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Islam Nazi alliance, Islamisation of Europe, Kalergi Plan

The truth behind the “multiculturalism” myth – Part 2: #WhiteGenocide, the main objective behind the covert Islamic conquest of the West


The Islam-Zionist alliance: the evidence and the motives behind the plan

White Genocide: the evidence and the motives behind the agenda

Unlocking the Left-Right code and revealing the deceit behind this false dichotomy

Making sense of the ideological chaos surrounding anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

The fake/propaganda war between Israel and Palestine

And more …

Introductory thoughts, questions and highlights
The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”
~ George Orwell , English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 – 1950)

Under the new, monstrous “human rights” definition of UN, for a warmongering and conflict-filled culture to claim their place in the peaceful West, all they need is to continue fighting in and around their own countries. Or not even that.

“UN Member States: Migration Is a Human Right”

In the meantime, the world-rulers hiding behind UN moved on to a novel position, after realising that selling the idea of the entire 3rd-world being “refugees” is no longer sustainable. They came up with the claim that migration as such is a “human right” – of course not a universal right – only for non-white ethnics migrating from non-Western cultures.

  • The white ethnics don’t enjoy such right – they are not allowed to freely migrate to anywhere, therefore when the time comes, they won’t be allowed to seek asylum escaping from the extreme brutality and oppression of the Islamic Sharia law that the Muslim immigrant masses are about to implement in the West. White genocide par excellence.

In the West many generations were raised to be profoundly apathetic and ignorant, via the cynical nihilism and apolitical ignorance-spreading mass-media, social media and entertainment industry, moreover those who are still interested in politics, spreading actual knowledge on all politically significant matters, are shunned and excommunicated, leaving us without a knowledgeable democratic mass-base to act in self-defence, whereas in the Mideast all generations have and are being raised to be political, and that for the very purpose of conquering the West.

Have you ever wondered …

How come that the Western Establishment is a keen supporter of both Jews and Muslims, even though the latter is the arch-enemy of the former, since Islam itself is the top manifestation of anti-Semitism?

How come that in the West both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are banned, while in their own culture the Islamic wars and the Islam-Israel conflicts are allowed to go on forever?

How come that nuclear super-power Israel – after so many decades – is still fighting the helpless, heroic, stone-throwing Palestine?

How come that “right-wing” super-power US and Israel are controlled by UN just as much as “left-wing” EU is controlled by them?

Have you ever dreamed of a world where the top headlines of mass media are not about Jews, Islam, Muslims, Israel, Hamas, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Mideast, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Racism, Xenophobia, etc … or all of these?

Have you ever dreamed of a world where social media would be free from trolls throwing a line into every single subject matter that it is the “Jews” to blame (for whatever) or it is the Jews we are ought to love, then again, it is the Muslims we have to love and the Jews to hate. As though there exists no other ethnics in this universe, only these two anti-Semitic tribes of Semites.

Have you ever wondered how come that only these two groups, Jews and Muslims, are to be treated as if they were untouchable, how come that their criticism is banned under the old and new anti-free-speech laws, while everything and everyone else can be freely abused, not only verbally, to the most extremes, without consequences?

How come even though the Jews are lethal enemies of Islam (so they say) in the Middle East, they seem to love another in the Western countries, to the degree that prominent Jewish leaders are promoting Islamisation of the West >

For those who have raised these or similar questions, this entry might offer a way to cut through the chase.

Note: the author’s excuse for the unusual length of this entry: without understanding the full and correct picture of history and present, and without making sense of the ideological chaos surrounding the never-ending mantra about anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and without unlocking the respective Left-Right false dilemma and package deal fallacies, we can’t resolve these contradictions and can’t understand the actual motives and methods through which the West has been entrapped by this unholy alliance.

White genocide and murder of the Western culture in the craftiest way ever in history

One of the major considerations to start with is the fact, that without the constant internal fights and conflicts among Muslims and without the constant conflicts between Jews and Muslims in the Mideast, and without a new and profoundly distorted definition of human rights allowing warmongering nations to freely occupy the peaceful Western continents, who then are deprived of their right to defend themselves, the West would still be free from this devastating 3rd-world invasion.

This is the heart of the matter. One of the main reasons the EU exists at all – and no wonder that it had to labour hard to overthrow Europe’s democracy to establish itself as the executor of such a dictatorial agenda – is to Islamise Europe and to replace its native ethnics with a mixed race. It is a well-documented fact known as the genocidal “Kalergi plan.”

