In the last 24 hours …

As a researcher with a multidisciplinary academic background I have spent a considerable time observing, analysing and re-assessing the fundamental facts determining the overall political-economic landscape of our planet, and I found a staggering overlap between my own findings and of several others, both in the mainstream academic circles and in the alternative sphere.

This blog is a continuation of a former personal blog, the topics of which I have narrowed down to the following areas:
– to focus on the most relevant aspects of our global reality
– to reveal the researched facts and spread the knowledge versus the mainstream political and media propaganda
– to attempt to debunk some of the prevailing myths that harm our societies
– to offer some hints as to how to resist the political-economic trend of neoliberalisation and globalisation, which is evidently rapidly destroying our planet
– to allow myself to present these topics with the passion only those feel who are fully loyal to the objective truth and are fully devoted to sharing it.

The last one of the above list is probably the most daunting task.

In the Western way of thinking there is a staggering amount of apathy and absence of understanding of the unsurpassable value of national freedom, sovereignty and democracy. Consequently there is a lack of passion and lack of activism towards trying to preserve/reclaim these values in an effective way and in the proper direction.

The ultimate danger we can identify in the Western societies is behind the fact that many generations were born into democracies, peace and freedom – or rather, into a system that allowed them to live under the impression of these – therefore many take such conditions for granted as their birth-right given freebie. In reality genuine democratic conditions need to be acquired and maintained by our constant efforts, by the main pillars of democracy: the civil sphere, the voters, the electorate. In reality, political awareness, action, opinion-expression, demonstrations and participation in politics are tasks that are not restricted to the Left or the Working Class, nor is it a privilege of a ‘select’ few, it is rather the duty of all citizens of a democratic society. The expectation, demand, and – if necessary- the struggle for a socially just, transparent and accountable government do necessarily imply “revolution” per se. The citizens’ expectation, demand and fight for these conditions are the very acts fulfilling the basic requirements of any democracy;  otherwise the society inevitably ends up in a version of dictatorship.

  • This struggle becomes a form of revolution only when the elected lose their democratic legitimacy, that is, when they fail to meet the fundamental conditions of democracy, which are observing human rights, transparency, accountability, loyalty, responsiveness and responsible social, political and economic governance.

A grave danger and obstacle to genuine democracy is the widespread misconception regarding the overused – and misused – terms of “democracy”, “freedom” and the opposite of these: “dictatorship” or “captivity”. An alarming majority have been misled to believe the myth that attaining freedom and democracy simply means to allow the global market to run its course without government intervention. For decades, the free market fundamentalists have been echoing the myth that deregulation of markets and business would lead to improved democratic conditions and higher living standards, and they are still spreading this myth regardless of the blatant empirical fact that it has been the process of deregulation of economies and the financial sphere that resulted in grave anti-democratic conditions and dramatically dropping living standards.

Meanwhile they falsely equate the democratic, welfare-capitalism – often referred to as Keynesian state-interventionism – with the threats of “socialism” or “communism”, which they further equate with “dictatorship”.
In reality, in lack of proper checks and balances built in the political system, a political dictatorship can evolve from any economic system. While being kept under fundamental political-economic misconception mixing political concepts with macroeconomic ones,  the majority of the Western societies have gradually lost their genuine national democracies during the past three-four decades via the process of neoliberalism and globalism, which has paved the path for an anti-democratic version of capitalism dominated by a most powerful minority of those who dominate the global free markets.

The biggest threat is probably this factor: being unaware of the grave implications of allowing global businesses and financial lobbies to take over national governmental functions, the majority either do not act towards regaining their national freedom and democracy, or when they try to act, they act towards the opposite direction, where these global business lobbies want to be. Under the libertarian misconception that freedom of a society equals the freedom of markets, and an ideal world would be without any state-restrictions on these markets, we are heading towards a scenario where we are indeed left without elected, transparent and accountable governments, and are left exposed to the anti-democratic effects of the unregulated markets.

Without national democracies maintained by elected and democratically controlled governments, we are left without effective protection of our constitutional freedoms that would ensure human rights and equal opportunity for all.  In reality there is NO freedom without elected governments and without their imposing restrictions onto those minorities who threaten or eliminate our freedom, violate our human rights and destroy our democratic constitutional values. And the most powerful minority the majority needs to be protected from is the alliance of the richest classes, since in all capitalist societies the ultimate rulers are those who own the very basis of the system: the financial resources. Hence whenever the libertarian slogans are echoed by the suppressed and hyper-exploited masses, that implies the ultimate political suicide and the ultimate support for the most undemocratic forces of all.

The Readers may I ask why I am focussing on this topic, and why only on this.  Among the many reasons this is the primary:

  • I am convinced, like many of us are, that we are living within the last 24 hours to act in order to reclaim our lost national sovereignty, real freedom and to reorganise our countries as genuine democracies.

Due to my former studies and personal experiences in this area I can testify that the current Western societies only claim to be democracies, while in fact they display all the relevant features of a dictatorship. Genuine democracy is a system where human rights are protected against all powerful minorities, which protection would obviously include effective defence against the most powerful minority that free-markets produce: the business cartels. And the West is nothing but a crude dictatorship controlled by one global financial-business cartel, and apparently the mission of the political elites of the Western societies has been to make sure that their countries are left without democratic protection against this powerful global oligarchy.

  • There is one country in Europe, Iceland, that recently demonstrated the way how to build an effective self-defence against the global oligarchy via a democratic version of capitalism, where human rights of the majority enjoy priority over the interests of the global business elites.
  • The major point that I wish to highlight on this blog: if Iceland could say NO to the extant global corporate- and financial dictatorship, and on its own could recover from its worst crisis in history, then the rest of the Western world can achieve the same.

Addendum: In the meantime the democratic achievements of Iceland has been subverted again by the globally organised and self-financed power-elites.

It has been pointed out in many analyses on this blog: if we wish to give ourselves a chance for survival as mankind, the citizens of each nation should start organising to re-nationalise all natural resources and historical values, to re-democratise the economy and political structure, and to achieve financial self-governance by re-nationalising central banks and by withdrawing from the globally centralised financial-economic tyranny.




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