalism is not merely NOT wrong and NOT far-right but the only right stance to take. It is the one and only moral obligation.

Consequently, whenever the nationalist stance is represented as “far-right”, it is not only far wrong, but we can be fairly sure that it is yet another manoeuvre of Establishment to deliberately misrepresent a righteous, defensive and democratic cause as its opposite: a vicious, offensive and dictatorial cause. This tactics is another instance of the usual victim-blaming strategy perfected via the Orwellian doublespeak, the part of which has been to distort the meaning of democracy to its opposite by making use of the fallacious term “illiberalism”.

The steps through which democracy was redefined as dictatorship:

1) Omit the premise that the original meaning of liberalism is to protect the individual citizens’ human rights against their own government’s actual and/or potential oppressive measures – such as the Hitlerian or Stalinist regimes.

2) Introduce a new meaning for liberalism – in fact the antithesis of the original definition – whereby liberalism means the liberty of powerful private groups (typically heavily financed powerful NGO’s) – an infinitesimal minority – to act as dictatorial governments and in such function, organise invasion against, oppress, manipulate, deceive and dictate all citizens of the world without borders (“open society”)

3) Omit the premise that democracy’s original meaning is to represent the rights and
interests of those who elected them – that is the interests of a given country’s own citizens

4) Equate the new reversed meaning of liberalism with that of democracy

5) According to the new, reversed definition granted to democracy, label all pro-democracy movements antidemocratic, illiberal, nationalist, far-right, and accordingly sanction them, condemn them and threaten them with physical invasion.

Thus, in reality the opposite of the liberal argument is the case: when we wish to stop and reverse the Islamic invasion of West, or just resist the idea that the countries of the West can be occupied freely by just anyone coming from anywhere, we are actually defending us against a version of criminal invasion and oppression.

Actual racism is not when someone strives to preserve his own country for his own nation, own race, own people, own family – racism is when someone invades other countries, races, nations, that is, pretty much the way Hitler established his 3rd Reich in the past, and pretty much the way Islamic countries are infiltrating the West in the present.

In alliance with their protected invaders, Western liberal are the actual racists when they support the migrant-executed anti-white genocide. Typically liberals belong to the elite classes who are colonising large parts of the 3rd world, then they blame the effects of colonisation en masse on the white race. That alone is already racist stance against the white race.

But there is more to the hypocrisy of liberals, who feel free to accuse anyone of racism, hate, bigotry, Nazism, etc – without ever defining these terms. These so-called liberals are those who actually display all traits of racism, to the degree of apartheid, since they physically separate themselves from the races they “protect” while transferring the consequence of the multicultural “values” to be suffered by others.

So-called “Liberals” live in their ivory tower, in white-race-dominated luxury districts, drive large cars, they never mix with other races, never use public transport, their daughters never get raped and killed in no-go zones as they are using public transportation travelling through a Muslim-controlled areas, cities, stations, etc. They children attend elite schools, taken by luxury cars, where they are not forced to participate in obligatory courses on Islam, nor do they have to sit together with young girls who are already wearing the humiliating hijabs signifying their submission to the Islamic male-dominated, aggressive, violent hierarchy. They are not put into the position where the school menu only offers “halal” food, that is meat of animals slaughtered by the Islamic ritual, whereby animals are subjected to a slow, torturous death before they are killed. The “rest” 99% in non-Islamic countries have been put into such unacceptable situation. But the liberals’ very own racist attitude does not stop them to feel free to label anyone a racist, hater, bigot, Nazi, etc – without ever defining these terms – who don’t find the non-existent “value” of multiculturalism a value.

Questions that none of the Muslim invaders and their liberal allies could ever answer

There are some further considerations to review in this context:

If the Western Establishment’s goal was to provide help for these so-called “refugees” why don’t they help them in the very countries and culture, where they were born into? In case there are human rights violations anywhere in the world, why don’t the Western elites, via NATO and UN, enforce the peace and human rights in respective regions? Why the transfer of whole populations of at least three continents instead?

If the Western liberal governments’ intent is to provide asylum for refugees for the reason that they escape from human rights abuse, how come the same authorities do not ban the same human rights-abusing Sharia law in the West, ie in the countries these “refugees” escaped to? Moreover the Western governments even encourage as “tolerance” the same intolerant laws that these “refugees” allegedly fled from.

If these “refugees” so passionately hate the Western “decadent” way of life and they so violently despise Western democracy – evidenced by the Muslim anti-democracy demonstrations and the long series of migrant anti-white hate-crimes, ie the long series of rape and murder of Western citizens – WHY did these migrants “escape” to the “decadent” West in the first place? And if these Muslim masses harbour so much hatred towards the Western equality-based, tolerant, democratic system, WHY don’t they move back to an Islamic country, where they can freely “enjoy” their Sharia-system of anti-freedom, intolerance, discrimination, dictatorship, oppression and cruelty?

How come, that instead of just moving out of the West, these “refugees” demand their own dictatorial, discriminatory legal system to be implemented in the West, under which laws we Western citizens would become 2nd class citizens?

Part 2:
Part 2: #WhiteGenocide, the main objective behind the covert Islamic conquest of the West

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Recommended reading on how Sharia law subverts our Western laws and erases equality in front of law:

Last Update: November 14, 2018

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Global Political Analysis, Research & Commentary Multidisciplinary research and analysis revealing the big picture of the global political, economic and social status quo versus the mainstream myths. Number one issue of our times is to stop Islam and ban Sharia Law all over the West. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, but global domination-seeking oppressive cult using mass-deceit and gradual, covert techniques to erase Western democracy as a legal-political system, to overwrite it with Sharia, to erase equality among peoples and individuals, to end all religions and force the whole world to accept the cult of Islam or surrender to it and pay taxes to them. This blog was started as a forum searching the way out of the oppression of the global capitalist class and for a while it was supporting the Muslim struggle against the assumed Western oppression, until it became evident that the Western capitalist class are allies of Islam and the Western wars in the Mideast have been mere hoax to serve as a pretext for allowing an endless migrant-influx into the Western world in order to accelerate the Islamic world's agenda of occupying and Islamising the West. This process needs to be ended and reversed before all Western nations will be subverted into a global Sharia-fascism under one totalitarian pseudo-religious world-government.


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