  • The answer that resolves all contradictions, no matter how unsettling it is: because the common denominator is the global Deep State – the not-so-secret secret world-government made up by the wealthiest hence most powerful private individuals and organisations – who control the UN, US, Israel and EU, and formed an alliance with Islam, and the common target for genocide is the White-Christian ethnics and the less fortunate part of the Western Jewish population.

Israel’s function is evidently to keep up an endless war and an endless, nevertheless meaningless conflict-zone and apartheid against Palestine. For what other reason would the powerful Israeli troops backed by the most powerful Western allies stretch this “conflict” into eternity, than to maintain a permanent emotional blackmail upon which the entire West is to be populated by those helpless, abused, country-deprived Muslims?

After so many decades of hearing of such a conflict always displayed in the centre of mass-media-attention and political agendas, yet without any resolution or hope thereof, one can draw the inevitable conclusion: the Israeli-Palestine conflict is a staged war. If such was the intent of US and Israel, Palestine would have been off the map for ages now, however the Zionist war and expansion is “alive” and “well” as if there is a balance of military and human resources between the two sides.

In reality the unbalance between nuclear super-power Israel and Palestine is so striking that it is by itself evidence of the war-theatre. Even though Professor Chomsky used below truth for the usual pro-Palestine propaganda, remains the truth and proves the very truth set forth in this post.

The never-ending Israel-Palestine propaganda war

  • The plot is perfect. Israel can push the blame onto Islam, while Islam can blame Israel and the outcome is an ever growing Israel, meanwhile an ever-shrinking Western culture, an Islamised, migration- and migrant-crime-wave stricken, terrorised, divided and conquered, hyper-exploited shrinking Western white population.

Meanwhile Western Nazis – backed by Israel and Islam – are diligently shifting the blame onto the Jews, sometimes even kill some of them, or at least they claim they do, to keep up the pro-Jewish Western compassionate sentiments.

Along with these pro-Semite compassionate sentiments comes the constantly reinforced justification of Israel’s existence. There it is: the circle is closed and the cycle starts running again: Israel has to exist, and because Israel has to exist, it has to fight Islam and if it has to fight Islam, Muslims “have to” migrate to – and Islamise – the whole West.

The steps through which these high-profile manipulators arranged for occupying whole continents without a shot fired, and to divide them along the “Left vs Right” false dichotomy:
– provoke the masses of the human-rights paradise West by broadcasting, throughout decades every single day, the same “news” about same war-crimes and a wide plethora of human rights violations against Palestine
– allow the Western masses to boil in their own steam watching how the UN, and the entire group of Western elites including all US administrations – both Republicans and Democrats – spectacularly ignore such unignorable events
– wait until the whole West lines up behind the Left/Liberal camps to and join BDS and other pro-Mideast movements
– seize the right moment to organise a Leftist “refugees welcome” campaign, whereby the Western compassionate dream of the liberated Muslim people is fulfilled
– the other half of the West remained the “Rightist, racist, nationalist, fascist” camp, and sadly part of the truth is indeed, that many in the West distorted their own worldview towards adopting Israel’s projected Nazi- fascist attitude if that’s what it takes to defend one’s nation from Islam.

Syria, the other main weapon of mass-distraction

The other main trigger to motivate the West to willingly, peacefully, or even joyfully surrender their countries and give up their own race and culture to their arch-enemies- since Muslims are indeed the arch-enemies of democracy as more and more of them openly admit – has been the other staged false-flag wars in Syria (and to a lesser degree Yemen).

Under the new, monstrous “human rights” definition, for a warmongering and conflict-filled culture to claim their place in the peaceful West, all they need is to continue fighting in and around their own country. As simple as that.

For so-called “religion of peace” to claim their place in the West as “refugees”, is enough to incite the usual Islamic conflicts, to commit the most heinous war-crimes or less grave human rights violations and/or fight the usual Islamic religious wars, then to maintain the pro-Islam and pro-Muslim propaganda, with constant media-laments about the Mideast human rights violations, wars, conflicts.

