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Reblogged: How do we build a movement?

Originally posted on Systemic Disorder:
Politely walking into pens set up by police, shaking our signs and gently dispersing will not build a movement serious about root-and-branch change. Even the more militant demonstrations, in which people — gasp! — actually take the streets in defiance of authorities, both legal and NGO, are far from sufficient.…

The truth behind #RussiaProtests: the Coming US War on Russia and Europe #WW3

Bribed protesters, manipulated reports As it was predicted in the previous and several earlier posts, the US is indeed bringing its agenda for hot wars also to Russia and Europe. The heated anti-Putin Western media propaganda, accompanied with the current social media campaigns (aka #RussiaProtests) supporting the anti-government protests in Russia, is clear indication that … Continue reading

#Trumponomics is Reaganomics on steroids: Real economics to show how #Trump will further deepen the Crisis

Glimpse into America’s future under Trumponomics: Dr. Richard D Wolff, the most brilliant, honest and outspoken economist of our times: “If you are not scared, you are not paying attention.“ “Trumponomics. Wall Street likes what it sees in the 45th president. The stock market is way up. The reality TV star heads up one of … Continue reading

The continuous cover-up of US war-crimes, the emerging US fascism and actual threat of WW3

The striking similarity between the pre-WW2 era and the present times is not coincidental. The 30’s were also locked into a devastating economic crisis, the Great Depression, which was artificially crafted and maintained by the Banks, just like the present crisis is. And the populist Trump, just like his former versions before and under WW2, … Continue reading

Reblogged: EU Basics – Your Guide to the UK Referendum on EU Membership

Originally posted on professorwerner:
by Professor Richard A. Werner, D.Phil. (Oxon) 20 June 2016 The British people should be clear about just what they will be voting on at the EU referendum this Thursday. What does it actually mean to stay in the EU? What does it mean to exit? Concerning the second question, the…

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