The number-one element of the propaganda is to portray Assad as a horrible genocidal dictator, who found no better pastime than mass-murdering his own people. Never mind that all these so-called chemical and other attacks were mere false-flag events, as it was proven by multiple alternative sources. Whichever of the two allegations is true, makes no difference: it works both ways. Either Assad is a horrible tyrant and genocidal dictator, “therefore”, the “solution” is, all Syrians must flee to the West into a country of their choice (rather than to the one nearest to them), or Assad is just portrayed to be a horrible genocidal dictator, “therefore” all Syrians must flee to the West, to a county of their choice, and live there on other’s work and money, happily ever after.

Both are logical fallacies par excellence via invalid.

Then the trap of the hoax-based emotional blackmail set for the unsuspecting Western masses is perfected by several photo-shopped footages of allegedly killed Muslim children somewhere in the Mideast, then by yet another series of staged photos of “nearly drowning refugees” somewhere on their heroic way to the free West. These allowing these photos to occupy all cover pages and headlines to the extent that comes down to a most intensive series of suicidal brainwashing.

In the meantime, the world-rulers hiding behind UN moved on to a novel position, after realising that selling the idea of the entire 3rd-world being “refugees” is no longer sustainable. Maybe they figured that by the claim that half of the world are eligible for asylum elsewhere proves the UN’s incompetence to actually perform what it is for: to enforce human rights all over the world, so they came up with the novel claim that free migration, even without one being a refugee per se, is a “human right”. But of course not a universal right – only for non-white ethnics migrating from non-Western cultures.

The white native ethnics of the West don’t enjoy such right – they are not allowed to freely migrate to anywhere, therefore when the time comes, they won’t be allowed to seek asylum escaping from the extreme brutality and oppression of the Islamic Sharia law that the Muslim immigrant masses are about to implement in the West. White genocide par excellence.

Covert imperial conquest via media-silence, false narratives and redefinition of “human rights”

Ever since the victorious announcement of the 2015 “refugees-welcome” campaign – when Merkel et al could no longer hide the fact that Europe, gradually but rapidly enough, is transformed into a non-white continent – the conquest of the West has been continuing and accelerating. Each day thousands of invaders are crossing the Western borders behind the scenes, without anyone noticing, since there is no official coverage of such events and there is no information of the actual number of these invaders, occupiers. The “normal” state of affairs of our times, due to the Islam and Zionist-controlled UN, is that anyone from any part of the 3rd-world can cross the borders of Europe and of all Western continents, then they can freely settle even without documents, let alone providing the evidence of their assumed “refugee” status.

Tragicomic. Imagine if the ancestors of the present invaders would have pulled the same trick in the past …

While the stupefied and paralysed Western world – typically so-called “liberals” – were and are rejoicing that the long-suffering Palestine, Syria and the whole of Mideast are now claiming their “refugee” status in the peaceful Western paradise, they  overlook the fact, that there exists no such war, not even in the conflict-infested culture of “religion of peace” that would justify a mass-exodus of biblical proportions flooding towards the West.

The only reason for anyone seeking asylum is to seek liberation from a Sharia-ruled country  – either as a Christian, ex-Muslim or to-be ex-Muslim – since Sharia, as the ultimate collection of the most extreme human rights violations, does not acknowledge religious freedom. According to Sharia, death penalty is due in case someone denies to convert to Islam or decides to leave this “peaceful religion”.

However, the masses of so-called “refugees” allegedly escaping from war and terror, are importing the same war and terror to the West, moreover they run for political office and in such position they demand the imposition of their very own terrorising, tyrannical Sharia-ruled NWO theocracy to be imposed over our democracies. This consideration alone is enough proof that the motive of Muslims moving to and living in the West is anything but seeking asylum – they are bringing a situation to the West whereby, within 10 years, the Western host countries will become the new asylum seekers, but alas, for the Western masses there will be no place to go, since no other cultures endorse, or forced to endorse, the “ideal” of multiculturalism.

  • Shockingly enough, while in theory the original story backing the 3rd-world invasion of the West has been the noble notion of “welcoming refugees”, only the actual refugees are not welcome in the West. Those who would really need to break free from the terror and chains of Sharia (typically Christians), therefore would be entitled to claim refugee status in a free country, are actually denied asylum, as evidenced by a recent case: “Asia Bibi – A time to rejoice or lament?” https://www.forbritain.uk/asia_bibi

Further evidence for the ill-will of the Western lead

By the present we reached the endlessly alarming stage of the emerging IslamoNazi status quo, that in Europe the Islamic so-called blasphemy laws entered into force, according to which it is no longer part of the European human rights to defend one’s human rights from the Islamic Sharia-imposition and it is no longer part of our free speech to protect free speech, that is to criticize the Islamic doctrine that eliminates free speech.

It is no longer the right of the nations of Europe to state the truth about Islam, even if such truth is stated in the Islamic scriptures themselves. “Europeans are no longer allowed to call Muhammad offensive names like “paedophile,” even though he had sex with a prepubescent nine-year-old girl named Aisha stated in the Islamic sources. Sharia always finds a way, we are not free anymore! (For Britain Party: “Asia Bibi – A time to rejoice or lament?” https://www.forbritain.uk/asia_bibi)

We can only imagine the monstrous mindset behind the world’s number one human-rights organisation, the UN, that declares it a sort of “human right” whereby certain people, just because they love to fight, have the ‘right’ to move into another country in the number of countless millions, and there they have the ‘right’ to claim an ever larger territory to be ruled by Sharia where they have the right to abolish the target country’s human rights.

The Western power-lobbies (UN, EU, their affiliate NGOs and vassal-governments), who are behind the transfer of the Mideast-population to the West, could have and must have enforced peace and human rights in the very regions where these violations took place, if they took place at all. Instead, during the Left/Liberal-celebrated mass-invasion and occupation of the West, not only the whole of Mideast is being relocated to Western regions but large parts of Asia and Africa as well. As we speak, the US is being targeted by a similar invasion from Central and South-America.

According to the new, distorted definition of human rights imposed by the UN and EU, the West, more precisely the hard-working innocent masses of the peaceful West, are supposed to suffer the consequences of the wars and conflicts that the non-white ethnics in non-West regions are maintaining. According to them the “resolution” of the 3rd-world wars, conflicts, and anti-civilisation barbarism, is that the West opens the doors to these wars and conflicts. The West is supposed to give up not only their space, culture, peace, security, but via the Sharia laws imported by these “refugees”, it is supposed to give up their national freedom, democracy and sovereignty as well to a new system that will eventually end up as a totalitarian, brutal subjugation under an Islamic supranational religious caliphate.

It is sheer evil genius to work out such a strategy of ideological-psychological warfare: to conquer and eliminate the white race and destroy Western democratic culture by preying on what is the very best in the mindset of the invaded: morality, empathy, sympathy, compassion, solidarity – the very values we inherited from and took over from the actual teachings of Christianity. Predatory ideologies like Zionists and Islam, who despise the Western cultural values of equality, tolerance, empathy, compassion, loving kindness as mere weakness, could then exploit these weaknesses and achieve the conquest without firing a shot. Their victims are running forward to willingly give away all they have and worked for, all their ancestors laboured hard and died for, to these crafty invaders, and if some of the invaded would prefer to keep their countries for themselves and for their children, they can be even accused of “racism” and “white nationalism”.

Unnervingly enough, the Islamic invaders of the West have the nerve to openly despise the very Western values they deliberately trigger and exploit in their Western victims, when they make them the enablers of their own undoing.

Then it is no longer an enigma how come that the UN- an organisation populated by Zionists and Muslims – observing “human rights” equals chopping heads of political prisoners on a daily basis, as it is done in Saudi Arabia, while the Western peoples and peoples of whole Europe, don’t have the human right to protect themselves from the infiltration of such head-chopping cultures. Then of course it becomes evident that the UN’s goal has never been to enforce real human rights all over the world, but to make sure that the once free and democratic host countries of the 3rd world mass-migration will suffer the same human-rights violations as the rest of the world does.

Why is this happening – history repeats itself
“Fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.” (Winston Churchill)

The shortest possible answer is seeking monopoly, power, money, control. Because Establishment’s goal is to build an IslamoNazi global caliphate with a rootless mixed race to replace the native ethnics of Europe (see Kalergi plan) and this new identity-deprived population would be easy to pull under a global totalitarian control. The super-elite-founded private would-government’s goal is to replace sovereign national democracies with one pseudo-religious Orwellian NWO, because only this way can they achieve their global monopoly status to dictate finance, business, politics and all relevant matters of the planet, and only this way can they maintain their monopoly status without the risk of anywhere any competition to emerge.

The several aspects of the one power-group working towards such NWO:

1) Antifa – Western Islam-ally Nazis to protect Muslims from native Western masses of the Islamised West

2) The “Left” / “Liberals” (in the US “Democrats”) – same as above

3) White nationalist far right – Western Islam-ally Nazis to incite anti-Semitism, commit and incite violence against Jews, thus indirectly supporting the ultimate Jew-hater and Jew-murderer Islam.

Hardly a surprise therefore that Sweden, a country that is fully Islamised by now, has become an openly anti-Semitic Nazi country:

“History repeats itself in Sweden: Jews are harassed in the same way as in the 1930s”

Indeed, history repeats itself from several aspects – for one the current trend fits well in the history of World War II. Islam, via the Muslim Brotherhood of that era was a prominent ally of the 3rd Reich. And Hitler, as a puppet of the Deep State was also an ally of the Zionists. Without the Jewish Hitler and without the Jewish holocaust that Hitler et al organised, the existence of Israel could not be justified, and without Hitler et al the defamatory anti-white anti-Christian narrative – the fruits of which the present 4th Reich ruled by Merkel et al are reaping – wouldn’t have been possible either.

It bothers no one among the Deep State’s Machiavellian puppet-masters that they ‘had to’ sacrifice decent, hard-working Jews, for the sake of the benefits of a world-domination seeking Zionist minority who, in the meantime formed an alliance with Islam, both in the past and in the present.

In case anyone is in doubt that evil individuals, when it comes to their selfish interests, would be more than willing to sacrifice even their own race, we should remind ourselves that this is exactly what the Left/Liberal/Antifa specimen of the white race are performing against their own race. Betrayal and genocide.

The new Ottoman empire in the making

History repeats itself in other aspects as well with analogies and roots even deeper in the past: the Islamic agenda to invade, occupy and conquer the West covered a long period throughout the darkest Middle Ages – the present is a new emerging chapter of the former sinister Islamic ventures to conquer, convert and enslave the West. To achieve such goal in a covert way, Muslims are using the usual Islamic tactical deceit against “kafirs” whereby they keep lying that Islam is “religion of peace”, and upon such lie they even achieved rewriting the bloodiest eras of history marked by the unfathomable scope of Islamic invasion of the Christian cultures causing an unfathomable number of murder, slavery, forced conversion and genocide of non-Muslims .

Apparently the agenda of a yet another Islamic takeover of the West has been a long-ago devised plot and the lot is is backed by a thoroughly falsified history praising Islam as a sort of “religion of peace” and as the “torch carried through the dark ages”. Oh well, even Orwell would scream upon hearing such a profound reversal of historical facts. The official narrative taught at schools and spread via mass-media is a collection of shameless lies, a pro-Islam propaganda, a comprehensive ideological trap set for the whole West as well as for all to be conquered non-Islamic cultures, paving the path for the next Islamic invasion of the West, and the planet. Not only the mass media and academia are burning books and rewriting history in order to elevate the ultimate warmongering and oppressive culture into being the ultimate source of peace opposite, but a large segment of the blog-sphere is praising Islam as well as a sort of ‘salvation to mankind’, so that the mass-deceit would cover all angles.

One of the additional aspects of the evidence that the pro-Islam media- and political campaign is no more than propaganda for Islamising the West, is the curious notion, that appeared in several accredited MSM-sources such as the Observer and Daily Mail, that the Queen of England is allegedly the direct descendent of prophet Muhammad (!) The blatant falsehood of such allegation is ludicrous – needless to say – even without considering the fact that latest research of the history of Islam proved that Muhammad was not even a historical figure, that is, he didn’t even exist. Let us then assess the credibility of such mainstream information sources.

Along with the lines of the decades-long media-campaign and academia-fraud misrepresenting Islam as a “culture of peace” which allegedly offered vast enrichment to mankind, they misrepresent Christianity as the opposite by ad nauseam repeating the “bloody brutal force of the Crusaders”. Interestingly enough, the white race is never represented by mentioning the greatest thinkers, innovators, scientists, artists, etc, whose actually created the Western Christian-Humanist culture, such as Newton, Einstein, Shakespeare, Goethe, Dostoevsky, Voltaire, Edison, Bach, just to cherry-pick a few among the millions. Worth taking a look, before the modern Islamic book-burners will have all these sources, proving the greatness of the white-race created culture, removed as “hate speech”.
“The Greatest Minds of All Time”

Without the accumulated vast knowledge offered by the European thought and that of the Western world throughout the development of the white Judeo-Christian culture, it would have been impossible for mankind to achieve the current state-of-the-art technologies, which is now necessary to feed and provide shelter for the world’s population.

Even though as per the false narratives Christianity is shunned as the religion of war, in reality it was Christianity that throughout the centuries of its existence was capable of reforming and renewing itself. Christianity is the very religion that could eventually end its religious conflicts and wars, and was capable of providing the basis of the Western democratic equality-based secular legal systems, acknowledging equality among individuals and nations. Even the difference between the Old Testament and New Testament displays a profound evolution towards tolerance, peace and mercy, and as such is a direct evidence of such tremendous ideological evolution. Conversely, Islam, the “religion of peace” has been and still is unable to evolve towards peace. As Dr Bill Warner points out in one of his presentations: “Islam is bad for Muslims and bad for Kafirs – it is bad for everyone”.

For the Islamic world, evolution, development, ideological progress towards peace, respect and mutual understanding, the idea of minding their own business and just do the hard work, are unknown concepts. All Muslims are willing and capable of to perform to “build a culture” is to look at ONE BOOK, the Quran and to act accordingly, that is, to keep following the warmongering, converting conquests of Kafirs and the NWO world-dominating objectives set forth by that book.

If anyone is in doubt, may want to raise the questions:

How come that the self-proclaimed magnificent Arab world, who are allegedly the best and most peaceful among all cultures have always been unwilling and unable to live in peace, and all they were interested in is to invade and exploit other nations?

How come that the Islamic world is, as we speak, unable and unwilling to live in peace among themselves and work in peace to take care of themselves and their own? Aren’t they oil-rich enough therefore rich enough to provide for all of their brothers and sisters?

Where is the famous Muslim brotherhood to help their own Muslim brotherhood in a peaceful way? Where is the peace, where is the love?

Muslims claim Islam was always the light shining through centuries of the dark age, even in the West. Outrageous lie. The very present is the direct proof of the opposite. How come that the allegedly supreme Arab race and religion of the magnificent peaceful Islam, isn’t talented and peaceful enough to resolve their own issues and face the daunting task to accommodate their explosively growing population via the Sharia-based polygamist lifestyle?

How come that rather than doing the hard work to be self-sustaining, Muslims choose, on a mass-scale, to be taken care of by other cultures, hence they migrate to the West to freely plunder it, freely live on Western state benefits, meanwhile freely despise the very Western cultures who finance them and solve THEIR cultural and other issues Muslims are unable to even touch let alone solve?

Above consideration is yet another chunk of evidence that the official Islam-praising and Christianity-shunning narrative is nothing but a victim-blaming manipulation, whereby the roles of invaders and defenders are reversed, and as such it is a mass-deceit to provide the ideological support for the current Islamic conquest of the West.

The same applies to the oft-cited mantra about the “bloody Christian crusaders”. The actual purpose of the Christian crusades were self-defence against the Islamic conquests. It was to liberate and defend their own countries, religion and culture – it was their justified fight to save their lives and freedom from the brutal offensives, slave- treasures- and territory-seizing conquests of Islam.

Against the mainstream lies about Islam as “religion of peace”, the shocking actual truth is presented on below videos by leading scholars of Islam. We can learn that Islam as a “torch throughout the dark ages” is to be read as Islam torching libraries was a major part of the Islamic barbarism destroying the Judeo-Christian cultures.

Bill Warner, PhD: Why We Are Afraid: 1400 Years of Fear

The REAL motive for Islamic migration to the West – Robert Spencer

The miraculous peace suddenly achieved by top warmongers

The punch-line of this topic might be the curious fact, that while the West is dying, in the strict sense of the word, under the devastating Islamisation and the Western civilisation-destroying 3rd world mass-migration, while the Western security and peaceful social-economic development is over, our Christian-Humanist culture is at the verge of extinction, the brotherhood of Islam and Jews, who are allegedly fighting their bloodiest wars on other continents, is flourishing in the West – they come together to celebrate the “peace” among them. They are probably celebrating the “mission accomplished” status of occupying the West.

“Mitzvah Day: Jews and Muslims come together to cook chicken soup”

So we learn that Muslims and Jews are jolly-good friends but only in the occupied West, since the ultimate idea is to deprive the West of our countries, our territories, our own sovereignty and culture, our own native ethnics, our own right to organise our lives the way we prefer.

Wow, what an achievement indeed. This is how the decent, innocent, hard-working and unsuspecting native masses of the West could be conquered without a shot fired by a “peaceful” global lobby of non-white liars and plotters and the so-called liberal traitors of the white race. All they need to do is waging wars somewhere else then running into your house, claiming their space screaming “there are wars in my houses”.

In the West many generations were raised to be profoundly apathetic and ignorant, via the cynical nihilism and apolitical ignorance-spreading mass-media, social media and entertainment industry, moreover those who are still interested in politics, spreading actual knowledge on all relevant matters, are shunned and excommunicated, leaving us without a knowledgeable democratic mass-base to act in self-defence, whereas in the Mideast all generations have and are being raised to be political, and that for the purpose of conquering the West.

Unlocking the Left-Right code

Therefore one of the main reasons why the Left-Right false dichotomy exists at all is to divide the Western masses on a totally meaningless moot point: to side with either of these two parasite camps waging a false-flag war against one another for the sole reason to craft an eternal pretext to invade, occupy and plunder the West. It seems that the most brilliant prophet-novelist of the post-modern era, George Orwell, could predict this as well, when he made the observation:
“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”

Then, in the artificially established and relentlessly echoed false dichotomy of Left and Right, the Left, for an inexplicable reason, is to represent those who side with Muslims, and the Right, for another incomprehensible reason, is to adore Israel, no matter how heinous crimes Israel commits or allegedly commits.

The orators of Establishment who tell us what exactly to believe and subscribe to either on the side of the “Left” or “Right” package-deal of ideologies, omit the curious fact that not too long ago the assignment of each of the two packages were entirely different or even opposite of today’s. It was part of the Leftist scope of sentiments and thought – as an alleged opposition to any rightist, Nazi stance – to be so profoundly pro-Semitic that we were all required to turn a blind eye to spectacular display of Israeli war-crime, and our protest against the Jewish abuse of the long-suffering Muslims was invariably labelled “anti-Semitic”.

Another fact that the Right-wing hence pro-Israeli voices forget, if Israel constituted a benevolent, pro-democracy force in the Islam and Sharia-stricken Mideast, and if Israel would act in accordance of the promise to be the allies of the Christian West, then they would have protected the Christians in Middle East, and the democracy-enemy Islamic world as such would be shrinking each day. Instead, Islam is spreading and has been spreading like wildfire throughout the decades of Israel’s existence, and without consequences Islam was capable of forcefully converting and mass-murdering Christians everywhere in the region, including Palestine. When they do so, all they do is repeating the Islamic history all over again.

Yet another, oft-mentioned thought to highlight the fake-Left agenda behind Islamisaton of the West:
There is nothing Socialist, Leftist or Liberal in an agenda
– that allows and even promotes a culture of extreme intolerance, which is built upon brutal violence against THEIR OWN women, children, gays and animals (for the latter, see the Islamic cruel ritual “halal slaughter”).
– that keeps a hybrid economy in place, whereby, upon the junk-economics known as neoliberalism, the ever increasing taxes and disappearing welfare state is applied to the hard-working and creative Western native citizens, whose hard work has actually created the highest achievement in mankind’s history in every sense: in morality, art, literature, music, business, science and technology, and now all this is given away for free to those masses who could only wage wars and never contributed to any of these achievements. In addition to the burden our impoverished native populations suffer due to the Troika-dictated neoliberalism-stricken economies, we are forced to carry the burden of an ever-multiplying millions of idle or downright warmongering migrant masses – whose lives in the “western paradise” are financed by state funds to an extent unprecedented in history. White genocide par excellence.

All over again the devastating mass-migration destroying the peace, security and cultural fabric of the once free democratic Western societies, begs the same questions:

If Soros et al, that is, the lobby of the world’s most powerful individuals, business-owners, bankers and state-officials, in fact the Deep State, are so generous that they can afford to throw countless billions of dollars out of the window to finance the lives of countless millions of the idle, unskilled migrant masses, who are not merely grossly ineffective but a giant destructive stone tied onto the neck of our societies in every sense, why don’t they finance these idle millions in the very culture and locations they were born into?

Another elephant in the room the Left/Liberal camp is hiding: how come that they claim the Earth is overpopulated, hence the so dangerous global warming blah, blah, and because of that everything that takes care of a shrinking population, like a genderless mankind, LGBT and abortion, is a fantastic idea, nevertheless they adore the fact that countless millions of Muslims are populating the West, who, via their polygamist Sharia Law, which was designed to be the demographic jihad against the rest of the world, will very soon overpopulate not only the globe but even the galaxy itself.

Yet another shocking contradiction is the fact that the same Left who are pushing an LGBT-dominated white society to the degree that to raise one’s kids genderless is enforced by law (!) meanwhile same Left is wildly supporting the Western Islamisation, at the end of which process Muslims will mass-execute all gay people. That is, ladies and gentlemen, a covert form of white genocide par excellence.

And let’s never forget the oft-cited argument brilliantly put on a blog discussing the genocidal Kalergi plan:

And there is another deeply flawed double standard in the argument for enforced unlimited immigration and multiculturalism. A great deal of the world’s non-European populations are mono cultural/mono racial. Why aren’t self proclaimed progressives insisting that these countries should be forced to accept open door immigration, to become more multicultural and more ethnically diverse? Why aren’t they demanding that China, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and African countries become unquestioning multi cultural and multi racial societies? Why is it that, at the present time, it’s only the indigenous European nations that should unequivocally accept enforced unlimited immigration and multiculturalism?” (Source: https://sovereignwales.com/2016/09/20/the-genocidal-kalergi-plan-to-destroy-the-indigenous-nations-and-peoples-of-europe/)

The above listed contradictions, albeit far from being all-inclusive, are sufficient basis to prove that the mass-migration supporting so-called “Left” have nothing to do with the Left, “Liberals” have nothing to do with Liberalism, and everything they do is in essence an aspect of executing the merciless anti-white Kalergi plan.

The ultimate requirement for the Western Establishment – the UN, EU and all governments in the West – to prove the opposite, that the devastating migrant crisis was not devised as a genocidal and Islamisation project against the West, would be to
– ban Islam and Sharia law as unconstitutional all over the West
– start a selective migration policy, accepting only real refugees and filtering the terrorists and other criminals
– effectively prevent Islamic terror and assign serious penalties to all parties involved
– prosecute migrant-crimes with a significant weight.

Above policy would be the very bottom line also for the reason that the official “justification” behind the migrant-influx to the West has been the ISIS terror striking the 3rd world – and ISIS is governed by Sharia – and the conflicts, crimes and wars these “migrants” are allegedly fleeing from.

In lack of above measures, we can be 100% certain that the West is under invasion, our civilisation is under attack and our leaders are behind this sinister anti-white agenda, following the Kalergi plan.

In the final analysis, due to the Islam-Israel alliance and their common invasion and subjugation of the West, the entire Western region is suffering from a shrinking native white population, a growing population of mixed and non-white races, a disappearing Western culture, intensifying cultural conflicts, wars and crimes brought over from the 3rd world to the West, lack of peace, lack of security, constant threat of jihadist terror, an ever growing masses of migrants who are either bone idle or when they are active all they do is to occupy strategic political, academic, media or other strategic positions as a prelude to rule over us after their demographic jihad is completed, that is the threatening presence of an ever-growing population of an enemy culture, who more and more often reveal their real motives behind migrating to the “kafir” West:

Part 1:

The truth behind the “multiculturalism” myth: the ongoing Islamic war on the West

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Global Political Analysis, Research & Commentary Multidisciplinary research and analysis revealing the big picture of the global political, economic and social status quo versus the mainstream myths. Number one issue of our times is to stop Islam and ban Sharia Law all over the West. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, but global domination-seeking oppressive cult using mass-deceit and gradual, covert techniques to erase Western democracy as a legal-political system, to overwrite it with Sharia, to erase equality among peoples and individuals, to end all religions and force the whole world to accept the cult of Islam or surrender to it and pay taxes to them. This blog was started as a forum searching the way out of the oppression of the global capitalist class and for a while it was supporting the Muslim struggle against the assumed Western oppression, until it became evident that the Western capitalist class are allies of Islam and the Western wars in the Mideast have been mere hoax to serve as a pretext for allowing an endless migrant-influx into the Western world in order to accelerate the Islamic world's agenda of occupying and Islamising the West. This process needs to be ended and reversed before all Western nations will be subverted into a global Sharia-fascism under one totalitarian pseudo-religious world-government.


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